Performance Management: 15 Best Performance Management Tools In HR

To swiftly identify areas that need improvement and take appropriate action, HR managers should make sure they measure the performance of their staff. Tools for employee performance management in 2023 make sure that this goal is accomplished. To enhance morale, employees will also receive feedback on their work and be recognized for their accomplishments.

When evaluating employee performance, appropriate precautions should be taken to prevent harm to the organization’s bottom line. You need to first comprehend the advantages of the employee performance management solutions in order to handle this procedure properly. The best software, such as those suggested in this article, may then be chosen, making sure that it satisfies your organization’s requirements.

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What Is Performance Management, And Why Is It Necessary?

Establishing a channel of ongoing communication (and feedback) between employers and employees is the goal of performance management. The key aim is to make sure that every employee is contributing effectively to the accomplishment of organizational goals. It assists in resolving issues that staff members may be having in order to maintain their level of productivity. With the aid of staff performance management solutions, this is simply performed. This software is a collection of tools made to assist managers or employers in developing precise job descriptions, setting expectations, and developing organizational objectives that are in line with duties. It contributes to greater workplace openness.

Tools for performance management are required for two reasons:

  • Since all sides are aware of what to expect, conducting the yearly performance review is made simple.
  • Employees become more motivated than ever since it shows that the management values them.

What Is An Employee Performance Management Software?

A cloud-based solution called employee performance management software helps HR managers assess employees’ performance to make sure their goals are in line with those of the company. Features of this application support employee engagement, which in turn aids in career progression.

How Does Performance Management Software Work?

Utilizing tools for performance management, you may better align your staff with company goals and continuously assess and rate each employee’s performance in relation to outcomes.

It keeps track of every action digitally to make sure the progress graph is moving in the appropriate direction. Let’s have a look at its process diagram to understand how it functions. The Process of Using Tools for Employee Performance Management

There are four steps to it:


Managers are expected to outline their expectations for each team member at this point. Goals and objectives should be made clear, and they should be linked to precise metrics for measurement.


Managers must monitor how well their staff is doing in terms of achieving those objectives. The objectives must be quantified because of this. Tracking progress is made simple by monitoring tools.

Assessing And Reviewing

This stage is when each employee’s performance is evaluated initially at the time of the assessment and subsequently on an ongoing basis. The 360-degree feedback system allows for ratings from every employee. Following an analysis of this data, specific recommendations on how to raise employee performance are given.


Beyond setting goals, tracking employee performance and praising top performers increases extrinsic motivation. Promotions, bonuses, social recognition, and other things are examples of these benefits.

15 Best Performance Management Tools In HR

Here are the best 15 performance management tools in HR

#1. Workday Peakon Employee Voice

performance management

In order to assist human resource professionals in becoming more organized and productive in the second half of 2022, we are dedicated to uncover and explore the finest employee performance management solutions. Making a list of the qualities that are most significant to you in a performance management system is beneficial since online employee performance management systems provide a wide range of services. For instance, if the majority of your team works remotely, you should look for employee management performance software that has special capabilities for remote employees. Similarly, if your workforce is international and speaks several languages, you should take that into account while doing your search. Therefore, we completed the research and identified our top 15 staff management systems for 2022.
Peakon automatically gathers and analyzes employee input to provide you with the information you need to grow your company. in the present. Peakon Engage instantly resolves all previous engagement issues as well as additional ones. It is automatic, interactive, and collaborative. Peakon can manage tens of thousands of personnel, is available in more than 20 languages, and can deal with intricate organizational structures.

Peakon is a cloud-based solution that works flawlessly on mobile platforms as well. Regardless of the size of your company, this solution is extremely adaptable to meet all organizational requirements. One of the most favored tools for assessing employee performance is Peakon because of its user-friendly features. Additional attributes of this tool include:

  • Onboarding
  • comments from a 360-degree performance review
  • Adaptable templates
  • employee administration
  • portable compatibility
  • Peer evaluation
  • Capability management
  • Benchmarking

#2. Zugata

performance management

One of the few pieces of performance management software, Zugata, is designed for ongoing staff development and drives performance ahead every day. a quality we adore? Zugata provides its staff with individualized development tools and performance dashboards to aid in their growth.

Zugata characteristics can help SMEs and new businesses. Depending on your budget, the product offers one of the top performance management services available. Its cost is customizable. Since it is compatible with mobile devices, you may keep track of your performance management analysis wherever you see fit. Last but not least, Zugata facilitates the collaboration of the organizational workforce, making it simpler for people to see their areas of weakness and work to improve themselves as assets for a business.

