What is a WebPT? Its Pricing, Benefits, Alternatives & Other Details

What is a WebPT? Its Pricing, Benefits, Alternatives & Other Details

Since its founding in 2008, WebPT has become recognized as a cutting-edge and novel player in the field of outpatient rehabilitation treatment. The leading outpatient rehabilitation therapy software platform in the nation is WebPT, which is committed to transforming the way rehabilitation therapy practitioners manage their practices. Over 150,000 rehabilitation therapy professionals, representing a broad range of practice sizes and areas of expertise, have trusted our program since it began.

What is WebPT?

The most reputable software platform for outpatient rehabilitation treatment in the US is called WebPT, and it was established in 2008. Enhancing business performance and treatment delivery through a single, integrated platform, helps over 150,000 rehabilitation therapy practitioners with different specializations and practice sizes run profitable, successful businesses. Additionally, PTs, OTs, and SLPs may easily access WebPT (as well as its data) from any location at any time because of its cloud-based design. This makes it possible for better coordination between patient care teams and third-party payers.

Overview of WebPT’s Pricing

To meet the various needs of healthcare professionals, WebPT offers many price categories. The following is a summary of the price plans:

Lite Style:

  • Daily fees for each provider start at $3.
  • This plan is meant for customers with low requirements or those who are just starting to use WebPT. It provides essential features at a daily cost that is both affordable and practical.

Plan of Consistency:

  • Starting at: $6 per day for each supplier
  • In contrast to the Lite plan, the Standard plan offers additional features and capabilities. Those with more complex requirements for practice management and patient care documentation should utilize this program.

Business Plan:

  • For detailed pricing information, please get in touch with WebPT.
  • Plans at the enterprise level are made to meet the special needs of bigger healthcare practices or organizations. Users are respectfully asked to get in touch with WebPT directly for complete details on features and prices.

Additionally, other details

Cost Based on a Monthly Subscription:

  • $99.00 a month
    WebPT subscriptions start at $99.00 per month. Users who prefer a monthly payment schedule to the daily cost that the Lite and Standard plans offer can choose this option.

Enroll in a Free Trial:

  • Not accessible
  • WebPT does not offer a free trial for its services.

The accessible version is:

  • Not accessible
  • There isn’t currently a free version of WebPT available. To use the functionality of the site, users must purchase a subscription to one of its premium plans.

About WebPT

WebPT’s price structure reflects the company’s commitment to providing flexibility to healthcare providers with different needs and sizes. The level of functionality that the user’s practice requires will determine the choice of plan. Options range from a basic Lite plan to a comprehensive enterprise solution that meets the requirements of larger enterprises. Customers are urged to get in touch with WebPT directly for complete price information and alternatives for customization according to their requirements. With roots in outpatient rehabilitation treatment, WebPT has spent the last fifteen years refining its offerings to create the most comprehensive, feature-rich, and intuitive platform currently available in this sector. WebPT offers a variety of practice management tools. Its flagship EMR maintains an impressive 99% uptime rate.

  • Integrated invoicing software,
  • Revenue cycle management services,
  • Digital patient intake and benefits verification using electronic means
  • Instruments for involving patients,
  • Tools and automation for marketing
  • Distant therapeutic observation,
  • Virtual visits for telehealth,
  • The observation of results,
  • Analytics and operational reporting,
  • MIPS transparency
  • Assistance with continuous education,
  • A storefront where cheap medical supplies can be bought.

Above all, WebPT is a member-focused business with a strong sense of purpose, as shown in part by its 99% customer retention record. WebPT offers free onboarding as well as a limitless free product and account support headquartered in the US to further assure the members’ ongoing success. Additionally, WebPT’s ISO 27001 certification—the gold standard for information security management—means that members may be certain about the protection of their data. With over 60 suppliers integrated, WebPT aims to achieve healthcare interoperability while offering its members all the tools they need to run a profitable practice on one platform.

