Top 30 Alternatives for Free Reading Manga Comics Online

An enormous selection of both new and vintage manga may be found on the well-known manga reading website NewToki. Printed Japanese comics and graphic books are referred to as manga. Mange is white or black, as opposed to other comics, which are frequently colorful. This is how Japanese comics differ from other comics from different nations, notably American comics.

The website lets you share your manga with others and is simple to use. Manga readers may provide you with advice on how to make your writing better. You may be imaginative and present any ideas you may have to the NewToki community. You may search the genres, authors, and categories or type the name of a certain range in the search box in the middle of the website’s home page to locate what you want to devour from their over 1,000 manga collections.

Traditional manga is black and white, while some modern manga is also colorful. On NewToki126, a wide variety of manga is offered, including works in fantasy, adventure, comedy, action, drama, doujinshi, adult, ecchi, cooking, gender-bending, and other genres.

What is NewToki?

For fans of manga, NewToki95’s selection is interesting and diversified. On the website, both new and old manga are available. Manga enthusiasts may now view their preferred manga episodes from all across the world thanks to NewToki. They had to visit bookshops or libraries to read manga before the advent of sites like NewToki120.

Additionally, because the shelves at bookstores and libraries can only house so many books, people can only access a certain number of volumes. Because of this, NewToki95 has grown into one of the more popular websites for managing reading. To get around the original website’s geo-blocking issue, produced NewToki126, NewToki95, and NewToki120.

If you are unable to access NewToki, you may still enjoy reading manga on these sites because they contain identical material. I wish I could have gone to the website. I was delighted by the website’s user-friendly and straightforward design after signing in as a visitor.

With no pop-up ads and a nice website design, NewToki120 will offer a pleasant reading experience. The browsing technique for manga or webcomics was likewise simple. Despite having a login area, NewToki only requires registration if you wish to upload anything, leave a comment, or ask an inquiry.

Is NewToki Legal?

It is reasonable to be wary of internet streaming services, but NewToki120 is a trustworthy and safe place to read your favorite recent episodes of manga. Both the 2010–2022 app and the NewToki website are entirely legitimate.

In actuality, some governments allow access to these streaming services; however, in other governments, access to these comparable streaming websites is prohibited. To determine if they are lawful for you or not, you must consult the laws and enforcement rules in your region.

Is it Safe to Use NewToki?

NewToki receives a 76% safety rating from ScamAdvisor. This indicates that NewToki is virus-free and secure to use. Any dubious pop-up ads that could be infected with viruses are blocked.

To be cautious, avoid clicking on any advertising that appears on your screen or letting the website reroute you to another website address.

Before accessing the internet, it is usually advisable to use a VPN, an ad blocker, or antivirus software. In the event that you download the incorrect file or click the incorrect button, it will stop your data or private data from leaking.

How Does one Read Japanese Manga?

Unlike English, which is usually written from left to right, the Japanese language is expressed by writing from right to left. This style is also used to write dialogue bubbles, action scenes, and noises in manga.

What Hapened to NewToki, is it Down?

Despite the geo-blocking issue, NewToki95 has never had a complete outage. It is operational, so if you are not able to access it, it’s possible that your IPS has blocked it because of limitations imposed by your government. You can read manga and webcomics on NewToki’s alternatives or try using a VPN. The best VPNs to try to access NewToki in your country are listed below.

  1.  VPNRegion NordVPN
  2. VPN surfshark
  3. PrivateVPN ExpressVPN
  4. VPN by CyberGhost

For convenient access to reading anime and webcomics on the move, you may now download the NewToki mobile app.

Advantages of Manga Reading via the NewToki Website

  1. Manga is available in several languages, including English.
  2. The website’s streaming performance is outstanding.
  3. You won’t be bothered by pop-up ads while reading.
  4. All devices may access the website, and Chrome 72 is the very minimum required.
  5. Easy access to the NewToki Android app is provided.
  6. Your favorite manga’s most recent episodes are frequently uploaded.

App for mobile NewToki

Download the NewToki mobile app for Android and iOS if you’re not completely pleased with browsing a streaming website for reading manga and webcomics. It is a remarkable program that guarantees the security of its users. If you can’t locate it on Google Play, you may also get it via Apkguy, Apkresult, Gbhouse, and other places.

