Sterling Background Check: Best Background Check Services 2023

Sterling Background Check: Best Background Check Services 2023

Prior to employing an individual, employers perform background checks on prospective employees to ensure that they are selecting the most qualified candidate. Like Sterling Background Check, these background investigations frequently require time and may include a variety of components.

Consider a scenario in which you desire a background check provider that offers the most current information on employees (both prior to and subsequent to their employment). If so, Sterling Background Check is your best option, particularly with regard to criminal records!

The process of performing one’s own background check can be laborious and time-consuming. But by utilizing background check websites like Sterling Background Check, you can have greater confidence in the individuals you decide to employ.

However, what precisely is a Sterling background check, how does it function, and what are its key attributes? We address each of these inquiries and more in the following section.

What is a Sterling background check?

Employers conduct thorough background checks in Sterling Background Check as part of their vested interest in evaluating the qualifications and suitability of prospective employees. Sterling Background Check, being a provider of background checks, specializes in the acquisition of current and precise information pertaining to individuals, with a specific emphasis on critical facets such as criminal records. This comprehensive assessment enables employers to make well-informed recruiting decisions, guaranteeing that the candidates they select are in accordance with the requirements and benchmarks of the organization. Criminal history checks, employment substantiation, and other pertinent information are frequently included in Sterling’s background checks when assessing a candidate’s qualifications and background. Selecting Sterling Background Check as a solution for conducting background checks signifies a dedication to acquiring dependable information regarding a candidate’s personal life, thereby enhancing the recruiting process’s level of security and knowledge.


  • Thorough criminal inspections
  • Accelerated results
  • A multitude of third-party integrations
  • Effective data management procedures
  • Online monitoring of background checks


  • Exclusion of a complimentary trial
  • Lack of customized customer service
  • Certain records are inaccessible via electronic means.

The Sterling Background Check Brand Synopsis

Established in 1975 and based in New York, Sterling is an established provider of identity and background checks to more than 50,000 clients worldwide.

With the assistance of more than 5,000 employees and cutting-edge technology, Sterling Background Check processes more than 110 million checks per year. Additionally, more than sixty percent of the “Fortune 100” companies employ Sterling Background Check to assist them in fostering a culture of safety and trust among their employees.

The Sterling Background Check Brand Synopsis

What is the operation of the Sterling Background Check background check?

Upon registering, clients of Sterling are granted access to the Sterling Background Check Client Hub, an optimized interface designed to facilitate the transmission of background check requests from HR managers to job applicants. After that, applicants may commence the evaluation procedure, which comprises the subsequent stages:

  • Job applicants are required to utilize Sterling’s alternative application, the Sterling Background Check Candidate Hub, in order to furnish the necessary information and consent required for the completion of the background check.
  • Applicants are required to provide a variety of documents on the application, which serve to verify their identity, address, credentials, and diplomas.
  • Sterling commences the screening procedure, which primarily consists of conducting employment and education checks, criminal record inquiries, and identity verification.
  • Sterling initiates a video contact with the candidate; although not universally required, Sterling Background Check researchers may also choose to do so in order to personally authenticate the candidates’ identities.
  • In order to be considered for employment, candidates must submit a substance sample at one of the more than 15,000 test sites in the United States.
  • Sterling generates the candidate’s consumer report; within a time frame spanning from several days to a few hours, Sterling Background Check compiles and delivers the screening report to the client subsequent to the collection of all pertinent data.
  • The recruiting company rectifies any inconsistencies; prior to concluding the hiring procedure, the client examines the background check and communicates any concerns or inaccurate information regarding the job candidate to the employing organization.

Applicants for employment whose background checks have not been processed five business days after submitting their information may view the status of their screenings online.

Services and Varieties of Sterling Background Check

In addition to a variety of general screening services, Sterling Background Check also provides industry-specific specialized benefits. The majority are addressed below:

