SkyTorrents Alternatives – Top 25 Sites Like SkyTorrents in 2022

skytorrents Alternatives

In contrast to torrent sites that offer trackers, SkyTorrents has a metasearch engine of its own that searches torrent files offered on other download sites like, Torrent9, and For the nerds among you, it could be challenging to discover torrents in French because the majority of the search engine index’s contents, notably its film content, are in VO or English Subs.

Describe SkyTorrents

Launched in February 2018, is a tidy, privacy-focused torrent search engine (not to be confused with comparable to Google/Yahoo but limited to torrents (at least for now). This project is just just getting started (Beta version).

Using SkyTorrents

The entire project is kept current by intelligent software. Though it is rarely used, manual intervention does occur. Numerous fresh torrents are found and made accessible for investigation each day.


Access to the privacy element is unrestricted and free (no cookies) A large selection of torrent files with a user-friendly interface The top 100 most downloaded files are ranked in the SkyTorrents top 100 list.


Pop-up marketing is inadequate. French-language documents Indicators for seeds and leechers are not usually reliable. For users of SkyTorrent who are torrent aficionados. There is still optimism, which hasn’t been the case in a while. You may still enjoy torrents by using these top SkyTorrents substitutes.

Is it secure to watch movies on SkyTorrents?

There are several hazards associated with using SkyTorrent. Downloading pirated content is prohibited in virtually all First World nations, therefore it is obvious that their success is almost exclusively the result of widespread piracy. If you don’t mind, there are additional hazards to take into account. The fact that SkyTorrent has been around for a while should not be consoling.

You might infer that the site has a bullseye on its back when it comes to the MPAA given its age and legal concerns. Sky Torrents, which is used often to view movies and television shows for free streaming, is now available in a number of copies and clones on the internet. We shall examine free SkyTorrents alternatives in this article.

SkyTorrents Alternatives – Top 25 Sites Like SkyTorrents in 2022

1. LimeTorrents


Both a website and a torrent tracker, lime torrent . It catalogues torrents submitted by its users. The crew at lime torrent heavily modifies it for quality, speed, authenticity, and a host of other factors. As a result, you may infer that it is a reliable torrent site.

2. Torrentz2


Torrentz is a well-liked torrent, which is well-known for its extensive library of software and apps. Additionally, the website has a rich archive of films, TV series, games, music, audiobooks, ebooks, anime, photos, and adult content.

3. YTS or YiFy

A comprehensive website to search for excellent torrent files is YTS. With less adware tracking, this torrent application often provides the highest level of privacy. The YTS website includes an easy-to-use form interface to start. It brings together more than 23 million torrents from various categories. Seven major languages, including English, French, and Portuguese, are currently supported.

4. iDope


The list’s safest torrent site is iDope. Although this torrent site is not well known, it provides a lot of high-quality torrent stuff. You wouldn’t believe it, but the website’s database currently has more than 19 million torrents. If we talk about the site’s torrent offerings, there are lots of movies, songs, games, programmes, and TV shows available.

5. 1337x


In contrast to Zooqle, Monova allows you to add torrents to its list and download those that are already present. While you may begin downloading without creating an account, you must register in order to make contributions to the website.



A masterpiece with just confirmed torrents is Rarbg. It is entirely free of any bogus files, which is adequate and makes it quite comparable to Zooqle. It has a vast library of films, episodes, games, ebooks, software, and other content.

7. Torrent Galaxy 


This torrent website only offers free access to classic films. There may be some 20th-century movies here, but there aren’t many. You may start downloading right away without creating an account. The website is only made user-friendly by the platform’s usage of simple HTML.

8. ETTV Torrents


This all-purpose search engine gathers and catalogues torrent information from more than 300 torrent websites, including The Pirate Bay, the SkyTorrents Alternatives DHT network, and many more. It is also one of the fastest search engines with reliable results. In addition, the Torrent Project website includes a user-friendly interface that is comparable to Torrentz. Contrary to the earlier assertion, it is not the best revision for mobile users.

9. SkyTorrents

sky torrent

The user-friendly interface of displays all the facts and information you need to know about handling torrents. You may also get a sneak peak at the name, size, status, download and upload speeds, and the anticipated duration of the time spent downloading each file. Because of its RSS feed and scheduling feature, it outperforms other torrent clients and enables you to manage your torrent even if you are not in close proximity to your computer.



Since torrends includes a means for submitting torrent submissions, anyone who wants to share their torrent data is always welcome here. The torrent data sharing mechanism is not limited to only submitting torrent submissions. It gives its users the ability to create torrent submissions and then share them with others. It is the best SkyTorrents Alternatives

11. Nyaatorrents

nyaa torrent

Nyaa Torrent  is regarded as one of the most active torrent firms in the Internet globe, providing its consumers with the most recent torrents thanks to its millions of legal torrents. The torrent file categories still include adult, anime, music, movies, TV shows, seasons, and episodes, among many more categories.

