Top Factors Affecting the Software Development Cost

As we witness the increasing demand for digitization, every business is harnessing the power of software development services. To showcase their offerings and meet the ever-evolving expectations of customers. Having a digital presence is no longer an option but a basic necessity for a business in the IT market. Research says more than 4.5 billion internet users globally prefer online services, which is why your organization needs to build an online image. Because that’s where most of the customers are! As the whole world is affected by the unprecedented challenges of the COVID pandemic. The internet has been a blessing for those businesses that can serve their customers online in the time of crisis.

One thing is clear, your business needs to have a custom website or an app to help not just in building the customer base but also to attain business goals effectively. Before you hire a software development team, it is important to plan your budget especially if your business is a startup, and figure out the approximate cost to create an app. Without wasting any further time, let’s keep it straight by going through the top factors that will impact the software development cost and how you can plan better to save the extra cost.

Listed below are some of the top factors that must be considered to find out the software development cost-

Platform You Choose

One of the major aspects associated with the software development cost is the platform you choose for your business. As the cost will vary according to the platform, it is important to choose considering your budget. Plan in mind and the target audience for which you are building the app. Whether it’s a mobile app with iOS or Android or you want a web app, take time to choose because, after development, you cannot convert an Android app to iOS one. Additionally, you can even choose to avail PWA services, the type of web app that provides app-like experience to customers.

Level of UI/UX Design

Another important aspect that attracts customers’ attention and brings them towards your app is the UI/UX design. As many competitors offer similar services like yours, a good design is essential for uniqueness and to make the app more delightful & appealing. However, if you want to add robust UI elements like real-time 3Dgraphics, visual animations, etc. the cost of your software development process will be more.


One of the best suggestions that you must keep in mind is to plan your software development process on time so that you don’t have to rush the deadlines adding more cost. If you have less time, your developers need to put more effort which means more development cost & lower quality. For web app development, the process is of two types-backend and frontend. For mobile app development, the iOS app takes 20-30% lesser time as compared to Android as more devices with different screens run on the Android platform.

QA & Testing

The app has to go through rigorous testing along with development to ensure that every feature and functionality is working as intended. The reliable QA services are important to complete the software development process for testing. Every software component and preventing any bugs or fixing them before going live. The development cost of testing will vary from one project to another depending on the project complexity.

Hourly Development Rates

One thing you must keep in mind is that the hourly development rate of the app development team may differ from one location to another. Countries like the US and Australia have expensive hourly development costs and other countries. Like Ukraine provide services at a lesser cost. Though it is important to keep budget in mind, ensure that you hire the developers with the desired experience as quality. Should never be compromised over the development cost of the region.

Experience of Developers

The working hour rates of the app developers are categorized as per their knowledge, skills, and working experience. The developers with low experience of around 1 year will charge less as they have to work with a team of more experienced. Developers and have knowledge of not more than one programming language or framework. Another type is the mid-experienced developers having experience of more than 3 years and has expertise in working with different projects independently. They will charge more than the junior developers as they can deal with complex problems. The most experienced developers will charge the highest as they know many languages and can work faster with lesser bugs.

Closing Statement

Hopefully, you can figure out how important it is to consider. The development cost factors before building an app for your business. Though it is impossible to get the exact cost for the development. The above factors will help you get a brief idea of the cost. It is clear that the more features you plan to add on your app, the more will be the cost. It would be a wise decision to go minimal with the app functionalities if you are a startup and add advanced. Features in a later phase of development. If you still have queries regarding the software development cost, go for a quick and reliable app cost calculator that will give an estimated cost based on the basic information about your project idea. If we have missed any other important factor, please add in the comments section.

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