What is a VPN? 20 Best Free VPN in 2023

Finding the ideal tool for your requirements is never easy. Some people wish to protect the privacy of their company information, while others may discover a website is prohibited in their area and want to unblock it. As a result, individuals have a very difficult time selecting the best free vpn for windows either their personal or professional needs. You don’t have to worry about selecting a VPN in these circumstances.

Here, we provide the top 20 VPN services that can guarantee your ongoing safety and security and enable you to access geo-restricted material. No decision is required of you. You will find it simple to keep your online surfing experience secure. Our suggestions are based on the VPN’s features, cost, and the advantages it may offer you or your company.

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What is a VPN?

Multiple hazards might be found while you are online browsing or seeking for anything. User data is always delicate, and no user wants to divulge their private information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and browser history. You must take the required measures before using the internet in order to keep your data and identity concealed from the online world and any hackers or attackers who are constantly waiting for an opportunity to steal your data. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is your finest ally and companion in this situation to protect all of your data from all of the aforementioned scenarios.

While online, a best free vpn masks your IP address to prevent unauthorized access to your data. With its end-to-end encryption technology, it offers you safety against data leaks. Simply put, a VPN adds an extra degree of security to your various online activities. Your IP address is concealed from your ISP and the website you are visiting. In this way, your identity remains hidden on the internet. When connecting to a VPN, you give the impression that you are somewhere else.

How Does A VPN Work?

A VPN employs cutting-edge encryption techniques like AES-256-bit encryption and complex protocols like WireGuard. Simply explained, a protocol is a collection of instructions that are supplied to the computer to guide it on how to connect with the server. To send your information to the website to which you are connected, the best free vpn employs tunneling technologies. The data you supply is encrypted on the way and is decoded when it reaches the VPN server. Your IP address is changed into a different IP address before being transferred over a virtual tunnel. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for the ISP and trackers to monitor your online activity.

Does VPN Actually Work

Many VPN service companies make unfounded claims about their legality. Because of this, we will be advising you on virtual network services that are completely legitimate, perform as promised, and keep your important data online safe and secure from various dangers.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A VPN

The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing a VPN:


  • AES-256-bit encryption enables quick access to all of Netflix’s libraries.
  • Use one click to access websites that are geoblocked
  • Your browsing will be swift and very secure.


  • The speed of the internet fluctuates and delays.

20 Best VPN For Windows In 2022 Our Top Choices For Windows

#1. Surfshark VPN


A fantastic and reliable virtual private best free vpn for windows that is accessible on Mac and Linux-based devices. The firm hasn’t been around for very long, but now that it has, Surfshark’s VPN is among the most well-known VPNs on the planet. Surfshark has distributed its services over 63 different countries in the world using more than 1,700 servers.

One key benefit offered by the firm is that the VPN enables limitless connections, enabling customers to unblock all regionally restricted websites as well as Netflix and other streaming services. The British Virgin Islands location of the VPN makes it more dependable and safe for its users. The firm Surfshark offers a variety of technologies, including VPN and private search engines.

The business first obtained the approval seal in 2019. The best free vpn has accomplished enough since its introduction to earn a spot on the top 10 list of virtual private networks in 2020. This VPN program offers cutting-edge 256-bit encryption to protect users from various internet hackers and attacks. The most cutting-edge protocols, including IKEv2 and OpenVPN, are included. Additionally, the business permits torrenting and tunneling using the VPN for windows, something that not many VPN companies frequently provide.

A benefit of using Surfshark is that consumers may access HD Netflix content from a US-based library. Many users only get a best free vpn in order to access geo-restricted content in their area. Therefore, you may give this VPN a try if you want to watch Netflix or if you want to keep your company’s or your data extremely secure and protected from hackers and attackers on the internet. It will offer all the security to streaming capabilities at a lower cost than many other Virtual private networks.

The firm also incorporated the usage of Multi-Hop technology, which basically transfers user data between two distinct servers to increase security and reduce vulnerability.

#2. ExpressVPN

VPN for windows

The oldest and finest best free vpn for windows is ExpressVPN. Over 90 different nations have access to ExpressVPN’s services. As many VPN providers do not offer their services in many nations like China. thus they strictly prohibit virtual private networks.

