Top 11 Apple Pencil Alternatives You Can Buy

Apple introduced the Apple Pencil alongside its iPad Pro lineup, and ever considering that then, both customers and professionals around the sector have been making use of the device for a variety of creative applications. The Apple Pencil gives a variety of functionality and a completely unique experience, The likes of which haven’t been seen inside the marketplace earlier than. but, the Apple Pencil is quite costly, Because of this there are a ton of iPad owners who are looking for styluses similar to Apple Pencil. if you’re looking out a worthy Apple Pencil alternative , Right here are the top 12 Apple Pencil alternatives that you may buy inside the marketplace in 2020.

Best Apple Pencil Alternatives You Can Buy in 2020

1. Logitech Crayon


Logitech Crayon is the only Apple-approved Apple Pencil alternatives for anyone who is looking for something cheaper. Apple showcased the Logitech Crayon in its Education event which took place last year. Since it’s approved by Apple, the Logitech Crayon will work seamlessly with your iPad. It also offers one of the best palm rejection experience which is far better than all the cheaper Apple Pencil alternatives mentioned in this article. The Crayon also offers an impressive 7 hours of battery life. I love that the Logitech Crayon brings tilt support which makes it easier to draw shades. That said, it lacks the pressure sensitivity of Apple Pencil. Finally, just like Apple Pencil, the Logitech Crayon supports fast charging giving you 30 minutes of usage with just 2 minutes of charge. The Crayon also work with all the supported Apple Pencil apps. Overall, this is one of the best Apple Pencil alternatives which is also officially supported by Apple that you can buy.

2. Wacom CS610PK Bamboo Sketch

If there is a premium stylus that can make a good match with Apple Pencil’s precision, Wacom CS610PK. Featuring a pressure-sensitive fine tip, CS610PKtip excels in both drawing and sketching aspects. The ergonomic triangular design coupled with a soft-touch surface offers a much-improved grip so that you can comfortably hold your digital pen. Other notable features are the two Bluetooth-enabled shortcut buttons and the option to choose from different fine nibs to let you sketch with precision. On top of all, CS610PKtip works with a range of apps including note-taking, drawing, and photo-editing. Given these notable features, the $80 price-tag seems reasonable.

3. Adonit Pro 3

The Adonit Pro 3 is another great option that you can go for, which makes use of a precision disc instead of a fiber tip for added stability. The not-so-smart stylus doesn’t offer any Bluetooth connectivity or pressure sensitivity options like the aforementioned options, so it isn’t really meant for professionals, but it works perfectly well with all touchscreen devices, making it a handy tool for casual users who’re looking for a basic stylus. The stylus comes with a magnetic cap, which protects the precision disc while the stylus is not in use and it has a textured grip etched onto the barrel making it really comfortable to hold. The stylus has a very unique clip to keep it securely in your pocket and it’s all-aluminum build ensures that the stylus has a long life.The circular disc on the stylus is also replaceable, so you wouldn’t have to worry about buying a new stylus in case it breaks.

4. anngrowy

Looking at anngrowy stylus, all I can say is that it can prove to be handy for basic drawing and sketching. Featuring sturdy aluminum construction, the digital pen is durable enough endure wear and tear. Besides, the rubber tip with 0.7mm thickness further improves durability. Thanks to the 1mm black medium refill, the nib feels smoother. Thus, drawing images or taking notes will feel smooth sailing. Better still, anngrowy supports all capacitive touchscreen devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. So, irrespective of which device you have, you can sketch or draw without having to face incompatibility issues.

5. yoyomax

Sporting an ergonomic design, yoyomax feels like a real pen for writing and drawing. So, if you want a stylus to have a much-improved gripping, keep this one in mind. The digital pen features an aluminum frame that endows it a modern look. And with the 1.5mm fine tip, it is more responsive and offers precise accuracy. Furthermore, it doesn’t need a Bluetooth connection to pair with your device. You can simply turn it on and start using it on any capacitive touch screen devices including your iPhone, iPad and even Android devices, unlike Apple Pencil that works only with iPads. And that’s exactly what makes this digital pen one of the best alternatives to Apple Pencil.


