uBreakiFix: Your Go-To Repair Service for Electronic Devices

uBreakiFix: Your Go-To Repair Service for Electronic Devices

Originally founded in 2009 following a broken iPhone incident, uBreakiFix has expanded from a modest eBay store to a network of more than 571 stores across the US and Canada. Dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction, uBreakiFix has serviced over 8.44 million devices, specializing in smartphone, tablet, computer, and gaming console repairs.

uBreakiFix’s goal is to offer expert repairs for gaming consoles, tablets, computers, and smartphones. Partnering with Google and Samsung, they guarantee repairs using premium components that meet manufacturer specs. Their 90-day warranty on all repairs helps consumers relax and supports their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

To differentiate themselves in the repair business, uBreakiFix emphasizes dependability, transparency, and simplicity. Their store network uses a straightforward online platform to help consumers locate nearby service centers. uBreakiFix provides quick, reasonably priced services, whether consumers require diagnostic services, battery repairs, or screen replacements.

uBreakiFix maintains devices in perfect condition so consumers can stay connected and efficient as technology becomes increasingly relevant in daily life. uBreakiFix is a reliable partner for consumers and businesses because of its customer-centric approach, extensive service offerings, and dedication to innovation.

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  • Customer-Centric Policies
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What is uBreakiFix?

A broken phone helped inspire uBreakiFix. As he pulled his brand-new iPhone 3G from the box in 2009, Justin Wetherill broke the screen. Justin and co-founder David Reiff came to see from this experience that quality repair services were needed. Through an eBay store, the pair started providing iPhone glass repairs at a $79.99 flat-rate charge.

Together with assistance from a third co-founder, Eddie Trujillo, the three opened their first retail location in Orlando, Florida, later in 2009. Since then, the business now boasts 571 stores spread across the United States and Canada. Starting in 2009, uBreakiFix has fixed 8.44 million devices for 6.69 million consumers.

What Offerings Does uBreakiFix Have?

uBreakiFix can manage your repair needs for a range of different devices, including tablets, computers, game consoles, and cell phones. They even have alliances with some important firms, like Google and Samsung. You should not hesitate to bring your Apple iPhone in for repair; uBreakiFix has stated they still specialize in iPhone screen repair.

uBreakiFix promotes the ability to provide expert, usually same-day repair services. Among the more frequently carried out repairs are battery and screen replacements. uBreakiFix can also handle problems including damaged speakers, HDMI ports, charging ports, water damage, and more.

What Offerings Does uBreakiFix Have?

How to Find uBreakiFix Near Me

It’s quick and simple to locate a uBreakiFix nearby. Use these easy steps to find a uBreakiFix store whether you need your phone, tablet, laptop, or another electronic device fixed:

  1. Using your web browser, go to the official uBreakiFix website.
  2. Visit the Store Locator feature on the website.
  3. Enter your city, state, or ZIP code into the search box found on the store locator page. On your device, you can also activate location services to automatically find surrounding stores.
  4. Enter your location, and the website will show a list of uBreakiFix stores close by. Each listing typically includes the store hours, phone number, and address.
  5. Review the list of surrounding businesses and decide which one, in terms of location and running hours, would be most handy for you.
  6. Use the provided phone number to contact the store if you have specific questions or require more information about services provided at a given location.
  7. Visit the store: Once you have chosen a uBreakiFix site, stop by during business hours. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be ready to help with your device repair needs.

Why choose uBreakiFix?

With more than 571 repair stores across the country, you should not have much trouble locating a place near your house or place of employment. That by itself is a good starting point for your search for uBreakiFix for repair needs. Still, a close location marks only the beginning. uBreakiFix provides the following as well:

  • Free Diagnostics: Some repairs are clear-cut, like a broken screen, but uBreakiFix will identify the problem for free in cases when you’re not sure what is wrong.
  • Low Price Guarantee: uBreakiFix not only provides a low price guarantee but will also surpass the stated price by $5.
  • 90-Day Warranty: A 90-day part and labor warranty backs up every repair job. Should you have any problems with the repair work within ninety days, uBreakiFix will take care of it at no further cost.
  • Official Partnerships: Official partnerships between uBreakiFix, Samsung, and Google mean that your repair will be finished using techs with specific training and components supplied either by Samsung or Google.

uBreakiFix also provides business, educational, and other organizational partnerships. These connections make it possible to offer bulk discounts, as well as staff and student discounts. These alliances also include free diagnostics and estimates, a 90-day guarantee, and no monthly fees.

Hassle-Free Returns and Special Holiday Policy

Should you be dissatisfied with a uBreakiFix purchase, their open return policy guarantees seamless procedures. Most products can be returned in original condition with evidence of purchase within 30 days. Contact customer service for help and decide whether to accept a refund or replacement made using the original payment method.

Hassle-Free Returns and Special Holiday Policy

What did they offer?

They fix a wide variety of electronic devices at uBreakiFix® by Asurion so that your tech is always in great shape. Our experts are ready to help you with any device—phone, tablet, laptop, or another gadget. Here’s a closer look at the kinds of gadgets they can fix for you:

Dealing with an Xbox, PC, or broken iPhone?

Till it breaks, technology is amazing. That is where Asurion’s uBreakiFix® comes in. Our professionals can quickly and reasonably fix game consoles, computers, and cell phones. Having fixed almost 3 million devices, we can make yours run like brand-new. Our 1-year limited warranty and price match guarantee guarantee happiness.