One of ExpressVPN’s touted features is that the VPN, according to the company, also operates in China. Your browsing will be extremely quick because, according to our testing, we have got rates of up to 120 Mbps. The inside layout of the VPN makes it simple to operate. Yes, ExpressVPN’s user interface is really simple to use and comprehend. All kinds of devices can use the VPN. With its lightning-fast desktop and Mac apps, ExpressVPN has you covered whether you use a Mac or a Windows computer.

Because ExpressVPN has AES-256-bit encryption, all of your online actions are sent across secure tunnels using cutting-edge tunneling techniques. Because of its lightning-fast servers and ability to instantly connect users to their preferred locations, ExpressVPN is a fantastic option if you want to use a VPN for multiplayer online gaming services. This ensures that there won’t be any latency when using the service. It’s just astonishing that ExpressVPN can unblock Netflix material from US-based libraries.

You may now stream Netflix movies and TV series that aren’t offered locally. Not all VPN for windows companies provide these incredible features that may improve your security, gaming, and unblock geographically restricted material.

ExpressVPN is renowned for its strong no-logging policy, which guarantees that users’ data won’t be saved or cached by the business. Along with a kill switch and tunneling protocols, the business retains no logs and offers the highest level of security. Customer service is always helpful and kind. Depending on your preferences, you may either use the live chat or email options to contact support

#3. IPVanish VPN

VPN for windows

One of the best best free vpn for windows service providers, IPVanish offers users inexpensive and reasonable costs. Because the business is headquartered in the United States and is governed by 5 eyes, safety is guaranteed. You may now take use of the blazing-fast IPVanish VPN, which has more than 1,600 servers spread across more than 70 countries worldwide.

You can always choose IPVanish VPN for windows if you want a VPN that offers All-in-1 features like security, safety, secured information, and unblocking geographically restricted content online because this VPN has advanced encryption techniques, the ability to unblock Netflix content from the UK library, and it can unblock any website that is blocked in your area.

Simple user interfaces are usually visually appealing. Because of this, the majority of major businesses maintain user-friendly and appealing applications. Whether these programs are desktop-based programs or mobile phone applications. IPVanish maintains its application extremely tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the business has ensured that all devices may access its tool. Yes, you may download the software for your Mac, Linux-based system, Windows operating system, or, depending on your system, you can get the VPN app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

The tunneling protocol techniques are assisting the VPN in resolving the speed issue when browsing or playing online games. Many people who browse the internet while connected to a VPN are most concerned about speed. Many suppliers fail to live up to their promises about VPN speed since it slows down internet connections and degrades the user experience as a whole. According to its promises, customer-focused IPVanish is maintaining the speeds of its virtual private network.

When it comes to customer service, they have a very kind and helpful workforce that is ready around-the-clock to help its clients.

#4. Ivacy VPN

VPN for windows

When it comes to the privacy of its users, the Internet is always risky and unexpected. Online, there are many websites that are harmful and eager to take a person’s data and exploit it for their own purposes. Therefore, a VPN for windows like Ivacy best free vpn , one of the finest VPNs in the VPN race to safeguard your data and keep your data safe from hackers, is unquestionably necessary if you want to stay safe from websites like these.

You can use Ivacy to access geo-restricted content that isn’t accessible or viewable in your area. It may be a website that isn’t accessible in your country, or it may be Netflix streaming or unblocking Netflix libraries that are blocked in your country. You may take advantage of all these services at any time and from any location thanks to Ivacy.

Ivacy offers split tunneling, boundless speeds, and unlimited bandwidth. Ivacy is more well-liked by its users because of its kill switch. Ten connections may be made simultaneously using Ivacy. You no longer need to log into the VPN repeatedly since you may add 10 devices at once.

Isn’t it ideal for someone who places a high importance on device connections? Ivacy, a company founded in 2007, aims to increase everyone’s sense of security in the digital sphere. Your data will be protected and have the integrity you require thanks to our VPN for windows.

