Top 30 Mobile App Development Agency For Companies

Mobile App Development Agency: Selecting the right app developer is becoming important as mobile solutions become more and more essential to corporate success. It might be stressful to look for and evaluate prospective mates.

For your evaluation, we have compiled a list of the top mobile app development businesses. To identify the organization that is most suitable for your enterprise, go through company profiles, previous clients, and important projects.

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Top 30 Mobile App Development Agency For Companies


#1. Appinventiv

mobile app development agency

A mobile app development agency with more than 250 specialists, Appinventiv specializes in app modernisation. A promising newcomer since 2014, the business has its corporate headquarters in New York and has operations in the UK, the UAE, and Noida, India.

#2. CreatThrive

mobile app development agency


CreateThrive is an mobile app development agency. They have a tiny group in Montevideo, Uruguay. Their team has expertise in web development, ux/ui design, bespoke software development, and mobile app development.

#3. TechAhead



TechAhead is an mobile app development agency . Since 2009, the firm has concentrated on bespoke digital solutions and UI/UX, and it works with some of the biggest businesses in the world in a variety of industries.

#4. Brainvire

mobile app development agency

Brainvire specialize in e-commerce development and also offer game creation, online and mobile app development agency, and ERP and CRM integration.

#5. Algoworks

mobile app development agency


Algoworks is a web and mobile app development agency and has produced over 500 apps for companies of various kinds. They have 50+ mobile strategists, designers, and business analysts on staff.

#6. Mutual Mobile

mobile app development agency

A development and digital goods firm with its main office in Austin, Texas, and a branch office in Hyderabad, India is called Mutual Mobile. The firm, which was founded in 2009, employs more than 170 people nationwide. Mutual Mobile an mobile app development  provides UX/UI and product design in addition to mobile app, AR/VR, IoT, and web development.

#7. Andersen INC


Healthcare software development is one of the many specialties of the renowned bespoke mobile app agency business Andersen. The business has established more than ten development centers and around ten sales offices throughout the world since it was founded in 2007. Over 2700 highly skilled professionals are employed in the creation and customization of business IT solutions, web apps, and mobile applications. Over 950 projects have been finished by Andersen, and they have attracted hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world. Currently, the firm is engaged in more than 250 projects.

#8. Attract Group

mobile app development agency

In Odessa, Ukraine, Attract Group is a mobile app development  firm. Their 43-person team has been concentrating in online, mobile app, e-commerce development, and other areas since 2011. Work with small to mid-sized clients is what Attract Group does.

#9. AppTailors

mobile app development agency

The Pozna, Poland-based mobile app agency AppTailors was established in 2018. With more than 10 people, they focus on IT strategy consulting and mobile app development for small firms in the business and financial services sectors.

#10. Saritasa


Full-source software mobile app development firm Saritasa is situated in Newport Beach, California, and also has offices there, as well as in Russia, Vietnam, and New York City. They were established in 2005 and have a staff of roughly 90 people that produce bespoke software, websites, mobile apps, internet of things (IoT), and AR/VR for largely mid-sized companies.

#11. ARCH

mobile app development agency

A provider of digital solutions, ARCH an mobile app agency focuses on the creation, maintenance, and hosting of websites, mobile applications, and business systems. Additionally, they have a wealth of expertise with CMS, CRM, intranet, and e-learning platforms. They were established in 2005, have their main offices in London and Gateshead, and employ a staff of little more than 10 people.

#12. Small Planet

mobile app development agency

Small Planet is a mobile app development business based in New York City that creates high-caliber mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, including 25 App Store Category #1’s. The close-knit team is based in Brooklyn, New York, and provides services for product management, consultancy, quality assurance, and user testing, as well as user experience (UX) and design for mobile and online, smart device and touchscreen development. A Machine Learning Lab was also recently established to focus on several fascinating AI-related topics.

#13. OneSeven Technology

mobile app development agency

Jersey City, New Jersey-based OneSeven Technology is a software mobile app development  that firmas established in 2017. The organization, which has less than ten workers, focuses on web development, mobile app agency, and UX/UI design.

#14. Maven

mobile app development agency

Maven is a software firm that was established in 2020 and has a maximum of 50 workers. From their location in Spanish Fork, Utah, they provide solutions for UX/UI design and bespoke software development. They collaborate with mid-sized and small agencies.

#15. Netguru

mobile app development agency

Founded in 2008, Netguru is a consultation, product design, and mobile app development. The business collaborates with both established companies and burgeoning start-ups in the financial, educational, and even robotics sectors. More than 700 employees are employed by Netguru and work remotely on more than 700 projects.