6. Zspeed

Zspeed’s stylus sports a pretty lightweight and sleek design. And with the anti-slip hold, the pen feels like a real pen. Made of high-quality copper, it’s strong enough to be a lasting companion for your device. The inclusion of 1.45 fine tip enhances the accuracy, enabling you to take notes and sketch with precision. Moreover, the stylus pen comes with a magnetic closure cap to safeguard the USB port against dirt and damage. When it runs out of power, you can also use the sensitive fiber mesh tip or rubber tip to get your work done. Talking about battery life, Zspeed is second to none as it can last up to 12 hours.

7. Milemont

I rate this offering from Milemont very highly as it has got almost all the features to be your favorite creative tool. For starters, the stylus pen has an impressive ergonomic design that provides a better grip which enhances your drawing, sketching, and note-taking experience. Thanks to the ultra-fine pen point, Milemont offers an accurate selection without any lagging. Therefore, you can select tiny icons and click small alphabets without any hassle. Design-wise, Milemont looks quite similar to Apple Pencil and comes in two colors: black and white.

8. MEKO Universal Disc Stylus

Much like the Mixoo 2-in-1 stylus, the MEKO Universal Disc stylus comes with two tip options – a fiber tip for smooth input and a disc tip for more precision. The not-so-smart stylus doesn’t have any connectivity options or a pressure sensitive tip, but it works with all touch screen devices without fail. Since there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the styluses from Mixoo and MEKO, your decision will primarily depend on your grip preference. Much like the Mixoo stylus, the one from MEKO has a rubberized grip, but its body is a bit on the thicker side. So in case you’re someone who prefers a thicker pen, it’s quite likely that you’ll prefer the MEKO stylus over the Mixoo stylus. The MEKO stylus package also comes with two styluses and six replaceable tips that you can interchange as per your needs.

9. ChaoQ Mesh Fiber Tip Stylus

If you’re not a fan of the precision disc styluses and are more inclined towards using a stylus with a fiber tip, then you can opt for the ChaoQ Mesh fiber tip stylus, which offers a more natural feel, while sacrificing on the precision aspect of the input. Once again, the fiber tip stylus from ChaoQ offers no smart features or pressure sensitivity, but it works with all touch screen devices, so you wouldn’t have to worry about compatibility. The simple yet functional stylus is great for casual users who’re just looking for an input device that’s a bit more precise than their finger. What’s really great that you’ll get a pack of four styluses with eight replaceable tips, four of which are rubber tips, making it a great buy for the family or if you’re too forgetful.

10. iBart

Another digital pen that can stake the claim of being a useful Apple Pencil alternative and that too at the fraction of the price is iBart. And the 4.5 stars out of 5 from more than 13K ratings also suggests that it has proved to be a reasonably good digital pen disputing being priced at just $8. So, what makes iBart worth consideration. For starters, it has a fiber mesh tip that delivers pin-point accuracy which makes it more convenient for you to sketch with the needed proficiency. And with the corrosion-resistant aluminum body, it’s also got the essential durability to last longer.

11. Ciscle Disc Stylus

The Ciscle Disc Stylus is also a lot like the drawing stylus from CADA, as it makes use of a precision disc to offer better flexibility and accuracy in use. The stylus has no smart features and it doesn’t offer a pressure sensitive tip, but it’s compatible with all touch screen devices so you wouldn’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. Once again, the main difference between the styluses from CADA and Ciscle lies in their build, as both styluses offers a significantly different design and grip, which cater to different people. In case you’re looking for a more premium feeling stylus, then you can go for the Ciscle Disc Stylus which is made up of anodized aluminum with a smooth finish. The stylus comes with two replacement tips, so that you can easily replace them in case the tip breaks while in use.

Try These Apple Pencil Alternatives

That rounds up our list of the Apple Pencil alternatives to be had inside the marketplace nowadays. While some of these options offer a ton of features like the Apple Pencil,, some of them are simply equipment that you could use to engage along with your touch display screen devices in acontrolled and accurate way. I think each person can discover a suitable replacement for Apple Pencil right here. but, if you have decided to stick with Apple Pencil, take a look at out the best Apple Pencil accessories to get the maximum out of it.

That’s all from us. Which of these Apple Pencil alternatives do you want the most? Do you think a number of those styluses match up to the functionality offered by way of the Apple Pencil or does none of them even come near the Apple Pencil experience? Let us know in the comments section below.


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