15 Best Cleaning Service in Brooklyn Companies 2022

Have you been staying at your apartment more recently?  Admit it; it has likely experienced better times.  You are no longer being paid to do your tasks, so you have two options: be an adult and do the cleaning yourself, or choose one of the top cleaning service in Brooklyn.  When you want expert assistance, this cleaning service in Brooklyn will step in and take care of all the dirty dishes, clothes, and other chores. Some of these services might even help you clean and organize your closet.

You put a lot of effort into getting your apartment, so maintaining it shouldn’t be excessively difficult. Why not order your clean-up to be delivered because the delivery of food saves time and effort? Then you’ll have extra time to check out the city’s top new eateries, visit a museum, or organize a dinner event to show off your amazing apartment (make that easy too and order from the best wine delivery and best cheese delivery services in NYC).

15 Best Cleaning Service in Brooklyn Companies 2022

Brooklyn ‘Sunlight’ Deep cleaning service in Brooklyn Deep cleaning services The Brooklyn was designed by Sunlight Cleaning with care for our clients who wanted nothing less than the finest.  We are aware that you like your home or workplace to be orderly and tidy.  Our Brooklyn maid service will therefore be your helping hand in completing this task.


Deep cleaning service in Brooklyn is designed to make your life simpler

Our consumers may be certain that everything will be of the highest caliber because we are licensed and insured. On schedule, a cleaning specialist with experience and the necessary equipment will show up at your place.  We take pride in being a dependable service in Brooklyn.  Our experts will assist you in reducing the stress in your daily life while also offering you the best house cleaning service in Brooklyn available.  A weekly, bimonthly, or monthly cleaning schedule is simple to select.  We always work to accommodate your schedule and provide convenience for you.

We are among the top businesses in the cleaning industry.  No matter where you need deep cleaning service in Brooklyn—at a home, an apartment, an office, or another location—our company can provide them.  We are available if you want a high-quality maid and cleaning service in Brooklyn for your home or flat.  Sunlight Cleaning completes everything with great care, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Our deep cleaning benefits include:

  • Professional cleaners who have done background checks and have experience with deep cleaning in Brooklyn.
  • We promise complete satisfaction following our maid service. Brooklyn,
  • 24-hour, pleasant client service.
  • A flexible and reasonable pricing structure

What services are included in our deep cleaning in Brooklyn?

We create a checklist after dividing your property into the major cleaning regions.
It resembles the example below more or less exactly:

The living room and bedrooms

  • We clean all movable horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • All mirrors, surfaces, and glass fixtures are cleaned by our cleaners.
  • Moreover, we scrub all floor surfaces.
  • Our cleaning specialists can remove leftovers and rubbish.

Toilet Cleaning

  • We completely clean and disinfect the tub, toilet, sink, and shower.
  • In the same way that we do in the living room or bedroom, we dust, wipe down and clean everything.
  • Remove the trash and leftovers.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • In addition, we dust every available surface in the living room and bedroom.
  • After doing the dishes, we empty the sink.
  • Additionally, our cleaners clean the outside of the refrigerator, oven, or stove.
  • We clean all carpets and floors.
  • We remove the trash.

Extra cleaning service in Brooklyn

Add one of the cleaning extras listed below to the main checklist for a very comprehensive and high-quality deep cleaning.  Your home will be kept immaculately clean thanks to them.

  • Cleaning of refrigerators, stoves, and cabinets inside
  • laundry to wash and dry.
  • Window cleaning for the inside
  • Our expert cleaning service in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the ideal location for offices, flats, and residential properties

Each customer has specific demands, which we are aware of.  Your house or place of business will be made pristine with the assistance of our expertise.  When you tell us when and where you want our cleaners to execute deep cleaning service in Brooklyn, you will have the perfect area for work or living!