Tablet Correction and Clean-Up

For many people, tablets are indispensable. For most devices, our technicians provide same-day repairs, including OEM components. See an uBreakiFix® by Asurion location for a no-obligation diagnosis and quote. We will promptly get your tablet back in operating order.

Glass for Smartphones: Repair and More

Dropping your phone can break internal components or ruin the screen. Our free diagnostic tool finds the problem, and our knowledgeable staff repairs your gadget, keeping you informed. Your phone is in good hands based on our 1-year limited warranty and Apple, Samsung, and Google-verified repair provider status.

Mac and PC Fixing

Everyday life depends on your computer. Our staff offers free diagnostics and no-obligation estimates and handles all brands and problems. We guarantee quick access back online by offering quality repairs at the best rates.

More than just cracked screen repairs

Asurion’s uBreakiFix® addresses repairs for many different kinds of devices. Working with many brands and operating systems, our technicians guarantee premium service with a 1-year limited warranty and best price guarantee. Don’t accept poor performance; see us for all your tech repair requirements.

Game Console repairs

Is your console behaving as it should? From Xbox HDMI ports to PS4 shutdowns, our experts quickly and reasonably fix problems. Bring your console in for an estimate on free diagnostics and repairs. We’ll have you back in gaming, not too far off.

1-year Restricted Warranty

Every repair comes with a 1-year limited warranty, good anywhere. Exceptions apply for OEM warranty liquid damage or repairs.

uBreakiFix Customer Service

Should you have questions or require more help with uBreakiFix’s return policy, their experienced customer service staff is ready to assist. You can contact them using the following choices:

  • Phone: uBreakiFix offers a specific customer service phone line for questions and assistance. For fast help, you can call 1-877-320-2237.
  • Email: Alternatively, you might email their customer support staff at [email protected]. They strive to answer questions within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Website: Visit their official website at www.ubreakifix.com for further information and to investigate uBreakiFix’s extensive array of goods and services.

Top Sites Like uBreakiFix

If you’re exploring alternatives to uBreakiFix, consider these similar repair services:

1. Cell Phone Repair (CPR)

Provides repair for gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, and cell phones nationwide with walk-in and mail-in repair choices.

2. iCracked

Offers on-demand repair services for tablets and smartphones with a network of approved experts across the USA.

3. SquareTrade

Provides extended warranties and protection plans for electronics, including repair services and device replacements.

4. Phone Medic

Specializes in tablet and smartphone repairs, with locations mostly in the Midwest.

5. Geek Squad

Best Buy’s comprehensive tech support and repair service for smartphones, tablets, computers, and home appliances.

6. Fixit Mobile

Offers repair services for computers, tablets, and cell phones with multiple locations in Utah and Arizona.

7. Device Savers

Provides quality repairs and fast turnaround times for computers, tablets, and cell phones at several locations in the USA.

8. DrPhoneFix

Offers fast and consistent repair services for computers, tablets, and cellphones at multiple USA locations.

9. Quick Mobile Fix

Based in the UK, it provides repair services for computers, tablets, and smartphones with mail-in options.

10. Cellairis

Offers repair services for computers, tablets, and cell phones in the USA and Canada.

11. Smartphone Medic

Provides fast repair services for tablets and smartphones in the Midwest USA.

12. Staymobile

Offers walk-in and mail-in repair services for computers, tablets, and cell phones.

13. Phone Doctor

Specializes in tablet and smartphone repairs, with multiple locations in Canada.

14. Gadget Fix

Provides repair services for gaming consoles, tablets, and cellphones at multiple locations in the USA.

15. Gophermods

Specializes in gaming console, tablet, and smartphone repairs with locations in Minnesota and mail-in services nationwide.

Hassle-Free Returns and Special Holiday Policy


Among other providers of electronic device repair services around the country, uBreakiFix stands out. uBreakiFix provides a broad spectrum of repair options for smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles with a dedication to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction. Their fast turnaround times, knowledgeable technicians, and use of premium parts guarantee that consumers may rely on their devices in capable hands. uBreakiFix offers dependable fixes to get devices back running smoothly, whether the problem is a cracked screen, battery life, or software malfunction.

FAQs Concerning uBreakiFix

1. What types of devices does uBreakiFix repair?

uBreakiFix specializes in fixing tablets, smartphones, computers (PC and Mac), and gaming consoles, including Xbox and PlayStation.

2. How long does a repair at uBreakiFix usually take?

The type of repair required and the availability of parts will affect repair times. Many repairs—including screen replacements—can be finished in a few hours.

3. Does uBreakiFix use original manufacturer parts?

Using premium parts—which could be certified alternatives or original manufacturer parts—uBreakiFix prioritizes quality and dependability.

4. What warranty covers repairs made by uBreakiFix?

Every uBreakiFix repair comes with a 1-year limited warranty covering labor and components. This warranty guarantees peace of mind should problems develop following the repair.

5. Do I need an appointment for repairs at uBreakiFix?

uBreakiFix offers both walk-in and appointment-based repair services for convenience.

6. How does uBreakiFix handle water-damaged devices?

uBreakiFix provides diagnostic and repair services for water-damaged devices. Their experts evaluate the damage and provide repair options based on the device’s condition.

7. Can I get a quote before starting a repair at uBreakiFix?

Yes, uBreakiFix offers free diagnostics and estimates for all repairs. Consumers receive a clear breakdown of repair options and costs before proceeding.

8. Is uBreakiFix an authorized repair provider for major brands?

Yes, uBreakiFix is an authorized service provider for Samsung and Google and a verified Apple repair provider, ensuring repairs meet manufacturer standards.

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