Tips to Boost Salesforce Productivity in 2021 and Beyond

Sales is a highly competitive environment, which also should be processed in a fast-paced and goal-oriented manner. Remember, it is important to keep your sales teams very efficient, and it is important to look for all ways to keep those teams productive when you need the most to ensure consistent results. There are plenty of technological tools available to help boost sales by supporting the sales team’s activities.

Among these sales and operations management tools, Salesforce is one of the best options for enterprises of all sizes to choose from. As you know, sales teams are only effective as the team is efficient, so it is important to focus on productivity and ROI. In this article, by keeping the sales challenges in 2021 in mind, let us explore some quick tips to optimize the sales results.

6 Salesforce tips to boost productivity

  1. Salesforce Chatter

If you reply on any chatting tools other than Salesforce Chatter, then you may be missing out on a big opportunity for higher-level collaborative of sales tools and activities. Chatter can integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce platform and can offer high-level functionality and full-fledged networking.

Rather than just being a messaging app, it will let you create some focused groups around specific campaigns, accounts, or regions. You can also perform various actions like creating accounts, getting the expense reports, and updating the orders without leaving your network. Chatter’s additional features include gamification for learning with incentives and a unique badging system for rewarding productive employees. You can also leverage the topics and posts to promptly share ideas, files, and other deliverables by avoiding the mess of emails or subscribing to file-sharing drives.

  1. Leveraging Activities, Tasks, and Emails

Salesforce is a very powerful CRM tool that will let you streamline sales operations. It can also save you a lot of time and effort on routine daily activities. If you have not explored the Activities, Tasks, and Email functionality of Salesforce, it is time to start leveraging the advantages of these nice features on your platform. Using activities, you can easily log into the interactions to see what happens with your activities, interactions with the customers and record any important activities.

Using Tasks, you can create actions for events to follow up like setting a reminder, date, brief description about something, etc. Emails will let you send emails to customers from Salesforce directly. There are various mail templates, which you can use to correspond quickly with the clientele and make customized emails using the templates and tools.

  1. ‘Reports’ for analyzing metrics

Salesforce will also let you create the reports in the simplest possible way to get amazing insights. You can also ask your Flosum administrators to set up some reports for KPIs and create one on one on your own. Reports are meant to give the right insights to the most critical questions related to sales performance like;


  • Where all the big-value orders and sales come from>
  • How much time will it take for you to close various deals?
  • Which client orders are the most in terms of value?
  • Which industry most of your accounts are with?

By generating a quick Salesforce report at any point in time, you get live updates of all these stats and detailed insights into your business in real-time.

  1. Pinned list view

While you click on any random Salesforce objects, it will be further shown in the “Recently Viewed” listing. This feature, however, does not provide any good value to the users. With the feature of Pinned Lists, users can easily set up customized ListView. To pin a preferred list view, you may choose the List View of your preferred tabs and pin it as an icon next to the list. Next time, you need to click on the highlighted pin, to select the list view. You may edit or update the sme anytime you want. As many users want to see all records, you can change List View instantly without wasting time.

  1. Using Inline editing

The inline editing feature will let you edit the records without using the edit-key. This feature will function best when you try to edit multiple records or find it cumbersome to edit various individual records. To start with, you may select those fields which you want to edit by just double-clicking on them, and you can also alternatively select the checkboxes and update the same field various times as you want. If you cannot double-click on ListView to update the fields, you may check it out with the admin whether the inline editing is enabled at the user interface, which is administrated by him/her.

  1. Using Conga composer

As most of the business now runs on the cloud, Cognac composer is one place where all information related to the customer interactions is saved, including the transactions and other relevant information. To ensure the best workflow on Salesforce, you need to ensure that there are no clumsy mail merges, simple copy-paste tasks, etc., to be done by the sales team. Conga Composer will help you to prepare digital documents by leveraging Salesforce data directly into it and merge with existing templates. Set up Cognac Composer is also very simple and easy to be done by anyone. You can click and pull in the data as you need to crate and create a document. The setup process is easy. With one click you can get the data you need, create the document, and send it further to the customers.

Other top Salesforce utilities which can make your tasks easier are:

  • SUMO Scheduler to help you schedule appointments easily.
  • Display Density – to help readjust the density and control the screen layout.
  • Favorites – You can improve your productivity significantly with this Lightening feature.
  • Access Global Actions – To create the records faster and choose the standard objects in a few clicks.

You may explore all these Salesforce tips and run a trial to see how these help you make routine tasks easier and save your time and effort.

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