  • Identity verification—the initial and most fundamental check—confirms that applicants are who they claim to be through processes such as matching SSNs to credit bureau data, digital verification of ID documents, and SIM card matching.
  • Criminal record checks—the subsequent phase entails conducting an SSN trace on the candidates to ascertain their prior addresses and aliases—data utilized by the national criminal, incarceration, and appointments databases—as part of the criminal record checks;
  • In addition to disclosing the entirety of the applicant’s state court records through its CourtDirect technology, which is subsequently verified for accuracy, Sterling additionally deploys court couriers to verify paper records.
  • Employment and education verifications—By integrating automation and human intervention, Sterling Background Check expeditiously examines, validates, and, if required, highlights the employment and academic records of the applicant.
  • An additional fundamental verification is the social media search, which examines the profiles of candidates on various platforms in order to enable the employer to assess their conduct, attitudes, and behavior, thereby determining whether they pose a risk as employees.
  • This service verifies the candidates’ motor vehicle records, which encompass the status of their credentials as well as any sanctions, limitations, or other infractions recorded on their report, upon request.
  • In order to provide a comprehensive evaluation of candidates, Sterling additionally acquires credit reports that vouch for their fiscal reliability—a prerequisite for managerial, accounting, and other relevant roles.
  • Certain confidential positions in regulated industries (such as the financial and healthcare sectors) only hire trustworthy and discrete candidates. As an
  • FBI-approved channeler, Sterling Background Check is able to thoroughly vet such applicants through fingerprint-based checks using the databases of the majority of government agencies.

Services and Varieties of Sterling Background Check

The screening process need not conclude once an individual has been hired, as the majority of positions necessitate ongoing workforce monitoring, which Sterling also provides as a service. This post-employment monitoring program is indispensable for reducing the risk associated with sensitive recruits.

Sterling Background Check Pricing for Checks

The pricing structure of Sterling’s services is not predetermined, as the expense of each screening is contingent upon the quantity and intricacy of particular assessments to be performed. However, clients should anticipate spending between $50 and several hundred dollars.

You can contact them at any time for an accurate estimate by using the web form or by dialing one of the phone numbers listed on their support page for Sterling Background Check. Additionally, it is critical to review the terms and conditions prior to utilizing their services.

Sterling Background Check Alternatives

Although Sterling Background Check’s primary objective is to provide the most exhaustive criminal checks on the market, their offering still satisfies the majority, if not all, criteria for a comprehensive background check. Nevertheless, should you remain unconvinced regarding their suitability as your organization, consider the following alternatives:

The top websites for background checks

For the purpose of assisting you in your search for dependable personnel, we have investigated and ranked the top six background check companies available for employee screening.

Overall, the best background check website is GoodHire.

GoodHire provides credit history and background check products to peer-to-peer communities, enterprises, and individuals whose success depends on the credibility of their members. In excess of one hundred evaluations encompassing professional, legal, health, and financial domains are comprised of the business products.

With GoodHire, it is possible to generate a personalized background check report by combining numerous elements, such as international and substance background checks. GoodHire provides testing and data transmission solutions via the web, mobile, and API, in addition to an online portal where candidates can sign consent forms and the screening process will commence automatically.


  • In comparison, the price is competitive.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Library of extensive resources.
  • Options for comprehensive checks


  • Possibly lengthier wait times than certain competitors.
  • If you require a custom quote for more than ten checks per year, you must contact us.
  • There are organizations and states that impose pass-through fees, which raises the cost.

Overall, the best background check website is GoodHire.

Sterling Background Check for multinational corporations at Sterling Background

Sterling provides pre-employment screening, verification, and monitoring services for organizations of all sizes in over 240 countries. Additionally, users have the ability to access their own candidacy profiles via Sterling. Sterling Background Check continues to monitor public and traffic records to notify HR of activities that increase employer liability, such as DUI or assault charges, even after initial checks have been completed during the recruiting process.

Reportedly, increased process reliability and real-time substantiation of Sterling’s I-9 verification reduce employment history verification procedures by 75%. In addition, automated protocols facilitate the progression of your requests within Sterling’s system, allowing you and candidates to independently finalize documentation and updates. Sterling Background Check provides health and substance screenings at over 12,000 locations throughout the United States.


  • Decades-long industry authority in background investigations on a global scale.
  • Capable of conducting background investigations in over 240 nations.
  • Identity verification increases the precision of candidate information.
  • Rapid turnover periods.


  • The pricing structure lacks transparency.
  • Service to customers could be improved.
  • Interface delays are common. is the most cost-effective background check website is an online platform for self-service background checks, allowing prospective employees to submit personal information after logging in. It will then provide you with reports. This alternative offers two primary tiers of background checks—basic and premium—both of which are comparatively inexpensive in light of their rivals. Credit and eviction histories are added to the criminal record and county record reviews that are included in the basic level premium.

A monthly monitoring subscription is also available, which entails scanning relevant documents and rolls in an effort to detect ongoing threats. The incorporation of credit and housing documentation, in addition to the verification of Social Security numbers, renders this an advantageous option for property managers, tenants, and small businesses as look in Sterling Background Check.


