KissCartoon Alternatives – Top 25 Sites Similar to KissCartoon To Watch Free Cartoon And Anime

KissCartoon Alternatives-The internet is filled with websites that broadcast cartoons, but sometimes it may be quite challenging to pick the top ones. The majority of kids and adults now spend their endless hours watching cartoons and anime on their smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices with colored picture quality. A few years ago, children watched cartoons on TV with black and white pictures, but in this digital era, technology is improving day by day.

A well-known free online site for streaming cartoons and anime, KissCartoon focuses on cartoons. Additionally, it features a big database including anime and cartoons. You may watch and download as many cartoons as you like for free. Users of the website may simply access it from any device, including smartphones, computers, tablets, etc., and receive the quickest streaming service available. The website resembles Mangastream in certain ways.

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Why Is Kiss Cartoon Down?

Due to a copyright issue, the most popular website, kisscartoon, was taken down in 2017, and the ISPs are now restricted by the government. Additionally, other websites that are comparable to kisscartoon have emerged online, allowing you to view your preferred cartoons and anime for free.

How To Watch Cartoons For Free?

There are several websites available online that offer cartoons and anime for free viewing and downloading. It’s challenging to discover a website that gives free material similar to other paying sites because most websites do not offer safe content downloads.

There is no other website where you can view fresh content every day like the kiss animation, which offers free content to its subscribers. On the kisscartoon website, Rick and Morty is the most streamed material. You don’t need to travel anyplace to download and view the whole episodes.

Is KissCartoon Legal?

Many people wonder whether Kisscartoon is legal or not, however as we have noted, the main website for the site has been taken down. As a result, several websites with the same domain name appear online. When you compare phony websites, they have the same layout and even the same listed menu bar and logo, so it appears to be a genuine website. However, you can verify that the genuine site offers HD material whereas the fraudulent site does not.

How To Block Ad On KissCartoon?

Since Kisscartoon is a commercial website, you will notice that it is replete with pop-up advertising when you visit such sites. However, you may easily disable these adverts using adblocking software. Check out the ad blocker for Chrome if you use the Google Chrome browser to access kiss animation websites. The adblocker effortlessly allows you to continue enjoying your entertainment while blocking adverts and popups.

We advise using an ad blocker so you can manage the advertisements, even if the bogus websites for the kiss cartoon are bad for your computer since they contain hazardous links, spyware, and adware that redirects the adverts and popups.

Top 25 Sites Similar to KissCartoon To Watch Free Cartoon And Anime

There are several websites like that act as a proxy for kiss cartoons. These websites are simple to use and load quickly. You may choose your favorite stuff with ease and certainty because there is free content available. Therefore, you ought to choose an alternative website to Kissacrtoon.

#1. Chia-Anime

KissCartoon Alternatives

A huge selection of cartoons and anime videos are available for free on Chia Anime. Users who frequently like watching cartoons on this website may get high-quality videos from the website. It also provides manga in addition to anime and cartoons. On this website, the video material is offered in both dubbed and subtitled formats. You can easily find your favorite anime using the search bar feature. This website keeps you up to speed on the most recent and popular anime. It features a straightforward layout that appeals to both children and the younger crowd, so you’ll never get tired using it.

#2. Crunchyroll

KissCartoon Alternatives

An outstanding website with HD animated videos and the most recent, exclusive collections is Crunchyroll. It is an American-based website that provides links to view or download any anime without any additional bother, as well as authentic and high-quality content. On this website, in addition to cartoons, they offer the most recent news on anime. With an unbroken and unrivaled streaming service, the premium subscription is available for free. Nearly all devices, including iOS, Android, Roku, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and more, support it.

#3. KissAnime


Do you enjoy watching anime? Then Kissanime website should be your top pick. This website features Japanese animation and is pretty similar to kisscartoon. There are several categories for kissanime, like New & Hot, Most Popular, Trending, Recent Addition, and so on. On this website, the majority of users like watching shows like Naruto, One Piece, Boruto, and Hunter x Hunter. If you’re seeking for a fresh anime, kissanime will satisfy your needs. It makes accessing the site easier and is incredibly user-friendly. KissAnime is the first website you may visit if you’re not satisfied; the next one is CartoonExtra.

#4. CartoonExtra

KissCartoon alternatives

The Cartoon Extra is the ideal location to watch cartoons online for free after Kissanime. There are many different cartoons and animes here. On this website, the list of cartoons never ends. The abundance of material persuades you to access the cartoon even more conveniently. This website caters specifically to kids and has a variety of cartoons, including Loony Toons, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and many more. You only need to type the cartoon’s name because all the popular cartoons are included here.

