Top 25 Call Center Solution Providers For Business And Companies

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Call Center Solution Providers: Every industry tremendously benefits from call center services. Many companies in these sectors utilize call center operators to handle client complaints, concerns, and comments.

Recent years have seen a tremendous increase in the hiring of call center solution providers and businesses by practically all businesses, regardless of size. Every business and call center staff members must attend to clients and ensure their pleasure as this is a crucial responsibility that directly supports business growth.

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Top 25 Call Center Solution Providers For Business

#1. Lead Generator International

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Business-to-business telemarketing company Lead Generators International an call center solution providers was established in 1992. This 11-person team is based in Burnaby, Canada, and offers lead generation, appointment setup, market research, database maintenance, and mail list acquisition services over the phone.

#2. Face For Business


Face for Business is a customer service call center solution providers outsourcing business that was founded in 2011. The small group outsources customer support. The business is located in Burscough, Great Britain. A financial adviser firm uses the call answering services of Face for Business. From 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., the receptionists’ duties involve answering phone calls.

#3. GCS Agents

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The Salisbury, North Carolina-based company GCS Agents was established in 2001. For its mainly midmarket clients across several industries, the 300-person team focuses in voice services, consultancy, and BPO services.

#4. ARDEM Incorporated

Business process outsourcing company ARDEM  Incorporated has offices in India and Hillsborough, New Jersey. ARDEM was founded in 2004 and now employs over 250 people. The company offers voice call support as well as non-voice services, but its area of expertise is data entry.

#5. AMD Digital


AMD is a firm that offers business consulting. The tiny agency, which is situated in London, United Kingdom, was founded in 2019. Business advice, email marketing, advertising, voice services, and other services are available from them.

#6. SureCall


A voice services company having its main office in Calgary, Canada, and another one in Denver is called SureCall. They have provided voice and non-voice BPO/back-office services to clients ranging from small businesses to enterprises since 1982 with a workforce of fewer than 250 people. Answering, telemarketing, and other inbound services are all part of call center services. Customer support, data input and processing, and other back-office tasks are the main focus of their BPO services.


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In 2012, the answering service and content marketing business INFUSEmedia was established. Their medium-sized staff offers voice services and content marketing, and it is based in Newton, Massachusetts.

#8. ABACUS Cambridge Partners

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Tech consulting and BPO firm Abacus Cambridge Partners was established in 2017. For midmarket and enterprise-sized clients in the e-commerce area, the core team of roughly 50 people in London coordinates voice, ERP consulting and system integration, and IT strategy consulting services.

#9. TDCX


TDCX offers revolutionary digital CX solutions that help global leaders and disruptive companies grow their client bases, foster customer loyalty, and safeguard their online communities. Through the use of technology, human intelligence, and its extensive global network, TDCX a call center solution providers assists clients in realizing their goals for the customer experience. A valued partner for clients, especially high-growth, new economy enterprises aiming to leverage the region’s growth potential, the company is known for its expertise and strong presence in Asia.
TDCX has more than 15,000 workers working for it over 26 campuses in 26 different countries, including the company’s headquarters in Singapore, as well as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, China’s Mainland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, India, Romania, Spain, and Colombia.

#10. AnswerForce

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AnswerForce is a call center solution providers company that offers answering services in Tualatin, Oregon. It was established in 1998 and currently employs 11 people. Although AnswerForce is known for its voice services, it also offers non-voice BPO/back office services to customers in a range of sectors.

#11. Quilqy

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Founded in 2019, Quilqy is a content creation call center solution providers company with its headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. For small and mid-market companies in the advertising, gaming, and business services sectors, their staff of more than two offers email marketing, content marketing, and marketing strategy services.

#12. Scalelab

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A digital strategy firm called The Scalelab was founded in 2019. They have a small crew and are based in Singapore and Hong Kong, respectively. The Scalelab a call center solution providers focuses on marketing strategy, conversion optimization, email marketing, digital strategy, and other topics.

#13. VSA Prospecting

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B2B telesales firm VSA, Inc. is based in Haddon Township, New Jersey. Philadelphia is the location of their other office. The company, which was established in 2001, employs 100 individuals in its voice services division. Though they also have small and enterprise clients, they mostly work with mid-market companies. Working across sectors, they have developed competence in the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and educational sectors.

#14. Telelink

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Canada’s St. John’s serves as the corporate headquarters of Telelink, a call center solution providers and BPO firm. Since their establishment in 1965, they have provided services to small and midmarket companies in a variety of sectors, including utilities, real estate, and more.

#15. Ruby

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Founded in 2003, Ruby Receptionists is a call center solution providers business with headquarters in Portland, Oregon. They provide voice call support, appointment management, and traditional answering services through their staff of more than 250 people.

#16. Global Response

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Margate, Florida-based Global Response is a call center solution providers that was started in 1974. They provide contact center services, inbound sales processing, order processing, chat assistance, email response, and social media help through their staff of more than 450 people.

#17. Octopus Tech Solutions

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In Amritsar, India, Octopus Tech Solutions operates a call center solution providers and offers voice services. They were established in 2011 and now have offices in India’s Chandigarh and Gurgram. The company, which has more than 50 workers, offers voice and non-voice BPO services primarily to midmarket companies in the financial services industry.

#18. Conversational

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The call center solution providers Conversational was established in 2003. The mid-sized staff of skilled receptionists is based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and offers clients in the legal and medical sectors among others the best support available.

#19. Back Office Betties

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Scottsdale, Arizona-based Back Office Betties is a virtual receptionist service. This 2014-founded business employs 13 people. Back Office Betties specializes in offering call center solution providers and receptionist employment to small businesses and law firms.

#20. Pontica Solutions JS

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In 2015, Pontica Solutions was established as a provider of non-voice back office and call center solution providers. Their midsize staff, which is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria, specializes in both voice services and non-voice back office/bpo functions.

#21. Booth & Partners


The offices of the human resources firm Booth & Partners are in Singapore and Makati, the Philippines. The midsize business was established in 2013. They offer HR services, contact center services, back office outsourcing, and outsourcing for customer support.

#22. Morph


Morph, a call center solution providers situated in Belgrade, Serbia, was established in 2015. They employ more than 50 people, most of whom work with American small businesses. They are experts in data entry, customer service, and claims processing.

#23. Aidey

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Aidey was established in 2017 and is a business process outsourcing firm with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. They provide call center solution providers, managed IT services, IT consulting and SI, and more for small and medium-sized enterprises of all sizes. They are run by more than ten employees.

#24. VoiceNation

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Based in Buford, Georgia, VoiceNation is a live call center solution providers. It was founded in 2003 and currently has a staff of 50. VoiceNation offers back-office and BPO services, both voice and non-voice.

#25. Jump Crew

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A mid-sized advertising firm is called JumpCrew. They were introduced in 2016 and concentrate on advertising, digital strategy, marketing strategy, content marketing, and more. Nashville, Tennessee serves as the company’s headquarters.

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