Optus Stadium Ultimate Guide: Which Your Make Experience Great

Optus Stadium Ultimate Guide: Which Your Make Experience Great

Perth’s Burswood Peninsula is home to the world-class Optus Stadium, an architectural wonder and a major draw for entertainment. Redefining sports and entertainment, Optus Stadium was named the Most Beautiful Sports Facility in the World in 2019 and Venue of the Year at the 2022 Stadium Business Awards. Beyond events, this flexible venue east of Perth’s CBD provides an immersive experience. With views of the eastern foothills, Perth’s skyline, and the Swan River, Optus Stadium showcases its cutting-edge technology and architecture. Electricity is provided to the 60,000-seat stadium for concerts, big athletic events, and other entertainment.

Optus Stadium’s openness and accessibility make it a special venue for hosting events. All fans are welcome to enjoy the thrill at the ‘fan-first’ facility. Optus Stadium redefines inclusion with features like changing rooms and universally accessible restrooms. Stadium Park’s Indigenous six-seasons motif attracts tourists. With picnic spots, public art exhibits, the BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre, natural playgrounds, and picnic areas, Optus Stadium offers a day full of entertainment for people of all ages.

Enumerate Optus Stadium

In Perth, Western Australia, there is a world-class multipurpose arena called Optus Stadium. The stadium is home to several important domestic and international athletic and entertainment events throughout the year. It has also won prizes for Venue of the Year at the 2022 Stadium Business Prizes and Most Beautiful Stadium in the World at the Prix Versailles 2019 International Architectural Awards. On the Burswood Peninsula, east of the Perth Central Business District, are the stadium and the park that surrounds it. This stadium holds a range of sports and entertainment events, including the Australian Football League, International and Big Bash League cricket, soccer, rugby league, and union, plus concerts. It has views of the gorgeous Swan River and Perth city to the west and the foothills to the east. Visitors of all ages may enjoy the natural playgrounds in the Chevron Parkland, the BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre, picnic and barbecue sites, public art, and a variety of recreational amenities year-round in the adjacent Stadium Park district. You may also eat at the City View Café, which has a view of the Swan River.

Enumerate Optus Stadium

Overview of Optus Stadium

There are up to 60,000 supporters at Optus Stadium, and the energy level is high. Located right here in Perth, this top-notch entertainment venue puts the needs of the audience first in terms of both architecture and technology. The stadium is home to some of the biggest musicians in the world, in addition to the AFL, soccer, rugby league, and union.

Optus Stadium is more than simply a location to visit on the day of an event; it was voted the Most Beautiful Sports Facility in the World in 2019. The BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre, public art, family-friendly picnic areas, and natural play areas are just a few of the attractions that surround Stadium Park.

Information About Accessibility

According to optusstadium.com.au:

Optus Stadium was created with accessibility for all users in mind, including information, services, and amenities.

People in Need of the New Optus Stadium’s Universal Access (IRUA) Features:

  • 360-degree access at every level of public entry
  • IRUA seats are all across the stadium
  • More than 60 UATs, or universally accessible toilets
  • The first stadium in Australia to feature multiple changing places and restrooms is three. Features consist of:
    • An adult-sized changing bench with adjustable height
    • Transportable hoisting apparatus
    • Room for one user and two caregivers maximum
    • Electrical doors
  • 450 wheelchair spaces—100 more than the 2013 National Construction Code stipulates—and 327 spaces designated for enhanced amenities for those with mobility needs who do not use wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair locations on every floor that accommodate groups of all sizes with adjustable seats for caregivers and visitors
  • Nine times the number of permanent ACROD bays that are necessary (National Construction Code, 2013).
  • There are twelve elevators in the stadium.

Parking that is accessible

  • Who owns an ACROD license? For further details on how to express interest in ACROD parking at the stadium, please follow this link.
  • Your event ticket includes the Transperth fee, which provides a variety of accessible services.

Easily-Obtainable Tickets

  • The Ticketmaster Accessible Seating Line may be used to make reservations for tickets for guests with accessible needs, such as those who need wheelchairs or companion cards.
  • Call 1300 446 925 or send an email to [email protected] for further information.
  • Please be sure to include your contact information and the event name, venue, date, and time in your email. Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. AEST (closed on Christmas and Boxing Day).

Facts About Perths Optus Stadium

Just now, Optus Stadium Perth, a brand-new, sixty-thousand-seat venue, opened for business. With a construction cost of $1.6 billion and a capacity for up to 60,000 spectators, this amazing stadium elevates Perth to the status of a premier sporting and entertainment destination. Here are some fascinating facts about this wonderful new development in Perth.