Manga is a typical Japanese comic, as we well know. On the NewToki smartphone app, you can access a wide variety of comics inspired by Chinese and Japanese folklore. It is an outstanding chance to learn about Chinese and Japanese cultures if you are interested in them. For those who prefer more educational themes, they do provide other comics.

After a busy day, reading is a wonderful way to relax. It is enjoyable, calming, and helpful for your mental health in general. You may choose from a variety of themes at NewToki95, depending on your mood. While unwinding in your living room, you may spend your leisure time discovering new things and civilizations.

How to Download the NewToki App for Mobile

  1. Download the program from the aforementioned article sources.
  2. Your mobile device’s “Settings” menu should show “Security.”
  3. Adjust the slider so that it is on for “Unknown Sources.”
  4. Go to the APK file you downloaded on your phone.
  5. Start the downloaded file by opening it.
  6. Before you begin the file, pay attention to the directions that will display.

Manga from New Toki in Other Languages

Manga is usually written in its native Chinese or Japanese language. People who can’t read or comprehend both languages can read manga in various languages with the NewToki126 smartphone app. Although the graphics might give you a general notion of the plot, it is consistently more entertaining to read what the protagonists are saying.

In addition, not everyone can comprehend the narrative from the images alone. However, just because you don’t speak Chinese or Japanese doesn’t mean you have to stop reading manga. You may want to see if the book you wish to read exists in a different language before having it translated.

Go to the application’s “Settings” and then click “Options. Choose “Content-Language” from the selection that appears in the forefront for you to switch the language. You won’t be able to grasp it, but you’ll still find enjoyment in it.

30 NewToki Alternatives Sites To Read Manga Online For Free

Many new websites that are comparable to NewToki are entering the market to meet the needs of NewToki users who are interested in finding an alternative.

#1. Manga Bird


Manga Bird

Another option besides NewToki is The Manga Bird, which can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS. It contains one of the largest Manga collections, other useful features, and a quicker download option, in addition to a simple, straightforward user interface. To get the app, click here.

#2. Crunchyroll


Users from all over the world may access a large selection of anime videos on Crunchyroll. Users may enjoy a variety of media on the platform, including music, anime, dramas, and more. It’s offered in two distinct flavours.

In the first case, users may try the service for free, while in the second, they can upgrade to a premium plan by paying a small fee. The premium version is crammed to the gills with features that users will love. If you like reading manga online, this is a great alternative to NewToki .

#3. Manga Reader

Manga Reader

It is universally hailed as a top contender in the realm of online manga libraries. It’s a great alternative to the NewToki website for scanning manga comics and related documents for the best quality and speed of viewing.

Manga Reader regularly assesses the papers and files in its enormous database to provide its readers with the most recent, high-quality content available. There will be no cost associated with perusing these resources.

#4. MangaClub


MangaClub is a great alternative to NewToki . Compared to the other manga reader websites we’ve looked at in this post, it’s a relative newbie, but it does the job well.

You may also get a wide variety of manga comics with romantic themes at MangaClub. It is great since it has a feature that lets readers preview a manga before they commit to reading it by providing access to free sample chapters. To read the sample chapters, registration is not required; registration is needed only for those who wish to buy the book.

#5. Mangamo


All of Mangamo’s titles are free to download on iOS and Android devices without any annoying advertisements. It’s a great alternative to NewToki for reading manga online.

Mangamo stands out from other manga reading sites because it provides access to manga that can’t be found anywhere online. On top of that, Mangamo provides a large library of titles in many different categories. Download the Mangamo app for Android or iOS and pay $5 a month to read the manga.

#6. MangaTown


One more option similar to NewToki is Manga Town. It shares a very similar user interface. Therefore, it is considered to be a top option.

To give its customers the best manga comics experience possible, the site’s staff works hard to keep the website and its servers in good shape. This means that the site’s versions are updated often, there is an overlay that can fix bugs and other problems, and the user experience is smooth.

#7. MangaFox


Manga Fox is another NewToki alternative that may be included in a list of the greatest NewToki alternatives in this field. It is known for having a simple user interface (UI) that doesn’t have any extra options or controls. This is a really user-friendly website. A variety of manga comics are made available for anybody to scan and see. As with its counterparts, it may be obtained without cost from retailers.

#8. MangaFreak


In terms of growth, MangaFreak is among the most promising, with international expansion plans. The presentation feels overlaid, like something a manga fan might create. As with manga freak, it often undergoes revisions in the form of new version releases. It’s a great NewToki alternative for reading manga online.