The characteristics of Zugata are listed below.

  • 360-degree evaluation
  • goal setting
  • Workplace cooperation
  • Peer evaluation
  • Worker alignment
  • Adaptable templates
  • feedback control
  • a self-service website

#3. IMD

performance management

At every stage, you receive individualized mentoring, and there are ongoing chances to apply what you learn to your particular work environment. 
IMD differs from existing employee performance management tools and practices by providing personalized and engaging experience. You would hope that your executive personnel would set good example as an employer. IMD provides further training through variety of programs to help your senior staff’s leadership abilities. You may successfully implement the employee performance strategy with the help of this functionality. The sole objective of your company will be to boost productivity. IMD provides capabilities that may be customized to fit any sort of organization, much like other performance management software. 
The following are additional IMD characteristics:
  • Peer evaluation
  • 360-degree evaluation
  • Employer reputability
  • self-service website
  • goal setting
  • Capability management
  • tracking of employee performance continuously
  • feedback control

#4. Appraisd


Appraisd is filled with fantastic features that make life simpler for staff members, managers, and HR specialists. For instance, Appraisd enables HR experts to modify your objectives template to fit the working style of your firm, cascade objectives from a line manager to a team member, and ask staff members how they plan to contribute to your organization’s ultimate aims. With a user-friendly platform like this, you can cover all your bases.

The simplicity of usage of Appraisd is a trait that appeals to most enterprises. Generally speaking, its system is very flexible and offers its clients access to dependable professionals who can explain how to use the product. Additionally, depending on the requirements of your company, its cost starts at $5 per month. You are welcome to test it out with the free trial version, though, before making a commitment. Here are other characteristics of Appraisd.

  • 360-degree feedback for performance management
  • Peer evaluation
  • Adaptable templates
  • Branding
  • Onboarding
  • tracking performance continuously
  • Self-assessment
  • Plans for employee development

#5. Synergita


Organizations that aspire to achieve high performance-driven growth may benefit from Synergita’s performance management, employee engagement, and OKR solutions.

Staff engagement, employee development, awards and recognition, constant check-ins, and micro and macro performance evaluations are all seamlessly connected by Synergita, which also offers a robust performance management system with useful, analytical results.

Our solution is cross-industry and adaptable to the distinct performance and engagement cultures and strategies of the clients. For employee performance management and engagement, 350,000 users from 100+ businesses in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial services/fintech, retail, and non-profit sectors rely on Synergita. Its features are:

  • Performance Administration
  • Employee Participation
  • Goals Control
  • Development of Employees
  • 360-Degree Reaction
  • Compensation & Recognition
  • Culture Points
  • Ecommunication
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Analytics for People & Performance
  • Goals and Important Results (OKR)
  • Survey of Employee Engagement
  • Survey of 360-degree feedback
  • Permanent Performance

#6. Winzard

performance management

Winzard is a business that develops performance and talent. It is a user-friendly, interactive SaaS platform that provides leaders and staff with excellent features and useful information.

The following are some Winzard solutions for an improved employee experience, increased organizational capabilities, and high productivity:

Goal Achiever: This interactive platform fosters employee creativity and ownership while assisting with goal setting and job planning. The technologies enable regular check-ins between managers and employees to coach and encourage them as they work toward their goals.

People assessment: This special continuous assessment module is connected to goal achiever to make it easier to rate subgoals, work plans, and competences on a frequent basis and get rid of the recency effect. Employee time and effort are significantly reduced by Winzard’s auto-populated assessment since it captures target success without requiring lengthy paperwork to be filled out.

Talent Review: This review aids managers in comprehending talent in terms of its potential, performance, job fit, loyalty, and developmental requirements. Winzard offers suggestions that support the educated decision-making of individuals around career management, incentives, recognition, retention, and succession.

Employee Experience: The Winzard Workforce Engagement and Workforce Wellbeing modules assist leadership in identifying organizational blind spots. Additionally, it offers in-depth analytics and pinpoints the cause of poor engagement or wellness so that remedial measures may be planned.

#7. Mirror


Top websites like G2 and Capterra rank Mirro as one of the most user-friendly performance management solutions available. With Mirro, it’s simple to create and monitor OKRs, plan period check-ins and 1-on-1 meetings, and publicly recognize team members with kudos.

Furthermore, Mirro provides a set of Core HR functions that may be used by users to keep information consolidated. features include document management, staff overviews, and leave and attendance tracking. For a simple overview of all of these, HR teams and VPs have access to extensive dashboards and visualizations.