#5. Fastest VPN

fastest VPN

In the competition for the top virtual private networks, this fantastic best free vpn for windows is new. A user’s data is typically compromised as a result of connecting to a public WIFI or being in an open area. FastestVPN shields user data from prying eyes. Many platforms are unable to fully use VPN services, but FastestVPN is accessible on all devices, including Mac, iOS-based, Android, and Fire TV models.

FastestVPN has ensured that it is available on more than 20 platforms, providing maximum comfort for its consumers everywhere. The functionality of applications are the same across all platforms.

By simply unblocking all the geo-restricted material, FastestVPN might be your greatest friend if you want to see the world while being in your house and avoid taking a journey. Connecting to the VPN is really easy and straightforward. Simply open the program and connect to the specified server is all that is required. Through your preferred server, the VPN automatically configures and gives you access to a more open internet.

There are three plans offered by FastestVPN: one, one year, and one month. By using this best free vpn , you can easily save a significant amount of money because it can give you all the features you want for a very affordable price. The 3-year plan may be purchased for as little as $1.11 each month, saving you up to $320. When necessary, you can email or use live chat to get in touch with customer service. They are really kind and helpful.

#6. Cactus VPN


With the aid of CactusVPN, a well-known best free vpn that doesn’t maintain any logs and masks its users’ IP addresses, you can safeguard your online privacy. It bans them before they ever get a chance to access the user data and prevents advertising from tracking the user data. Users of CactusVPN may conceal their identities online from all the hackers snooping on their data and attempting to obtain their passwords by using cutting-edge encryption techniques including military-grade encryption. It conceals users’ IP addresses from ISPs and national agencies alike. To trick the ISP and the local authorities, it merely masks the actual IP address and generates a virtual IP address that looks to be in a different country.

All of a country’s restricted websites may be quickly accessed with the use of CactusVPN. The business says that CactusVPN can be used to access more than 340 geo-blocked websites. With the help of CactusVPN, US Netflix libraries may be unblocked and readily viewed in HD. Disney+, BBC Sports, Amazon Prime Video US, HBO, Hulu, and many more websites’ content may also be unblocked with CactusVPN.

There are blazing-fast servers for CactusVPN for windows in 22 different nations. In order to improve the whole browsing experience, CactusVPN is also available for download on all platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You can also acquire browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

#7. NordVPN

VPN for windows

Among the top best free vpn for windows in the industry for amazing features and cutting-edge security mechanisms. Streaming material can also be unblocked by NordVPN. Panama serves as the location of the VPN’s main office. Over 5500 servers are located across 65 different countries at NordVPN. More than 10 million people across the world are using this VPN, which has gained a lot of popularity since its introduction. With NordVPN’s excellent speed, you can view Netflix in HD while simultaneously uploading and downloading files without experiencing any latency.

Military grade encryption is a sophisticated encryption method offered by NordVPN. The user can connect six devices at once using shared IP addresses. You won’t find many VPN services which supply such details. Because of this, NordVPN is now the top VPN service available. With the aid of NordVPN, online anonymity is easily achieved in a few short steps. You get excellent security and user-friendliness with NordVPN. When it comes to overall performance, NordVPN stands out as the finest all-around VPN. It can be used to access geo-restricted websites, geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as to safeguard a connection.

Depending on your needs, you may get a NordVPN offer for 3, 2, 1, or a single month. You can get a cheap VPN that is really potent. It enables you to use a more secure, open, and safe internet without worrying about your privacy or security. Get this fantastic VPN today to take advantage of the greatest VPN services. The product’s customer support is one item that has to be mentioned. Because it offers the best technical team, which is very supportive of customers’ problems and professionals at addressing theirs. Customer service is available by direct phone calls, emails, and live chat.

#8. CyberGhost

vpn for windows

As its name suggests, CyberGhost is a powerful best free vpn for windows that protects your data as you browse the web with incredible AES-256-bit encryption. It offers more than 7,300 VPN servers spread across over 91 different nations. Kill switches are included in CyberGhost, and live chat is also supported. CyberGhost offers its users security and safety. The software has a straightforward and basic user interface, which quickly turns it into a user favorite. All you have to do is pick the desired server, click to connect to it, and presto! In the chaotic internet environment, you are prepared to become anonymous. The firm offers a broad range of security features to boost the VPN’s functionality and security while making it very quick and dependable.

