Top Best Wayback Machine Alternatives in 2021

Wayback Machine Alternatives

The internet is becoming increasingly wayback machine alternative competitive. As a result, if you want to move ahead sites like wayback machine with your new website, go back in time and examine some of the most popular alternative to wayback machine websites in your field to see what made them competitor screenshots successful.

Wayback Machine is a platform that makes this feasible. However, Wayback Machine may not always operate the way you want it to, so you may want to explore other options. The term “Wayback Machine” is most familiar to those who own or operate a website.

The Internet Archive, which is a non-profit organisation, describes it as a digital archive of the World Wide Web (WWW) and other content on the sites like wayback machine Internet. The Wayback Machine is a website that allows users to competitor screenshots examine how a website alternative to wayback machine looked from 1996 to the internet archive wayback machine alternative present.

The Wayback Machine is one of the most popular websites for internet archiving, with millions of visitors each day. Many businesses use it to develop strategic goals and assess their competitors. It enables us to view the history and development of an indexed web site. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including tracking rivals’ progress, recovering lost data, and accessing down-website material. It is critical to have constant access to the Wayback Machine since it is frequently used in critical situations.

Unfortunately, no competitor screenshots one can promise that a website will never go down. As a result, you must be ready for it. If the Wayback Machine is unavailable, try another Internet Time Machine site. You internet archive wayback machine alternative might alternative to wayback machine even wish to try your wayback machine alternative hand at something new using the Wayback Machine’s various features websites like wayback machine.

The Wayback Machine also provides access to digital stuff that has been archived. Even if the content isn’t available on the originating website, it works. The archive contains 10 billion online pages and requires more than 100 TB of storage. The internet archive wayback machine alternative saved ‘snapshots’ here (in this website) will show you how your favourite website wayback machine alternative looked in the past.

For example, you may view how our website looked when it was first developed, as well as at other periods since then. Even though some items were not displayed, the archive’s diversity internet archive wayback machine alternative and comprehensiveness are impressive. A special competitor screenshots collection feature is also available on the Wayback Machine. It is known as a ‘Web Pioneers’ collection since it displays a few sites that were significant to the websites like wayback machine early Internet.

We’ll go over the top ten Wayback Machine alternatives in this article. People nowadays use Wayback Machine to access lost data from websites and develop business ideas. As a result, the Wayback Machine gives us alternative to wayback machine the ability wayback machine alternative to see a website’s history and journey internet archive wayback machine alternative from the beginning.

The question now is, “What if fails?” Don’t worry, there is a remedy, and it is the Wayback Machine alternative. Alternatives to the Wayback Machine are now available. There are many internet archives sites like wayback machine available, but only a few have made websites like wayback machine the list of the greatest. You can utilise these internet archive alternatives if ever goes down.

Websites like Wayback Machine

One of the better Wayback Machine alternatives is It is regarded as a web page time capsule. Even if the website is no longer available, it saves “snapshots” of web pages. Saved and archived web pages, on the other hand, are sites like wayback machine devoid of active elements and scripts. Despite the fact websites like wayback machine that it is an outdated alternative, people wayback machine alternative internet archive wayback machine alternative still like to use it because it is user-friendly alternative to wayback machine and simple to navigate. When you go to, you’ll notice two search alternative to wayback machine boxes. The first bar allows you to access the content, code, and screenshots of a specific website. You can share and download those screenshots using the second bar.


PageFreezer makes use of Google-like crawling technology. The screenshots are taken using a completely automated technique. PageFreezer’s features sites like wayback machine enable you to expand your business. Legal evidence, live surfing, digital signatures, data wayback machine alternative export, and web page websites like wayback machine comparison are all major elements of PageFreezer. You can also see your competitors in addition to this alternative to wayback machine information. To do so, you must first log in. It’s the internet archive wayback machine alternative most reliable and unobtrusive online history checker available.


Domain Tools, which has two main websites merged into it: Screenshots and Whois, is another valuable resource that improves web wayback machine alternative archiving. The simplest approach to access a website’s history is to use Domain sites like wayback machine Tools. You may check any site’s screenshot history on the website, which allows you to see how the design has changed over time. You may also look up Whois records to internet archive wayback machine alternative websites like wayback machine find alternative to wayback machine out the site’s owner’s contact information, the domain’s registration date, its IP history, and more. Overall, if utilised correctly, it may be a very beneficial tool.

Stillio Automatic Screeshots

Its name implies that it is a service that wayback machine alternative takes automated screenshots. Stillio aids in the creation of daily sites like wayback machine screenshots of web pages. Website archiving, trend tracking, website compliance, competition tracking, and SEO tracking are some of the features it offers. It’s as simple websites like wayback machine as alternative to wayback machine archiving, then capturing and sharing internet archive wayback machine alternative screenshots. However, it is similar to PageFreezer, a limited-edition alternative to the Wayback Machine.


Another fantastic Wayback Machine alternative is YubNub. It’s a simple and useful technique for gaining access to information on a wayback machine alternative website. It doesn’t have internet archive wayback machine alternative the same range of functionality as Page Freezer, but alternative to wayback machine it does sites like wayback machine serve a useful purpose for basic websites like wayback machine tasks.

Visiting YubNub automatically offers you an idea of how to use this website to access the information it contains. Simply input the website’s URL on the home page and press enter, and you’ll be sent to the website’s information sites like wayback machine you’re looking for in no time.


iTools is not the same as the other Wayback Machine tools. It contains all of a website’s information. It provides information wayback machine alternative about a website’s popularity as well as traffic analysis. This website provides alternative to wayback machine access to the ‘Alexa’ database. The competitors of the targeted website are internet archive wayback machine alternative also websites like wayback machine displayed by iTools.


This website does not require an introduction wayback machine alternative because most people are already familiar with it. is the owner of Alexa. It gives a website’s complete history as well as browsing information. It provides information on the rating of a website as well as keyword research for competitive analysis. You may also obtain information on previous visitors, such as where it is frequently visited alternative to wayback machine and for sites like wayback machine how long. In addition to the information websites like wayback machine provided above, Alexa provides statistics such as domain  information, website age, and referring internet archive wayback machine alternative domains.


Another excellent alternative to the Wayback Machine is It uses screenshots from several websites that have been wayback machine alternative archived throughout time. Because is a cached website alternative, it delivers an exact representation of how a website appeared previously. It’s also websites like wayback machine known as a sites like wayback machine time machine because it has internet archive wayback machine alternative over 250 million screenshots of alternative to wayback machine websites. However, this website does not allow access to the source code for things like the destination link. features the most user-friendly design and allows you to zoom in on internet archive wayback machine alternative your screenshots.

Time Travel

Time Journey, as the name implies, allows you to travel back in time to see how the website looked at a specific point in time. And the best thing is wayback machine alternative that you can add the time specifics yourself, which is fantastic. The Memento online application is a collaborative effort between Los Alamos National Laboratory and alternative to wayback machine Old Dominion University, with the goal of making web archived material more easily and quickly discoverable. To satisfy user requests, time travel acts as a search engine, accessing the databases of other internet archiving services. You get the most exact websites like wayback machine results possible in no time if you enter the URL of the web page you internet archive wayback machine alternative want to discover information about, set the date/time, and search for it.


The Wayback Machine is, without a doubt, the best online archiving website with the most comprehensive database. However, there wayback machine alternative are a number of other websites that provide comparable, if not internet archive wayback machine alternative identical, services to Wayback machine.

As a result, it’s critical for you to be aware of other Wayback Machine sites so that you can use them if Wayback Machine is unavailable or fails to provide you with the information you seek. We hope you found the information useful!

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