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In the course of recent months, various Surface Laptop 3 clients have alert about a strange issue – their PC’s screen split with no outside harm or fall that they could recall. Influenced clients shared pictures of a hairline split showing up on the screen with no mishaps happening at all.

Indeed, Microsoft has now taken insight of the precipitously splitting Surface Laptop 3 presentation issue and is without offering fix for all units. Also, clients who have paid for a screen substitution in the wake of seeing a comparable issue can apply for a repayment.


In a post on the authority Microsoft bolster discussion, the organization specifies that it has researched cases of split Surface Laptop 3 screens. In the wake of experiencing the objections, Microsoft has come to the end result that “a hard outside molecule may cause a hairline crack in the glass that may appear to show up out of the blue or without noticeable reason.”

Be that as it may, the organization clarified this just occurs on account of few Surface Laptop 3 units. Reasons and ends aside, Microsoft has reported that it will offer free fix for all units that are still under guarantee. With respect to the clients who paid for it, the organization will repay them for the fix charge.


While offering free fix and repaying the individuals who have just paid for it is unquestionably a decent move, yet it is appropriate just for units still under guarantee. For Surface Laptop 3 units out of guarantee, the expense of fix is very high. In the words one such shocking client, he needed to pay a faltering $700 to get the presentation supplanted on his machine.

“We have explored cases of the screen breaking on Surface Laptop 3 and have verified that, in a little level of cases, a hard outside molecule may cause a hairline crack in the glass that may appear to show up out of the blue or without noticeable reason,”


Clients took the issue to Microsoft Community Forum and Reddit [1,2] and according to ZDNet this issue has been experienced distinctly in Surface Laptop 3 gadgets with aluminum cases, not those secured with Alcantara texture.

Despite the fact that the boundless of this issue was indistinct, the higher number of reports caused concern and consequently in February, 2020 Microsoft started examination for the equivalent and now the organization has reacted freely clarifying the conceivable reason for the issue.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is the most recent emphasis of the gadget and propelled in October of 2019. A few proprietors of the PC have detailed seeing hairline breaks arbitrarily create on the screen. Recently, Microsoft affirmed the screen breaking issue by means of its Surface Support page and has expressed that it will fix screens that split, in specific conditions, at no expense to the proprietor. Proprietors of affected Surface Laptop 3 PCs who paid cash based for fixes will be repaid for that cost.

With respect to what made the screens split apparently all of a sudden, Microsoft wrote in the help update that it had decided in an “extremely little rate” of cases, a “hard remote molecule” could cause a hairline break in the glass. The breaks “may appear to show up out of the blue or without noticeable reason,” as indicated by the help page.

Microsoft welcomes any Surface Laptop 3 proprietor who accepts they are encountering this issue to contact Microsoft Support to start the free fix process. One potential admonition is that any fix must be made inside the guarantee time frame for the PC. Proprietors who have recently paid cash based to have screen splits fixed can utilize the Microsoft Support page to find out about conceivable repayment.

The repayment and free fix program is available to proprietors of both 13.5-inch and 15-inch variants of the Surface Laptop 3. Beginning reports of unconstrained screen breaking surfaced in February 2020, demonstrating the splits were related with machines highlighting aluminum cases. The breaking issue didn’t seem to affect PCs with Alcantara texture covering.

Apparently, the “hard outside particles” that caused the screen breaks were by one way or another presented during assembling, and the issue has been helped. Microsoft has offered no knowledge into what caused the presentation of remote particles. Naming shows for the Surface line are fairly confounding. The Surface Laptop 3 isn’t to be mistaken for the Surface Book 3 that propelled a week ago; they are various gadgets. Microsoft likewise propelled a refreshed Surface Go 2 alongside new sound items a week ago.

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