Additionally, CyberGhost enables users to play online games without experiencing slowness or stream Netflix material. Since its first release in 2004, CyberGhost has risen to a new level thanks to cutting-edge capabilities that the business has introduced. Because the business is constantly focused on providing the greatest customer experience, they continually introducing new features through updates and patches. Can we, nevertheless, rely on CyberGhost VPN? Our VPN for windows activities indicate that the answer is yes. Since its introduction, CyberGhost has built a solid reputation and gained a lot of trust. It also offers the greatest security features, such as AES-256-bit encryption. If you’re looking for the best VPN, choose CyberGhost because it is the most reliable VPN and has outstanding customer evaluations.

This utility has a top-notch reputation because to protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. The customer service is always really kind and helpful. Depending on your needs and time constraints, you can receive support by email or live chat. CyberGhost CS is always accessible around-the-clock to help you with any issues, whether they relate to connectivity or the renewal of your subscription plan.

#9. TorGuard VPN

vpn for windows

When competing with other best free vpn for windows go in the top tier, TorGuard is incredibly quick. It has more than 3000 servers scattered over more than 44 different nations. The United States of America serves as the primary center. This VPN has all of the most distinctive characteristics that it is capable of providing. TorGuard has a kill switch that enables users to maintain the security of their data when connected to the internet or while surfing the internet. The greatest encryption methods, such as AES-256-bit encryption, are included in TorGuard, so you may browse the internet or conduct other online activities completely anonymously.

TorGuard VPN has the ability to unblock UK-based television programs, but you will need to pay the firm some extra fees in order to do so. Since the provider offers a dedicated IP address in exchange for additional fees for Netflix, it is simple to unblock Netflix UK-based material. All Netflix-hosted television series and motion pictures are accessible for viewing. We may therefore draw the conclusion that TorGuard is the VPN that can serve as your backbone while you engage in any sort of activity. It can unblock Netflix and safeguard your information from hackers and other intruders. What more do you require? Grab the TorGuard VPN for windows discounts now for a secure internet surfing experience. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also provided by the VPN. To give consumers the finest VPN experience, the firm is constantly updating its desktop and Android programs.

#10. PureVPN


The primary goal of this post is to rank the top best free vpn for windows providers, therefore PureVPN was selected as one of the top 20 VPN services with excellent tools and features to assist consumers. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu movie material can all be unblocked with ease using PureVPN. If you’re looking for a VPN that can quickly unblock geo-restricted material, you can always rely on PureVPN. Because PureVPN is situated in Hong Kong, neither the 5 eyes, the 14 eyes, nor the 9 eyes are in charge of enforcing this VPN, making it very safe and dependable. To keep your data safe and secure while the VPN is not connected, PureVPN has a kill switch that continuously monitors the traffic and turns off the internet connection.

A key feature of PureVPN that helps consumers when needed is split tunneling. The security of a VPN for windows is the most crucial consideration. Keeping your data secure online is the main reason to obtain a VPN, since it prevents hackers and other bad actors from accessing it. The information can be critical passwords you’ve created for your social media accounts or credit card information you’ve placed on a website. According to our tests, PureVPN is a mind-blowing VPN that genuinely lives up to its boast of being a 100% threat elimination solution. This VPN is a threat-resistant solution that improves security and the user’s entire surfing experience thanks to AES-256-bit encryption. Additionally, you have access to a built-in adblocker that prevents advertisements from showing up on your screen when you browse the internet.

Regarding our evaluation of the customer service, they were really composed and helpful with any issue. Additionally, they are constantly there to help you when you need it.

#11. Vypr VPN

vpn for windows

best free vpn for windows that safeguards the information of more than 2 million subscribers worldwide. VyprVPN is the most user-friendly VPN and has a spotless reputation. This VPN is now accessible on all platforms, including Mac and iOS ones, according to the firm. When discussing VyprVPN, it is important to emphasize the fact that 5 connections can be active at once. The VPN protects user data with a variety of cutting-edge encryption algorithms, including the most recent WireGuard technology. Additionally, VyprVPN adheres to a stringent no-logging policy, which means the provider doesn’t save any user information.

