How to Turn Off Disable Comments on YouTube Videos

Turn Off Disable Comments on YouTube Videos

YouTube is a reliable and famous video streaming service where you watch videos in all sorts of categories. You can also earn cash on YouTube by uploading unique and exciting videos. By creating a separate channel, you can upload n-number of videos. While uploading the videos, you can select whether the viewers can leave a comment on your video or not. When you have received too many irrelevant or pessimistic comments on your Video, you can turn off or disable YouTube comments to stop people from posting those comments. The following section will show the steps to disable or turn off comments on your YouTube videos with necessary screenshots.

How to Turn Off or Disable Comments on YouTube [Specific Video]

#1: Open a web browser on Windows Computer or Mac and visit

#2: Sign-in with your appropriate Google account. Skip this step if you’re now signed in.

#3: select the Content option on the left-side dashboard pane.

#4: All the videos you uploaded on the YouTube channel will appear on the screen.

#5: Hover the mouse over the Video that you want and click the pencil-shaped edit icon located next to the video thumbnail.

#6: Scroll down and choose SHOW MORE.

#7: Navigate to the Comments and rating section and click the drop-down icon located next to Comment visibility.

#8: select the Disable comments option and click SAVE to apply the changes.

Disable Comments on YouTube [All New Videos]

#1: Open YouTube Studio on a web browser and log in to your account.

#2: Choose the Settings option on the left side menu pane.

#3: Click the Community option and select the Default section.

#4: Click the drop-down indicating Comment on your latest videos and select Disable comments.

#5: You can also disable comments for the discussion tab.

#6: Finally, click SAVE to complete the process.

Using YouTube Studio Mobile App

YouTube Studio is officially supported by both the Android and iOS platforms. If you don’t have this app, install it from the authorized app store.

#1: Open the YouTube Studio app and log in with your Google Account.

#2: Tap the Hamburger icon at the great left of the app screen and choose the Videos section.

#3: Tap the YouTube video, for which you want to turn off the comments.

#4: Click the edit icon that view on the top corner of the screen.

#5: Select the Settings tab and navigate to the Comments section.

#6: Turn off the comments for that Video by toggling the slider located next to Allow comments menu.

#7: Finally, click the SAVE option on the best right corner.

These are the effective ways to disable or turn off comments on your YouTube videos. Once you disabled the words, the viewers will be blocked from posting comments on your videos.

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