Complete Guide to FastBridge Learning for Training & Development

Complete Guide to FastBridge Learning for Training & Development

FastBridge Learning has provided educators with a variety of training and professional development materials to assist them in mastering the use of FAST™ assessments to support student learning ever since its inception. FastBridge introduced a redesigned online training center in July 2018, which featured all users with updated courses and associated resources. Each annual FastBridge subscription includes these online courses, which furnish instructors with on-demand access to learning activities designed to equip them with the necessary skills to utilize FastBridge tools efficiently. The July 2018 updates encompass a comprehensive redesign of the training and resources interface, updated virtual courses to cover all FAST™ assessments, novel intervention materials, and revised assistance tools to facilitate users’ initial utilization of the FastBridge system. This blog will provide a summary of the revisions and highlight significant new features.

Define FastBridge

FastBridge Learning is a well-established educational technology company that provides educators with comprehensive intervention and assessment solutions to aid in the monitoring and development of students. Fundamental to the services provided by FastBridge are screening evaluations that empower instructors to detect pupils who necessitate supplementary assistance in diverse academic areas, such as mathematics, literacy, and conduct. In addition to preliminary screening, the platform offers diagnostic assessments that provide a comprehensive evaluation of the strengths and deficiencies of individual students. By prioritizing progress monitoring, educators can effectively track the ongoing development of their students. This empowers them to make well-informed decisions regarding instructional strategies and interventions.

Implementing a Data-Driven Strategy for Personalized Education at FastBridge Learning

  • FastBridge’s dedication to making decisions based on data is apparent in its intuitive platform, which grants instructors effortless control over assessment administration and provides access to incisive reports.
  • Furthermore, by the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), the platform provides individualized intervention suggestions for each student. By employing a methodology grounded in research, providing opportunities for customization, and establishing cooperative alliances with academic establishments, FastBridge Learning makes a substantial contribution to the continuous development of personalized and efficient educational approaches.
  • Educational institutions and instructors must remain informed about the most recent FastBridge features and advancements to ensure the most effective integration into their respective classroom environments.

Define FastBridge

FAST™ Evaluations

The FAST™ Assessments section encompasses three primary subjects: behavior, reading, and mathematics. Every individual tile within this segment provides access to an online course that pertains to the corresponding assessment. When the user moves their pointer over the tile, an icon containing the word “Open” becomes visible. By selecting this term, the course will be displayed. Hovering over the leading tile, for instance, will disclose the Open icon. By selecting the Open option, the reading course is initiated. Subsequently, the initial lesson of the course shall manifest itself visually.

Each course comprises eight lessons, which users can progress through by selecting “Next” located at the bottom of each lesson page. In each course, Lesson 7 includes an exam. Practice and certification activities exist for assessments that are administered individually to students (e.g., CBMreading), during which the user evaluates samples of students who have completed the assessment. By completing the exam and, if applicable, accurately scoring the certification items, the user obtains certification to utilize that assessment. While FastBridge does not mandate certification for the use of our assessments, certain school districts may impose such a requirement. Courses are accessible at any moment, including around the clock.

Redesigned Layout of Training and Resources

To enhance usability and navigation, the Training and Resources section of the FastBridge website has undergone a comprehensive redesign. A screenshot of the updated layout follows.

At the homepage, a menu comprising four distinct sections is evident: Resources, FAST™ Assessments, Intervention, and Getting Started. By choosing one of these alternatives, the corresponding section of the website will manifest, accompanied by tiles containing the available options. The Downloads Benchmarks & Norms tiles display the identical content that was present in previous iterations of the website. The remainder are entirely revised or newly added.

Positive Aspects of FastBridge Learning

FastBridge provides an extensive collection of assessment tools, encompassing diagnostic and screening evaluations, which furnish educators with a holistic comprehension of students’ progress in diverse academic disciplines.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Through the provision of insights derived from assessments, the platform enables educators to customize instruction and interventions per the unique requirements of each student.
  • Continuous progress monitoring is facilitated by FastBridge, which empowers instructors to observe the development of students over some time and evaluate the efficacy of interventions.
  • The intuitive interface of FastBridge streamlines the process of managing assessments, enabling instructors to effortlessly incorporate assessment results into their pedagogical approaches.
  • Customization Options: The platform provides the capability for customization, which empowers educators to tailor assessments and interventions to their particular curriculum and accommodate the distinct attributes of their student body.
  • FastBridge is by the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework, which entails the implementation of tiered interventions to assist students at different levels following their unique requirements.
  • A Research-Based Approach: FastBridge’s interventions and assessments are established upon sound principles and empirical evidence, thereby guaranteeing a solid groundwork for teaching and learning that is supported by research.