Because VyprVPN has a kill switch feature, even if your connection to the VPN stops, you will still be in a secure environment where your data is protected from prying eyes. Along with strong security encryption methods and security procedures, VyprVPN also promises to unblock geo-restricted material in your area. You can quickly unblock Netflix streaming services using the VyprVPN worldwide network of servers. with the aid of extremely fast VPN for windows servers. To pass the time, you may view Netflix material in HD.

You cannot view some websites because they are blocked by the government of some nations for security concerns. However, you may unblock any websites and streaming material with the assistance of VyprVPN. You can also unblock applications that are restricted from download and usage in your area. In order to provide a super-fast and seamless user experience, VyprVPN servers are regularly updated. The servers of VyprVPN are located in more than 70 countries, and the VPN has more than 300,000 IP addresses to hide your location. You may quickly connect to your preferred server and change servers at any moment. During these Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, VyprVPN is available for a discount price, and the firm is also providing a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#12. ProtonVPN

VPN for windows

A reliable and well-optimized best free vpn for windows that has been serving millions of users worldwide for many years. ProtonVPN uses encrypted channels to safeguard user internet traffic in order to keep users’ sensitive information very private and hidden from prying eyes. Nobody, not even your ISP, is able to view or monitor your data. ProtonVPN is a Swiss-based firm with a rigorous no-logging policy, which means that no user information is saved or stored on the company’s servers or database. The firm has a proven track record of never leaking customer data.

For the first time, ProtonVPN was developed specifically for journalists and ProtonMail users. By removing the restrictions imposed by internet censorship, journalists and others were able to access geo-blocked information from any nation they choose. Proton may be used to unlock Netflix’s geo-blocked material so that you can access it as well. With the aid of ProtonVPN, you may access Netflix libraries from the United States. A customer-driven VPN, ProtonVPN is constantly concerned with its users’ online privacy. And the VPN has so far been successful in assisting millions of individuals by safeguarding their web surfing and search activity.

ProtonVPN is incredibly easy to use, and when paired with the special software “the VPN accelerator,” its server speed exceeds 10 Gbps. This indicates that it can substantially increase overall speed by up to 400%. Additionally, ProtonVPN ensures that the VPN is accessible across all operating systems, including Mac and Linux-based ones.

#13. Private Internet Access VPN

VPN for windows

VPN for Private Internet Access Users are not subject to any limits when using PIA, a privacy and safety-focused VPN that enables users to safeguard their important information digitally online. With the PIA VPN’s restricted free browsing experience, users may maintain the privacy and security of their data. At the moment, PIA is exceptionally affordable; the firm is giving 78% discount on its premium plan for a period of three years. Online privacy is crucial, thus in order to ensure a secure and safe best free vpn experience, we must first become anonymous. The IP address may be concealed from the ISP and everyone else to achieve this. Nobody can access data since PIA conceals a user’s IP address.

Because no user data is stored on the servers of the VPN for windows when a user is browsing the internet, PIA’s policy of not keeping user data logs is a terrific feature that benefits the end-user. You can unblock geo-restricted content while relaxing at home with PIA VPN, and you may watch as many series and movies as you like for no additional cost. Watching or streaming any Netflix content is also completely unrestricted.

With more than 10 years of experience, PIA is an established player in the VPN market. The VPN has surpassed 15 million users, which is a significant number. Additionally, PIA VPN for windows asserts complete open-source software transparency. You don’t need to worry about customer service because they are there around-the-clock to help you with any questions or issues.

#14. Hotspot Shield VPN

VPN for windows

One of the top VPN for windows providers, Hotspot Shield best free vpn has years of experience in user protection and safety. Using the finest Hotspot Shield VPN, you can quickly and easily conceal your online identity. With the help of Hotspot Shield VPN, you may effortlessly get around censorship and access geographically restricted material. With Hotspot Shield, you may stream Netflix while using a safer internet connection and unblocking various Netflix libraries that are blocked in your nation or area. Hotspot Shield can effortlessly safeguard all of its users’ internet activity and does not collect any user information. Yes, isn’t it wonderful that your preferred Hotspot shield has a no-logging policy? Undoubtedly, it is.

