14 Best Mailchimp Alternatives Marketing Platform For 2023


Do you want to spend less money on email campaigns? Mailchimp may not be the best option.

The firm recently announced a 15–18% pricing hike for its older clients, forcing many users to seek Mailchimp alternatives. The modification, when combined with limited features and inadequate support, proved to be the last straw.

There are several Mailchimp alternatives available. If you’re looking for them, keep reading for the top 14 Mailchimp alternatives for email (as of January 2023).

Why It’s Important to Consider Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp is well-known for its free and low-cost programs. That, however, is no longer the case. Starting March 10, 2023, their free plan will only cover 500 contacts and 1,000 emails! And, when your email list grows, the cost of Mailchimp skyrockets.

On Mailchimp, every contact, including those that unsubscribe, counts as a billable contact. This implies that in order to keep Mailchimp prices low, you must constantly clean your email list. Furthermore, if a contact appears on two lists, they are billed twice!

Furthermore, as a Mailchimp user, you may have realized that list segmentation can be challenging. Instead of splitting contacts into separate lists, Mailchimp recommends having a single list (known as an ‘audience’) and segmenting using tags. Tags may rapidly become disorganized and confusing.

Another thing to remember with Mailchimp is that, while it has some fantastic advanced capabilities, they are primarily reserved for the higher pricing levels.

You’ve probably already run across some of Malchimp’s main cons, which is why you’re looking at Mailchimp’s competitors:

  • Paying for contacts, even if they are unsubscribed
  • There is no interaction with Shopify, and there are no SMS, live chat, or push alerts.
  • All features are billed by contacts, raising the price significantly.
  • The free plan is quite limited: 500 contacts per day, 500 emails per day, but just 1,000 emails each month!

Why hunt for alternatives to Mailchimp?

Mailchimp was a fantastic email marketing platform, particularly for Shopify merchants. But not any longer. This app now has a 3.4-star Shopify rating, a slew of disgruntled users, and a slew of negative reviews.

Here are some of the reasons why people are migrating to Mailchimp alternatives:

  • Mailchimp has raised its pricing many times, the most recent time in December 2022.
  • There is a time limit on the free plan. Every function of Mailchimp’s free membership is limited—you even get email assistance for only 30 days.
  • Users claim that they are unable to divide test automation or isolate emails within tests. Poor customer service with the free plan. Mailchimp has limited email customer support to 30 days, leaving free customers without meaningful assistance until they upgrade.
  • Poor customer service with the free plan. Mailchimp has limited email customer support to 30 days, leaving free customers without meaningful assistance until they upgrade.
  • Email templates that are unimpressive The free plan of Mailchimp only includes basic, generic-looking templates—not the ideal method to wow consumers.
  • Reporting and analytics are limited. Mailchimp lacks the real-time reporting and analytics services that users require to better understand their audiences.
  • Shopify has issues with data privacy. Mailchimp failed to follow Shopify’s data usage regulations, resulting in an acrimonious separation in 2019. Mailchimp was only recently made available again; however, its performance is still awful.

List Of Best Mailchimp Alternatives Marketing Platform For 2023

1. Mandrill

Mandrill app

Mandrill is a premium Mailchimp add-on that supports STMP transactional email services. The program may deliver targeted, data-driven, promotional, and customized emails to end consumers. Your emails are given pre-defined tags by the program. With the aid of Mandrill, you can automatically track the bounce rate, open rate, and click rate for your emails, which helps to simplify email tracking.

The program also allows you to create varied custom sending choices. You may also apply white labeling for custom-tracking domains using this program. Using Mandrill, you may send emails from many domains while still using the same account and dedicated IP.

2. Postmark


With Postmark, you have access to a number of pre-made templates that can be used to quickly and beautifully produce marketing emails. The program maintains email logs from the last 45 days. These logs may be reviewed to trace emails that were sent or received.

Postmark provides you with a thorough audit of all your emails. You may learn where they were sent, which emails were successfully sent or received, which ones were opened, and which ones were flagged as spam. Incoming addresses may also be customized with the aid of the program.

3. Mailgun


Mailgun is a sophisticated cloud-based solution that is well built for developers. Its APIs may be used to easily send, receive, and track transactional emails.

With easy SMTP connectivity and a versatile HTTP API, the tool offers hassle-free sending of transactional and bulk emails. Moreover, its real-time email validation tool helps filter out incorrect email addresses from your contact list.

Aside from this, Mailgun can also help tailor your emails, analyze incoming messages automatically, engage consumers with intriguing campaigns, and utilize templates to generate well-branded marketing emails. The program also gives consumers useful data that they may use to improve the effectiveness of their emails.

For businesses sending more than 500,000 emails per month, Mailgun also provides email deliverability services. With the help of a technical account manager, or deliverability specialist, you can create a personalized deliverability plan to boost the effectiveness of your emails. They may offer advice on how to solve issues and get the best inboxing rates for Gmail, Yahoo, and other services.

4. Mailjet


Mailjet is a straightforward tool that can assist both developers and marketers in designing, delivering, and tracking transactional and marketing emails. Mailjet offers advertisers an easy-to-use email builder that includes enticing email templates right out of the box. Email campaigns may be edited, changed, or made specifically to deliver the desired message.

The online email builder also includes a real-time collaboration tool, which allows several users to cooperate on a single campaign together as a team. Moreover, Mailjet has a powerful a/b testing tool that can be used to gather statistical information on email subject lines, image usage, and email sequence.