  • Overall, the most affordable and transparent background investigations available.
  • Additionally, employees can use it to conduct preventative self-checks.
  • Capable of conducting background checks on additional small businesses with which you may wish to collaborate


  • The interface is antiquated and in need of improvement.
  • Limited in scope to accommodate larger enterprises or enterprise clients as a result of the tests.
  • There are no sector-specific tests accessible. There are no integrations with
  • HR or ATS software. is the most cost-effective background check website

The most precise background reviews for modest companies

This background check company provides small and medium-sized businesses with automated access to candidate background information. Select from basic, standard, or premium accounts and acquire checks on an as-needed basis, as opposed to committing to a monthly or annual subscription. This approach is expected to be more favorable to small businesses that require a limited number of checks annually similar to Sterling Background Check.

Furthermore, access to current county criminal data, as well as national sex offender registries and Social Security information, is granted at the fundamental account level. A seven-year criminal history search and global watch, which monitors the Patriot Act registry and comparable public record databases for terrorist and fraud alerts, are included in the standard plan.


  • The pricing structure is clear.
  • Three self-service plans are available for small businesses.
  • Capable of performing up to one hundred inspections annually on self-service plans, which is ten times the capacity of GoodHire.Rapid turnover periods


  • The process of setting up can be protracted.
  • One employment verification and one education verification are the only components of the premium report.
  • Supplementary items will expeditiously increase the cost.

Superior background investigations for businesses from HireRight

In more than two hundred countries, HireRight provides comprehensive background and screening solutions, ranging from ad hoc public record checks to enterprise-level services. It also provides a mobile application that is accessible in twenty-two languages. You can expedite the processing of checks by obtaining real-time results as soon as they become available. A wide-ranging collection of integrations with applicant tracking systems (ATS) enables users to access results through the identical interface utilized to monitor prospective employees same as the Sterling Background Check.

Additionally, modest businesses may find HireRight’s self-service background check website,, appealing due to its three transparent pricing tiers. The solutions provided by HireRight are more suitable for large organizations and businesses that require background investigations in multiple languages and countries.


  • In excess of two hundred countries.
  • The mobile application supports twenty-two languages.
  • There are available industry-specific screening packages.
  • An intuitive portal.


  • Occasionally, a fee for a check exceeds the initial agreement.
  • Slow turnaround periods are possible.
  • The level of customer service could be enhanced. is the most cost-effective background check website

First advantage: industry-specific background investigations are optimal

The employee intelligence analytics of First Advantage compare the information you provide with historical background data to ensure that your team has access to accurate background information. Encryption algorithms ensure adherence to both local and international hiring regulations by safeguarding data. Data is accessible to users from 27 locations spanning 13 countries. It provides reviews that are industry-specific, including those for the banking, healthcare, higher education, and manufacturing sectors.

First Advantage prioritizes employee retention and customer satisfaction; to help your business get started more quickly, it provides complimentary training on its tools and services. Staffing, fleet management, and the sharing economy are among the areas where specialized solutions are offered alongside general background services. Constantly being added are new services, such as the currently available Ready2Work work-from-home readiness assessment tlike Sterling Background Check.


  • An expert in conducting employee background checks.
  • Background investigations that are specific to each industry across a broad spectrum.
  • Providing customized solutions to accommodate the needs of organizations of varying scales and financial capacities.


  • More transparency regarding pricing is required.
  • Specifies exclusively business background checks; therefore, you will need to locate an alternative service provider for any other categories of investigations.
  • The process of contacting customer support could be simplified.

What do background investigations entail?

A considerable number of employers are perplexed by the recent developments in marijuana legislation and federal visa requirements as they pertain to their employee background screening procedures. However, these employment background check companies are not limited to businesses in border communities, Seattle, or Colorado; thousands of companies use them to verify that applicants are who they claim to be earlier in the recruiting process.

Sterling Background Check encompasses a great deal more than basic reference checks, reverse phone number lookups, or people searches. 78% of employees, according to research by Checkster, fib on their resumes; therefore, a background check can yield a wealth of useful information, particularly when combined with credit and substance screening. Through the process of pre-screening employees, it is possible to uncover relevant information that either supports or refutes the data they have provided on their application.