  1. The first headliners to play at Optus Stadium this year are Ed Sheeran in late February and Taylor Swift in October 2018. In July, it will host a match between Chelsea Football Club and Perth Glory, as well as the National Rugby League. There isn’t a “bad seat” in the AFL; every seat offers a clear view of the playing field. The Nitro Circus Next Level Tour, which has the largest bike ramps in the world, is another event not to be missed!
  2. Wider seats (each with its own cup holder, so yes, your math is accurate; there are 60,000 cup holders!) and a climate-controlled canopy that covers 85% of the seats are excellent designs that ensure your optimum comfort. Not too shabby, huh?
  3. Enjoy the finest view, as the stadium has two of Australia’s largest super screens! Additionally, you may enjoy complete 4G service around the stadium, making you feel at home!
  4. With 1000 TVs positioned across the stadium, Optus Stadium offers the most food choices of any stadium in Australia. Fans can even watch the action while purchasing refreshments.
  5. The stadium’s design prioritizes user-friendliness and accessibility. The stadium features 12 lifts, 450 wheelchair spaces on all floors, and 60 universally accessible restrooms to facilitate accessible and inclusive stadium navigation.
    • Facts About Perths Optus Stadium
  6. With six dedicated platforms, the amazing new Optus Stadium Station makes it simple to get to the stadium! While Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and Perth Stadium Bus Station transport stadium visitors to and from the Perth metropolitan region, the “cherry on top” is that tickets for every event held at the stadium will also include public transportation. Beside the stadium is a designated taxi rank as well. During major events, Special Event Buses and CBD Shuttles will run in addition to the 6-platform Optus Stadium Train Station and Bus Station to link residential areas to the stadium and parking lots.
  7. With 600 bike racks installed, many walking and cycling paths crisscrossing Stadium Park, and the building of the Matagarup Pedestrian Bridge, the stadium design caters to both pedestrians and cyclists.
  8. With 21 more food and beverage outlets, including restaurants with views over the city, in addition to 50 ground-level food and beverage outlets, your stomach will also be well-fed. Additionally, you may enjoy a beer while admiring the breathtaking views of the Swan River and the Perth CBD. The Goodwood Restaurant and City View Cafe will be open to the public seven days a week on the stadium concourse.
  9. Optus Stadium Hospitality offers 101 corporate suites and 13 distinct function locations, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking a bit more exclusive or unique experience when attending a concert or sporting event. Additionally, the stadium can accommodate gatherings for conferences, seminars, gala dinners, and other events in its private function rooms located on its west side, which have breathtaking views of the river. To be considerably closer to the action, fans may also make reservations for the “Coaches Room” or the “Locker Room.”
  10. Stadium Park, the area around the stadium, offers BBQ and picnic areas, a fantastic natural play area, and excellent amenities for people of all ages and stages. A 1000-seat amphitheater provides an amazing setting for outdoor plays, movies, and concerts, with sunsets over the Perth CBD. International artist Chris Drury produced “The Wandering,” a unique 190-meter rock formation art installation, and indigenous artwork and poetry were integrated into the stadium’s wall decoration and surrounding scenery.

Journey Experience

You’re eager to support your team inside the brand-new Optus Stadium since you’ve already purchased your tickets and scheduled your travel. You should be since, unlike any Australian athletic stadium before it, it was created with the fan experience front and center, offering better access to players, coaches, and views. Imagine your ultimate wish list for the ideal experience in a sports arena. Large, expansive screens? Check. Unmatched access for players? Check. What about access to behind-the-scenes activities, views from every angle so you can keep your focus on the action, and excellent seating arrangements? You’re beginning to get a glimpse of the brand-new Optus Stadium there.

There’s a thrill when you walk inside the glistening, bronze-hued athletic venue. At dusk, the roof, which can accommodate up to 60,000 ardent supporters, is lit up like a halo by 15,000 LED lights, making it the biggest LED sports lighting installation in the world. You could lose it when a switch flips and the colors of your team flash above. There’s nowhere you’d rather be, in our opinion, when you factor in the clamor of the crowd and the general feeling of excitement that everyone is experiencing.

Game-Day Enjoyment with Seamless Facilities, Delicious Food, and Easy Access

It’s best if you arrive hungry. An enormous buffet restaurant serves those who need to refuel fast within the stadium’s well-designed precinct, while an a la carte dining room elevates the gastronomic experience (and makes a wonderful place for a post-match dinner debrief). There are more food and beverage options than at any other Australian stadium, with over 70 in total, so every whim and dietary need is met. You won’t have to give up watching because the majority have opinions.

Practically speaking, no seat is more than 40 meters from a restroom, making it easier to dash out for a quick break. There are also a ton of restrooms: 748 for men and 781 for women.

Optus Stadium is easy to get to. The distance from the airport to the city center, where cafés, restaurants, and pubs are dotted all over the place, is only ten minutes by car. A brand-new pedestrian bridge that spans the Swan River connects the stadium precinct with the eastern edge of the CBD for those who would rather stroll. The train line, on the other hand, passes directly beside the arena and makes many stations a short distance from its entrances. In addition, fans may cycle in with 600 bike racks and 22 bus stations. Because of the integrated architecture, 83% of the capacity audience may be evacuated 1 hour after the game ends. Thus, you won’t have to worry about being caught in a bottleneck and can watch all the way through.

