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Amid this lockdown, many of you must have decided to boycott using foreign products as far as possible. If we think properly we realize that we should have taken this step earlier. But, people were busy showing their imported products just to impress others. Or there can be a reason that you might get some products at cheap prices over the local products. Still, finally, you have decided to cut down foreign goods and services as possible, and we are glad to hear that.

Don’t you think, the same logic applies in the internet or software industry also?

If you get everything you want that too at lower prices, than you won’t seek for foreign retailers, isn’t it?

That’s the reason, this article will tell you some amazing web hosting secrets from MilesWeb.

MilesWeb –

It is a web hosting company, started in the year 2012, and is headquartered in India. Within a very short span, the company has progressed so well that now it has over thousands of happy customers.

MilesWeb is known as a one-stop solution for all cheap web hosting needs that offers shared hosting, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and more. Even if you are a blogger or an eCommerce store owner, MilesWeb has got everything to grow your business exponentially.

Having a website has become crucial, especially when you want to survive in the digital world.

In order to create a website, you need to select a domain name and web hosting company.

Watch this video to understand how domain name and web hosting differs –

As the domain name is used to identify your brand on the internet, web hosting makes your online journey possible. So, it is important to choose both very carefully.

You can buy web hosting and the domain name from different providers, or at MilesWeb you will get both. They also offer a free domain with some of their hosting plans those we will see later in this article.

Always, remember that your web hosting is a foundation of your online business. The company size, niche, or behavior doesn’t matter as long as you select the best hosting provider in India. MilesWeb offers all types of web hosting right from shared hosting, to cheap VPS, and dedicated to cloud hosting under its roof.

Unlimited Web hosting from MilesWeb –

The unlimited web hosting plan starts at just Rs.40/month with unlimited benefits like free site builder, SSL certificate, cPanel+Softaculous, email accounts, etc.

The Swift and Turbo unlimited web hosting plans offer a free domain with them. With a swift plan, you can host one website, whereas, Turbo plan allows you to host unlimited websites.

Reseller hosting –

All reseller hosting plans are 100% white-labeled and are powered by cPanel/WHM. Reseller add-ons like SSL certificate, domain registration, WHO IS ID protection, etc surely help in increasing the profits.

VPS hosting –

MilesWeb offers both Linux and Windows VPS hosting. In case if you don’t want to get the managed services than you can ask for unmanaged VPS hosting. VPS hosting plans offer unlimited cPanel hosting with them.

Cloud hosting –

Cloud hosting from DigitalOcean and AWS ensures tight security against all types of malicious activities.

Exceptional web hosting features from MilesWeb –

Free SSL certificate –

SSL certificate is considered as an authentic signature of your website. It indicates that the information transmitted between sites is safe and the user can browse the site without worrying. SSL certificate also helps in improving the site ranking as Google considers it as a vital ranking factor.

SSD storage –

You might have observed that sometimes even after spending a large amount on web hosting, your website doesn’t perform as per your expectations. This is mainly due to that the website gets hosted on traditional hard drives. But, at MilesWeb all websites are stored on a server with SSD storage that accelerates the speed by 200 times as compared to other drives.

Free website builder tool –

Many of you wish to have a simple but elegant website, but to create it you may think that you will have to pay thousands of rupees to developers.

So, what if I tell you that you can create a website without any coding skills? Sounds perfect, right?

The website builder tool from MilesWeb enables you to create a professional or personal website in minutes. All you have to do is, just select a theme and put your content into it, and the website gets ready.

This video explains how you can create a website using website builder tool in minutes –

Conclusion –

If you ask me the name of the Indian web hosting company that can be trusted, then I will definitely suggest you pick MilesWeb. It is a perfect combination of cheap hosting prices and features. The 24/7 support and 99.95% uptime is a perk you can never get from any web hosting provider.

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