Sending transactional emails is equally straightforward with Mailjet. With Mailjet’s SMTP server or RESTful API, you may send, schedule, and track transactional emails. Mailjet may be used for sending transactional SMSes as well. Mailjet’s transactional SMS API may be linked in no time to start delivering SMS messages globally.

5. DuoCircle


DuoCircle is one of the greatest alternatives for businesses seeking affordable solutions without sacrificing email deliverability quality. Each package includes DKIM signatures, real-time reporting and analytics, comprehensive tracking of emails, several delivery ports (so email continuity is preserved), TLS encryption, and strong anti-spam service.

Additional vital services given by DuoCircle include SPF administration, DMARC reporting, email forwarding, tenant migration, etc., which one may get at a very affordable price. Most of all, they provide round-the-clock email, chat, and phone help, allowing you to swiftly restore your business email in the event of an error. For businesses seeking an all-encompassing email solution, it is a great Mailchimp substitute overall.

6. HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot is an email marketing system that promotes email optimization to boost deliverability rates. But, it is the ability to easily combine it with other HubSpot products that makes it a remarkable marketing tool.

For instance, by connecting this software with HubSpot CRM, you can tailor your marketing emails, making them more enticing to the recipient. The technology has shown potential for increasing conversion rates for organizations and aiding in their growth when paired with native integrations.

7. Sendinblue


SendinBlue offers chat, social media marketing, and SMS marketing services. It offers a robust CRM tool that allows businesses to keep track of client information. Also, businesses may automate their marketing messaging to target particular populations.

Sendinblue also helps customers to construct very engaging landing pages, retargeting advertisements, Facebook ads, and sign-up forms. By offering real-time information, A/B testing tools, and email open rate metrics, it assists marketers in maximizing conversions.

8. Pepipost


Currently used by more than 20,000 brands, Pepipost is a trusted SMTP and email API service provider. As a dependable Mailchimp alternative, this program maintains track of the bounce rate, open rate, and email delivery. Moreover, one may elect to get notifications connected to user activities, such as unsubscriptions.

The safe platform enables users to exchange emails privately. Moreover, businesses can make quick decisions because the platform provides warnings and real-time statistics. Customers opting for this Mailchimp Alternate receive easy APIs for migrating to smooth up the process further.

9. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

With its free plan including list-building tools, limitless emails, and eCommerce marketing, Constant Contact is a great alternative to Mailchimp . This program includes a front-end email editor with drag-and-drop functionality for novices. The technology greatly aids in tailoring corporate emails to increase interaction.

Those who did not open their prior emails are automatically resent by Constant Contact. This email automation program monitors user activity and sends the message accordingly, based on website clicks.

10. Amazon SES

Amazon SES

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a specialized email service that has gained popularity among developers. They use this technology to send emails from WordPress to other website platforms. To ensure a high delivery rate, Amazon SES also offers customizable email authentication and dedicated IPs.

Users of Amazon SES may easily configure the built-in SMTP server and send emails without any problems.

11. WP Mail SMTP


WP Mail SMTP is the most widely used email distribution provider for WordPress-powered websites. You may use this tool as an alternative to Mailchimp . Most significantly, customers may link it smoothly with prominent email marketing providers. In the process, they may quickly send thousands of emails to their intended recipients.

It is feasible to switch to WP Mail SMTP from your existing WordPress email settings. This would be advantageous since it would allow you to get past spam filters and communicate with your subscribers straight in their inboxes.

12. Moosend


Moosend is a cheap Mailchimp alternative, via which you can build marketing, transactional, and notification emails and send them to your recipients. Some of its attractive features include analytics, smart list segmentation, and a campaign editor. The drag-and-drop editor may be used to create aesthetically stunning newsletters. It also features an automation workflow builder with built-in automation templates.

13. Drip


Drip is one of the top Mailchimp alternatives and is perfect for eCommerce firms. It links well-known e-commerce systems like Shopify and WooCommerce.

This tool has CRM capabilities that let users learn more about a user’s interests and activities on your site. This helps businesses personalize their emails to increase interaction. Third-party connectors, comprehensive email analytics, event and behavior monitoring, deep customer insights, revenue attribution, and user segmentation are a few of its standout features.

14. Cakemail


Cakemail is a fantastic solution for quickly setting up email campaigns. Users may sign up for free and immediately have access to all of the software’s important capabilities. For entrepreneurs and small-business owners, it’s a cost-effective and simple option.

Users can efficiently assess their email marketing campaigns using Cakemail’s real-time reporting and analytics, make necessary adjustments, and increase engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What precisely is the function of Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a comprehensive marketing platform that allows you to manage and communicate with your clients, consumers, and other interested parties. Our marketing strategy focuses on effective contact management, professionally designed campaigns, and sophisticated data analysis. We’re here to assist you in becoming an experienced marketer.

What are the disadvantages of Mailchimp?

It compels users to generate an email template using third-party tools or simple text editors, which is time-consuming and annoying. Furthermore, their templates are unappealing, and their selections are restricted. Furthermore, it is difficult to locate free email templates that you can use for all of your Mailchimp emails.

What’s the distinction between Gmail and Mailchimp?

The primary distinction between Gmail and Mailchimp is that Mailchimp plans and specifications are based on the total number of connections you have, whereas Gmail has no contact constraints. Mailchimp calculates how many emails you may send based on your contact list.

Can you make money using Mailchimp?

When you join Mailchimp & Co., you may make money by assisting your clients in reaching their marketing objectives. We’ll pay you every quarter if you recommend a client to Mailchimp, upgrade a client’s account, or activate features on their behalf.


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