WebPT, which has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, has been listed as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing businesses in the United States by the Inc. magazine for the ninth year running, earning it a seat on the esteemed Inc. Honor Roll. Additionally, WebPT has been recognized with the Best Patient Registration and Scheduling Solution and Best Patient Relationship Management Solution MedTech Breakthrough Awards for 2021 and 2022, respectively.

About WebPT

Arguments in Favor of Using WebPT

The elimination of the prior version of ReDoc was the primary driver in the decision to switch to WebPT. There was a ReDoc version that was discontinued and not hosted in the cloud. The choices available in this scenario were to move to ReDoc Cloud or look at other cloud-based solutions. The decision to switch from the previous ReDoc version that wasn’t cloud-based was simple thanks to WebPT’s user-friendly design and straightforward navigation.

Benefits and Drawbacks of WebPT Use


  • When it comes to recording patient treatment, users found WebPT’s interface to be easy to use and straightforward. Healthcare professionals may easily go through the onboarding process because of the platform’s user-friendly design.
  • Effective Scheduling: The usefulness of the WebPT scheduling function is highlighted. Users highly value direct access to patient records through the scheduling interface because it improves workflow effectiveness and overall productivity.


  • Lack of Tracking Function in Schedule: One of the scheduling module’s shortcomings has been noted as the lack of a tracking function. Users are requesting features that allow them to keep an eye on important events that happen during the appointment lifecycle, such as patient check-in and appointment scheduling.
  • Options for Strict Rescheduling: Users suggest adding a rescheduling feature. Currently, the system only allows users to “cancel” or “delete” appointments; adding a rescheduling option will increase appointment management’s flexibility.
  • Issues with the “Return to Dr.” Date Field: There have been issues with the “Return to Dr.” date field’s operation. Users report that there is a risk of random resets in this field, which leads to the loss of date information. Even after contacting customer support, the problem still doesn’t seem to be resolved, which raises the possibility that the system’s stability has been compromised.

Justification for Choosing WebPT

WebPT was chosen because of its easy-to-use design and learning potential. The user-friendly interface that WebPT was deemed to have by healthcare professionals made it easier for them to integrate and adapt it into their daily operations.

Top Alternatives for WebPT in 2024

The following are the top substitutes for Webpt in 2024:

1. Raintree

2. Raintree

Raintree might compete with WebPT in the field of physical therapy procedures. Raintree is presumably the biggest software business on this list. According to their website, six of the ten largest treatment groups in the United States use practice management systems. This program is not specifically made for or limited to PT. Raintree offers a variety of treatments, including speech, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, pediatrics, and physical therapy. Creating processes and altering templates for a medical practice, calls for significant change.

Raintree handles scheduling, billing, appointment reminders, and paperwork much like medical software. It could be for you because telemedicine and patient interaction are also highly prioritized. Raintree does not include billing services in its subscription bundle, in contrast to StrataEMR. You have to follow up on the rejected claims. Larger clinics are the target market for Raintree’s well-known EMR platform. RCM and automated billing have the potential to boost income, but they don’t go after outstanding reimbursements. Costs and revenue might go up as a result of this.

2. Tebra

3. Tebra

Tebra is a state-of-the-art program that offers solutions for both medical care professionals and patients. The combination of clinic marketing software PatientPop and EMR Kareo created it in 2022. Practices, patients, and billing businesses may all benefit from this software. Though ambitious, there’s still no guarantee it will succeed. Private clinics may use an all-in-one EMR for patient care, billing, and documentation. Unlike other PT EMRs, PatientPop offers marketing services and social media management tools to help you grow your practice. Furthermore, it helps patients find medical services. In the event that they look for “PT in Houston,” your clinic could come up. This might provide a successful new marketing avenue.

Tebra provides billers with software directly; thus, she has to have a fair grasp of billing. Despite having sophisticated invoicing systems, Tebra lacks a human resources staff to investigate rejected claims. There are no PT-specific utilities on this page. It includes all forms of practice. That might not be sufficient to meet your needs. Tebra is a cutting-edge platform made to support healthcare professionals. However, this program might not meet your PT needs.

