Tips on Choosing the Right Project Management Software For You.

As a beginner or new to project management, you are probably confused with all the choices on project management software out in the market. You have probably just shifted from manual project management to now consider a project management tool that will suit your needs. The problem is not only the many choices out there on the market, but knowing which features to look for. This article will guide you on what to look out for when choosing project management software. Here are 6 steps to navigating the maze of choosing the right project management tool for you and your team.

Identify your Unique Problems

Each team is unique and will face unique challenges and problems. Your team will not be any different and even if you are tackling a project on your own, you will need to first identify your problem and what makes it unique. Most people settle on templates as software solutions not knowing that such templates may not offer them the flexibility and versatility required to manage an entire project. Furthermore, not all software and tools solve the same issues and so you will need to customize these solutions to fit your own unique challenge.

Integrate Your Apps with Your Project Management Software

You native app may not have everything you are looking for and so you need another project management software or project management software to augment your app. For this to work, your original app must have options of integrating with external apps for it to work. These external apps should only come in to support your own app and shouldn’t be the main platform to use for your project.

Take A More Active Approach In Testing The Apps.

As project manager, it is crucial to know what each app entails and this means that you should test drive each app that you are considering. Since you will be the one to interact with the app before delegating any duties, try and understand what each app entails and identify strengths and weaknesses before suggesting them to your team.

Retain A Collaborative Approach With Your Team.

After you have personally tested the apps, involve your team in ensuring the apps work and to receive feedback on what each app entails. You might get some insight you had not received earlier. This step will require a bit more collaboration and as project manager your task will be to listen and guide the process.

Listen to Feedback

Feedback from your team is important and will guide you towards making the right decisions. There will undoubtedly be positive and negative feedback on each app choice and as project manager, you should listen to all feedback and give your judgment based on rational objectivity. This basically means you should avoid picking a side until you have weighed all options.

Justify Your Eventual Decision

New project management software and tools cost money and so your cost justification should include all the cost savings that would come from choosing the right software. Generally, this should be easy if you arrived at a decision rationally and objectively.

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