The 6 Most Popular Bulova Men’s Watches to Check Out

The most popular Bulova watches, for men, are attractive for good reason. It is stylish, functional, and packed with convenient features. Any watch from this collection is a sure win. Pick from classic styles, sports watches, or trendy Bulova watches. In 1875, from New York Bulova began by a Bohemian immigrant, Joseph Bulova. Bulova has made many discoveries in watchmaking during its history.

Bulova is a brand that brings on the traditional history of American watches. Yet today this brand is named as the industry leader and year after year, it mixes out exceptional models from all points of view.

Among the most remarkable Bulova watches, there are models from collections such as Moon watch and Accutron, having a futuristic and impressive design, Star Marine, which is delicate and sporty, and Snorkel, which are extraordinary accessories that can be used for diving even at reasonable depths.

Collections of Bulova Watches 

  • Bulova Accutron

Bulova Accutron is a unisex wristwatch with gracious and sophisticated features. The face of the watch is round and is exquisite to look at, gratitudes to the red and black colors that combine perfectly. The strap is composed of stainless steel, is very stable, and also easy to close, thanks to the simple clasp mechanism. The case is also composed of stainless steel and its diameter spans 43 millimeters. The back is screw-down, and it is appealing to note that this model can withstand up to 660 feet underwater making it an excellent diver’s watch.

Agreeing to some reviews, this Bulova Watches is a classic and vintage model, ideal for those who love sophisticated models.

  • Bulova Moon Watch

Bulova Moon watch is motivated from an aesthetic point of view by the chronographs that the astronauts of the Apollo 15 lunar mission wore on their wrists. The style is natural and spatial, regarding every detail. Despite the immense size, the watch is very simple to wear and does not create any discomfort on the wrist. It is very tempting to know that the strap is compatible.There are several functions of this Bulova model. Among these, it is significant to mention the stopwatch, the 31-day calendar thanks to a refined date, and the radiant hands that shine in the dark.

  • Bulova Automatic

This collection is a perfect illustration of how purity and refinement combined are two characters that can amaze you.  Automatic Bulova is a vintage timepiece that stands out thanks to its full round black dial, represented by minimal silver numbers and indexes. High-class men who want to make their appearance stand out on necessary occasions can find a steady partner in this peculiar self-winding wristwatch. The protection of the Bulova is secured by mineral crystal glass and stainless steel, an element that makes up both the case and the strap. The diameter is 42 millimeters while the width of the strap is about 20 millimeters.

  • Bulova Marine Star

The Bulova Marine Star is a model that has some unique qualities, which feature the total worth of this accessory. The rotating black bezel is an excellent example of this, a part that frames the round dial with a unique arrangement.

The wristwatch strap is made of stainless steel and anyone can find it quite practical, thanks to the clasp closure and the 22mm width. Some admirers who have invested in this model then pointed out the fact that the weight of about 170 grams originally makes itself felt, but over time it does not create problems.

  • Bulova Man

Bulova normally offers beautiful watches, but there are some men’s models that exceed normal quality standards. The timepiece in the proposal falls fully into this elite level. The blue dial is spectacular and features silvered Roman numerals with a precise style.

Its hands glow in the dark and can be effortlessly adjusted thanks to the marvelous crown that stands at three o’clock. As for stability, the model is solid and robust thanks to the mineral glass, a stainless steel case, and waterproofness up to 330 feet. This wristwatch can also be used as a chronograph, a unique function that enhances its versatility.

  • Bulova Chronograph

This design carries out the special chronograph function and also has other peculiarities that make it really exciting. Both hands and numbers on the dial are luminescent and can also be appreciated in badly weak areas.

The width of the case of this men’s wristwatch is 45 millimeters, while its thickness reaches 15 millimeters. Acknowledge the stainless steel strap with a width of about 20 millimeters.

Those who have invested in this model look at it as an ideal gift to give to loved ones, as it is a high-quality jewel, wearable in any place.


Now you know for sure the best Bulova watches on the collections and on the market Remember that if you want to buy a model that has taken your attention, you can simply visit our website just go to The Watch co. for more information and other watches.

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