15 Best Virtual Event Platforms for 2023

Virtual Event Platforms

When it comes to online events of any type, whether you’re utilizing them as lead generation tools or to engage with your consumers more personally, a Virtual Event Platform is a key to success. A Virtual Event Platforms is a piece of software-as-a-service that lets users organize events online. The management of everything from event registration to marketing, ticketing, and surveys is made easier by these platforms. Many platforms also have social media features built-in that let people talk to each other while they are at an event. Use one of these 15 best virtual event platforms 2022 to set up your next online meeting or webinar.

15 Best Virtual Event Platforms for 2023

In recent years, there have been more and more the best Virtual Event Platforms, especially because live events can be hard to predict. This meant finding the best virtual event platform for event planners so that the platform could be used for many different kinds of events. It’s important to choose the best platform to meet all of these needs since many Virtual Event Platforms are turning into hybrid events where some people show up in person. We’ve put together a list of some of the best list of virtual event platforms to help you with your search.

What are “Virtual Event Platforms”?

Online events are hosted on the best free virtual event platforms using the list of virtual platforms. Using Virtual Event Platforms, event managers may manage events, arrange and coordinate event attendees, and hold online events for small and large audiences.

How Do I Choose a Platform for Virtual Event Platform?

Virtual Event Platforms can be difficult since they need far more participation and planning than an in-person event can. The following are some of the things you should consider while choosing a virtual event platform:

  • Interactivity: Does the platform have tools to encourage audience participation and interaction?
  • Event management: Many platforms have tools like schedules, invitations, and more that make it easy to run the event.
  • Flexibility: Since there are more hybrid and in-person events, virtual event platforms must be able to meet a wide range of needs without affecting the audience’s experience.
  • The platform should be able to be changed so that groups and teams can host branded events if they need to.
  • Many platforms also include a mobile event app to streamline organizing and arranging live events, adding value and convenience.
  • Simple: Many free virtual event platforms have easy-to-use features that make it seem like the event is real and get people more involved.

#1. Hubilo


Since it focuses on boosting engagement, the Hubilo platform works flawlessly when it comes to managing an excellent Virtual Event Platforms conference or event. Hubilo gives event planners the tools they need to create a great event environment and give attendees a great time.


  • Immersive elements
  • Customization
  • Access a worldwide audience.
  • Engaging resources
  • Integrations with marketing automation
  • analytics software

#2. Accelevents


Accelevents is a well-known Virtual Event Platform and hybrid event and a top event technology platform. It lets teams collect useful statistics that can be used to improve the event and help real human relationships form.


  • Features for registration and tickets
  • Meeting spaces for networking
  • Engaging resources
  • Privacy and security
  • includes live streaming.

#3. Eventhub


Many event experts utilize Eventhub to manage an event successfully. Hybrid Virtual Event Platforms, such as virtual booths and various integrations, are possible with Eventhub.


  • registration paperwork
  • Integrations of event marketing
  • Real-time virtual booths

#4. Hubb


Since Hubb allows event organizers an unparalleled ability to properly personalize the event, it is a very helpful platform for hosting successful Virtual Event Platforms.


  • characteristics for immersive experiences that are interactive.
  • Event automation
  • Live broadcasting
  • Expo halls with 3D virtual booths
  • Scalable

#5. Balloon


Balloon is one of the best platforms for Virtual Event Platform. It can be used to hold conferences, virtual fairs, team-building activities, and more.


  • Infinite levels
  • The ability to stream live
  • networking capabilities
  • Event adaptation
  • Integrations of business tools

#6. Zoom


One of the best virtual event platforms is Zoom, which is also one of the most frequently used choices for virtual event hosting. It provides a wide range of features to make live events and virtual exhibits simpler.


  • Separate rooms
  • Integrations of business tools
  • Analytics
  • A centralised virtual event platform
  • Features for registration and tickets

#7. Dreamcast


With a number of features that make it simple to arrange, plan, and manage successful events, Dreamcast is another virtual conference platform to take into consideration for your upcoming virtual event.


  • Access a worldwide audience.
  • Adaptable personalization
  • dependable technology
  • Multiformat engagement features
  • connecting devices

#8. VFairs


If you’re planning a big event, VFairs is without a doubt one of the best virtual event platforms to think about. VFairs is a wonderful option since it provides a variety of features and support for many event types.


  • Virtual worlds that are lifelike and immersive
  • Specific event characteristics
  • Accessibility
  • Virtual exposition halls
  • tool interactions

#9. 6Connex


Professional event managers will find 6Connex to be helpful. Planners of events can use the virtual events platform and 6Connex’s powerful features to put on immersive virtual events.


  • Permanent virtual spaces
  • Integrations of business tools
  • elements of engagement.
  • extensive privacy and security measures.
  • Insights and analytics

#10. Hopin


Hopin is a simple, easy-to-use tool for managing events that makes it possible to get people involved and improve the quality of events. It has a lot of useful features that make planning and running events easy and straightforward.


  • Virtual locations
  • Live feeds
  • immersive encounter
  • Event promotion
  • If required, on-site capability.

#11. Airmeet


Event organizers may host virtual events at scale with the support of Airmeet’s many useful features and functionalities. Airmeet has everything you need to run a successful event, whether it’s just a small group of people or people from all over the world.


  • Adaptable virtual spaces
  • Live streaming on YouTube and Facebook
  • Mobile capabilities to link audiences
  • Event and marketing planning
  • engaging booths

#12. Cvent


Virtual Event Platforms Cvent is a superb virtual event platform if you’re searching for greater freedom while managing virtual conferences. It can significantly improve corporate events. Businesses may easily move from virtual to in-person events since they offer a variety of event styles.


  • elements of engagement.
  • Event promotion content
  • monitoring of attendance.
  • Audience capabilities for mobile apps:
  • If required, on-site capability.
  • Individualization

#13. Whova


Another all-in-one platform for managing many kinds of events is Whova. Whether you’re organizing big events or small ones, Whova offers a broad reach and a variety of features.


  • Management of event app registration
  • Event planning
  • Event promotion resources
  • sponsored content
  • Engagement of the audience

#14. PheedLoop


Virtual Event Platforms Running both big and small events is simple and straightforward with PheedLoop. PheedLoop supports a broad range of event types based on business requirements and includes robust automation tools to make event management less time-consuming.


  • Live streaming tools for managing registrations
  • Web and mobile applications for managing attendees at events
  • Real-time video booths
  • Audience participation analytics

#15. Socio


Virtual Event Platforms Socio’s strong ability to engage and interest people makes it easy for businesses to put together an event quickly. Thanks to its slick design and simple user interface, Socio has grown to be a well-liked virtual event platform among both large and small enterprises.


  • Full-service event management
  • Interactive elements that draw in the audience
  • If required, on-site capability.
  • Virtual communities are included in the networking features.
  • Adaptable mobile event app
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