Top IPTorrents Proxy Mirror Sites to Unblocked

Because IPTorrents Proxy sites provide content that would otherwise have cost money to download or watch available for free, their popularity is growing every day. However, there are hazards associated with providing free content. Using torrent websites puts your device’s security at risk.

Despite the fact that all torrent websites are the same, some of them are really distinct. While the majority of torrent websites provide access for free without requiring registration, some do demand registration, account setup, and sign-in. Others, though, are exclusively accessible by invitation. One such invite-only torrent site is this, which you can only access if another site member extends an invitation to join. You may sign up for the site, become a member, and start downloading torrents as soon as you receive the invitation link.

What is IPTorrents?

IPTorrents Proxy

Download any kind of stuff for free from it, a torrent website. However, you may only visit this site and download anything once a member of the community issues you an invitation. Because of this, you can only visit this website if someone issues you an invitation. To view this site’s material, you must become a member. You may become a member by accepting an invitation. After accepting the invitation, you may register.

Because of the site’s low user count and lack of bugs, all activities may be completed quickly. Compared to other torrent websites, it is over ten times quicker. This website offers only premium, verified material. Since it is consistently updated with fresh releases, you may download even the most recent material. It offers effective filters that make it easy for visitors to locate their chosen material quickly. Additionally, its features a credit system. If the user accrues additional credits, they will be able to use this bandwidth for uploading.

Despite being a relatively private torrent service, IPTorrent is prohibited in the majority of nations due to its illegal content. Users in these nations can utilise the site’s proxy connections and VPN to access it.

Is It legal?

Unlike other well-known torrent sites, Its Proxy is a very secure and private torrent site. However, it is not regarded as lawful because it offers pirated content. Even while it might not directly leak copyrighted material, it does provide already-pirated material. Because piracy is an illegal activity, several nations view it as being unlawful.

Features of IPTorrents

Since it is an original torrent site, its features are also fairly distinctive from those of other torrent sites. The following are its features:

  • Its inability to be accessed simply by browsing the website is one of its most powerful but distinctive qualities. Only one person can obtain a membership to this site after receiving an invitation from someone else. Therefore, unlike other torrent sites, not everyone can access this site directly.
  • You must register and set up an account after you have a membership on this website. As a result, it differs greatly from other torrent websites.
  • Only verified and paid material is included. As a result, this website poses no concern from malware.
  • This website functions well.
  • It is also very user-friendly and has a great user interface.
  • Its frequent updating with fresh torrent files and releases may be one of its strongest qualities. The subscribers don’t have to wait too long to get their preferred stuff as a result.
  • Additionally, it includes a credit system, which is another distinctive feature you won’t find on other torrent websites. Members accrue credits, and they can use these credits to upload bandwidth.
  • On it, a variety of material genres are offered.
  • On the homepage of this website, there is a search box where you may look through your favourite stuff.

How to unblock IPTorrents?

Due to their illegal method of content acquisition, most torrent websites are blocked, and it is no exception. Consequently, It is also a site that has been blocked. Well, there are simple ways to unblock it. You can either use a VPN server to unblock it or a proxy website. Both approaches will be effective.
The VPN, on the other hand, is a much safer and less dangerous option as it masks your IP address and location to prevent tracking. You must first install the VPN software, launch it, and connect to the most reliable server offered there in order to connect to the VPN server. Typically, the strongest server is the one with the lowest ping. Another simple method is to use any of its proxy links. These links act as a connecting point for users and the original website. You can quickly and quietly download all of your favourite content using proxy links.

Working IPTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites List

Is It safe to use?

According to it, it only offers premium, certified content, making it secure to use. However, it is still a torrent service that gathers its content from unidentified sources. Additionally, the majority of its content is pirated. There is therefore a possibility that it contains viruses and malware that are hazardous.

As a result, it cannot be assumed that its usage is entirely risk-free. Although it may be considerably safer than other torrent sites, it is not completely secure. This is used by millions of people worldwide to unblock it their favourite websites. In order to unlock it, a proxy site must be completely operational. You can visit the URLs that are given below.

  • https://ipt.rock
  • Iptorrent unblock proxy
  • US Proxy

IPTorrents Alternatives

Similar websites to this are extremely rare. Movies, TV series, games, software, music, and other content that is unavailable on other websites may all be found on one platform in it. Although some of its illicit substitutes are somewhat comparable to it, they are not as secure. But more crucially, it itself and its illicit counterparts are 10 times worse than its legal alternatives. Its lawful alternatives are completely safe from viruses, malware, and data theft. Therefore, it is preferable to utilise legal download methods rather than IP Torrents and its illicit substitutes.

1. BitMe

E-learning, training, instructional videos, technical, self-help, or other instructional e-books or audiobooks, e-novels, documentaries (covering PBS, BBC, and Discovery documentaries), college lectures and courses, design plugins, web design templates, stock photos/images/fonts, and multimedia production volumes/models, An e-learning tracker is BitMe.ORG.

2. Redacted – Private Music Torrents

Redacted has it all: single songs, complete discographies, and entire albums. An extensive range of musical genres and styles are covered by the relatively young website Redacted. With more than a million torrents and 27K users, it is one of the most well-known private music trackers. You’ll be ready for music if you can send out an invitation, then.

3. What.CD

What cd.png

What. The most costly private music player is a CD. However, similar to PTP, What, their main page is intriguing and tempts you to sign up. CD has consistently performed superbly. It’s a good thing that this website hasn’t altered all that much throughout the years. It will last for a very long time.

4. Bibliotik


Private E-book torrents are well-known there. It has 7000 active members and around 300,000 torrents. In a wide range of disciplines, Bibliotik offers a substantial collection of well-known, historic, and uncommon books.

5. PassThePopcorn 


It is not the only movie torrent website you will ever need; there is also PassPopcorn. Every available movie is available in high definition, including well-known foreign blockbusters, classic movies, and popular movies. With over 380K torrents and 35K subscribers, it is one of the biggest private movie torrent sites online.



TV Torrents is another another top-notch TV tracker. The shows are categorised and arranged according to name, status, and category. Another excellent TV tracker is TV Torrents. The shows are arranged according to name, if they are running, and genre. Over 162K torrents are available on this private tracker, which also boasts a vibrant 50K user base.

7. AnimeBytes


With over 141K torrents to choose from and over 16K users, AnimeBytes is a significant private torrent service. Look no farther than AnimeBytes if you’re seeking for a series that isn’t accessible on public torrent sites.


Despite being illegal, it is significantly safer than other torrent websites. As a result, because legitimate sites are completely secure to use, we advise consumers to select them while downloading content. Furthermore, despite how useful they may be, this guide does not advocate the use of torrent websites.

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