Smihub – What Is It? Everthing You Need To Know About


Smihub is a free programme that allows users to download Instagram content. It is anonymous and has a wide range of features. Instagram stories, photographs, videos, and even entire stories may be downloaded. The programme is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download instructions may be found on the app’s official website.

What Are SmiHub’s Key Features?

SmiHub’s primary features include the following:

  • Instagram profile viewer anonymity
  • Watch Instagram stories anonymously.
  • Instagram photographs and videos may be downloaded.
  • Instagram photographs and videos may be saved.
  • View Instagram live videos.
  • Examine Instagram photographs and videos.
  • Multiple-language support
  • Easy to use and navigate

How do I get to the SmiHub website?

A web browser is required to access the SmiHub website. The website does not yet have a mobile application.

If you visit smihub website, click on this URL:

Alternatively, you may now go directly to SmiHub’s new domain.

You can examine all of SmiHub’s features after you have entered the website.

How to Save Instagram Photos, Videos, and Stories from SmiHub

Simply follow these procedures to download Instagram videos or stories from SmiHub:

  • Enter your Instagram username into the search field on the SmiHub website.
  • After that, SmiHub will compile a list of all public videos and stories related to that account.
  • Simply click the “Download” button to download the video.
  • Simply click on the “Download” button next to the text to download it.
  • That’s all! The movies and stories you download will be stored on your computer.

Is SmiHub a free or paid service?

SmiHub is, in a nutshell, free to use. You may use a free website to get all of the functionality of Instagram post downloading. This includes the ability to browse and download public Instagram profiles and public photographs and videos.

Overall, SmiHub is an excellent alternative for individuals who wish to see and download Instagram photographs and videos discreetly.

What Do Users Think About SmiHub?

It is tough to discover customer reviews that are especially concerning SmiHub. There are, however, a few generic assessments concerning comparable Instagram watchers and downloaders. According to these evaluations, people are generally satisfied with the service but have complained about advertisements, pop-ups, and malware.

Top Best Alternatives to SmiHub

Have a look at some of the best alternatives to simhub in 2022.

#1. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch has been the best software to track cell phones for a long time. It used to only work with a few social networking apps, but it has come a long way since then. Its most recent update lets you see someone’s Instagram page and conversations. Aside from that, Hoverwatch is a great way to track SMS and phone calls.

It will also let you know when calls come in or go out. Hoverwatch can also be used to keep track of everything a device’s user does online.

The program can also use GPS, WiFi, and cell phone towers to track a smartphone. Also, the programme is well hidden on the target device, so you can listen in completely anonymously.


#2. mSpy


mSpy is a programme that lets parents track and monitor cell phones. With its Instagram tracker, parents will be able to keep an eye on their kids’ Instagram accounts. All conversations and links shared on Instagram can be seen. It could help you find popular instant messengers. It doesn’t leave an app icon on the phone and can’t be seen at all.


#3. Qoob Stories 

Qoob Stories 

Qoob Stories is a great way to read Instagram Stories and download everything that has been posted on the social media site in bulk. It makes it easier to download almost everything that people post on Instagram. This is made up of stories, pictures, and videos. It can also do this from Instagram accounts that are both public and private.

You have to sign in to Qoob Stories, but you can read their stories anonymously as soon as you do. Instagram accounts also easily download high-quality videos and photos with information.

By connecting your favorite account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader, you can also automate the whole process of saving your story. It automatically starts downloading things from that account to your phone or computer.


#4. Cocospy


Cocospy is a great phone spying tool that lets you look at Instagram stories on the phone. Once the software is installed, it will show you a big picture of the Instagram account being used on the target device.

In Instagram’s chat area, you can look at all stores, posts, and even track all messages sent and received. Because it works in stealth mode, the software can’t be found at all. So you can be sure that the person using the target device doesn’t know that their Instagram is being watched.

Cocospy can also be used to spy in real time on other social apps besides Instagram. This includes services like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and many more.


#5. eyeZy


With eyeZy, you get a full remote mobile phone spying programme that is especially good at spying on Instagram. EyeZy lets you spy on your target’s direct messages on Instagram and all of their stories and media posts. EyeZy is the best way to keep an eye on an Instagram account from afar, with features like Keylogger and Screen Recorder.

So, you’ll know what messages were sent and received, who sent and received them, and when the conversations happened. It is a great tool for those parents who want to keep their kids away from things that could be dangerous on social media sites like Instagram.


#6. Glassagram


Glassagram gives its users better spyware for the internet. The app is designed for Instagram users who wish to sneakily check out other people’s stories without drawing attention to themselves.

It enables us to see all the profiles set to “private mode.” The user has a lot of options, such as watching someone’s story in private mode, seeing all of their followers’ responses, getting direct messages, and so on.

Users of the Glassagram surveillance tool can see what the person being watched likes the most. Since screenshots are updated every few minutes, you won’t lose any important information. This malware can be used to track Instagram accounts in a very useful way.


#7. Ingramer


Compared to the other tools on our list, Ingramer is a completely different animal. It is a social media marketing platform that lets businesses use Instagram’s huge number of users to get their products and services seen by more people.

As a regular Instagram Story viewer, it helps you download videos & photos from Insta.

In the future, this content could be used for business or entertainment. Its tools for keeping an eye on accounts are meant to give information about clients, competitors, and platform influencers.

Most of the time, the technology is used to build a loyal customer base, talk to clients using chatbots and direct messaging, and expand one’s reach by posting regularly on Instagram. It’s great for scheduling posts, figuring out what hashtags are popular, and making your own hashtags.

#8. Instalkr


Instalkr is an internet service that is different from all the others. You can use the tool to quickly get into a public Instagram account even if you don’t have an account. With Instalkr, you can look at someone’s Instagram account anonymously and see their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments.

Even news or posts that have been deleted from the account will be shown by the program. You can also download photos & videos from any Insta account you choose and watch their stories.

#9. Stories IG

Stories IG

Stories on Instagram are another great way to watch stories that puts simplicity ahead of a crowded interface. You are given a text box right away where you need to paste the username of any account you want to access. You type in the login, and the online programme processes it and lets you look at all of the public information on that account without giving you any information about yourself.

It looks really simple and nice. With this programme, you can not only look at and download Instagram stories, but you can also look at and download Instagram photos, videos, and other information. In addition to the above benefits, you can also share the stories you write here on other social networks.


#10. InstaDP


People can watch and save stories about their friends and favourite celebrities on Instagram before they are taken down. It uses the tried-and-true method of copying and pasting a username. Once you’ve done that, you can browse any profile you want and download content without the owner of the account knowing.

This online service goes beyond just telling stories. You can also download photos, videos, and reels with the same quality they had when they were first made. The programme also has a user interface that fits the minimalist style that many people like.


#11. StoriesDown


StoriesDown is a story reader that has everything you need. You can go to an Instagram account even if you don’t have an account yourself, read its content without being identified, and download it to your phone or computer.

It is made with pictures that catch your eye and draw you in. You must paste the username you want to use into a text box that is easy to see. User don’t have to sign up for Instagram or have their account to look at the stories they want to see. You can also download photos and movies without changing the quality of the originals.



Many people need an Instagram Story Viewer, whether it’s to check out a competitor’s page, learn about an influencer’s reach, or keep an eye on their child’s page.

All of the above instruments do a good job of this. They let you read a story without having to sign up for an account, download high-quality information, and share it online.

We recommend the simple Qoob if you want to read Instagram Stories anonymously and have them automatically downloaded. Ingramer will be enough for social media marketing and basic tools for keeping an eye on your profile.

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