#5. Funimation

KissCartoon alternatives

You may access a vast collection of animated cartoons and dubs through Funimation. This website lists nearly 10,000 of its episodes and films. Because Funimation offers a never-ending supply of high-quality entertainment, its fans never get tired of it. The anime is also dubbed in English over here. One drawback is that you saw some pop-ups and adverts when viewing material on this site. The website may be accessed in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

#6. AnimeToon

kisscartoon alternatives

The best location to watch cartoons online without spending a dime is AnimeToon. This website is extremely similar to Kisscartoon in that you can easily view your favorite content here. Children are drawn to the enormous library to learn about the newest episodes and anime. You may locate cartoons on this website using genres including dubbed anime, well-known programs, and Korean drama. These include episodes from Ben 10, Tom and Jerry, American Dad, and Pokemon, among other well-known series. The website is accessible to users of all ages, not only youngsters. The user experience for watching high-quality movies and television series is also excellent.

#7. KimCartoon

kisscartoon alternatives

Another cartoon site to consider as an alternative to Kisscartoon is Kimcartoon. Not only can you locate cartoons on this website, but you can also find recently released anime thanks to its unique user experience. The video quality is amazing, and there is a plenty of content, which Kimcartoon makes ideal. The only drawback is that you had to endure some adverts and pop-ups while viewing the material.

 #8. AnimeVibe

KissCartoon Alternatives

The goal of AnimeVibe is to expand the anime fanbase by disseminating accessible episodes throughout the world. Almost 2,000 programs are now hosted on this website. These series include both subtitles and dubs, so you may watch anime whichever you choose and still enjoy it.

It is true that AnimeVibe frequently has a high ad-support ratio. One of the top anime websites like KissCartoon Alternatives website, crunchyroll, com, free and shop if you use an ad blocker. They also have a vibrant community that welcomes newcomers with open arms.

#9. Anilinkz


The next on our list is Anilinkz. This great site KissCartoon Alternatives, has a big collection of anime movies or television shows. Registration or login are not necessary to use this website. Just click the link and look for the media you want to stream. You may quickly search the material using the advanced search option.

Alternately, you may go through the many genre categories to get a wide range of anime stuff. In conclusion, the website has a lot to offer its users, so you shouldn’t be hesitant to utilize it. Just go for it!

#10. Anime Frenzy

KissCartoon alternatives

Users are kept interested by AnimeFrenzy’s clean, black user interface. The website is separated into areas such as Scheduled, Ongoing, Shows, and Popular.

The most current and well-known shows are shown on the home screen. One Piece, Kyokou Suiri, Magica Record, Boruto, and Dorohedoro are just a few of the fantastic shows that are accessible.

#11. Animestreams


Another free anime streaming KissCartoon alternatives is Animestreams. Animestreams’ biggest feature is that, while being totally free to use, you won’t frequently see those annoying commercial pop-ups. The website offers a substantial collection of anime films and series that are orderly categorized. Additionally, the website is regularly updated to guarantee that its visitors always have access to the most recent information.

#12. AnimeLand

KissCartoon Alternatives

Animeland is a free anime streaming website is a  site like KissCartoon to watch online if you’re seeking for a legitimate substitute for AnimeFreak. The objective of this webpage is clear from its title. This site offers a wide variety of anime content in addition to anime episodes and movies, making it a viable alternative to 9Anime. The website has a fantastic user interface with easy-to-use layouts.

You’ll discover neatly arranged categories and a sophisticated search tool. This website also includes a list of dubbed anime as well as anime movies and anime shows. This website includes content from the action, comedy, horror, thriller, and romance genres.

#13. AnimeBam

KissCartoon alternatives

A straightforward website with little adverts is AnimeBam. Compared to other sites is KissCartoon alternatives, it features less shows, but it is well-organized. The films load swiftly and play without any hiccups since they lack any extraneous features.

#14. HBO Max

KissCartoon alternatives

HBO Max does not skip on anime entertainment and is considered an KissCartoon alternatives, offering more than 10,000 hours (and increasing!) of content. There are many different anime to choose from, ranging from the renowned Rorouni Kenshin to the whole Ghibli Library collection.

Furthermore, since AT&T and HBO Max share ownership, users may access 17 anime series (including Fullmetal Alchemist and Re:ZERO) directly through the AT&T network’s Crunchyroll streaming service. Current HBO Now subscribers as well as those who have a television or mobile service provider subscription to the channel can access HBO Max right now.

