15 Best Live Stream Software in 2022

Live Stream Software

Live Stream Software will be explained in this article. Thanks to technological improvements over the past ten years, Live Stream Software is now more accessible and effective than ever. We may witness this all the time in our daily lives. By 2025, it is predicted that the worldwide enterprise video market will grow to $25.6 billion. If you do the math, that is a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. There has never been a better opportunity to start integrating online video content into your company than right now. To do this, you’ll need access to Live Stream Software. You may learn more about the best Live Stream Software in this post by reading the information below. Today we’ll have a look at streaming software for youtube, which in 2022 will be a vital tool for broadcasting live events professionally.

15 Best Live Stream Software in 2022

We’ll talk about the benefits of video streaming software and compare the best options for streaming software. We’ll also talk briefly about hardware encoders since some live streaming software for pc needs them instead of living streaming equipment.

How Does Live Streaming Software Work? What is it?

The best streaming software is required for professional broadcasting. A video host or Live Stream Software should not be confused with Live Stream Softwarefree. It is an application that enables live video streaming. The Live Stream Software is useful for many broadcasting tasks. Utilize video streaming software to mix several cameras feeds to create a polished HD presentation. Encoding is a key component of streaming software. The advantage of most streaming software is that it enables you to produce Live Stream Software that seems professional even if you have no prior expertise in broadcasting. With Live Stream Software, you can produce a broadcast that looks professional.

#1. Brightcove


Brightcove is a business-level solution that collaborates with international companies like the BBC and Adobe. They provide live feeds to audiences across the world and provide solutions for marketers, broadcasters, and entertainment and internal communications. If your business employs many software engineers, they will be delighted to learn that Brightcove offers an API as well. What feature set is offered in its entirety?


Using Brightcove, you can live stream events and turn them into customized video experiences that support your company’s objectives. When using Brightcove for obs software, you can:

  • Scalable and high-quality streaming choices
  • You have the option of adding your stream to your social media platforms in order to monetize your content.
  • The ability to bypass ad blockers and geo-restrict content to protect your broadcast from piracy.

#2. Kaltura


Kaltura offers live and on-demand video solutions to businesses worldwide. With their cutting-edge technology, it is possible to link teams for every size and style of meeting, from executive communications to online training. Through their video portal, where you can produce and share meeting records, VOD material, and, of course, live events, all of that is possible. As you can see, Kaltura excels in its live events function. On their platform, they provide you with the ability to develop, manage, and measure insights for all of your events. Let’s review a few of their characteristics.


You can stream live events to any screen with Kaltura, and you can manage and access them afterward using their administration portal. Their variable bitrate streaming offers a decent user experience for a range of connection speeds and diverse video capabilities. With its customizable settings, Kaltura’s Live Stream Software makes live streaming easier. This is what you’ll receive:

  • No-installation SaaS platform that is fully functional
  • With instant provisioning, there are no delays in your stream.
  • Live recordings for immediate access to VOD
  • Options for authentication and encryption to boost security
  • Templates that may be modified so that all of your events are consistent.

#3. Panopto


One of the functions Panopto offers is Live Stream Software. As a video tool for organizations and educational institutions, this service positions itself. A secure library is included in the package that allows you to manage the video footage that you have captured. Panopto aims to securely transmit material like meetings, seminars, or conferences rather than using open live streaming. What happens once you start using Panopto?


Panopto has a variety of applications, but because we’re concentrating on live streaming platforms in this article, we’ll concentrate on the live streaming capabilities. With only one click, you can go live to your team, staff, or audience with only one click. This makes using Panopto simple. Additionally, you’ll be able to:

  • Make a recording of your live feeds so that you may watch them afterward.
  • Make your broadcasts password-protected so that only the intended audience can view them.
  • Broadcast it to as many people as you want.
  • Multiple cameras are being streamed simultaneously, and presentation tools are being used to disseminate information.
  • Live chat features and live captioning can increase viewer engagement.
  • Real-time analytics monitoring

#4. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

Some well-known clients of the video streaming service provided by IBM Cloud include Sony, Airbnb, and Mazda. which already provides some insight into their platform. Their cloud streaming technology enables you to host videos, convert them, and distribute them across other platforms. IBM Cloud is regarded as an end-to-end solution for both live and on-demand content that enables users to connect in a variety of settings, including academic virtual conferences and workplace communications. We’ll demonstrate their capabilities for you and your audience.


You can streamline video communication with IBM Cloud and safely transmit live and recorded events to any device. With these live streaming capabilities, they assist you in increasing employee engagement and converting video watchers into customers:

  • Live Stream Software in high definition
  • Records of broadcasts
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • My personalized channel page
  • Live conversations and Q & A

#5. JW Player

JW Player

The award-winning Live Stream Software JW Player is built for scale and may help you connect more deeply with viewers across the world. JW Player has been in operation for more than ten years and offers media professionals the technology they need to broadcast video, expand their audience, and make money. Although live streaming occupies a significant portion of their site, they also offer a full range of video services to all users. The platform combines analytics, OTT applications, and monetization technologies in one location. But let’s speak about the characteristics of live streaming, shall we?