The key attributes of Mirro are:

  • OKRs
  • Kudos (public praise)
  • corporate social media feed
  • database of employees Management of roles and permissions
  • a wide variety of dashboards
  • Attendance and leave
  • onboarding support (free of charge)

#8. Grove HR

performance management

Another great cloud-based performance management solution for companies with rapid expansion is Grove HR. It enables teams to create and personalize review questions that might aid in the individual and group development of its members. With the use of this software, it is also feasible to promote a growth culture since it makes it easier for each member to provide feedback, including self, peer, and management assessments, independent of their current hierarchical structure.

There are yet more features. Grove HR allows you to schedule reviews in advance, saving you time and helping you prepare better. The program has an automated reminder system that alerts the appropriate personnel when a review procedure is due. To top it all off, Grove HR offers a performance review dashboard that gives quick insights into your evaluation and supports mobile-first experiences so that everyone can submit their reviews whenever and wherever they choose.

Here are a few more incredible qualities of Grove HR:

  • portable compatibility
  • review templates built-in
  • Pulse surveys and polls
  • Worker involvement
  • Onboarding

#9. People Goal

performance management

Management solutions from PeopleGoal are ideal for your company’s culture. PeopleGoal helps human resource professionals with a variety of tasks, including goal-setting, 360-degree feedback gathering, performance reviews, and more. Dropbox, LinkedIn, Slack, and other services are all effortlessly integrated with PeopleGoal.

The tool is adaptable, and mobile devices may access the same functions as computers. While on the go, it’s simple to stay on top of your staff performance analysis. Customers that utilize this solution brag about getting one of the top performance management services. Employee morale is boosted by the ability to evaluate their performance statistics and identify their strong points.

Companies wishing to rethink their employee performance management procedures are typically advised to use PeopleGoal. Numerous businesses utilize this technology and gain from its excellent characteristics, which include:

  • KPI monitoring
  • Peer evaluation
  • Management of unfavorable comments
  • goal setting
  • Dashboard and layouts that can be altered
  • 360-degree feedback on performance
  • tracking ongoing performance management

#10. Actus

performance management

Actus has been a leader in the development of performance management software in the UK since its founding in 2012. Our ultimate objective is to contribute to creating a better workplace for individuals, and this goes beyond just providing straightforward evaluation software. We think that an organization requires more than a very basic “off-the-shelf” software that serves as a “tick-box” exercise to instill enduring, good change. They demand a system that can adapt to their changing needs as well as one that can be backed by the appropriate training and consulting choices should they need them.
All of your performance management requirements can be managed in one location with the help of our Performance, Learning, and Talent Suite. That entails a single framework and truth source. The beauty of Actus is that it eliminates the need for several complicated HR systems and enables the system to change to meet the demands of your organization. We also provide a variety of training and consulting services to help you integrate best practice as we accompany you on your journey.
Actus Software includes the following characteristics, to name a few:

  • Performance Administration
  • 360-degree reviews and polls
  • Learning Administration
  • Onboarding
  • Management of talent
  • HRIS and absence
  • Compliance

#11. Scoro

performance management

Scoro is a basic application that is very simple to use. It allows you manage your complete company from one location, not just your remote workforce. Furthermore, no other remote staff management system on the market can match Scoro’s reporting skills. Scoro is a great management choice for your HR staff if your workforce works remotely.

Regarding its services, this performance management application has gotten nothing but positive ratings. As a result, it received several honors and was included in the Technology Fast 50. Without a doubt, Scoro’s powerful reporting, CRM, and billing features will assist you in streamlining your job. Your company will be able to concentrate on its main goal and progress smoothly in that direction as a consequence.

The qualities that make Scoro a noteworthy program are listed below.

  • generating reports
  • Workflow control
  • 360-degree evaluation
  • automated recollections
  • Mobile support
  • Template and dashboard that are editable
  • a self-service website
  • API tools

#12. I Done This

performance management

I Done This is a wonderfully easy-to-use application for managing staff performance. HR managers will be able to see the overall development of your team or business over time with I Done This. We believe that the direct approach of I Done This helps teams and organizations be more productive and happier.

This tool helps thousands of people. Because of its adaptability, anyone can move through its platform. I Done This is available at several price points to fit your budget. So, you can trust I Done This whether you’re searching for a one-time personnel management software or a recurring subscription. It supports transparent performance tracking for corporate teams.

