Top15 Marketing Automation Software Tools Available for You

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing is how your brand is presented to potential clients and customers. Most of a marketer’s time is spent connecting with and talking to prospects, keeping track of customer data, and coming up with new leads. Marketing Automation Software comes into play in this situation. In an industry that is focused on the customer, it is hard to grow your reach and make money. Connecting with your customers and prospects at each point of the customer journey is crucial. But because it’s almost impossible to do things by hand, more businesses are choosing to use Marketing Automation software. Because of the personalised client experience, this helps businesses of all sizes to save on marketing expenses, increase campaign effectiveness, and turn more prospects into customers.

Top15 Marketing Automation Software Tools Available for You

There is only one small issue: there are more than a hundred Marketing Automation softwares available. If you still don’t use Marketing Automation software for your business, you are missing out on a lot of chances. In fact, 75% of businesses use Marketing Automation software, which demonstrates the need to put the finest marketing automation companies in place immediately if you want to gain a competitive advantage.

What is Marketing automation Software?

Marketing automation software for small businesses does a lot of different things. Some of these are prospecting, connecting with prospects, learning about their preferences, and building long-lasting relationships with them in order to turn them into paying customers. It’s hard to keep track of all these parts of marketing; you need a system that makes things easier and works better. You can use marketing automation blogs to automate all of your boring tasks. This will give you more time to focus on prospects who are very interested in what you have to offer.

The prospecting process may be automated. Individualised automated emails can sustain ongoing engagement, and prospects can be nurtured with helpful resources. The illustration below shows what Marketing Automation software can achieve for your company. A digital marketing automation takes care of every step of the marketing process for you, so you no longer have to do them by hand.

Qualities that make the optimal Marketing Automation software excellent

With an omnichannel strategy, every step of the Marketing Automation software is automated, from generating leads to following up with them. But for marketing automation software to work as well as it can, it needs to have certain qualities. So, this is how optimal marketing automation ought to appear.

  • Visitor monitoring: You must be aware of your prospects’ interests in order to offer a customised user experience. The visitor monitoring tool shows you how each visitor uses your website. This lets you figure out which features of your goods or services are most interesting to which potential customers.
  • Lead management and scoring: A goodMarketing Automation software technology will score your leads according to their behaviour and preferences, allowing you to concentrate on the most crucial ones. You can sort and assign leads based on how interested they are in your product or service if you use lead scoring.
  • Management of campaigns: Do you have an email marketing campaign going on? The campaign may then be managed with email tracking, which gives you a report on email clicks and opens so you can assess the effectiveness.
  • Lead nurturing: If you want leads to buy your product or service, it’s important to keep in touch with them at every touchpoint. Therefore, you may utilise sequences to create an email series that benefits them.
  • Workflow organization: Before becoming a client, a prospect must go through a number of steps, and automation software may aid by outlining each stage. One of the most important parts of marketing is responding to prospects and customers in real time. To ensure that you don’t lose your clients, you may set a time and date for when you wish to communicate with them.

Engagement that is personally tailored: When working with prospects, personalisation is essential. Personalized emails and messages significantly improve your brand’s presence. You will undoubtedly achieve your marketing objectives with the assistance of these critical capabilities in a marketing automation software system!

Considerations for selecting marketing automation software

What should you do next if you decide to use marketing automation software in your company? So, you want the best marketing automation software for your business, one that meets your needs and works well with the rest of the staff. Therefore, the considerations you should address before choosing marketing automation software are listed below.


Your task will be made easier by the automation software. It should, however, also fall within your budget. Your main goal is to grow your business, so you need a Marketing Automation software that is both cheap and easy to use. You can start with a basic strategy and then improve it as your business grows. This guarantees that the software will be used throughout the entirety of your organisation without impeding on operations.


You must already be handling all of your leads and information with a CRM or other solution. Therefore, it is crucial to determine if the automation software you have chosen connects with your present system. Integration is important because you don’t want to waste time exchanging information and making the process harder than it needs to be. Therefore, choose a marketing automation software that complements your current tools the best.


Instead of the other way around, Marketing Automation software should simplify your entire process. In order to ensure that your staff has no trouble using the software, it is important to find out how simple the automation software is to use. You can also ask for images of the UX to better understand how the automation software works and how things flow.

Reporting and Analytics

Every business relies on statistics and data, so you need marketing automation software that offers useful information on the effectiveness of your drip campaigns, email marketing, and other metrics.


After all, marketing automation does take some time and work to implement. Choose a marketing automation software that has a dependable customer service team. The marketing automation software’s lessons, downloadable materials, and demos must be available to you. Good automation software also features a customer support team that is there to help.

#1. Marketo Engage 

Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage from Adobe is a top Marketing Automation software that can help any growing business with a wide range of automation tasks. It is a powerful marketing automation platform with useful features like analytics, lead nurturing and scoring, and email marketing. Additionally, Marketo provides cutting-edge technologies like content personalisation, online retargeting, and mobile engagement. Although organisations of all sizes may use Marketo, this marketing automation technology is most appropriate for commercial clients.