3. CentralReach

7. CentralReach

CentralReach’s main areas of interest are behavioral healthcare and end-to-end applied behavior analysis software. To promote outcomes-based autism treatment, it offers an integrated electronic medical record (EMR) that conforms with HIPAA, an ideal ABA billing system, and intelligent scheduling. The platform’s wide range of electronic ABA data-gathering capabilities make better client outcomes and improved service delivery possible. CentralReach’s main goals are to increase client satisfaction overall, reduce inefficiencies, and streamline back-office processes. The technology further promises to improve revenue cycle operations and billing by using an experienced ABA billing staff that can increase claim reimbursements by up to 96%.

4. Heno

4. Heno

Unlike Raintree and Tebra, Heno was developed by PTs for PTs. While Heno might not be as dependable as Raintree or WebPT, its main function is physical therapy. It’s impressive that Heno’s software, like StrataPT, combines RCM and EMR. Claims may be filed from a single place thanks to its billing software and service integration.

This removes the requirement for manual submission of these claims, and Heno prioritizes usability. However, clinics are not made aware of Heno’s reimbursement income. Simplifying is not as important as attaining good collections and high reimbursement rates. All other things being equal, Heno’s EMR handles patient intake and appointment scheduling for your clinic (StrataPT guarantees payment of more than 99 percent). User feedback on Capterra indicates that the documentation features do not offer as much customization as would be ideal.

Furthermore, many bemoan the slow and incompetent customer support. Clinic managers and PTs in need of support might think this isn’t the right thing to do. The PT-specific Heno software streamlines the invoicing process. Customers in the past have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service.

5. Systems4PT

5. Systems4PT

Systems4PT is a constraint-free platform designed exclusively with physical therapists in mind. Billing, patient involvement, and documentation automation are some of its distinctive aspects. Systems4PT aims to minimize workloads, conjecture, and human error in practice management. It automatically enters data from patient intake forms and medical evaluations into your record. There’s no need to enter this information again because it’s already linked to your billing system.

Like StrataPT and Heno, Systems4PT asserts that this useful feature has a high percentage of customer reimbursement. Human intervention is not present in the system because it is automated. There isn’t a staff accessible to help with invoicing or collections for claims that are refused. Customer evaluations indicate that although Systems4PT has a high learning curve, the investment can end up being beneficial in the long run.

6. Acuity Scheduling

6. Acuity Scheduling

Compared to UWorld, which focuses on test preparation for medical professionals, Acuity Scheduling covers a wider range of clients. Its areas of competence include consultancy, beauty, wellness, and other industries. Acuity Scheduling’s main goal is to make the appointment booking process more efficient by providing a dependable and user-friendly platform for appointment scheduling and management.

To put it simply, Acuity Scheduling is a better alternative to UWorld, offering businesses and professionals a tailored solution to streamline their appointment scheduling and administration processes. Acuity Scheduling’s emphasis on ease of use, immediate availability alerts, effective appointment scheduling, and advanced payment options provide a comprehensive and user-focused online appointment management experience.

7. StrataEMR

1. Strat2aEMR

The first of our WebPT substitutes is StrataEMR, a piece of physical therapy software. We want to pay you using our PT platform, StrataEMR. Reimbursement via StrataEMR takes precedence over that of other PT EMRs. As previously said, most treatment software suppliers include RCM and billing to EMRs that are primarily focused on documentation. However, we do the opposite. StrataEMR evolved from a billing application to a PT platform. Every StrataEMR task, from patient intake to documentation, is planned to optimize income.

But what does that mean in real life?

As a result of incomplete or incorrect paperwork, WebPT or a rival may only pay up to 80% of reimbursement claims. The average reimbursement rate for StrataPT clients is greater than 99 percent. They receive payment faster as well. Using StrataPT, more than 95% of billings are paid back in 60–90 days. This is in contrast to the industry average of 75% paid in 120 days.