With a free edition, a VPN for windows like Hotspot Shield offers you fantastic features. Users of the company’s services can utilize a free version that is available indefinitely. However, it lacks some of the features that a paid edition offers. Therefore, you must purchase the premium edition for yourself, which is not too expensive when compared to other VPN suppliers, if you want access to all of its capabilities.

Hotspot Shield provides its users with excellent customer service. Any VPN-related question will be quickly resolved via email. They promise complete client happiness. Malware and phishing protection is one of the most prominent features of the Hotspot Shield VPN. This means that if you visit a website that is not safe for your data or that may send different types of malware to your system that are bad for your system, Hotspot Shield will alert you to the fact that the website is unreliable or attempting to access your data.

#15. StrongVPN


FireGuard Protocol, the fastest best free vpn for windows protocol currently in use, powers your VPN connection at incredible speeds. StrongVPN is recognized as the first VPN to offer the blazing-fast WireGuard protocol, which is setting the pace for speed and security in the VPN market. But what are the advantages that the StrongVPN offers, exactly? And what characteristics might propel this VPN to the top of the list of VPN services? We’ll let you know that.

The VPN may be downloaded on all systems, to start. Therefore, if you use any platform, you may download the blazing-fast StrongVPN and quickly configure the finest VPN for windows. On top of that, the VPN’s yearly package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from the provider. The VPN includes more functions in addition to these. The VPN is active in 950+ locations across more than 30 countries. This indicates that you may quickly and easily connect to the server of your choice with just two or three clicks. In order to provide you the greatest experience, the VPN also gives you the best location choice and connects to that place automatically.

The VPN’s regulations are strict, as its name suggests. It offers a zero-logging policy to its consumers and makes the promise that all these functions are provided 100% accurately. StrongDNS is bundled with the VPN along with protocols including WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. It guarantees user security when using free WiFi. As a result, a user may effortlessly browse the internet without worrying about data leakage.

#16. Speedify VPN

VPN for windows

The only best free vpn for windows that combines many fast connections from different internet providers. Through its capabilities, Speedify enables you to have safe and reliable internet connections. Speedify is also used to unlock Netflix content and play games. On all platforms, including Mac, Windows, iPhone, Linux, and Android phones, Speedify is likewise accessible for download, just like many other top-notch VPN services. From their official website, you can easily get the web app, and from Playstore, you can download the android version. Additionally, the business provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. You may always explore for alternative VPN providers that can offer better services and better performance at affordable pricing if you’re not happy with the services the VPN offers.

As far as our testing goes, the VPN enables multiple connections for a significant performance gain. You may simply combine connections like Wi-Fi, Cellular data, Ethernet, Tethered phones, and satellites into a single, strong connection thanks to the channel bonding mechanism of the VPN. On live streaming services like Twitch or YouTube, Speedify performs flawlessly. Speedify has bank-grade encryption installed, which improves its capacity to safeguard user information when they are browsing the internet.

The performance and speed of the VPN are maximized by combining the several connections into a single confined connection. Speedify VPN for windows is a wonderful option for gamers that are simply interested in gaming since it is really stable, extremely safe, and allows the player to connect to whatever location they choose.

#17. TunnelBear

VPN for Windows

The user data is kept secret on all networks by TunnelBear thanks to the encryption of the internet connection and the usage of several tunneling protocols. A cost-effective best free vpn for windows service called TunnelBear offers a safer and more open internet. The VPN program is quite simple to use; just launch it, choose your chosen location, and connect to the VPN. Users of TunnelBear are growing daily and there are currently millions of them using the service on various platforms. Users of TunnelBear are protected from hackers and have access to secure data. User-sensitive information is all stored anonymously and is safeguarded online. In order to get access to a user’s credentials, hackers frequently try to obtain the user’s credit card and password information.

With the help of TunnelBear, users may access geo-restricted material by shifting their virtual location. As is well known, several nations block access to some well-known websites. A VPN for windows is usually beneficial in this scenario. You may quickly access geo-restricted content with the help of TunnelBear, while also having your user rights and data protected.