1# Breuckelen Cleaning Solutions

Breuckelen Cleaning Solutions

A house cleaning business in the Brooklyn region is called Breuckelen Cleaning Solutions.  The company offers regular house cleaning services weekly, bimonthly, or monthly, as well as move-in and move-out cleaning service in Brooklyn. Its housekeepers are reliable and well-trained. They use biodegradable cleaning products and keep up with the latest cleaning methods. Denton Cleaning also cleans up after construction projects and offers a wide range of office cleaning services.

2# All Points Cleaning Service

All Points Cleaning Service

Brooklyn residents may get house cleaning services from All Points cleaning service in Brooklyn.  Founded in 2010, the business is a family-run service provider.  It cleans your home in the most basic ways, like lightly dusting, picking up trash, sweeping, and vacuuming every room, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. Additionally, it offers move-in and move-out cleaning services as part of its residential services.  Depending on what the customer wants, the services could be one-time deals or part of a long-term plan. It makes use of CDC-recommended and EPA-approved cleaning chemicals to guarantee customer well-being.

3# Bungalow Cleaning Services

Bungalow Cleaning Services

Residential clients are served by Bungalow Cleaning Services in and around Brooklyn.  The business offers different cleaning packages to meet the different needs of its customers. Cleaning ceiling fans, washing down counters, rearranging décor, and polishing woodwork are a few examples of jobs.  Degreasing, laundry, and window washing are additional services.  Additionally, move-in and move-out cleaning service in Brooklyn are provided. The company uses materials and tools that are safe for the environment to make the concrete jungle green.

4# ByNext


ByNext is a service that offers house cleaning services to people in Brooklyn. The company does household touch-up work, which includes dusting and washing shelves, furniture, and electrical devices. The business also provides thorough sanitation solutions for locations that have gone a long time without normal maintenance, the business also provides thorough sanitation solutions. The company also offers eco-friendly dry cleaning solutions and handles laundry.  Retail establishments and workplaces are among the company’s clients. When it first came out in 2014, ByNext offered a wide range of services, from cleaning clothes to making over whole rooms.

5# Cleaning Exec

Cleaning Exec

The Brooklyn metro area is serviced by Cleaning Exec for homes, businesses, and rental properties.  Regular, move-in and move-out, post-construction, and deep cleaning service in Brooklyn are all provided by the business.  Its staff of experts make beds, sanitize toilets and bathrooms, vacuum and mop floors, dust and wash off surfaces, and remove the trash.  The business offers both one-time and ongoing cleaning service in Brooklyn.  A Swiffer and a vacuum cleaner are among the many materials and tools it carries.  Using environmentally friendly materials, the business also offers green cleaning services.

6# Cleaning to the Rescue NY

Cleaning to the Rescue NY

In the Brooklyn metro area, consumers are served by Cleaning to the Rescue NY.  The provision of house cleaning services enables homeowners to spend more time with their families.  Its cleaning crew takes care of the kitchen area, wiping down small appliances, cleaning floors, disinfecting sinks, and polishing faucets.  The bathroom is also cleaned, the stains on the glass doors are cleaned, and the walls and tubs are scrubbed.  The business also provides thorough cleaning, move-out, and apartment cleaning service in Brooklyn.

7# Deep Clean

Deep Clean

A firm called Deep Clean offers house cleaning services for residences in Brooklyn and the neighboring areas.  The deep cleaning of properties that have been staged for rental or sale is the company’s area of expertise.  It also handles move-in and move-out details and thoroughly cleans residences before they are put on the market.  Deep Clean offers routine and general maintenance cleaning for its business clientele.  Additionally, the company takes care of post-construction and seasonal cleaning jobs.

8# Diamond Maids

Diamond Maids

A housekeeping company called Diamond Maids serves customers in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas.  Customers are asked about their cleaning needs so that the company can help them choose the best cleaning plan. It provides a weekly or biweekly routine and thorough cleaning service in Brooklyn.  Both alternatives include sweeping and mopping the floors, as well as dusting and vacuuming, changing bed sheets, and wiping windows.  Additionally, Diamond Maids provides packing and unpacking services in addition to post-construction cleaning.