#15. AnimeLab

KissCartoon alternatives


The highest-caliber new anime series are what Animelab is committed to offering. Although it is entirely free to use, this website is intended for Australian and New Zealand visitors and is one of the best KissCartoon alternatives for these countries. There are people from all around the world who visit our website. The programme is also accessible for Android and iPhone smartphones.

For a select few simulcasts, Animelab works with Japanese studios. This makes it possible for individuals to view anime for free without endangering the Japanese animation companies. When you place your mouse over an anime image on the website, show descriptions appear and are easy to explore.

#16. Anime Digital Network

KissCartoon alternatives

One of the most extensive sources for anime in France, Luxembourg, and Belgium is this French-language anime streaming website alternatives to KissCartoon, crunchyroll, com and login.

Due to agreements it has made with Japanese publishers Kaze and Kana Home Video, its streaming service is completely legal. Remember that the material is accessible in Japanese or French with French subtitles.

#17. Masterani


Another well-liked website for anime enthusiasts to watch online streaming is Masterani. With a huge library that includes the most recent simulcasts, there is something for any anime fan out there.

The main drawback is that the seat may be a real hassle. However, this is not a major issue when you take into account the lack of intrusive adverts.



An outstanding anime viewing experience is provided by the free website gogoanime. The platform has a modern aesthetic and is very easy to use. All of the mentioned new and old anime categories are listed on the site. You may discover the most recent anime releases here without spending a single cash. You may search for anime by genres such year, titles, release month, rating, and popularity. One drawback of gogoanime is that it loads videos really slowly.

#19. NarutoGet

KissCartoon alternatives

The best alternatives to KissCartoon for free anime streaming websites to watch online is Narutoget, another outstanding website devoted to anime and related material. On this website, in addition to watching anime movies and episodes, you can also read manga.

Along with the English-dubbed version of the original Naruto Shippuden, it offers free anime from all around the world. What more could you ask for in a website dedicated to anime?

#20. WatchAnimeMovie

KissCartoon alternatives

Another great option to KissCartoon alternatives is WatchAnimeMovie. The website offers an alphabetical listing of free to watch anime movies and television shows. The website is pretty well-liked and offers some great data. You won’t find it dull at all, for sure. The user interface is also fascinating. The regularity with which this site is updated is its finest quality. You’ll thus always get the most recent information.

You may choose from a variety of genres to see what you like most. To choose from genres like Action, Comedy, Adventure, Thriller, Romance, Horror, and Suspense, browse to the genres area if you’re not sure what to watch.

#21. VRV


Another recent streaming service with an anime channel is VRV. This website is for viewers who would rather stream their shows online than buy a TV package. Even several free channels not linked to anime or cartoons are included in this service.

Currently, a VRV subscription costs $9.99 for a month. Before making a complete commitment, you may start with a free 30-day trial to get a feel for the service. The service is divided into channels, each of which is rather easy to use.


KissCartoon alternatives


If you appreciate a simple presentation, you should check out this website. may have a strange name, but they make up for it with a great user experience and free online KissCartoon alternatives streaming services. This makes finding and choosing new anime series easier as well. Even manga is sold there. A timer on the website lets users know when fresh episodes will be available. This might prevent you from getting behind on the most recent shows.

The website also has a lively news blog where you may stay updated on market happenings. Even though it is a more condensed platform, this is unquestionably among the top anime websites out there.

#23. Disney Now

kisscartoon alternatives

Disney Junior is one of the KissCartoon alternatives sites where you can get the greatest animated films and cartoons when it comes to cartoons. The website features an easy-to-use layout and provides a variety of free material without requiring registration. You may watch entire episodes and videos of your favourite Disney Junior programs, such as Elena of Avalor and Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers, on this website. You can easily locate the anime or cartoon you’re looking for.

#24. Cartoon Network

kisscartoon alternatives

One of the amazing websites, Cartoon Network is a superior option than KissCartoon. The website provides access to a sizable catalog of information that can be downloaded and streamed. All videos are offered in high definition. A big selection of Manga is also available on the internet. Your favorite videos may be found by using the browse option. Both shows and series are quite well-liked by the audience.

#25. ToonGet


A platform called ToonGet offers its customers great stuff, like anime and cartoons, without charge Like KissCartoon alternatives. It’s quite simple to watch your favorite shows online. These include episodes from Ben 10, Loony Toons, LEGO Star Wars, and other well-known anime series. The parts for dubbed anime are divided. The website offers good, high-quality movies and a regularly updated database. It has a decent user interface and is the best way to look for anime. The only drawback is that pop-ups and advertisements are there when viewing anime.

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