How To Stop Software Reporter Tool – How To Disable It

How To Stop Software Reporter

If you have the Google Chrome web browser installed, you may see an odd process named Software Reporter Tool.exe running in the How To Stop Software Reporter tool. It occasionally causes excessive CPU load (or even disc usage). Google Chrome includes the Google Software Reporter Tool. So it’s a valid process that’s part of the Chrome Cleanup Tool.

Normally, this procedure consumes few How To Stop Software Reporter and runs silently in the background.
However, it can occasionally cause excessive CPU utilisation. We can resolve this issue, but first we must identify the software reporter tool, after which we will explain various methods to disable or kill this process. Please keep in mind that this guide is solely for Windows users. Users of other operating systems can look for the components indicated in the tutorial in their file system. All of the approaches listed below have been tested on Windows 10.
If you are using Windows 7, the procedure may be slightly different.

What exactly is the Software Reporter Tool?

The Google Chrome Software Reporter utility checks the system for unwanted software programmes, as well as processes that are malfunctioning or conflicting with the browser. It is a feature of the Chrome Cleanup tool.
This tool’s sole purpose is to alert Chrome to software that may conflict with the browser. It also functions as a programme removal tool, removing anything that tries to impede Chrome’s performance. The results of the scan decide whether Chrome prompts the user to delete the incompatible programme. It cannot be uninstalled through the Control Panel because it is part of the Chrome installation.

The software reporter tool’s typical operation is scheduled to run once a week (most likely with Google Chrome Update) and communicate its data to Google. All of the processes and apps that are interfering with Chrome’s surfing experience are listed in the resulting log. The goal is to limit or disable processes or programmes that interfere with Chrome’s user experience in order to improve the browser’s performance.

When and why should you deactivate software reporter tool.exe?

It is a little executable file that is installed alongside How To Stop Software Google Chrome. Although it is a valuable tool, you may want to uninstall it because of the following issues:

  • It generates high CPU, disc, or power usage (as determined by task management) and sends scanned browser performance statistics to Google.
  • Many users may be concerned about their privacy as a result of this.
  • On occasion, different software reporting tools may be running on your machine.
  • You have excellent antivirus software that can detect every infections.
  • If you see excessive CPU use with the How To Stop Software Reporter  reporter tool on a frequent basis or are concerned about the privacy of your machine, you should probably disable it.
  • The software reporter tool is unwanted software that causes no problems with Chrome or any Chrome add-ons.
  • There are more effective technologies available for system protection, backup, and data recovery.
  • Because of privacy issues, the majority of users utilise Mozilla Firefox.
  • Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi are my favourites.

How to Turn Off the Software Reporter Tool

You can easily disable the software reporter tool if it is taking a lot of CPU or resources for an extended length of time. Here’s how it’s done:

Remove the Software Reporter Tool from Chrome’s settings.

The software reporter feature can be disabled or blocked in the most recent versions of Google Chrome.
To disable the tool, simply follow the steps below. Open Chrome Settings by clicking the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the Chrome window and then selecting Settings. Then select Advanced -> Reset and cleaning. Alternatively, you can open this settings page to get directly to the necessary settings page. Uncheck the box that says “Report to Google details about hazardous malware, system settings, and processes discovered on your computer during the cleanup.”

Chrome maintenance

Using file permissions, disable the tool. The first method is to disable the tool’s read/write permissions so that it can run. The tool can be found in the device’s app data folder. Here’s how it’s done:

Go to %localappdata%googlechromeUser DataSwReporter88.253.200 and right-click software reporter tool.exe.

  • Remove all groups and users from the list by clicking the Edit button on the Security tab.
  • Remove the software reporter tool exe’s permissions.
  • Remove the software reporter tool exe’s permissions.
  • In the Advanced menu, you may need to disable the inheritance option on the file and delete all permissions from the object.
  • To do so, return to the same security tab and select the Advanced option.
  • This effectively disables all access to the file, preventing it from being run by any user in the system.
  • Remove all inherited rights from this item one by one by pressing the Disable inheritance button.
  • If you are unable to remove the permissions, simply pick Deny from the list of permissions for all users.
  • The Google Chrome software reporter function will be effectively disabled as a result of this.
  • This is only a temporary fix; the utility will be reinstalled whenever Google Chrome is updated to a newer version.
  • Delete the software reporter tool.exe file to remove the tool.
  • Another option is to delete the programme directly, which will cause your CPU and power use to skyrocket.It will not interfere with any Google Chrome processes, and the browser will continue to function normally.
  • There will be no data loss of any type.
  • However, this is only a temporary solution because the executable will reappear once Chrome is upgraded to the following version.
  • To proceed, follow the instructions below:
  • Delete the contents of Software Reporter Tool.exe to disable it.
  • Open Notepad and select the Open option.

Go to the following location:

  • This opens the Chrome app data folder.
  • The components of the software reporter tool are stored in the version number folder.As indicated in the screenshot, choose all files from the open menu.
  • Click Open after selecting software reporter tool.exe from the list.
  • Select All (Ctrl + A) and erase the file’s content.
  • Save the document.
  • This will prevent the programme reporter from running on your computer again.
  • In notepad, open the programme reporter tool exe.
  • In notepad, open software reporter tool.exe.

How To Stop Software Reporter

you may also erase the complete contents of the folder. Please keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution because the Chrome-related folders are automatically updated when a new version of Chrome is installed.

Using Chrome Policies, disable the tool.

The same goal may be accomplished with Chrome Policies, which Google introduced for Chrome installation across the network.This is very handy for system administrators who want to adopt the same setting across the network.

Last thoughts

Of all the information provided in this post, I would choose to utilise the first technique because it is permanent and will not interfere with any system functions. If you want, you can undo the changes. Otherwise, simply run Chrome update again, and the software reporter tool will be re-downloaded and installed. I’d also like to keep the software reporter tool active if it’s not causing any problems for me. Fix Windows problems by following our troubleshooting tutorials.

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