These are I Done This’s features.

  • Tools for collaboration
  • project management
  • monitoring of time
  • 360-degree reviews of employees’ performance
  • Regular reporting
  • performance assessment
  • Platform for self-service

#13. Deputy


One of the greatest tools for managing employee performance that can help you lead your team well is Deputy. You can schedule your program quickly and easily with it. Additionally, Deputy may be utilized on mobile devices, enabling you to control your actions from any location at any time.

The finest feature of Deputy is how simple it is to give team members assignments to do. Additionally, you will keep track of your development and be informed when finished. Major corporations like NASA, Amazon, and McDonalds utilize Deputy to ensure that the proper employees are present at the appropriate time and location.

Deputy has a number of features, such as:

  • Adaptable templates
  • Employer analytics
  • 360-degree evaluation
  • performance evaluation
  • communication control
  • ongoing performance evaluation
  • Peer evaluation
  • Employer reputability

#14. BiTrix

performance management

The CRM in Bitrix24 offers a platform to plan and monitor communication with partners, clients, agents, and other contacts—both future and current. With more than 30 tools, Bitrix24 can help your company expand and let you enjoy working with others. One special quality of BiTrix that we adore? The Activity Stream is individualized in addition to being interactive. The task and photo viewer may be accessed without further navigation, comments can be directed from the main interface, and objects can be “loved.”

This application has excellent collaboration capabilities that are advantageous to businesses of all sizes. To conduct employee performance evaluations efficiently, communication with your team could not be easier. BiTrix24 is not only cloud-based, but it can also be implemented on-premise to meet your needs. No surprise millions of people worldwide have faith in this technology.

Finally, BiTrix24 includes a number of components, as seen below.

  • communication control
  • communication via social media
  • ongoing performance evaluation
  • a self-service website
  • Complete feedback
  • Peer evaluation
  • Employer reputability
  • task priority

#15. TalTrack

performance management

TalTrak are revolutionizing how managers and employees communicate. TalTrak promotes more timely and pertinent dialogues by continuously monitoring performance. What’s best? TalTrack is simple to install and use, works with any device, and doesn’t require any training.

Small, medium-sized, and big businesses can benefit from Taltrack’s configurable tools. Its continuous employee performance management system has benefited a lot of businesses across many different industries, including Fortune 100 corporations. The finest tool for managing your performance analysis is this one, especially if you are on a tight budget.

In addition to raising staff performance, TalTrack offers the following features:

  • Mobile assistance
  • 360-degree evaluation
  • Peer evaluation
  • a self-service website
  • ongoing evaluation of employee performance
  • Cycle tracking review
  • Branding

Benefits Of Employee Performance Management Software

The creation of HR performance management technologies has made it easier to motivate, inspire, and retain personnel. Finding a mechanism to strike a balance between organizational demands and the services provided both now and in the future is essential.

The performance management software offers several great advantages, like tracking employee performance throughout the year and enhancing staff cooperation, which promotes career advancement and increased output. Let’s examine the advantages of this program in more depth.

Worker Appreciation

Employees may learn about their areas of strength and improvement by participating in the performance management process. Consequently, it is one way for them to advance in their jobs. Employee morale is also raised when they participate in the performance review process because they feel appreciated and recognized.

Overall Feedback

Software for performance management offers comprehensive feedback on each employee in your company. Honest evaluations from your employees’ coworkers, clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders make it simple to determine their performance and skill sets. This input enables HR managers to identify areas where workers need improvement and take appropriate action.

Group Cooperation

Accurate and decisive feedback on your staff members’ performance inspires collaboration and teamwork. Teamwork is one approach to swiftly accomplish this goal. When your staff feel valued and appreciated, they will work hard to enhance their performance.

Strong Analytics

With the help of this software, HR managers may easily obtain several reports on employee performance. The reporting insights may then be used to create a plan that will help your staff perform at their highest level. Employee analytics also discloses employee performance patterns, which may assist you in creating initiatives and fostering performance.

Management of Organizational Goals

Effective goal management is one of the secrets to boosted organizational productivity. HR managers may monitor company goals and determine an employee’s strengths using performance management software. As a consequence, assigning tasks to qualified staff will be simpler, which will increase employee engagement and productivity.

We’ve discussed the top performance review software for 2022, which goes from the most basic and straightforward to more sophisticated programs that handle tens of thousands of employees in several languages. Your team will be more organized and have a better awareness of the personnel in your company by incorporating innovative online HR performance management technologies into your HR process.

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