Many social media platforms track a user’s surfing habits in order to display adverts appropriately. TunnelBear prevents them from obtaining the user’s information and disables advertisements to improve surfing speed and the overall user experience.

#18. Trust.Zone VPN

VPN for Windows

Another excellent best free vpn to protect your identity while online is Trust.zone. It conceals the user’s IP address so that no hacker or tracker may access the user data. Trust.zone is a reliable VPN provider that, like many other VPN for windows providers, rejects data logging. Regarding privacy, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You will be protected in the chaotic digital world, and it won’t save any user information. Trust.zone VPN prevents the ISP from tracking your online movements and prevents it from seeing what you do online. Regardless of whether you are using public wi-fi, it encrypts all internet traffic and shields its customers from incoming threats.

To keep its users’ surfing experience secure, Trust.zone VPN for windows transforms public wifi into private protected connections. All presently used platforms are compatible with Trust.zone, which can also be downloaded for Android and iPhone. This VPN additionally has a dedicated kill switch to ensure the user’s privacy in the event of a connection loss or disconnect. According to the corporation, there are no restrictions at all on peer-to-peer traffic. According to inquiries about payments, the business accepts all payment options. You may save 10% on its premium plans if you’re prepared to pay using bitcoin.

What are you still holding out for? Grab the fantastic VPN that is outfitted with OpenVPN and L2TP encryption today.

#19. FrootVPN


Platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android-based devices may all use FrootVPN. FrootVPN protects your data using the greatest security measures against attacks and marketers. To ensure that the customer enjoys all the benefits of the best free vpn for windows, it has incredibly fast servers. FrootVPN uses cutting-edge encryption methods to leave the attackers in the dust. In the world of critical eyes and total mayhem, where everyone is attempting to steal the data of internet users for gain and amusement, you become untraceable.

In order to provide its customers with the greatest experience possible, the organization maintains no records of user data. Peer-to-peer and torrenting are both permitted by the VPN, which has a kill switch. Users are given an unlimited bandwidth allowance by the firm, and a maximum of 5 devices may be connected at once. This allows you the freedom from logging in repeatedly. The finest protocols, such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP Protocols, employ strong encryption mechanisms. The VPN’s yearly plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. FrootVPN asserts that it offers users independence and is 100 percent totally safe.

FrootVPN has more than 150 servers spread out over the world and operates in 35 different countries.

#20. WindScribe

VPN for windows

Over 110 cities and 63 nations are home to Windscribe. In order to prevent annoyance and degrade the experience overall, it bans the IPs and has the ability to block all forms of adverts. The business asserts that its no-logging policy is 100% rigorous. AES-256-bit encryption, which Windscribe has, ensures the user’s security when doing online transactions. Excellent protocols like WireGuard and SOCKS are available from Windscribe and are set for all devices. Since the business consistently makes significant profits, it also offers a best free vpn with a lot of functionality for those on a tight budget. The business gives some fantastic prices on its premium plans for those who are willing to spend more for superior perks so that the consumers may experience the lag-free, very fast, and extremely secure VPN.

Some servers’ IP addresses are designed to remain static at all times and are not intended to change. In order to provide users with safe access to internal resources, Windscribe additionally provides a port forwarding service. As of right now, only Windows and Mac users may access the VPN. The split tunneling option is included in each of them, allowing users to select and personalize the apps that may use the VPN. There are many characteristics that cannot be included in this list. On their official website, you can check out the VPN for windows and find out all you need to know about it.

The auto-pilot method that the best free vpn for windows has will quickly connect you to the best location that is accessible for you is one of its greatest features. Since the data is routed across several servers using multi-hop technology, it is challenging for attackers to discover the source IP address and other relevant data.

Final Thoughts

With the use of cutting-edge encryption methods and protocols, a VPN for windows is a fantastic tool for protecting your online data and preserving your anonymity. Although a VPN may safeguard your data in many different ways, it cannot totally protect it from cybercrime. We have identified the top VPN providers who may be very useful in protecting your data by disguising your real identity online. Any of these best free vpn providers are available, and you can utilize their services.

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