Top 15 PR Software for Public Relations in 2022

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Businesses used to be run by highly segregated departments, each of which was in charge of a different task. Many of these silos have been broken up into more effective business units with employees who can do more than one thing. This is because companies have simplified and become more agile to compete in a market that is getting more and more crowded. The best PR Software is a good example of how this is being done. Many of the traditional public relations PR Software tasks and activities are now part of the marketing department’s general responsibilities.

And just like many business tasks done by today’s workers, many PR Software free tasks are also done with the help of software. We will discuss the importance of PR software solutions for contemporary operations in this post, as well as how your marketing team should determine the kind of PR Software to use and what to look for in a solution.

Top 15 PR Software for Public Relations in 2022

Next, we’ll provide you with an overview of 15 of the most popular PR Software being used by marketers right now, and we’ll finish by telling you where you can get additional help with your own marketing and PR requirements.

What is PR Software?

To handle the complete public relations process, PR Software are employed. Some examples of this are planning, running, and keeping track of PR campaigns, doing PR outreach, and putting out press releases. A PR contact database, a news monitoring service, automated press release distribution, and campaign success measurement are some of these technologies that are frequently used.

Public relations PR Software with strong analytics capabilities can be especially helpful for marketing or PR firms that have to show their clients a return on their investment. Strong analytics could also help marketing and public relations professionals who are trying out different ways to build brand awareness and manage reputations.

Various types of PR Software

While some programs offer the complete spectrum of PR capabilities, certain software tools for PR Software are more effective in one of the following areas:

  • production, editing, and promotion of material.
  • Dashboards for PR performance, campaign tracking, and analytics
  • monitoring of the media and competitive intelligence
  • locating and utilizing journalists, influencers, and other media contacts.

PR Analytics Software overview

When people who work in marketing use software for PR Software, they can track how well their PR efforts are working. The number of hits, the number of backlinks obtained, the rise in traffic, the degree of interaction across social media platforms, etc. are all crucial indicators to monitor. A campaign analytics dashboard and the ability to create and export reports are often features of this kind of software.

#1. HARO

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO is one of the most widely used tools for SEO and PR Software. It’s perfect for small firms that have subject-matter knowledge and want to gain media attention through pertinent publications. Consider HARO as a two-sided marketplace where journalists are on the lookout for sources and sources are seeking journalists. On one hand, the marketplace is full of sources (like you) asking for press coverage. Even though HARO offers premium options, you may sign up for a free account to test the tool out first.

#2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts

As you presumably already know, Google Alerts is a feature that enables you to search the web for fresh articles on topics that interest you.

Google Alerts may be used in two major ways:

  • Search the web frequently for fresh information on key phrases related to your company.
  • Keep an eye out for fresh online articles that reference your company, your goods, or both.
  • The second method is more useful for companies that already have an audience, but the first may be a terrific way to find fresh material fast and use it to interact with other people, generate backlinks, and obtain brand mentions.

#3. Ahrefs


Although it isn’t a PR tool per se, its skills can be helpful in PR situations as well. Ahrefs is a useful tool for PR professionals, allowing them to do everything from find chances for content creation to tracking the PR activities of their rivals (such as whether or not they are featured on podcasts). It’s also one of the most well-liked SEO tools available today. It may be used as a monitoring tool, a backlink analyzer, a content explorer, and many other things.

#4. Coverage Book

Coverage Book

If you’ve ever attempted to compile a coverage report, you are aware of how laborious this process is. Even with a ready-to-use template, making a strong presentation requires a number of steps:

  • Use copy and paste
  • including images of the pages where you were highlighted in your presentation.
  • Taking performance indicators for your brand mentions, such as expected traffic
  • Create a legible and visually attractive display by combining everything.
  • All you have to do with the Coverage Book is add the links to the websites or pages where you were featured.
  • The tool will handle the rest, producing stunning presentations in a matter of minutes.

#5. Visme


It can be used to make infographics, presentations, graphs, and charts, among other types of visual content. More than 4.5 million individuals trust it, and businesses like PayPal, IBM, and Unilever use it. You already know that appealing design may make you stand out from the competition. It goes without saying that having a good design is essential in today’s noisy society. Visme gives users the ability to make stunning graphs that they can then share with their media channels and outlets.

#6. BuzzSumo


Four basic techniques exist for using BuzzSumo:

  • I was discovering fresh material on the internet.
  • Deep web research has to be done using sophisticated filters.
  • Finding influencers in your niche is important.
  • To keep an eye on your specialty, monitor

It’s possible to state that BuzzSumo mixes features from many tools on this list. In other words, BuzzSumo is a piece of software that has a wide range of capabilities that may be of use to you in many ways. This explains why it’s so well-liked and why PR and marketing professionals at organizations like Ogilvy, BuzzFeed, Expedia, and others trust it.