#16. Intent

mobile app development agency

They have 35 people, and their team specializes in creating bespoke software, mobile apps, and UX/UI designs. In the consumer goods, information technology, and business services sectors, they primarily work with corporate clients.

#17. Simform

mobile app development agency

A bespoke mobile app development agency called Simform was established in 2010. They have aided a variety of organizations, including start-ups, Fortune 500 firms, and NGOs supported by the WHO. A specialized software development team, services for artificial intelligence, API integration, and software testing are all provided by the team of more than 250 people when delivering digital solutions to clients.

#18. STRV


STRV is a 200+ skilled software engineering and design team. The business offers UX/UI, app and web design, and mobile app development agency and web development services. Since their arrival in 2004, they have provided mobile and online solutions for a variety of clients, including Porsche, Microsoft, Autodesk, Barnes & Noble, ClassDojo, The Athletic, Barry’s, and more.

#19. Droids On Roids

mobile app development agency

A Polish business called Droids on Roids was established in 2011. Their talented staff of more than 50 employees has particular expertise in web design and development as well as mobile app development agency for iOS and Android.

#20. Cheesecake Labs


A software design and engineering partner that creates tech goods is Cheesecake Labs. They have offices in California and Brazil, and they started producing apps in 2013. To deliver software solutions, their diverse team of over 100 designers, engineers, and project managers works with customers. This mobile app development agency business provides full-service development, including UI/UX design, backend engineering, project management, testing, launching, and maintenance, for iOS, Android, and Web platforms.

#21. Hyperlink Infosystem


A team of more than 250 experts, Hyperlink InfoSystem was established in 2011 and specializes in IT services, mobile app development agency, and ERP/SI consulting. The business, which is headquartered in Ahmedabad, provides a variety of digital solutions through locations in the UK, US, and Australia.

#22. Sidebench


A strategy, design, and development consultant with a staff of more than 70 specialists, Sidebench an mobile app development agency is based in Los Angeles. Sidebench, a 2012 startup, serves corporate businesses and start-ups looking for management consultants, seasoned founders, the technical know-how of systems architects, and a UX-first mindset. Through a completely integrated team for product delivery, Sidebench offers app and web development, UX/UI design, web design, and app testing.

#23. Tapptitude


Tapptitude is a mobile app development agency with offices in London, the US, and Romania. In addition to UX/UI design, IT strategy consulting, and web development, the team of more than 100 professionals focuses on developing iOS and Android apps. Tapptitude was established in 2013 and primarily works with startups and small companies in the real estate, automobile, and arts and entertainment sectors.

#24. Owebest Technologies

mobile app development agency

Custom software and mobile app development agency Owebest Technologies has sales offices in the United States, Canada, and Dubai in addition to its development center in Jaipur, India. With a staff of more than 85 technical specialists since its formal launch in 2016, they have successfully completed more than 1100 Projects.

#25. SolveIt

mobile app development agency

A full-service mobile app development agency, online, and bespoke software development firm, SolveIt is situated in the EU. Customers may find all of their business needs and solutions at SolveIt. Solutions for small to medium businesses in e-commerce, retail, healthcare, transportation, and other industries are included in the company’s expertise.

#26. Undabot

mobile app development agency

Croatia’s Zagreb is home to the mobile app development agency startup Undabot. Less than 50 people work for this 2013-founded company, which offers services for developing mobile apps, unique software, and websites.

#27. CitrusBits

mobile app development agency

Founded in 2005, CitrusBits is a mobile app agency with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. For all enterprises, the team of about 60 individuals has a deep enthusiasm for developing mobile technologies and responsive mobile content.

#28. Flynaut LLC

mobile app development agency

The 12 employees at Flynaut receive business from clients all around the world for their expertise in web design and development, SEO, internet marketing, mobile app development agency, and branding.

#29. ZCO

mobile app development agency

Since 1989, Zco has been at the forefront of technology. The mobile app development agency provides online, mobile, and animation services. With a Boston office and a Nashua, New Hampshire, headquarters, the 200+ professionals form a formidable team with exceptional and diversified proficiencies.

#30. Sigma Software Group

mobile app development agency

With operations in the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Latin America, and Portugal, Sigma Software Group is a software development, consulting firm and mobile app development agency with headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine. The firm, which was founded in 2002, employs over 2000 people and provides software product and bespoke solutions delivery, digital transformation, Big Data, AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, web & app development services to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.



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