8. Noteable

8. Noteable

Notable’s comprehensive cloud-based solution, created especially for behavioral service providers, is notable. With its mobile data collection app and ABA Data Suite, it expedites and simplifies the process of collecting data during sessions in an ergonomic manner. Noteable’s unique partnership service and support strategy ensures that customer inquiries are promptly addressed and resolved. Customizable notes and reports, scheduling, telemedicine, electronic faxing, business analytics, client-centric navigation, and contextual reminders are all offered by Noteable. Organizations with several sites and activities are most suited for it.

9. Sevocity EHR

9. Sevocity EHR

Sevocity EHR markets itself as the best choice for clinics looking for ongoing expansion and assistance. Along with its top-rated implementation, Sevocity offers practices and providers personalized training and continuous customization. The platform has features like all-inclusive pricing and live assistance available around the clock, 365 days a year in the US. Sevocity EHR is dedicated to encouraging cooperation with medical professionals to successfully meet their evolving needs over time.

10. Clinicmaster

10. Clinicmaster

Clinicmaster claims to be the most complete practice management software on the market, including features and tools for effective clinic administration. Clinicmaster aims to offer a comprehensive solution by offering a wide range of features and making it easier to acquire superior third-party services. The platform provides clinicians all the necessary tools to run their clinics effectively and ensure overall success.

With a variety of features and functions, each of the aforementioned options fills a certain need in the healthcare software market. Among the many specialist features that these platforms offer to improve workflows and provide better patient care for businesses and the healthcare sector are behavioral analysis, electronic health records, and practice management.


Over 150,000 professionals from practices of various sizes and specializations trust WebPT, the top provider of software for outpatient rehabilitation treatment. This cloud-based platform has become synonymous with successful rehabilitation therapy management through the use of a unified and integrated system. It seeks to increase business and enhance care. WebPT demonstrates its dedication to accessibility with its cloud-based architecture. This enables physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to access the platform and its data from anywhere at any time. Accessibility improves coordination between patient care teams and third-party payer transactions.

Over the past 15 years, WebPT has expanded its range of goods and services in the field of rehabilitation treatment. The end product is the most complete, information-rich, and user-focused platform for outpatient rehabilitation therapy. To give medical professionals a comprehensive and efficient experience, WebPT offers a range of practice management tools in addition to its flagship Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, which boasts a 99% uptime. WebPT is at the forefront of outpatient rehabilitation therapy solutions thanks to its innovative design, dependable functionality, and user-centric approach. Benchmarks for patient care in rehabilitation therapy and practice management reflect the platform’s influence.


What sets WebPT apart in the software industry for outpatient rehabilitation therapy?

One of WebPT’s unique selling points is its long history, having served over 150,000 rehabilitation therapy practitioners. The system’s cloud-based platform improves accessibility, which in turn makes it easier for care teams to collaborate and for third-party payer transactions to occur.

For how long has WebPT been in operation, and what is its main focus?

When WebPT was established in 2008, its main goal was to provide outpatient rehabilitation therapy practitioners with comprehensive and easy-to-use software solutions. These solutions are intended to simplify corporate processes and enhance the provision of healthcare.

What characteristics distinguish WebPT from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system?

The remarkable 99% uptime percentage of WebPT’s flagship EMR reflects its reliability. It serves as a crucial component of the platform, enabling efficient practice administration.

What aspects of WebPT have changed during the past fifteen years?

Over the previous fifteen years, WebPT has consistently improved its services and goods, creating the most comprehensive, data-rich, and user-friendly platform now offered in the outpatient rehabilitation treatment market. This development shows a commitment to being at the forefront of innovations in the field.

Which advantages does the cloud-based application from WebPT specifically offer?

PTs, OTs, and SLPs may access the WebPT platform and its data anywhere and without limitations thanks to an application that is housed in the cloud. This not only promotes flexibility but also improves collaboration between patient care teams and seamless communication with third-party payers.

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