Best Zbigz Alternatives & Similar Sites For Downloading Torrents

Zbigz Alternatives

Zbigz alternatives is among the most innovative gush downloaders on the web. It operates in a web browser and uses cloud storage to save declared users. Using Zbigz, you can download as numerous torrents as available without stressing over hiding your IP address. That is because the service downloads files from its servers and not the user’s end. But like any other torrent downloader, its dependability depends upon the downloading server’s IP area. That suggests if the server area has turned on a geolocation block, Zbigz Alternatives might not work. If this takes place to you, then you may want to think about Zbigz alternatives.

The internet has big deals of alternatives to Zbigz. A few of them are much better than Zbigz, especially when thinking about the offered functions. One reason that makes Zbigz famous is that it is the first-ever cloud seedbox. Although numerous options to the service exist, some of them are superior. That implies you should purchase a program to use the innovative functions supplied.

Best Zbigz Alternatives & Similar Sites For Downloading Torrents

Zbigz Alternatives & Similar Sites

Best Zbigz alternative, you should try out for downloading torrents

If you need a torrent downloader with everything you need without paying a fee, the following Zbigz alternatives are worth considering.

Top 20 Zbigz Alternatives

BitLord Read

BitLord is among the most accessible gush downloaders to use on the internet. It offers a comfortable way of searching to discover videos, audios, files, and other torrents online. Likewise, the service can play your videos through its gamer while downloading different files simultaneously.


ByteBX is a platform that allows users to download gushes to online cloud storage. Using the service makes it much easier for you to upload your files from a local pc or anywhere online. The website is also the best for seeing videos and listening to your media online.

Also, it uses a better choice of downloading files anytime and conserving them to your regional pc system. ByteBX likewise offers users a service that protects their digital files. The service is provided free of charge and through an annual company. provides a platform for downloading files to a protected cloud quickly and anonymously. It is useful for accessing your information on the internet from any place, anytime. That is since the platform provides cloud storage for storing your information and accessing them from any device.

Unlike different platforms for downloading torrents, does not require you to set up a download client. All you need is your web browser to get going. It is free to use the service, although you will have 1GB of cloud storage. is among the very best sites like Zbigz Alternatives. It is a cloud storage service provider and gush downloader that works in a browser and not through a client. The site makes it more comfortable for you to look for torrents online using its multisite engine, upload gushes, and quickly download your files.

It is easier to save your files to a supplied account and either see them or download them to your device because it offers cloud storage. Although is a superior service, a complimentary alternative with limited features is provided for all users.


BitTorrent is the best alternative to Zbigz since it enables you to search for gushes and download them within a few seconds. You can use it to play your files instantly or stream them while you download more. As one of the initial desktop torrent applications, BitTorrent permits quick and bulk file downloading from the desktop.

It also uses sophisticated customization alternatives, and users can assign more bandwidth to one file so that they can download it much quicker. The application is available free of charge and through an annual company. uses users as a personal secure storage service for their files. The platform also enables users to bring media files from throughout the web and stream them on their devices. Once you acquire your videos and audios, you have the alternative of streaming or listening to them on your computer, smartphone, or gaming console.

Among the primary reasons, is one of the very most excellent Zbigz Alternatives options without limits is its bandwidth limitation. It uses a restriction of up to 250GB monthly and an endless disk storage limit.

FileStream. I am among the best Zbigz-like sites for downloading gushes, videos, magnets, and audio files worldwide. The website also uses cloud storage for all the files you obtain from the web. It also transcodes and streams media files. A few of the service’s best features consist of downloading files on a user’s behalf to ensure they remain confidential, provide users with encrypted HTTPS connections, and support users in bypassing ISP restrictions.


Seedr is a platform that downloads gush on behalf of users. It works as an internet browser extension, indicating that you do not need to install any software application to use it. As one of the best alternatives to the Zbigz torrent downloader, Seedr functions as a barrier between the user and the network. By doing so, it permits you to remain confidential while downloading your content online. Whenever you offer a link, the site will bring the declare you and provide an encrypted connection. As a result, you improve security when using its services.