12. DirtyTorrents


Visitors to dirty Torrent have the option of searching for torrents based on the most popular and recent torrents. The best feature of Torrent is its cutting-edge search engine, which confirms that users have entered the term torrent. Torrent Reactor is superior to other torrent sites since it lets users exchange their torrent files.

13. GloTorrents


Similar to Glotorrents, the original gloTorrents was a well-known torrent website. It even passed BitTorrent to take over second place globally in November 2016. Still, less than a year after it had attained the pinnacle of its fame, it was voluntarily shut down by its owners. You may now visit a number of gloTorrents mirrors.

14. IPTorrents 

IPtorrentsIPTorrents is one type of torrent website; IPTorrents is another. It is a torrent search engine that incorporates millions of search results from several torrent websites, many of which are included in this brief article. Because of this, IPTorrents is excellent for locating less well-known content that might only be accessible through a single torrent website.

15. Redacted


The only issue is that the quality of the torrents discovered by  redacted isn’t ensured. Because the search results page is not curated, torrentes that would quickly get reported on other SkyTorrents Alternatives sites are often listed right along genuine torrents, which implies you need to be extra mindful about what you click.

16. Bibliotik


You have probably heard about bilbliotik you have been downloading torrents for a while. This used to be the most widely used P2P repository in the world for movie-related content. Unfortunately, bilbliotik was shut down by material owners due to some serious legal risks. bilbliotik is not the same as bilbliotik , thus it’s better to start with some truth. However, bilbliotik has publicly acknowledged that, while not being the creators of bilbliotik , they aspire to be on par with them.

17. PassThePopcorn


For anyone who have relied on passthepopcorn for a lot of their Internet and torrenting requirements, this is excellent news. It was once recognised for its highly efficient audio and video encoding, which offered great quality in reduced file sizes. And passthepopcorn makes advantage of the same idea. It is the best SkyTorrents Alternatives if your Internet connection is not the quickest since you can still download 1080p HD movies that are around 1.5 to 2GB in size. You can immediately understand why we’re endorsing passthepopcorn in this post given that it receives more than 100 million checkouts each month.

18. GazelleGames


It’s also critical to mention that enables you to locate additional P2P websites without specifically searching for a torrent. Based on various categories and subjects, there are rankings of the top torrent websites. It suggests that is among the most helpful search engines of its sort, and we are confident that you will like using this KAT substitute.

19. Torrent9


The best is torrent9. Compared to SkyTorrents Alternatives, It offers a much more carefully managed experience. It mostly focuses on films and television shows. The website also offers categories for torrents, pornographic content, music, games, and software that don’t fit into any of the other categories described above.

20. MyAnonaMouse (MAM) 


Founded in 2007, It is a dated P2P repository. This makes it one of the unusual torrent sites that have been operational for more than a year. Surprisingly, it appears that the website is accessible from everywhere in the world. It shows that It could be your best choice if you live in a nation where ISPs severely hinder P2P websites.

21. Animetosho

AnimeTosho torrent

We must admit that nothing particularly noteworthy about this website sticks out. However, we are confident that many of you are looking for a traditional P2P website with clearly specified categories and useful information on the condition of specific files. Exactly this is what makes use of. The main drawback is that there isn’t a vibrant community around here, thus newly released torrent files sometimes lack user-posted comments concerning potential viruses and other internet hazards.

22. AniDex


After the original KAT vanished from the Internet, a tonne of intriguing clones quickly followed. Given that the website’s founders hoped to profit from the downfall of the original KAT, we cannot say that we were shocked by this result. As a result, Anidex. was the first to emerge and is still operational today.

23. Flud


You will notice a recognisable interface as soon as you visit this page on your Internet web browser. With great success, our repository has taken up the task of indexing numerous torrents. The whole first KAT database is available here, along with recently published torrents. You may download a wide variety of things, including software, games, movies, and television series.

24. uTorrent


This repository offers a substantial amount of files while only providing certified torrents. Due to its reputation, it also boasts a sizable number of daily active users. This advises finding quick to download, incredibly wholesome torrents. You may use utorrent to review the torrent’s complete description before downloading it and even to look at any comments left by other users.

25. Riptide. CZ

Ripitide is all about television programming, as you could have guessed from the name. There are numerous reasons to focus on Ripitide even though our other choices for SkyTorrents Alternatives will assist you in finding the exact same sort of content. Given that most new television episodes air on a weekly basis and that it has an intuitive user interface, you can quickly access the most recent material. This is also how you can find out what’s hot and what’s new.

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