Positive Aspects of FastBridge Learning

FastBridge frequently engages in collaborative partnerships with educational organizations, districts, and schools, thereby cultivating an environment that promotes joint implementation efforts and guarantees congruence with distinct educational objectives.

Drawbacks to FastBridge Learning

A learning trajectory may be necessary for educators and administrators during the implementation of a new assessment and intervention system, as they acquaint themselves with the various features and functionalities of the platform.

  • Possible Financial Expenses: Although FastBridge presents numerous advantageous functionalities, certain academic establishments may find its implementation difficult due to financial limitations.
  • Ongoing modifications and updates to the platform may necessitate educators to remain updated on novel functionalities and adjust their instructional approaches accordingly, potentially resulting in a significant investment of time.
  • Technology Dependence: FastBridge Learning’s data management and assessment processes are powered by technology. Obstacles may arise in selected educational environments due to technical difficulties or insufficient technological resources.
  • Adaptation Period: Until students become accustomed to the tools and procedures, there may be a need for them to undergo a period of adjustment to the new assessment format. This transition may have an impact on the initial results.
  • Difficulties in Integration: The process of incorporating FastBridge into pre-existing educational systems or workflows could pose difficulties, especially in cases where compatibility or interoperability issues arise.

Intervention Measures

The subsequent segment of the Training and Resources page comprises wholly novel interventions that are compatible with FAST™ assessments. During the 2018-2019 academic year, all users are granted complimentary access to these interventions. Commencing with the 2019-2020 academic year, each student will be required to pay an annual fee of $1.00 for access to the interventions. At present, literacy interventions are available. In the future, math and behavior interventions are anticipated to be incorporated. Comparable in structure to the Assessments section is the Interventions section.

Tutoring in reading

The reading interventions are structured under the “Big 5” reading domains, as identified in the 2000 report by the National Reading Panel (NRP). Comprehension, (a) Phonemic Awareness, (b) Phonics, (c) Fluency, and (d) Vocabulary are among these. When you hover over a tile, the course for that subject will load. Initiate the course and gain access to the intervention materials by selecting Open. It is noteworthy that, except for phonemic awareness, each reading domain encompasses numerous interventions. Phonics encompasses the following four distinct interventions:

  1. Word Mix-Up
  2. Picture Card Sort
  3. Letter Sound Bingo

In each instruction, two distinct formats of interventions are presented.

One involves implementing the intervention with the entire class as a Tier 1 strategy (Lesson 3), while the other involves implementing it with a small group from a Tier 2 setting (Lesson 4). Lesson 2 for each intervention furnishes a comprehensive outline of the intervention, along with references to sources of information and materials suitable for implementation in both whole-group and small-group settings. In the coming year, additional resources will be incorporated into the intervention courses. As videos demonstrating the interventions are being produced, additional arithmetic and behavior interventions are in the works.

Tutoring in reading

Commencing Our Work

For individuals who are inexperienced with FastBridge and the FASTTM assessments, the last segment of the Training and Resources page comprises the latest-developed courses. These courses consist of:

  • Fundamentals: An introduction to the FastBridge website and instructions on how to access the assessments and additional materials.
  • Information regarding the objectives and protocols governing the annual screening of every pupil, with a maximum frequency of three screenings.
  • Setting Up Progress Monitoring: Instructions on how to configure progress monitoring for specific students and groups, in addition to the methods for accessing and analyzing progress reports.
  • An examination of the available FastBridge reports and their intended function as components of a data-driven approach to problem-solving.

Innovative Tool FastBridge

Would you not want to improve learning outcome assessment and impact in half the time and at half the cost? The answer to this query was devised in collaboration with and for teachers: a next-generation of evidence-based classroom assessments—that is precisely what the founders of FastBridge Learning sought to answer. The organization provides an all-encompassing evaluation system that incorporates Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) and Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) to efficiently assess, diagnose, monitor, and guide instruction while furnishing instructors with actionable data.

The platform facilitates program implementation straightforwardly and effectively by offering automated scoring, analysis, morning, and reporting; customizable screening, benchmarking, instructional recommendations, and progress monitoring; and support for Multiple Systems of Support (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RtI). Ideal for monitoring progress, their Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) are exceptionally sensitive to growth over brief periods.

LLC FastBridge Learning

FastBridge Learning goes beyond mere rhetoric by actively showcasing the value we place on our personnel. Our culture of trust, transparency, and collaboration is deliberate in every way, including the arrangement of our office space, the level of detail shared during All Hands (all company) meetings, the provision of complimentary benefits, the fulfillment of professional development obligations, incentive compensation, and much more.

