Top 15 Live Chat Software Plugins Compared in 2022

Live Chat Software

Do you wish to interact with website visitors while they are there? By offering immediate support, Live Chat Software on your website enables you to steer website visitors in the appropriate direction. This post will analyze some of the top free Live Chat Software to assist you in selecting the best one for your requirements. For the purpose of assessing Live Chat Software options, a few things need to be taken into account. Each Live Chat Software was developed with certain goals in mind that set them apart. They each have advantages and disadvantages, so you must clearly state your top objectives and needs.

Top 15 Live Chat Software Plugins Compared in 2022

Do you have a hard time making a decision? Here is a closer look at the process that we used to evaluate the well-known live chat software for the website. The features will be thoroughly explained below, so you may compare them based on your own needs. Let’s go over those evaluation standards in more depth.


One of the most important things a potential buyer looks at is how many features a product has. Customers search for features while considering various use cases. It could be done to get online leads, give customers help in real-time, or talk to customers to improve their experience  Based on the number of requirements that your website has, you must reduce your alternatives. Therefore, comparing features is the most important step in choosing the best live chat software for business for you.

Customer service

Customer assistance is a crucial evaluation factor, particularly when making commercial decisions. Businesses frequently require specialized solutions or encounter technical problems. Businesses are willing to pay more for the best live chat software as long as the company that makes it has good customer service.


When deciding on the finest live chat software, design is an important consideration. A simple UI/UX enables your team to accept the product more quickly. Having a hard-to-use user interface can sometimes make it harder for your support staff to handle chats.


Along with functionality and usability, pricing is a crucial component. Both freemium options and reasonably priced premium plans are widely accessible. However, if you run a small business or an enterprise, you must select the tool based on its worth in relation to your particular business requirements.


Any SaaS product should have certain security features, like PCI/DSS, GDPR, or HIPAA compliance. Your product might not be the best live chat software option for some sectors of the market without some of these security features.

#1. LiveChat


The greatest live chat application is LiveChat. It enables you to communicate with and lead website visitors down the appropriate path. The cost is determined by how many agents can simultaneously log in to your LiveChat account. You may, however, establish as many agent accounts as you need to organize your team members. You can help customers quickly if you can see everything they type in the chat window right away. Additionally, the product has robust built-in analytics and statistics. To gauge the effect LiveChat has on your company, you can even combine it with your Google Analytics account. Additionally, they provide a free WordPress chat plugin that you can add to your website. LiveChat, Inc. provides integration with all of your preferred online applications.

#2. Sendinblue Chat

Sendinblue Chat

With Sendinblue’s all-inclusive digital marketing platform, you may create a chat box, an email list, and more. Use the paid live chat plugin Sendinblue Chat to talk to leads and customers in real-time. You can create a completely personalized chat box with your name and brand with Sendinblue Chat. It lets you set up a way to assign conversations to agents and get your team in order. When you combine the live chat software with other Sendinblue tools, like email and SMS marketing, it’s easy to build trust with customers.

#3. Olark


Olark is one of the easiest free live chat apps to use, but it also has enough features to make it easy for both your staff and your visitors to talk. Olark gives you the option to brand your chat box widget so you can provide a uniform user experience across your whole website. You can use its automatic messaging feature to send messages to your visitors based on what they do on your site. In this manner, you can efficiently distribute the appropriate messages at the appropriate times. The cost depends on how many agent accounts you wish to create.

#4. HubSpot


HubSpot offers free plugins for WordPress that include live chat software, CRM (contact management), email marketing, popups, and other features. With HubSpot, adding live chat to your website is simple and doesn’t involve any code. It has an easy-to-use live chat builder that enables you to alter the appearance of your live chat widget to fit your brand. The correct team may be automatically assigned to chat sessions. You can write customized welcome messages for various websites or audience groups, and you can keep each contact’s live chat history in the CRM. Even better, you can program chatbots to respond to frequent client questions while you’re not there. Your chatbots may send messages that are more specifically tailored to the contacts in the CRM that are already integrated.

#5. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

One of the top live chat video available is Zendesk Chat, formerly Zopim. You may use live chat to communicate with your customers. Everyone may add a live chat box to their website thanks to its free, feature-limited plan. You can quickly set up automatic conversations and provide your users with a specially customized chat experience depending on their activities. Additionally, you can keep track of website visits in your Zendesk Chat dashboard or combine them with Google Analytics for more in-depth research.

#6. Comm100 Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat

The enterprise-level live chat software Comm100 can help you turn website visitors into customers by giving them support in real-time. You have full control over the questions and answers your chatbot handles. This is because it has a chatbot function that lets you automatically respond to questions you get a lot. A chatbot helps you improve agent abilities while reducing handling times and service costs. The ideal pre-sale client experience on your website may be provided by you during live chat online phone when you can even provide audio or video conversations. In addition to all of that, Comm100 lets you access and manage a visitor’s PC remotely, as long as they give you permission to do so.