In less than 30 seconds, you can go live using JW Player’s instant live capabilities, and you can still reuse live films on their platform to extend the life of your material. Let’s get more specific about what the platform offers you:

  • 12-hour event stream assistance.
  • Live-stream events via OTT applications, online players, and social media platforms.
  • Ad assistance for revenue generation
  • Rewind and pause live streaming
  • Events can be recorded for immediate live-to-VOD material.

#6. Muvi


Another Live Stream Software that prioritizes OTT content is Muvi. They assist you in establishing your own white-label music and video streaming platform, which you can then customize to fit your brand. With no coding required, they provide broadcasting, audio and music streaming, on-demand video, monetization options, and live streaming. But what distinguishes their live streaming service? Let’s review a few of their characteristics.


With Muvi, you not only get your own white-label website with a custom domain, but also TV and mobile applications, integrated SEO tools, and a variety of payment channels. What is available in terms of live streaming services is as follows:

  • Live streaming with little lag
  • The Library of post-event content
  • Streaming at various bitrates
  • Live DVR management:
  • dynamic presentations
  • Portable live streaming

#7. Resi


Resi is a reputable media management and lives streaming platform. Without having to worry about a poor network connection, you can stream from anywhere. Additionally, they enable you to stream to a variety of platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and OTT applications. Let’s discuss what else they provide, as their platform was developed with automation in mind.


When there are network outages, Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) completely shields you from losing audio and video quality. Interesting, huh?

  • Let’s review the services available on their Live Stream Software.
  • Recurring events can be programmed to stream automatically.
  • View streams with full DVR playback on any device.
  • Streaming at a variable bitrate while using cloud transcoding
  • With the use of translated audio, stream several languages.
  • Support for proactive monitoring
  • Stream pre-made films and use hardware and software encoders.

#8. Cincopa


Cincopa is a platform for hosting videos and other materials for companies that also has broadcasting features. Using video streaming tools like OBS, Wirecast, and Zoom studios to give high-quality video feeds, their platform can broadcast live videos and webinars. The live streaming service provided by Cincopa is useful for:

  • internal and corporate communications.
  • event planners
  • Chatter and gateways for Salesforce.
  • Let’s check out their offerings now.


Cincopa strives to provide the best possible live video streaming hosting service. Any camera that supports RTMP or your smartphone may be used to broadcast in 4K almost instantly. Their live streaming platform also provides the following:

  • A live player that enables viewers to return to the live stream’s commencement
  • Plug-and-play RTMP connection for app integration
  • Possibilities for transcoding and passing across streams
  • Your stream is saved automatically and is kept in Cincopa’s library.
  • Share or embed saved videos on social media or your website.

#9. Wowza


Wowza is a specialized Live Stream Software that can broadcast your material using live encoders or the cloud. Wowza not only gives you the choice to stream your live events, but it also provides live streaming for your security requirements. Your content will be sent to a variety of devices, and they provide developer tools like a software development kit (SDK), allowing you to become deeply involved in the specifications if you so wish. Here is a list of Wowza’s features in more depth.


Wowza hosts your Live Stream Software, and you may embed them wherever you want, such as your own website or social media, as opposed to having a website where your viewers go to see your live stream material. Also possible Any device can stream anywhere.

  • For later use, capture your live feed.
  • Your live stream should include subtitles.
  • Add adverts to make your content more profitable.
  • Streaming services on the cloud with a simple setup.
  • Create a platform that suits your preferences.

#10. Dailymotion


Similar to YouTube, Dailymotion is a video-sharing website where content producers may upload videos and broadcast them live. You may find material on Dailymotion from all over the world, and your video feed is tailored to show you films that you’ll enjoy. With the help of their capable video player, they also let you manage and make money off of your films on their site. But because Dailymotion is mostly a website for sharing videos, its live-streaming features are not as good. Let’s discuss the features now.


Since Dailymotion has 350 million active users and 2 billion monthly views, using it as your Live Stream Software might help you expand your audience. What you will receive if you decide to use Dailymotion is as follows:

  • For use with live streaming, download a free video player.
  • Share live feeds on social media or incorporate them into your website.
  • deliver content to all platforms.
  • Create a player that reflects your brand.
  • Make use of the features that recommend content.
  • Utilize a revenue share scheme to monetize your movies and live streams.
  • Keep track of the attendees and ad income from live events.

