What Young Devs Need To Know About Testing And Automation On Selenium

The world is nearing an age where everything will be automated and handled by computers. Computers and software are finding their way into every known field. Young people especially are developing tools and software that help people automate a more significant part of their life.

Testing is the most critical process when it comes to developing an application, and young devs need to know that. How else would you know if what you have built works?

Testing is a method or an activity that helps you compare your expected results with the actual product. Testing is done with the intent to find mishaps, gaps, or bugs in the application that has been built.

Selenium is a suite of tools that helps devs in testing their web applications without any hassle. It is an automated testing toolkit that allows you to test different aspects of a web app, quickly.

Selenium Automation helps you test your website on multiple browsers and devices at the same time. It is a Java-based product, so all you have to do is write a small script in Java, and you’re done.

Not only this, Selenium supports many other programming languages too. It is a flexible, versatile, and a re-usable framework for testing pages and applications on the web.

Things Young Devs Should Know About Testing & Automation On Selenium


Selenium Testing Suite is an open-source toolkit. It means no one has a proprietorship to the tool. Devs all over the world come together to contribute to the making of Selenium.

Regular new updates from a proactive community of developers make it desirable. It can be freely shared, modified, and redistributed without any infringement of copyrights.

A common myth is that since open-source tools and softwares are free to use, they have lesser features. On the contrary, open-source tools have more features compared to paid ones.


For software to become enterprise-worthy, it should have qualities that support collaboration. It should be what an enterprise needs exactly. Not less, not more.

Selenium Testing Suite is an enterprise-worthy tool. It helps automate the process of testing and can run multiple tests at the same time. It can also help the employees of a firm collaborate easily.

The feature-rich toolkit of Selenium helps entrepreneurs have better control over their business and the business’ outlook over the web.

Top-Notch Security

Selenium Testing Suite is certified by Apache 2.0. It is safe and secure and follows the latest guidelines for safety. It makes sure that the user data is not exposed and avoids the data from getting accessed from somewhere else.

You can check your website for vulnerabilities in your security systems using Selenium Testing. You can join an online Selenium tutorial and learn how to expose vulnerabilities in other websites and web apps.

Cross-OS Operation

Selenium testing works with multiple OS like Windows, macOS, Linux. It can be written in different programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, etc.

This toolkit is ahead of the game as it allows testing script compiled for one system run seamlessly on another system. It doesn’t even need changes in the source code or binaries.

Cross-OS operation of this testing suite is essential to make sure that all components of the website work on every device. The difference between actual results and expected results keeps diminishing due to Selenium Testing Suite.

Community Support

Selenium has a firm base of customers, developers, and contributors. If you have any doubts regarding how certain features of the application work, then all you have to do is ask the right questions.

Many people on the internet will be happy to help you, and you’ll get your answers from experts and experienced people. Having a strong programming community means you’ll be able to roll out edited and latest versions of Selenium.

Such quick community support makes sure that none of its featured tools falls into the wrong hands. Hackers from all over the world come together and contribute to this open-source software.

Frequent Updates

Even the smallest bugs attract the attention of big names in the community of Selenium Testing Suite. Many programmers work towards resolving the issue and then share their piece of the answer with others.

Not just one, but millions of people are part of the Selenium Testing Suite. Even if every person shares a customized version of the application, imagine what it will do to the toolkit. Frequent updates in Selenium Testing may be undesirable in some cases but are mostly the reason why it has sprung to such popularity in a short time.

Selenium Automation has 3 versions currently, and the 4th version is under works now. It’s said to respect observations, hooks, logging, debugging, etc.

In Closing

Selenium testing is the best autonomous testing tool. It can help established businesses as well as newly established enterprises to prosper.

It literally needs no other framework or platform to perform. Cross-OS abilities make sure there is no change in the code. You want to write in some other programming language for testing, you can do that.

Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, etc. are supported by the Selenium Testing Suite.

The 4 versions of Selenium Testing have lots in common but are still very different from each other.

While Selenium 1 was a suite with all the necessary programs packed separately, Selenium 3 and 4 have now integrated all the tools in the suite into one application.

LambdaTest is a great tool for testing automation because of obvious reasons. LambdaTest is a platform that performs Live Interactive and Automated Cross-Browser Testing on 2000+ Real Browsers and Operating Systems Online.

Young devs should keep these things in their minds. Just reading is not enough, but rather you should experiment or even ask the community what and how things work. Also, they should try to give back to society and the community.  Cheers!


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