9# Done. Life Beyond Cleaning

Done. Life Beyond Cleaning

Life Beyond Cleaning is a two-sided cleaning marketplace that offers house cleaning services in the Brooklyn area. The company has cleaners whose backgrounds have been checked and who can clean your home the same day, on a regular basis, or just once. From bathrooms and bedrooms to entire residences, cleaning is an option.  Every cleaner is a qualified professional who has been screened, trained, and rated on how well they work with clients. Free cancellation is allowed up to 24 hours before cleaning.

10# Eco Cleaning Pro

Eco Cleaning Pro

Residential and business clients in the Brooklyn metro area and the neighboring areas can take advantage of Eco Cleaning Pro’s cleaning services.  When providing cleaning service in Brooklyn for homes, the company’s staff uses steam to get rid of odors and sterilize key interior spaces such as walls, doors, floors, tiles, sinks, and stairways.  The Eco Cleaning Pro team employs eco-friendly equipment that is safe for people and animals, as well as all-natural cleaning supplies such as detergents for washing furniture and wiping appliances.

11# Flockz Commercial Cleaning Service

Flockz Commercial Cleaning Service

Customers are served by Flockz Commercial Cleaning Service in the Brooklyn metro area.  Its cleaning service in Brooklyn is geared toward people who wish to maintain a healthy living space for their loved ones and families.  It cleans homes and is an expert at cleaning a wide range of commercial buildings, such as restaurants. Its restaurant services try to keep tables, chairs, floors, and doorknobs clean by cleaning and sanitizing them on a regular basis. Additionally, the janitorial, new construction staging, and event cleaning services are provided by Flockz Commercial cleaning service in Brooklyn.

12# G&C Cleaning Service

G&C Cleaning Service

People in Brooklyn and the surrounding regions may turn to G&C Cleaning Service for their cleaning and maintenance needs.  It offers services including move-in cleaning and full apartment cleaning.  In addition to its main house cleaning service in Brooklyn, the company also helps customers clean their home appliances. All of the cleaning equipment, including vacuums and mops, is brought to the job site by the company’s workers.  In the field of house maintenance, G&C Cleaning Service has more than 15 years of expertise.

13# Go Green

Go Green

Go Green is a trusted cleaning service that helps landlords in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. Home cleaning, which includes high-rise houses and rental units, is one of its services.  Its staff cleans kitchen appliances, carpets, window frames, and ceilings using eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are safe to use around kids, pets, and other people.  The cleaning staff also handles the mudrooms and stairwells are also handled by the cleaning staff. Additionally, they clean up after construction on both residential and commercial buildings.  Go Green has been in business for more than three decades.

14# Great Green Cleaning

Great Green Cleaning

Great Green Cleaning offers services for Brooklyn-area homes and businesses around-the-clock.  It offers specialized eco-friendly cleaning service in Brooklyn, like making beds, changing sheets and towels, and disinfecting surfaces, to help people keep their homes in good shape. Additionally, the company offers post-construction cleanup, debris removal, and bed bug preparation services.  The New York Daily News carried an article on Great Green Cleaning.  One client thanked the staff for acting fast and cleaning up his disorganized flat in about four hours.

15# Green Elite Cleaning Services

Green Elite Cleaning Services

Green Elite Cleaning Services has been serving both residential and commercial clients in Brooklyn since 2011.  The business offers a wide range of cleaning service in Brooklyn, such as cleaning up after an event and cleaning the office, home, and office.  Its house cleaners do a lot of different things, like clean bathrooms and kitchens, wash windows, and clean cellars.  The business specializes in aromatherapy cleaning, which employs natural, non-toxic materials to completely clean areas and leave them smelling fresh.  It offers cleaning service in Brooklyn seven days a week.  Customers are served by the firm in both English and Spanish.

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