Passing the PRINCE2 Exams for Dummies- A book review

A lot of people appear the PRINCE2 certification exam every year. This is because the following is one of the finest certifications when it comes to project management. The certification of PRINCE2 provides a lot of scopes to the individuals. The certification of PRINCE2 has provided a wide range of opportunities to the individuals going for the following. The following credential has changed the life of numerous individuals. The individuals who achieve the following credential get first preference in numerous organizations. This is because these individuals are believed to have more experience and expertise in the field of project management. 

In the year 2004, nearly 182,000 people appeared the PRINCE2 certification exam. In the United Kingdom, about two-thirds of the professionals engaged in the field of project management are PRINCE2 certified. The following project management method certification is being taken by numerous people all over the globe. In the United Kingdom, appearing the PRINCE2 certification exam and qualifying the following is a prerequisite for a lot of project management roles or designations. There are numerous training organization which offer proper PRINCE2 training to the individuals who wish to achieve the PRINCE2 certification. The candidates who aspire the following credential are also recommended to follow the book “Passing the PRINCE2 Exams for Dummies”. The following book proves to be very helpful for the candidates following it. The candidates who are preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner exam are recommended to follow this book. 

Details of the book: 

The latest edition of the book “Passing the PRINCE2 Exams for Dummies” was published in the year 2013 in the month of April by Wiley. This was done when publications under the “For Dummies” series were taking place. The thickness of this book is around 0.8 inch. The total number of pages in the book is 344. The front cover of the book displays the black and yellow colour for the Dummies theme along with the title mentioned across the upper middle portion of the front page that to in large and eye-catching fonts. The name of the author is mentioned in the bottom left corner of the front cover. The following book also carries a picture of acrobatic planes on the lower right portion of the book. 

The price of the book depends on whether the product is a paperback edition or a kindle edition. For the paperback edition of the book, the price of the following is 18.78 USD. For the kindle edition of the book, the price of the following is 17.99 USD. 

Target audience and customer review: 

The book is exactly as the name suggests. The book “Passing the PRINCE2 Exams for Dummies” contains all the necessary information which the individuals require to qualify the certification exam of PRINCE2. This book can be helpful for all the individuals practising for both PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. 

Numerous customers purchasing the book agree to the fact that the book is exactly what they wanted to qualify the certification exam. The customers following this book are always satisfied because this book has everything which teaches them to qualify the certification exam. The book holds the capability to bridge all the gaps in learning everything regarding PRINCE2. 

Style and content of the book: 

The following is book is divided into 22 chapters and 5 different parts in total. The first part of the book contains 3 chapters and only explains about exams. The following discusses certain things which the candidates need to know about exams along with the format of the questions which the candidates are likely to face in the exams. The second part contains chapters 4-10. The following covers review of the 7 different processes covered in the following chapters. The third part of the book contain chapters 10-17. The following portion covers 7 different themes within these chapters. The fourth part of the book contains chapter 18 and 19 and the following is a review of the concepts within the chapters. The final part of the book features chapters 20-22. The following provides the candidates certain hints on how the candidates can be ready for the certification exams. 

The language used in the book is extremely easy to understand. The book has also not meant any important special term or definition which are absolutely essential for the candidates. The following also makes use of lists, checklists, clarifications, quizzes, headers and practice questions for both PRINCE2 Practitioner and Foundation exams. 

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