Why It’s Better For New Business Owners To Use WordPress CMS Rather Than Opt For Custom Web Design?

Decided to create a website for your business? Well, this won’t be that easy. Creating a website requires a lot of decision-making and planning. As a new business owner, one of the most critical decisions you have to make when creating your website is to choose between custom website design or a ready-made WordPress layout. Both of them have their own advantages as well as some setbacks. However, it is highly recommended that you choose WordPress as it has a lot of advantages which make it easier for new business owners to create their websites in very easy manner. In today’s article, we are going to explain the advantages of WordPress for you as a new business owner and why it’s better than custom website design.

Less Costly

While a custom web design will require you to pay a web developer a considerable amount of money, WordPress, on the other hand, is absolutely free. This means that you can download it without any cost and customize the site according to your requirements.

WordPress can be used to create any type of website. However, although WordPress itself is free, there are a few additional features that require payments. These include hosting and purchasing a domain name.

The domain name serves the purpose of being the address of your site, such that the user will enter this name in a search engine to open your site. Web hosting serves as the primary storage where all files related to your website are stored.

Hosting and the Domain name can cost you less than $20 for good ones; whereas a web designer might charge you hundreds for doing the exact same thing.

Easy to Customize

Only a small portion of WordPress users are web designers themselves! Anyone can use WordPress. This is because, while a custom web design may be difficult to maintain and modify, WordPress provides the tools to its user to design their website themselves.

People who aren’t very good at using technology prefer WordPress because it provides them with thousands of free website templates. You can choose which template you want and can try one at a time until you find the one which you like. These themes give your sight a responsive look on a variety of devices.

To provide more flexibility, even these themes can be customized. Most of them have their own customization panel through which you can alter colors, upload your own logo, change the background color, decrease or increase the size of side panels, and change the way content will be visible to the user. All of this, without typing a single line of code!

You can likewise add flexibility to your WordPress site by utilizing plug-ins. WordPress plug-ins resemble applications for your site that you can use to include advanced features such as analytics, user forums, membership zones, and much more.

Like themes, there are thousands of plug-ins available to the user from which they can buy some premium ones which offer more advanced features. Some plug-ins can completely change the look of your website.

SEO friendliness

WordPress is composed of utilizing standard compliance top quality code. In simpler words, this makes Google and other browsers prefer WordPress over other sites.

In this way, WordPress sites are more SEO friendly and will usually rank much higher on other search engines.

WordPress is designed to be SEO-friendly. Many additional plug-ins can further contribute to search engine optimization—additions such as the Meta Description, H1 tags, and Meta Titles.

Permalinks are another excellent option with which you can increase your site ranking. Such links contain relevant keywords related to your site. WordPress also uses auto pinging through which major indexes are notified whenever new content is published from your site. This helps in speeding up the indexing process, which, in return, improves SEO.

Less Time To Development & Launch:

A custom design website can take weeks to complete, whereas a WordPress site can be developed in less than three days if you’re experienced and about a week if you’re not.

Themes can be downloaded in a matter of seconds and plug-ins, too, are easy to download. In this way, all resources can be gathered in very little time.

Affordable Professionals

Another reason to choose WordPress is that there are many WordPress specialists out there. These people are experienced in creating WordPress sites, which means you will have an easier time finding one to work for you. Due to this, there is a big competition, and some designers may have cheaper rates than others who work with proprietary content management systems. Many companies exist which offer WordPress site development services.

SEO helps in marketing your site after you create it. The better the SEO is, the higher your site will rank on search engines. You can hire WordPress specialists at extremely cheap prices to improve the SEO of your site. It is recommended by all professionals and can be used by everyone.


WordPress is substantially more than just a simple website creation tool. It’s an aspect of what’s known as the open-source movement. This implies the fact that WordPress has an immense, faithful network of clients supporting it, both on the web and off. There are a considerable number of WordPress engineers and a great many WordPress users around the world. Everywhere you look, there are WordPress gatherings, websites, workshops, meet-ups, and meetings.

This means that getting help or support if you face a problem while using WordPress is very easy. There are many guides available on the net and tutorials on YouTube.


WordPress CMS is ideal for new business owners due to the factors outlined above. If you are new business owner, then choosing WordPress to create your new website might possibly be the best decision you make.

Author Bio

Alan Mathew is a professional digital marketer with years of experience in leading brands, working with multiple industry verticals. Currently, he is a Managing Partner of WPPals, which is specialized in providing WordPress maintenance and support services. Being a powerful industry voice, Alan also offers his services as a consultant in building and implementing brand growth strategies.

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