The mission

  • We revolutionize how educators evaluate and attend to the educational requirements of
  • Their pupils benefit from a single, straightforward solution that yields rapid results.
    proven to be effective.

Additional Cultural Information

We prioritize the growth and development of individuals by providing opportunities for ongoing education that foster development and enrichment. Additionally, we acknowledge that no two individuals have identical career trajectories. For this reason, our focus extends beyond succession planning. Conversely, we implement “success planning” to guarantee that all members are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to progress our mission and improve progressively.

LLC FastBridge Learning

By providing an extensive array of paid holidays and an almost limitless paid time off policy, we enable our staff to fulfill their performance obligations while also availing themselves of leisure time, rejuvenation, and the pursuit of personal interests—all without feeling remorseful. This is because we believe that optimal performance is unattainable without equilibrium. In our organization, equilibrium is modeled at every level for this reason.

Evaluations of reading, mathematics, and social-emotional behavior

Educators can identify students’ academic and social-emotional behavior (SEB) needs more quickly, coordinate the most effective interventions at the appropriate moment, and determine whether interventions are assisting students in regaining ground thanks to FastBridge’s valid and dependable assessments—all on a single platform.

  • Determining the: A single system should be utilized to guide academic and social-emotional behavior (SEB) interventions and enhancements through targeted decision-making.
  • Perform an Intervene: Ensure the validity and dependability of results by utilizing collaboratively developed research-based instruments.
  • Amount to: Maximize instructional time and minimize testing by implementing a system that provides learning updates and monitoring in less than thirty minutes.
  • Grow: Drive student development and achievement with the help of potent data generated by universal screening and progress monitoring tools.

FastBridge now makes establishing a baseline for progress monitoring simpler

FastBridge enables instructors to effortlessly assess students, establish objectives, monitor their progress to ascertain the efficacy of interventions and modify objectives or interventions as necessary.

Numerous educators assess students using FastBridge, which also generates an automatic progress monitoring Start Score. This score furnishes educators with foundational information to utilize in monitoring the advancement of individual students toward their objectives. To assist educators in comprehending student performance, devising instruction and intervention strategies to address students’ needs, and gauging students’ advancement toward their objectives, it is vital to collect baseline data.

Teachers are now able to establish an initial assessment using FastBridge, even in situations where screening information is not available. Students who may have missed the initial screening, been screened with a different instrument, lack recent screening data in FastBridge or are new to your school can now have progress monitoring initiated immediately. You can establish personalized learning paths, monitor their progress in real-time, and implement opportune interventions by establishing a starting score.

FastBridge now makes establishing a baseline for progress monitoring simpler

In closing,

In summary, FastBridge Learning significantly contributes to the paradigm shift in education through its provision of comprehensive intervention and assessment solutions. By providing a comprehensive range of tools that include diagnostic and screening evaluations, progress tracking, and targeted interventions, it enables educators to make well-informed decisions based on data. FastBridge’s commitment to promoting student development is evident through its user-friendly platform, adherence to the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), and practice of research-based methodologies. In light of the ongoing evolution of education, FastBridge Learning serves as a valuable collaborator for school districts and institutions, enabling a more individualized and efficacious pedagogical approach.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. To what extent does FastBridge facilitate data-driven decision-making among educators?

Educators can utilize the data generated by FastBridge’s screening and diagnostic assessments, progress monitoring tools, and diagnostic evaluations to inform their decisions regarding interventions and instruction.

2. Is FastBridge Learning adaptable to the specific requirements of various educational environments?

Indeed, FastBridge Learning provides educators with the ability to customize assessments and interventions by their particular curriculum and student body.

3. What role does the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) play in the methodology of FastBridge?

FastBridge, by the MTSS framework, provides tiered interventions that cater to the diverse support requirements of individual students.

4. How intuitive is the FastBridge platform designed to be for educators?

The FastBridge platform is intentionally developed to be intuitive for users, enabling effortless management of evaluations and furnishing instructors with direct availability of assessment outcomes and insights.

5. Does FastBridge Learning engage in collaborative partnerships with other academic establishments?

Indeed, FastBridge engages in frequent partnerships with educational organizations, districts, and institutions to guarantee efficient execution and congruence with distinct educational objectives.

6. Do the interventions suggested by FastBridge adhere to educational best practices and research?

Indeed, FastBridge’s interventions are firmly rooted in research and established methodologies, with the intended impact of enhancing evidence-based approaches to education and learning.

7. In what ways does FastBridge facilitate the implementation of a more individualized educational approach?

FastBridge facilitates educated individuals’ individualized learning experiences by offering comprehensive evaluations and focused remedial actions, thereby assisting instructors in customizing lessons to suit the unique requirements of each student.

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