A Full-Day Celebration of Entertainment, Brews, and Nature

However, you may wish to have a reason to stay longer. A microbrewery, an amphitheater with outdoor film screenings and live performances, kid-friendly nature play parks, picnic places, barbecue areas, Wi-Fi access, and a communal oval are all included inside the larger Stadium Park. A 200-meter boardwalk and many bike paths connect the attractions, the majority of which are available on days when there are no games. The six seasons of the Indigenous calendar served as inspiration for the parkland, and interpretive signage highlights significant cultural ties to the stadium location.

All of this combines to make Optus Stadium more of a destination than a venue for events; in fact, you could find yourself inclined to stay all day (and we wouldn’t blame you).

A Full-Day Celebration of Entertainment, Brews, and Nature

An AFL fan’s spectacular blend of luxury and technology

Optus Stadium, the Australian Football League’s new home in Western Australia, was created to go above and beyond expectations. With two massive 340-square-meter video displays, the largest in the southern hemisphere, and a thousand smaller ones scattered around, no one will miss a minute of action. The extra-wide seats in the stadium ensure your comfort throughout the whole event, and the arrangement of the bowl makes the games appear closer and the live action more immediate. With the use of cutting-edge building methods and technology, this stadium is more precise than any other in Australia.

The most thrilling aspect of all, though, is that fans now have unprecedented access to the game’s inner workings, providing them with amazing insights. You may watch your favorite players warm up and go through their pre-game routines if you have VIP seats in the locker room. You may come back after the game to see the reporters analyze plays at the post-game press conference while the cameras are rolling. As soon as you enter the coach’s room, you’ll be as close to the coaches’ boxes as is practically feasible. You may feel the mounting strain felt by those at the top by listening in on high-stakes talks, thanks to the ability to transmit sound. You’ll experience the inner circle feeling. The Sky View Lounge offers views of the circular and its ring of ardent fans like those of a mountaintop, situated directly beneath one of the enormous displays. Spread out on the same level is a large patio with breathtaking views of the serene Swan River and the city skyline.

In summary:

Lastly, Optus Stadium is a Burswood Peninsula landmark because of its unique design, state-of-the-art technology, and unparalleled fan experience. It is a multi-use arena that holds important athletic and entertainment events all year long for a variety of uses. Up to 60,000 spectators per year frequent Optus Stadium, which offers views of Perth City, the Swan River, and the eastern foothills. In 2019, it was named the most beautiful sports facility in the world. ‘Fan-first’ is reflected in the architecture of the stadium and its easily accessible amenities. The state-of-the-art Changing Places facilities and universally accessible amenities at Optus Stadium are the epitome of inclusion. Stadium Park, which takes cues from six Indigenous seasons, has enhanced Optus Stadium. The BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre, picnic spots, nature playgrounds, and public art elevate the district above a mere event venue. All ages are in for a full day of relaxation and enjoyment.

360-degree access to all general admission levels, IRUA seats, several universally accessible restrooms, and multiple wheelchair spaces are examples of accessibility. Universal accessibility highlights how committed the stadium is to the comfort and enjoyment of its patrons. Beyond sports and entertainment, Optus Stadium places a strong emphasis on community involvement, design, and inclusion. From the field to the stands, Optus Stadium provides an extraordinary experience that goes above and beyond the typical event venue. It emphasizes Perth’s dedication to constructing a top-notch institution that makes an impact.


Optus Stadium is located where?

On the Burswood Peninsula, Optus Stadium is situated along Victoria Park Drive. Perth City is around 5 miles away from the stadium.

How can I go from Optus Stadium to the CBD?

Operating out of Elizabeth Quay Bus Station are CBD shuttle buses. Three hours before the commencement of each event, bus route 661 leaves.

Can I go to Optus Stadium using an Uber?

Indeed. For the 2019 AFL season at Optus Stadium, a pickup and drop-off zone will be established starting on Sunday, March 24, 2019. There will be ridesharing bays here on Nelson Avenue, which is located on the Matagarup Pedestrian Bridge’s East Perth side.

Is parking available at Optus Stadium?

Access to Optus Stadium by private vehicles is not available. Transperth, which is included with all Optus Stadium event tickets, is recommended for visitors. ACROD parking is restricted, and permits are subject to availability.

Where at Optus Stadium are the bars?

The Camfield, Australia’s biggest bar, is a hundred meters from Optus Stadium. The pub has a large beer garden, five bars with 175 beer taps, a large screen, and a substantial range of food options.

Does Optus Stadium allow you to bring your food?

Food and drinks in bottles are permitted, as are foods or drinks in flasks. Glass bottles, cans, and alcohol are not allowed in.

What choices are there for food and drink?

There are around fifty food and beverage establishments with an extensive menu. Here, you can get all of your favorite football foods and beverages, such as hot chips, pies, burgers, and Gage Road beer!

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