Top 10 Best Video conferencing software in 2021

Video conferencing software

Thanks to globalization, video conferencing software device demand has expanded over the last five years. With the latest coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), several companies have asked their workers to operate from home. You and your team can work efficiently together or with customers and partners, no matter where they are located, with a Video conferencing solution.

Video conferencing has become an essential method for virtual meetings and conferences under the prevailing conditions, and finding the most appropriate one is of paramount importance.

What is Videoconferencing Software?

Video conferencing systems are a form of technology that helps to launch and host multi-party video-based communication. File sharing may include file-sharing capabilities, an online video recorder, messaging systems, shared whiteboards, community chats, screen sharing capabilities, and other communication-based instruments.

It’s a scientific fact that communication is more effective when you can see the individual you’re talking to. For example, seeing the other person’s facial expressions makes it easy to tell an extreme request from an offhand statement or a joke. But for an efficient face-to-face meeting when ideo conferencing software and communication facilities are readily available, you don’t have to brave airports and public spaces. You may meet one-on-one or as a squad, no matter how scattered the team members are, with a desktop webcam or mobile device. We have put together the leading tech frameworks for conferencing, all capable of delivering high-quality Video and full-featured collaboration tools. While several of these Video conferencing services also have live streaming and webinar features, virtual meetings mainly focus here.

Best Video conferencing software in 20201


By delivering the most powerful and feature-rich applications of all of its rivals, Zoom has become a household name for Video conferencing. “For a reason, Zoom is the mammoth in space,” says Lance Cummins, president of Nectafy, a content marketing agency.

While there have been concerns about Zoom’s security, for those who want secure HD video and audio and powerful features such as advanced permissions and host controls, virtual backgrounds, and more, it currently remains the best choice. Zoom is also a fantastic tool for webinars and other major group meetings to be held. The free option allows up to 100 attendees to meet for 40 minutes (or unlimited time for one-on-one calls). Paid plans start at $14.99 per host month and allow up to 24 hour long meetings, personal meeting IDs, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s Teams were networking, and collaboration platform provides increasingly impressive Video conferencing capabilities for companies that use Microsoft software. Skype for Companies, which is absorbed into the more extensive Teams network, replaces Teams. With up to 10,000 attendees, users can hold audio, video, web conferences, or live events.

Teams are integrated with the product line of Microsoft Office 365 and provides features such as in-meeting chat, videos, previous meeting notes, collaborative skills, scheduling assistance, and more. For the Business Premium plan, including Teams, Swap, OneDrive cloud storage, SharePoint, Yammer, and Stream, pricing begins at $12.50 per user per month.


BlueJeans ideo conferencing software is a cloud-based conference software that blends a rich collection of features with simplicity. You can launch meetings from a browser without the need for app downloads. Screen sharing, whiteboards, videos, and chat are features. BlueJeans integrates with common platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google’s G Suite for collaboration. Annual plans begin at $9.99 per host, with 50 participants per meeting per month.


To run an effective virtual business meeting, this platform has all the required resources virtually. GoToMeeting stands out for its exceptional quality of calls, robust functionality, and exemplary customer service. This tool provides a quick, simple and secures online professional meeting solution that allows customers to click a button to see each other, exchange presentations and chat with colleagues and customers. Among other items, this program enables the computer’s contents to be exchanged when having an online conversation.

With an annual payment, the standard kit costs $14 per month or $12 per month and allows up to 150 participants. A business plan tier costs $19 per month (or $16 when charged annually), which raises the number of participants to 250, whereas the Enterprise plan will accommodate up to 3,000 participants.

Webex Meeting

Webex, a stalwart of big companies, is the conference solution for Cisco. It incorporates voice calling and web video conferencing.

Thanks to its newly revamped free plan, users can host up to 100 members with no restrictions on meeting time or number of calls. It includes meeting controls and communication software, dial-in numbers, and 1 GB of cloud storage; Webex Meetings is now an excellent choice for organizations of all sizes. Pricing begins at $13.50 per host per month for teams who want more features, such as recordings and administrative controls.


Slack is a viral networking and collaboration tool for teams of all sizes, but it also provides built-in Video conferencing.

Although Slack’s Video conferencing features are weaker than standalone Video conferencing solutions, for Slack customers who want to get on a video call quickly, they give the right choice. Slack also provides screen sharing and annotation features that allow participants to draw on each other’s screens. This function can be useful for collaborative work by remote teams.

Owl labs meetings owl

OWL Laboratories offers an excellent physical tool for in-office Video conferencing though not a software program: Meeting Owl. Meeting Owl is a smart meeting room video conferencing camera that records 360-degree Video and audio and moves the camera automatically to concentrate on whoever is speaking. The effect is that remote participants feel like they are sitting with the rest of the team in the session.

When you need to set up a video call as quickly and conveniently as possible, Join. I is a great alternative. Without installing any software or scheduling a meeting, users can instantly build and share a connection to a personal meeting space. The user-friendly interface allows for one-click screen sharing but lacks other options with comprehensive features. Plans start at 10 dollars a month; there is a free trial available.

Google hangouts

Google Hangouts, which provides individuals with free video calls, and the business video conferencing tool from Google, is also completely integrated with G Suite. Hangouts Meet is free for all G Suite users who can create meetings Google Calendar with up to 100 participants.

Although Hangouts Meet (currently rebranded to Google Meet) lags behind Zoom in overall functionality, it offers communication resources such as screen sharing and dial-in numbers for those joining by phone. It also runs entirely in the browser, so no other software needs to be downloaded by users.


Pexip is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to incorporate conventional video systems, communication solutions from Microsoft and Google, and business-grade Video conferencing and calling solutions that work with any device. It is one of the best web conference solutions available right now and one of the leading providers of video meeting interoperability solutions.

To make the use of web browsers to join Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business meetings, Google Hangouts Meetings, and regular Video conferencing meetings, it natively uses WebRTC, the worldwide standard for real-time video communications on the internet.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you do, there is a Video conferencing solution out there for you, whether it’s education, e-commerce, or something else. Everything that you need to do is dissect the needs of your company.

Think about whether the odd group chat is what you need. An essential tool, then, is right for you. You may want instant messaging, cloud storage, and other add-ons as an option. In that scenario, a more competitive choice is required. On a more granular level, you’ll also want to think about your company activities. Does your team, for example, usually use Chrome? Or are iOS devices used to hold several virtual meetings? Some resources will be omitted, and others suggested by the answers to specific questions.

Reach out to sales teams once you have a shortlist and ask for product samples and data packs. We are optimistic that our broad set of features will place us on your shortlist, so why not arrange a demonstration with one of our advisors and see if you are right for RingCentral?

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