You may read a brief summary of each manga comic on this site to get a feel for the stories before you commit to reading them. This site is the finest because of the wide variety of comics it offers, which cover a wide range of genres, from drama and horror to romance and action.

#9. KissManga


KissMangais comparable to NewToki in that it gives its users a wide variety of manga comics to choose from. It regularly adds new information to its massive database. Its collection of manga comics now numbers in the hundreds of thousands! Kiss Manga welcomes feedback from its users so that the service can be improved accordingly.

#10. CDisplay Ex

CDisplay Ex

There are both free and paid versions of the popular Android Comic Book Reader. As far as CBR Reader apps go, this one is free and about as basic as they get. You may get it on Manga Rock definitive is just one of many comic book formats (.cbr,.cbz,.pdf, and so on) available to readers. It’s a great alternative to NewToki , which is a popular manga style.

#11. MangaDex


It’s viewed as a low-cost alternative to NewToki . MangaDex allows readers to quickly and easily browse, scan, and read comic novels. It also has a pleasant overlay. The script includes advertisements, which may be annoying to certain users. In addition, its greatest features, such as an optimised search bar in its design, are helping it acquire popularity all over the world.

#12. MangaReborn


The distribution of manga comics from all around the world is the primary focus of this website. It has the potential to replace NewToki as well. Therefore, we have hand-picked some excellent alternatives to NewToki . When it comes to user-friendliness, this website is up there with the best. However, advanced features and personalization settings are missing.

Its enhanced overlay style provides a more comprehensive reading experience while opening comic books. They don’t have to deal with issues like frame rate dips, lags, and annoying in-game adverts. One of the most intriguing features of Manga Reborn is the ability for users to communicate with one another. To get their hands on the most recent comic version releases, they may network with other members of Manga Reborn and create close connections.

#13. Mangapanda


People who are looking for comics in a broad variety of categories and series from which to pick the best option will find Manga Panda to be the most useful resource. A replacement for NewToki , such as Manga Panda, may be possible. The library has an extensive manga collection.

However, this website has its own set of problems that the creators are working hard to fix. There are a lot of ads that pop up on top of the game, which might be annoying to certain players.

#14. ComiXology


It’s one of the fastest-growing NewToki sites. This is a fantastic substitute for NewToki . Comixology is proficient in a plethora of options and instructions. Thanks to its high quality and reliability, millions of customers all around the world have purchased it. As an added bonus, it costs nothing to use.

An adaptation for mobile devices is also available. Comic book fans love it since they can download comics to read whenever they want. A person may still read, scan, and investigate such information even if they are not online.

#15. Tachiyomi


Tachiyomi is a manga reader for Android that is free and open source. Using the library, reading plans, and tracked chapters, you can keep track of all of your favourite manga. In addition to other extensions, these are just a few of the many possibilities. Information can also be gathered from local sources. The most helpful tool for readers is a highly customizable reader with a wide variety of viewers, explanations, and other settings. It’s where you can get your hands on it. Personally, I think it’s one of the greatest NewToki alternatives for anyone looking to read manga online.

#16. VIZ Media Manga

 VIZ Media Manga

When it comes to online comics, VIZ Media is your one-stop shop. Its latest releases and versions are all improvements over their predecessors.

Its overlay is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. They are not obligated in any way to cover these costs. However, one may need to pay a nominal membership fee to the site’s creators in order to access the servers through a personal computer. In other words, it’s a great alternative to NewToki for manga fans reading digital copies.

#17. Watch Anime Dub

Watch Anime Dub

Due to its unique qualities, this website is quickly expanding its global user base. WatchAnimeDub’s primary purpose is to provide an online destination for viewers to enjoy anime and manga with English dubs. Its UI is extremely similar to that of NewToki .

Its user interface and database, which has a wide variety of comic material organised under a single platform, also undergo frequent upgrades and updating guidelines.

#18. MangaKakalot


Comparative studies have shown that NewToki ‘s server and internet upload speeds are significantly higher than those of its competitors and similar sites. The UI is not only fun to use but also incredibly straightforward. Customers may use Mangakakalot’s features with style thanks to its well-honed aesthetics.

#19. Anime Freak

Anime Freak

Due to its concentrated and excellent features, Anime Freak has been placed on a list of some of the greatest possibilities in the market that provide services linked to watching anime videos online. The homepage has also been extensively optimised so that it is both secure and risk-free to use. If you’re tired of NewToki and want to read something different, check out this site.