Offcloud offers a protected and robust system of retrieving, downloading, backing up, bring, and exporting content from the network. It is one of the best alternative sites because it uses immediate downloads. Furthermore, it is useful for opening and accelerating recovering files found on blogs, streaming, media, and storage sites. The platform helps magnets and provides a service for transforming online home pages into the PDF format. is a cloud storage service that brings files from other sources worldwide and shops them into a user’s digital repository. The service will download files on your behalf and then make them available to you on any device you are using. Faiba 4G router price and how to purchase in Kenya Unlike other comparable platforms, does not use users the option of picking specific files from a torrent. Instead, it gets the full torrent quick to minimize bandwidth. That is among the reasons that the site is fast to bring files from the network. is an exceptional torrent downloader and a Zbigz Alternatives option for more than 1GB. It uses a secure way of retrieving videos, audios, and files from throughout the web. The site likewise enables you to transfer files from a cloud server, links, magnets, and download gushes to your cloud directly. If you like seeing content online, the platform is among the best for streaming movies and protecting your online existence to ensure you stay anonymous. is a superior service, although it offers a restricted account.


SonicSeedbox is a low-amount and fast torrent downloader. It enables you to download your content online anonymously without ISP restrictions. The site likewise uses secure downloads and converts torrent submits to direct HTTP or HTTPS relate to high speeds. SonicSeedbox guarantees (99.9% uptime, caching, and better transcoding of your files. When you start using the service free, you will get up to (4GB of storage or pay a premium cost to get up to 500GB of storage.


µTorrent is one of the most excellent torrent download customers on desktops worldwide. It offers one of the quickest and simplest ways of getting torrents on the net as one of the many Zbigz alternatives for large files is ideal for searching for torrents online and playing them in your browser. It also comes with many convenient features for users. For example, it gives you access to millions of torrents, scans torrents, blocks viruses, and stream your files without waiting.


Tribler is a Tour-inspired torrent downloader. It offers a platform for searching and downloading gushes online anonymously without worrying about censorships. Using it will permit you to remain safe online since it provides secure encryption on all downloads, with onion routing and hidden seeding. Furthermore, the site makes it simpler to stream movies even before you download your files. Tribler is readily possible for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is complimentary to download and use because its software is an open-source job.


TorrentSafe is a website where users can download torrents safely, anonymously, and quickly. It provides a secure and straightforward system for bringing your files from different sites across the web. You can likewise stream your media material from the website straight. Whenever you use the service, you will not have any speed constraints. Unlike different similar websites, TorrentSafe does not serve ads and pop up windows. Also, you do not have to sign up for an account to start using it. But, it charges a regular monthly subscription for premium features.


Boxopus downloads your torrents without any software and stores it in a cloud. All you do is feed it with torrent files. After that, you’ll be able to download the torrents anonymously using an encrypted channel; or you can watch or listen to your torrents from your private home page. You could send your torrents to DropBox or Google drive. Besides everything, Boxopus hides from your Internet Service Provider the fact of torrenting.

Direct Torrents

Direct Torrents Use this network service that gives you direct download links from any torrent. Manage your downloads privately and safely.


Safely stream and download with Cloudload. Movies, software, music, and documents, from the network to your secure cloud account in seconds. Watch on any device, at home, work, or on-the-go.

PutDrive is a downloading service that downloads from 85 other File Hosters, Torrents, Tubes & Usenet and stores it in your cloud. Usenet – Download any NZB files you want from almost all globally possible newsgroup servers without paid accounts.

Final Words:

Zbigz Alternatives is, without a doubt, the best service for downloading torrent files. It provides top speeds when caching torrents and fewer intricacies. But, there are likewise lots of great Zbigz alternatives worth thinking about. Options like Beatport and TorrentSafe, for example, provide the same functions and safe HTTPS protocol download. Also, numerous different similar services use protocols that no ISP can seek.

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