What Is A Powtoon ? – How To Use Powtoon In 2022


Powtoon is a presentation tool designed for both business and classroom use. It is founded on the notion of employing video animations to make usually boring presentation slides more engaging and exciting.This is an excellent tool for teachers who want to engage their students more digitally.However, it is also a very effective approach for pupils to express themselves in a more creative manner.The fact that they’re learning a new tool while doing so is merely a bonus.

owToon has the potential to be an extremely effective animated presentation tool.Whether the plan is for teacher-created or student-created presentations, the slide-based structure gives presenters some discretion over how they deliver their information.Flip the script on writing instruction by training students to make explanatory or persuasive movies.Create animations of notable scientific findings to bring science to life.Instead of using a health textbook, have students produce infographic-style videos to demonstrate the benefits of good nutrition and exercise.

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Demonstrate the importance of word economy by having students make powerful public service announcements or 100-word presentations.Create animations on an infinite number of themes to liven up your own education and capture students’ interest – perhaps with some colourful stickers, backdrops, and borders to keep viewers engaged.

PowToon blogs provide inspirational essays on the benefits of using animated presentations – largely marketing hype with some useful ideas thrown in – so you might find them valuable to read.Teachers should be prepared to spend a class hour or two teaching students how to utilise PowToon and its various features, and it will benefit if teachers are familiar with the tool so that they can educate students.Students should be aware that because PowToon includes images and video from Flickr and Storyblocks, they may unintentionally access unsuitable information.As they prepare their presentations, teachers should remind their students about the school’s policy on such incidents.

What exactly is Powtoon?

Powtoon takes PowerPoint presentation slides and lets you to animate them so that they play like a video.
Rather of having to flip through slides, this provides seamless interaction with video effects and other features to help bring things to life.Powtoon includes a plethora of templates to get you started, but it also includes a plethora of photos and videos that can be utilised to personalise the finished result.The goal is that it may be utilised by both teachers and students without taking up too much time or requiring a steep learning curve.

This can be utilised in the classroom, for remote learning, or as a resource to provide for viewing outside of the classroom.Perhaps as a method of assigning tasks so that you have more time to focus on what you need in class.

How does Powtoon function?

Powtoon (opens in new tab) basically allows you to convert slides into rich content video.It is also feasible to work in the opposite direction, taking a video and layering more media on top of it.This could include pre-recorded video classes with connections to reading, superimposed images you can point to electronically, writing on screen, and other features.

Start a free trial today and you may start making movies right away.Selecting that you are a teacher and the grade level you teach will lead you to a home screen with education-specific templates.Choose the sort of video you want to start with — animation explainer, whiteboard presentation, or anything else — and then choose from a variety of templates to tweak and personalise as needed.Alternatively, start from scratch and shape your presentation with easy tools.

When you select the Edit In Studio option, you will be pulled directly into the editing programme within your browser.
You can personalise the project here before exporting it as a video file to distribute as needed.

What are the most useful Powtoon features?

Powtoon is designed for classroom use, so students can create projects and then email them to the teacher’s account for review.It can be an effective technique to have students create a project to submit digitally.Or to build something to present to the class, but with a teacher present to check over and assist the effort before the presentation.The flexibility to incorporate images, text, animations, stickers, videos, transition effects, characters, props, borders, and other elements is wonderful.It’s all readily available, or you can search for even more solutions to meet specific needs.

You can also submit your own assets, such as photographs, voiceovers, movies, and GIFs, to personalise a project.
This might be an excellent opportunity for students to share an experiment or a body of personal work.It is also saved for future usage, making it a possible revision tool later in the year.Online storage is accessible in all plan levels, making it simple to create and share projects without taking up space on your device.However, video duration is restricted by your LAN, and many features are only available at the higher premium tiers.It’s worth noting in the next section.

What is the price of Powtoon?

Powtoon offers a free trial period of a few days, but in order to get the most out of this platform, you must pay.As you go through the tiers, the music and objects offered grow more diverse and improved.A free account is offered, which includes Powtoon-branded exporting, a three-minute video restriction, and 100MB of storage.For $228/year, you receive five premium exports per month without branding, 10-minute videos, 2GB storage, download as MP4 video, privacy control, 24/7 priority support, and commercial usage rights.

If you upgrade to the Pro+ plan, which costs $708 a year, you’ll receive limitless premium exports, 20-minute films, 10GB storage, all of the above, and character outfit customization.At $948 a year, you receive 30-minute films, 100GB storage, all of the above, as well as free character face customization, upload custom fonts, advanced animations, and third-party resell rights.

Powtoon’s top tips and tricks

Take the class on a journey through scientific discoveries using home-made video animations that bring the process to life as if it were happening in real time.

Get succinct

Set word restrictions and have students explain an idea visually by using photos, films, animations, and other media – while choosing their words carefully.

Provide instructions

Create a template for assigning homework, providing class direction, and planning, all in an engaging video format that can be readily shared and edited for use year after year.


Why should students generate videos when they can produce on paper more quickly? There are two reasons for this:  involvement and skill development.Giving children the tools they need to participate in a fun and meaningful activity will keep them engaged.Students must also gain proficiency in information technology and media production.Producing videos will allow students to practise those abilities while also gaining skills in content sharing as they learn to post files to YouTube, make connections to that content, and embed the movies in other sites.

Terms and Conditions

This resource may only be used for educational purposes.It is not meant for general or academic use.Please only utilise the free service.

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