Ads and bugs don’t keep popping up. All of the most recent anime movies and episodes can now be streamed thanks to an automatic update.

#20. 9Anime


9anime really easy to use and looks great. Not only is it simple to operate, but it also looks great. It’s more effective because of the purple cover. Plus, there is no buffering or waiting around as customers enjoy their HD anime films online. Alternatively to NewToki , if you prefer manga, It has attracted a large audience and a solid fan base because of its extensive catalogue of English dubs for popular anime programmes.

#21. ReadComicOnline


There are other free NewToki options out there, such as reading comics online. The service requires no subscription from its users. They can join its network and use its features at no cost.

All of the highest quality comics are available to ReadComicOnline users in the site’s extensive collection. Additionally, the product receives regular updates that enrich the product for the user. Its interface is also considered TOBE since it is simple to use and has no visual errors.

#22. Chia Anime

Chia Anime

The Chia-Anime market offers another product selection. As a free resource for online anime videos and related information, it is also receiving a lot of attention from people all around the world. It has a huge appeal in Asia. The ability to save videos and other content for later viewing when offline is one of its most appealing features. This site is where you should go if you want to find alternatives to NewToki.

#23. Anime Lab

 Anime Lab

With a user interface and functionality not dissimilar to NewToki , it is an app in the same vein. It also gives services in many different countries free access to a large number of anime-related movies.

Users need to sign up for an account or log in with one of their existing social media profiles in order to enjoy the site’s features. One of the best things about Anime Lab is that you can watch videos in crisp 1080p resolution with no annoying commercial breaks.

#24. Aniwatcher


An alternative to NewToki , Aniwatcher is a great manga site. Its biggest selling point is the huge number of comics it stores. The website can show what’s going on now because these cartoons are looked at and updated regularly.

It allows users to manually adjust their interface settings by means of an overlay function. Also, the simplified search box at the top of the website makes it easy for visitors to find the comics they need quickly.


Masterani also a great alternative to NewToki if you’re looking to watch or read anime online. Its primary function is to provide material for use in animating comics. The UI is also well-optimised.

Users may quickly find the information they’re looking for because of Masterani’s organised structure. When watching animated videos hosted on its servers, there aren’t any ads, which is a big plus for the user experience.

#26. OtakuStream


When it comes to watching anime online, many people consider OtakuStream to be the best available option. The UI is extremely easy to use; I didn’t experience any latency or buffering.

Alternatively, they may log in with their social media credentials, such as Facebook or Twitter, to access the site. The average monthly volume is somewhere around 15,000,000 website tariffs. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany are where it has the most widespread fan base. If you’re looking for an alternative to OtakuStream, you may want to check out some of the sites that are listed as alternatives to NewToki .

#27. MangaOwl


It ranks high among the best sites dedicated to manga comics. The owners of the WSJ series routinely add new content before the episodes have even been officially announced for distribution. This has led to its extreme popularity and dissemination. It has an orange aesthetic and provides access to a comprehensive and well-structured database. It is an excellent alternative to NewToki .

Our staff has given serious thought to the genre feature, and it has earned the third spot on our list. The forum in the discussion area is a great place to talk about your favourite manga and engage in lively conversation with other readers. It has a segment titled “Top Night Owls” where you can see who has been reading the comic the longest.

#28. AnimePahe


As an alternative, you may use AnimePahe. It’s growing in popularity among people everywhere. There is a huge selection of dubbed and subbed anime videos available. In addition to its core functionality, AnimePahe boasts a plethora of extra features. It’s a reliable alternative to NewToki . By selecting the present display option, users can see the video’s thumbnails and title. Over 2.5 million unique people from the United States, the Philippines, Malaysia, and India access the website each and every month.

#29. Manganelo


If you’re a fan of manga, you’ll love Manganelo, a web app that lets you read manga and share what you’ve written. The site’s layout is uncomplicated, and there’s no need to sign up to read the manga. It’s a manga reader service that, like NewToki and others like it, lets you make and share manga with others and get instant feedback. In my opinion, it is among the top alternatives to NewToki .

#30. AniChart


As a web-based service, AniChart keeps track of when various anime episodes and movies are showing or concluding their respective seasons. The website serves as a central hub for users to discover, track, and discuss news about forthcoming seasons of their favourite television shows and movies. Visitors may peruse event descriptions and select their preferred genre, all from the comfort of their own homes.

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