#11. YouNow


Users of the Live Stream Software YouNow can broadcast video directly from their phone or camera. may connect with friends and watch live feeds from across the world on this platform. With a variety of features, such as audio-only streaming, enabling viewers to join your life, and allowing you to reward your audience with props to improve their platform’s benefits, they make it simple to interact and promote content. Want to learn more about their features?


You’ll find a page with live streams available as soon as you log into YouNow, making it simple to start viewing. This assists YouNow streamers in gaining new viewers for their streams. You can only access certain of YouNow’s features if you reach a particular degree of platform status. What they can give you is as follows:

  • Allow subscribers to join and charge for it.
  • Save recordings of your streams.
  • Make 25-second videos of previous streams and distribute them to your audience.
  • Create online contests amongst streams to draw viewers in.
  • Host bar giveaways so that viewers may use the prizes to make purchases.
  • During live streaming, share your screen.
  • Replays of live streams are only kept for 30 days, so bear that in mind.
  • After that, becoming a subscriber is the only option for viewers to watch your stream again.

#12. Bambuser


A stylish Live Stream Software called Bambuser offers live video shopping capabilities, allowing content producers to basically stage a virtual fashion show and nudge viewers to add items to their carts right away. The entire experience is provided by them, including the streaming technology, the hosting application, the data, and any other applications required for going live. By doing this, Bambuser hopes to revolutionize online shopping. Their live streaming platform has an average add-to-cart rate of 31% and a conversation interaction rate of 24%. Several well-known companies are streaming on Bambuser, including Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and Samsung. Interested in the platform’s operation? We’ll discuss that right now.


The developers of Bambuser are taking online orders for apparel, accessories, sports gear, cosmetics, and even gadgets. Businesses may stream one-to-many or one-to-one on their platform as well. Let’s check over their other offerings:

  • Totally white-label platform customization.
  • integration with any e-commerce platform
  • Utilize picture-in-picture to view the stream.
  • It records, downloads, modifies and repurposes your live broadcast via RTMP.
  • Drop in or arrange private sessions.
  • Your website should include a branded pop-up call button.

#13. Vimeo


Did you know that Vimeo, a popular website for uploading videos, also provides Live Stream Software? They provide a variety of options for various approaches and size requirements to achieve what you need with video. Both creators and organizations have the option of selecting a more basic package that still meets their demands or obtaining sophisticated capabilities with all the bells and whistles. Are you curious about their characteristics?


You may stream HD content without ads on Vimeo to provide your audience with the greatest experience possible, even with little bandwidth. Some of their characteristics are:

  • SSO may be used to watch and backup streams.
  • Simulcast via RTMP, applications, or social media.
  • Create a stream that reflects your brand.
  • Stream from any device.
  • Give your broadcast a preview before going live.
  • Add passwords and permissions and stream privately.
  • Get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your stream.

#14. Mixcloud


Mixcloud could be the place for you if you’re a live broadcaster who has ever faced copyright difficulties and takedown demands. It’s a video and audio streaming network targeted at DJs, musicians, and podcasters; the company actually pays royalties for the music used on the website. The Android and iOS apps for Mixcloud are available to users without charge. After downloading, users may decide whether to pay for memberships to the platform’s producers in order to access exclusive content and ad-free streaming. What does Mixcloud provide creators?


The most specialized Live Stream Software on this list is definitely Mixcloud. The website is used by more than a million creators, including some well-known figures from around the world, including Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, and Jazzy Jeff. Mixcloud delivers the following with a potential audience of more than 20 million listeners:

  • Using streaming software to broadcast live or stream directly from your computer,
  • tailored content for your channel.
  • access to your live stream’s engagement statistics.
  • Live chat will improve interactivity on your stream.
  • Fans can subscribe for a fee to increase their income.

#15. Zoom


During the pandemic, Zoom has evolved from being simply another technology used by certain enterprises to becoming associated with video meetings. Zoom’s inventor intended to create a platform that people would like to use, and as of February 2022, Zoom had approximately 191,000 corporate customers. Zoom was also one of the fastest-growing applications during the pandemic. Even though it seems like most people should already know how Zoom works, we’ll still look at its features.


In essence, Zoom is a platform that permits video conversations with one or more people to facilitate communication, meetings, and online learning. Zoom differs from several of the platforms we’ve examined in that it doesn’t provide video-on-demand (VOD), necessitating the transfer of your recorded sessions to another video hosting service. Instead of using any of Zoom’s other capabilities, you may use live streaming to:

  • Run your live events in HD resolution with up to 1,000 viewers simultaneously.
  • host live webinars that can accommodate up to 50,000 people.
  • Bring your live broadcast to life by utilizing studio effects and augmented reality.
  • Organize a live conversation with moderators throughout your stream.
  • Allow participants to “raise their hands.”
  • Invite others to participate in your hosting.
  • Your conferences and meetings should have breakout areas.
  • Give viewers the option to watch your live broadcast on a PC, an iOS or an Android smartphone.
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