#2. Salesmate


By automating every step of your company’s process, Salesmate is an all-inclusive CRM software that empowers teams and aids them in generating more money. Salesmate is thought to be one of the best marketing automation tools for small businesses because it has a powerful Marketing Automation software feature that makes it easy to set up different processes. You can predict your income with the aid of Salesmate’s cutting-edge capabilities, which include email automation, trigger-based automation, contact management, built-in calling, power dialling, team inbox, online forms, messenger, sales sequences, sales automation, and sales reporting.

#3. Pardot


Yet another powerful B2B Marketing Automation software is Pardot from Salesforce. Using Pardot, the marketing and sales teams can work together to connect with customers, close more deals, and make connections that last. With Pardot, you can shorten the sales cycle and close more deals because of its potent features like lead generation and management, email marketing, sales alignment, artificial intelligence, and analytical ROI reporting. Large businesses like Pardot because it increases marketing effectiveness.

#4. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is a good choice for Marketing Automation software because it offers both simple and complex automation processes, such as automatic follow-ups, strong integrations, and contact segmentation. One of the best things about this marketing automation system is that it has marketing automation features that can be changed. As a result, you can create various marketing automation flows and add your own touches with the help of the 500+ pre-built automations, email template library, and contact management. ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing automation software, but it takes time and work to learn how to use it.

#5. HubSpot


Hubspot marketing automationis the industry leader in terms of marketing automation software. HubSpot marketing automation makes it easy to set up strong automated workflows with a simple visual interface. With customizable workflows, lead scoring, analytics, automated email drip campaigns, and other features, it automates monotonous chores and promotes the expansion of your organisation. The potent marketing automation solution from HubSpot offers a comprehensive strategy that works for every company to expand income and get rid of reliance on human labour.

#6. Mailchimp


One of the top marketing automation systems for expanding organisations is Mailchimp. In order to concentrate on completing more business, it lets you automate the monotonous procedures. Mailchimp has features like personalised interactions, targeted advertising campaigns, automated marketing emails, building landing pages, reporting and analytics, and more. Mailchimp is the best choice if you want to build a long-term relationship with your customers because it has an AI-powered tool that is easy to use.

#7. SharpSpring


For companies of all sizes, SharpSpring is a straightforward and capable marketing automation tool. It focuses on sales and marketing automation, which helps businesses improve their customer service and increase the number of customers who buy from them. SharpSpring offers an omnichannel approach to automation with features like behavior-based email marketing, a workflow builder, visitor monitoring, CRM connection, and actionable reports to help you develop a stronger marketing plan. In the end, you can reach all of your marketing goals because the whole marketing cycle is done automatically.

#8. Omnisend


An e-commerce automation application called Omnisend has strong automation processes and pre-built automation for things like welcome series, transaction emails, and cart abandonment emails. Among other e-commerce systems, Omnisend works with Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. It is an all-in-one marketing solution that lets you market to customers through email, SMS, and other channels. It is the ideal marketing automation tool for email marketing automation campaigns.

#9. Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is available to organise your sales and marketing efforts. With this flexible marketing automation software, you can run cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns and keep in touch with prospects at every stage. Oracle Eloqua is one of the best pieces of marketing automation software. It has features like customer segmentation, lead management, advanced intelligence, sales and marketing alignment, and marketing measurement. If you want to increase your revenue and develop lasting client relationships, Oracle Eloqua is ideal for businesses that don’t have spending limits.

#10. is a cutting-edge marketing automation tool for big businesses, small businesses, and independent contractors. Interacting with potential customers and clients and simplifying the entire process, it helps you raise your conversion rate. Its omnichannel features include email marketing, tracking visitors, live chat, intelligent automation, analytics, and a lot more. is inexpensive and useful for business expansion.

#11. GetResponse


One of the top email marketing marketing automation platforms is GetResponse. It’s been on the market for more than 20 years and has a lot of great features. The product features include email marketing, marketing automation, autoresponders, email analytics, and personalized interaction. This marketing automation product is easy to use and has good customer service, so it can definitely produce the needed outcomes.

#12. SendX 


An interesting piece of marketing automation software is SendX. This automation platform is one of a kind with its straightforward user interface and effective tools for expanding your outreach. To get more customers, you can send an unlimited number of email campaigns, set up automated email drip campaigns, divide your audience into different groups, and create an email list. Additionally, SendX offers personalization, pre-built email layouts, and much more.

#13. Autopilot


For any type of organization, Autopilot is among the finest marketing automation software. With Autopilot’s advanced automation, you can automate the whole customer journey and make your interactions with clients and prospects better. With basic capabilities like lead segmentation, creating automated customer journeys, real-time team communication, email marketing, and marketing automation, it’s one of the most user-friendly marketing automation systems. Autopilot can help your business grow by sending you useful emails and giving you useful information.

#14. Ontraport


Ontraport is the ideal blend of a cutting-edge CRM and a marketing automation platform. It’s easy to use and lets you automate every step of your marketing campaign. Ontraport is one of the best marketing automation solutions for small businesses, independent contractors, and solopreneurs since it has capabilities like marketing automation, email marketing, CRM, reporting, landing pages, and eCommerce.

#15. Drip


Drip takes pride in providing high-tech automation to e-commerce businesses. It gives you a single place to store all of your data, automate your email marketing, and change it to fit the needs of your business. One-off emails, email campaigns, email builders, multi-channel marketing, and perceptive analytics are just a few of Drip’s capabilities. If your business is an online retailer, Drip is something you should definitely look into.

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