Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Specifications and Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S series is the flagship Smartphone series through which the Korean manufacturer company collects huge capital. It is the direct competitor of the biggest Smartphone companies, Apple, LG, and Google Pixel. Every year Samsung released it’s latest and so far the best phone in the market. In 2020, the company decided to concentrate on the camera on the phone. So here, we get the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with five exceptional cameras and a huge breathtaking display. It is a flagship device and costs a huge amount. Therefore one must know is it worthy enough to give the huge cash for it. Here we will shed some light on the specifications, pros, and cons of this latest Smartphone.

The huge display: 

The phone has a 6.9-inch display, which might give you some trouble using it. But people now like big phones, so it is a plus point for it. We get the gorgeous super AMOLED display and can choose between whatever resolution we want. As a default, it has full HD+ resolution but can go up to QHD. Overall, the display is so captivating you might want to upgrade your phone while just looking at the outclass screen display it has.

Long-lasting battery:

As Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a big phone, it got the space for a large battery. It has a marvelous 5000mAh battery. Samsung states that once charged; then you can get two days of battery life. But still, there are some things to consider like the resolution and brightness level affect the battery life and also the usage of the phone. 

The cameras: 

Samsung is focused on the camera this year while designing the latest flagship. There is a total of 5 cameras we get on this phone. It has four cameras in the back and one front-facing camera. It can capture photos at 108 MP, but unfortunately, we cannot get a huge difference between the picture quality of 108 MP camera mode and default 12 MP mode. The others include 48 MP telephoto lens, 12 MP ultra-wide lens, and 0.3 MP. The front-facing camera clicks photos in 40 MP. The front camera shoots best selfie pictures and has a new feature of Smart Selfie Angle, which basically zooms out in a bunch of people to just focus on you.  

Overall shape and design:

For such a costly flagship device, everybody wants some awesomely innovative design that makes everyone’s jaw drop. But it is a bitter truth that Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra does not get the edge over another phone if we consider its design. On the rear side, the quad-camera system does not look so pretty, and on the front side, it is like any other Smartphone. Not only the shape is boring, but also the color choices are so basic. 

No headphone jack:

Apple has eliminated the headphone jack from its iPhone for a long time, but Samsung had it, and some people actually appreciate having the jack. But last year, Samsung finally decided to remove the headphone jack. The Galaxy S20 Ultra also does not have it. You can get USB-C type headphones with it, but most people prefer to get the whole new experience of Samsung’s wireless headphones named Galaxy Buds Plus.   

The cost:

It is a well-known fact that globally renowned mobile phone companies are increasing their flagship model’s prices year by year. The money you have to spend to get this magnificent device is huge. It will cost you $1399 for the 128 GB storage model and $1599 for the 512 GB model. The price is absolutely huge, especially when paying the full amount. It is a super costly device and definitely not for the people having a strict budget.  

Long story short, Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G is a classy phone with splendid cameras and a lot of mesmerizing extras. But it totally depends on the users if they want to buy it or they can have its competitor devices with not the same but similar features. Samsung lovers can also get almost the same experience if they buy S20 Plus, and this way, they can save almost $200. Galaxy S20 Plus has a smaller screen size as compared to the S20 Ultra and smaller battery as well. But the features are more or less the same on both the device. So, it’s a good option if anybody really wants to enjoy the whole new Galaxy experience. 

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