#7. SnapEngage


Another live chat software option that you can quickly set up on your website is SnapEngage. It makes it easy to connect to hundreds of other services, like project management, marketing, help desk, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. It allows you to deliver outstanding customer support by SMS, in addition, to live chat on your website. Your agents may reply to text messages from customers using the SnapEngage chat site. Additionally, you may see what clients are typing just before they submit it.

#8. Crisp


A lovely and cost-free WordPress chat plugin is called Crisp. It increases lead generation, strengthens customer relationships, and expands your email list. The plugin has real-time alerts, desktop and mobile apps, and a schedule of when it can be used. It lets people make full profiles for their teams that include their names, photos, locations, social networks, and websites they’ve been to.

#9. Tidio


Live chat software and chatbot tools are merged in Tidio. This assists you in increasing revenue in addition to providing excellent customer service. Your chatbot can prevent shoppers from leaving their shopping carts unattended. With promotion for a discount or free delivery, the chat might be opened. This platform differs from others in that each website and platform has a specific plugin. You can thus integrate Tidio without changing a single line of code, regardless of the platform on which your website is built. Once Tidio is enabled, you may build a chatbot process using one of the 20+ templates. You can automate the majority of your customer support interactions with this.

#10. LivePerson


You may engage with your customers both on-site and off-site with LivePerson, one of the top messaging and bot systems. Through whatever channel of their choosing, whether your website, mobile website or app, your visitors may communicate with you. You may provide one-on-one customer assistance to your customers while keeping track of the chat thanks to its interaction with Facebook Messenger. The ideal method to provide customers with a comfortable and smooth chat experience is by integrating LivePerson into your website since they are already accustomed to using Messenger. The best part is that customer service representatives may see their daily performance KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from their workstations, including completed engagement and average engagement time.

#11. Genesys DX

Genesys DX

Genesys DX is a live communication software suite that lets you help website visitors and customers. It has chat, email management, and a “click-to-call” feature. For quicker reaction times, it blends agent interaction techniques with artificial intelligence. Genesys DX AI recognizes your customers’ purposes with its seamless, natural language comprehension and either connect them to a live person or gives a link to helpful literature. In order to offer the best possible customer service, it also enables you to chat with your clients via SMS and Facebook Messenger.

#12. Intercom


All-purpose best free live chat software for sales, marketing, and customer service is called Intercom. With Intercom, you can send targeted emails, in-app notifications, and push messages to engage consumers as well as leverage bots and live chat to automatically qualify and convert more leads. There is also an integrated help desk and knowledge base to help clients find answers quickly. Intercom has a pro plan with advanced features like “smart automation” that costs $78/month for the live chat software alone. For $38/month, they also have an “essential” plan that includes just the basics. If you want to use all of Intercom’s customer interaction, lead creation, and support features, plans range from $38 to $153 per month. Because of its other marketing functions, Intercom might not be the best option for you if you’re seeking a live chat platform. If you don’t plan to use the other features, you should choose a cheaper software that only does live chat.

#13. ClickDesk


ClickDesk is a live chat software for websites that focuses on both audio and video live chat, in addition to text-based live chat. Customers may therefore communicate with you via audio or video, in addition to real-time live chat. There is no need for installation because both voice and video chat are browser-based. Other features provided by ClickDesk include help desk software that is instantly integrated, social toolbars, 1-click connections with your preferred plugins and apps, and a mobile app for communicating with clients on the move. Additionally, reporting and analytics are included. Unfortunately, ClickDesk only allows for a few pre-made theme customizations, making it impossible to brand your live chat to match your business.

#14. Freshchat


Modern live chat software for sales, marketing, and support chats is called Freshchat by Freshworks. To keep interactions focused and structured, you may use Freshchat to establish different chat threads on topics like shipping, price, and demos. It also shows information about the user, like a full history of how they moved around the website. Other features available include bots, multilingual messaging, rich media, and interaction with ClearBit. It has a feature called IntellAssign that directs chats based on the team members’ ability levels. Freshchat just seems to be missing screen-share as a function.

#15. SmartSupp


Nearly 300,000 businesses around Europe use SmartSupp, a well-liked live chat software that makes it simple to develop interactions with your clients. You may alter how your live chat appears to make it consistent with your brand. You can also post a picture of yourself to show people who visit your website that the people behind it are real. They give you a web dashboard where you can see information about visitors and find out who is coming to your website. Along with these capabilities, SmartSupp also has mobile apps, eCommerce platform connections, video recordings, automated messaging, and more.

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