#7. Business Wire

Business Wire

Although it also provides other services like EDGAR filing or XBRL regulatory filings, its primary business is press dissemination, much like Newswire and PRWeb that we’ll see next. Business Wire is known as one of the best news release distribution services because it has been in business for more than 60 years. It links with 100,000 media outlets and has offices in 22 different countries. Under the Business Wire Newsroom section, the Business Wire website has a blog that has information for public relations professionals, news about the PR industry, corporate achievements, and new alliances.

#8. PRWeb

#9: PRWeb

The inclusion of a price page on PRWeb’s website is intriguing.

It now has four major plans:

  • BasicsStandardsAdvancedsPremium
  • Even though PR services have traditionally been pretty expensive, these plans are actually pretty reasonable.
  • Also, the service is well worth the price because PRWeb has a large network of media partners and distribution channels.

#9. Critical Mention

Critical Mention

As a media monitoring tool, Critical Mention could be used by companies that want to have full control over how they look on the internet. You can see why Critical Mention must be effective if organisations like McDonald’s and CBS use it. Critical Mention is a genuinely unique software tool for PR professionals, allowing them to monitor social media, online news, and even television and radio broadcasts. It is a tool for huge organizations and enterprises, not for small firms. If you are at that scale or level, you may ask for a product demo, which also comes with a free report on your most recent earned media.

#10. Moosend


A single marketing platform, that is. This app can help you do many marketing tasks in one place, such as email marketing, subscription forms, and landing pages. You may send a press release to your email list subscribers using Moosend, for instance. As an alternative, if you are often a guest on podcasts, you could create unique landing pages for all podcast listeners who are interested in your product and offer them special discounts. As you can see, this software solution provides a wide range of possibilities for PR specialists. Moosend also offers a freemium package that is perfect for email marketing and automation startups.

#11. Anewstip


Anewstip has four primary purposes:

  • Journalists that are related to your expertise can be found on media lists, so check there.
  • “Pitch is a platform where you may contact and pitch relevant journalists.
  • Alerts—a feature that lets you set up notifications depending on your target and branding phrases.
  • Report—where you can quickly and easily produce excellent PR reports in Google Slides.
  • It’s a pretty useful tool that has everything you would need to begin your PR campaigns.

#12. SparkToro


The creator of Moz, Rand Fishkin, created a piece of software called SparkToro. Rand, for example, needs no introduction to the marketing world, of course. However, the PR community might not be very familiar with this technology. What is SparkToro, then? It is a tool for market researchers and audience analysts in the marketing industry. Of course, everyone may benefit from the technology; it isn’t only intended for or restricted to marketing pros. The intriguing aspect of SparkToro is that it enables you to carry out searches and identify audiences based on certain online behaviours they engage in. In all honesty, there isn’t a tool quite like it available at the moment, and if there is, it most certainly lacks the high quality of data that SparkToro possesses.

#13. MuckRack


It’s because you can “search for journalists, watch the news, and produce reports all in one spot,” according to the website.

Its primary characteristics are as follows:

  • Monitoring and notifications for media databases
  • Collaboration in Reporting and Pitching (PR CRM)

As you can see, MuckRack is the way to go if you want to grow your PR operations, from finding media opportunities through project management for your PR campaigns. Given that its capabilities are a little more complex, I’d suggest it’s a tool that might not be appropriate for those who are new to PR. However, feel free to ask the MuckRack team for a demo if you wish to advance your PR activities.

#14. Mention


When it comes to tracking brand mentions online, Mention is one of the most well-liked solutions available.

You may use Mention for a variety of things, including the following:

  • Internet media tracking
  • Using social media
  • Competitive research

Real-time monitoring of your industry and niche lets you join conversations about your products and services and get to know your audience better. In addition to understanding how people talk about your sector, mention can help you spot trends within the millions of Tweets that are sent out every day. Knowing the phrases and terms people use to describe your products will help you improve the overall effectiveness of your PR operations. Small businesses might not need this tool, but it can be quite helpful if your brand is becoming more well-known and well-recognized.

#15. Grammarly


To be clear, Grammarly is not a PR tool in and of itself; rather, it is software that may help your PR efforts. How? By having your PR materials edited before distributing them to your list of potential customers, You should always ensure that your language is error-free, particularly if we’re talking about press releases or other significant PR material. Using Grammarly, you can accomplish that. Of course, you may hire an editor to look over your final work, but Grammarly can provide an additional level of assurance that everything is correct.

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