Considerations when selecting a background check service

Frequently, locating the appropriate background check website is more expedient and uncomplicated than instructing your staff on how to perform a manual employee background check. Background check sites that offer customizable options also permit substance screening, online history, employment and credit checks, and employment and background checks. Biometrics and fingerprinting services may also be accessible, although they are typically provided by local partner organizations.

Considerations when selecting a background check service

To enhance transparency, leading background check companies can compile a comprehensive profile of your prospective employee by examining county and state driving records, Social Security numbers, court records, and county-level criminal records in Sterling Background Check.

While there are numerous alternatives available, in general, the most reputable background check websites provide prompt result generation, precise information, rigorous adherence to regulations, and seamless integrations with the recruiting process’s tools.

Rapid turnaround period

You should not have to delay approving or rejecting a job applicant for weeks. People’s search results pertaining to data should be delivered by the most reputable employment background screening services within a week. In contrast, drug tests may yield results ranging from one day for negative outcomes to one week for positive ones. In addition to Sterling Background Check, prompt responses from customer service are expected in the event that any issues arise with the screening process.

The veracity of data

It is critical to have current, accurate information that corresponds to the individual you are considering for employment. Organizations that possess databases containing public records at the local, national, and international levels will offer the most accurate information.

Owing to compliance

  • In order to safeguard privacy and security, cross-border and international data exchange is governed by regulatory constraints such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Become familiar with the regional and industry-specific regulatory compliance requirements, and verify that the background check service you select complies with those requirements.

Management of software integration

  • Furthermore, when searching for the most suitable background check platform for an organization, it is advantageous to select a platform that can be seamlessly integrated with your application tracking system (ATS) and/or human resources software suite. This ensures that all information regarding prospective employees and new recruits, including the results of their background checks, is in perfect harmony with your HR systems like Sterling Background Check.

Identify suitable software for your recruiting procedure.

A considerable number of these employment screening services are available for purchase individually or in combination with a comprehensive HR software solution or applicant monitoring system. It is advisable to inquire with your ATS provider regarding the integrations for background verification that they offer.

The Bottom Line

Deploying tens of thousands of businesses on its behalf, Sterling Background Check conducts background checks to identify competent, dependable personnel who are compatible with the organizational culture. While numerous free background check websites are available on the internet, Sterling distinguishes itself by delivering customized results to each client.

If you are attempting to locate an individual based on their address or phone number, you have access to a variety of personal search websites.

In addition to providing exceptional criminal background checks, Sterling Background Check also offers screening packages that are specifically designed for the industry. Therefore, HR managers seeking comprehensive screening solutions that expose all pertinent information regarding job candidates will not be disappointed in selecting Sterling Background Check.


Sterling emerges as a holistic solution within the domain of employee background checks, as stated in the conclusion. The organization focuses on delivering current information, with a specific emphasis on the critical domain of criminal records. Selecting Sterling Background Check provides employers with the assurance that they are making well-informed employment decisions. Although performing personal background checks can be a daunting task, Sterling Background Checkstreamlines the procedure to increase its efficiency and manageability.


Q1: What does a Sterling background check entail? 

As part of a thorough screening process, employers use thorough background checks to get up-to-date information about potential employees, with a focus on criminal records, to make sure they get accurate and complete information.

Q2: How exactly does a background check for Sterling operate? 

Sterling utilizes a methodical approach, consulting multiple databases in order to assemble an exhaustive report regarding an individual. This encompasses employment verification, criminal record checks, and other pertinent data that is essential for formulating well-informed recruiting judgments.

Q3: What distinguishes Sterling Background Check from other purveyors of background checks?

Sterling Background Checkis characterized by its dedication to delivering the most up-to-date and precise information. Particular emphasis is placed on criminal records, which renders it a favored option among employers in search of comprehensive background checks.

Q4: Why select Sterling as your background check provider of choice?

Self-performing a background check can be a laborious and time-intensive endeavor. By providing employers with a dependable and effective solution, Sterling facilitates this procedure, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their workforce.

Q5: Does Sterling Background Check incorporate any particular characteristics into its background checks?

Sterling Background Check background checks comprise an extensive array of components, such as thorough examinations of criminal records and employment verification, among other pertinent particulars customized to fulfill the particular requirements of employers in search of a comprehensive screening solution.

Q6: How can Sterling assist in the process of recruiting the most qualified candidate?

Sterling Background Check ensures that employers have a comprehensive comprehension of a candidate’s background, specifically in the crucial domain of criminal records, through the provision of precise and expeditious information. This aids in the process of selecting the most appropriate candidates for the organization’s needs.


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