Home Insurance: Best 20 Home Insurance Companies In USA

Home Insurance

A typical home insurance coverage protects your possessions in the case of a traumatic incident, such a fire, as well as the physical construction of your home (the house).

What is Home Insurance plans?

Home insurance plans are also frequently sold as “package policies.” This implies that in addition to damage to your property, the insurance also covers your liability, or your legal duty, for any injuries or property damage to others that you or your family members may cause (including your household pets).

Condominium and co-op apartment insurance often protects your personal property, liabilities, and specific internal structural elements as specified in the bylaws or proprietary lease. People who don’t own their homes can obtain comparable property and liability coverage through renters insurance. All types of house insurance also include additional living expense (ALE) coverage, which pays for additional living expenses if a covered calamity renders a home uninhabitable and necessitates living elsewhere.

What a Typical Home Insurance Policy Does not Cover?

There are some disaster-related damages that home insurance does not cover. For instance, flood insurance and earthquake insurance are two different sorts of plans, which, depending on where you reside, may be preferable.

Poor house upkeep frequently causes tragedies or accidents. Although maintenance-related issues are the homeowners’ responsibility, there may be specialized insurance options to guard against appliance wear and tear on the market.

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Best 20 Home Insurance Companies In USA

A home insurance policy may act as a kind of financial safety net for what might be the biggest purchase a person makes in their lifetime. The correct insurance coverage should assist in defending you against the costs of rebuilding after a fire, replacing stolen stuff, mending storm-damaged homes, or facing liability claims if someone is hurt on your property. Here are the best home insurance companies found in USA:

1. Lemonade

home insurance

Lemonade stands out in our ranking in home insurance companies since it is mostly available online. Through their website or mobile app, you may enroll, make claims, modify your policy, and cancel your insurance. For individuals who would like to submit a claim online and avoid speaking with an agent, this can be a significant benefit. Additionally, there is a phone line you may contact if a home emergency prevents you from using the internet.

For high-value personal items like jewelry, photography gear, and musical instruments, Lemonade offers an additional coverage option without a deductible. It takes great satisfaction in supporting charity with donations through its Giveback program.



Current and former members of the US military, as well as certain of their family members, are eligible for USAA’s homeowners policy. Replacement cost coverage and identity theft coverage are both common features of USAA’s homeowner insurance plans. The majority of the businesses in our review only provide identity theft insurance as an add-on option.

Not all of the firms in our list sell homeowners coverage in all 50 states, but USAA does. For things like not filing any claims, having an impact-resistant roof, a clean payment history, and combining several policies, like homes and auto insurance, it offers a number of savings.

3. Amica


Amica gives several alternatives for supplementary home insurance coverage, including add-ons for your laptop, home business, and identity theft. Its rates are competitive with those of other companies in our assessment, earning it a spot on our list of the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2022.

Amica also provides a coverage that returns a portion of your annual payments to you, known as a dividend-paying insurance policy. Amica also provides an all-inclusive policy known as Amica Platinum Choice, which combines a variety of add-ons such as its enhanced coverage for precious things and water backup/sump pump overflow choices into a single homes insurance policy.

4. Allstate


To complete its typical home insurance policy, Allstate offers a wide range of coverage alternatives. These choices include less common coverage options aimed particularly for sporting goods, musical instruments, and your yard and garden, as well as more frequent ones like scheduled personal property coverage for high-value assessed items. In order to better tailor your coverage to your requirements, Allstate will also connect you up with a local agent when you become a customer. Despite being one of the most costly homes insurance providers in our ranking, Allstate offers a variety of discounts that might lower your payments.

5. Nationwide

home insurance

Many of the other providers in our list do not offer the coverage that is included in Nationwide’s standard home insurance. For instance, it covers debit and credit card fraud. Nationwide would protect you up to your selected limits in the case of fraud. Additionally covered is the cost to reconstruct your house in accordance with current construction rules if a covered hazard causes damage or total destruction.

Additionally, Brand New Belongings from Nationwide is a possibility. Nationwide would pay you for the depreciated worth of your possessions following a covered occurrence, but once they are fixed or replaced, Nationwide would pay you the difference.

You may also get coverage for identity theft, backup water damage, and high-value items like jewelry, watches, and works of art.

6. American Family

home insurance

Local agents are very important to American Family. American Family offers alternatives for coverages including matching side, which means that if a portion of the siding of your home is destroyed, American Family will pay for the repair of the remaining, undamaged siding so that it all matches, in addition to its basic insurance. There is also equipment breakdown insurance available, which will protect certain of your electronics, computers, smart devices, and systems from damage in the case of mechanical failure, electrical failure, or a pressure system disaster. Fewer than half of the states in the U.S. provide American Family homeowners insurance plans.

7. Erie Insurance

home insurance

One of the few insurers, Erie Insurance, includes guaranteed replacement cost as part of its regular coverage, but many other companies may only do so as an option or not at all. Other choices include protection against water backups, sump pump overflows, and protection against underground utility wires from your home to the curb. In addition, Erie tops our list of the most affordable home insurance providers for 2022.The fact that Erie Insurance isn’t as widely available as many of the firms in our list is one of its major drawbacks. Less than half of the states in the United States provide Erie homeowners insurance plans.

8. Liberty Mutual

liberty mutual

It is one of the most affordable providers of home insurance in our ranking, provides coverage in all but Wyoming. Liberty Mutual provides a wide range of policy add-ons, such as replacement cost, which reimburses the cost of replacing an insured item rather than only its depreciated worth. Its base policy is competitive with those of other businesses in our list. Additionally, they provide the option of raising your coverage limits to keep up with inflation.

9. Chubb

home insurance


The Masterpiece Homeowners Insurance standard policy from Chubb includes coverage for things like replacement cost and water backup. Chubb, in collaboration with Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS), even provides a cost-free alternative where WDS will analyze the risk of a wildfire and may even assist you set up temporary housing, prepare for an evacuation, or clean up your property after one.

The only business in our rating to provide private flood insurance policies is Chubb. Compared to plans issued via the National Flood Insurance Program, these policies have larger coverage limitations (NFIP). Chubb exclusively offers homeowners insurance plans through its own agents.

10. Progressive

home insurance

The fact that Progressive offers homes insurance policies issued by other insurance companies in addition to the policies it provides itself sets it apart from the other businesses in our grade. You may compare rates from several insurance providers at once with this tool.

Additionally, you can add additional coverage for your most pricey valuables as well as protection against personal injury claims and water backups to your Progressive insurance policy.

11. Farmers Insurance

home insurance

Each higher tier of Farmers Insurance’s three separate homeowner insurance plans offers additional features and greater coverage levels. All three policy tiers include benefits like claim forgiveness, which prevents premium increases if you haven’t filed a claim in a specific amount of time, deductibles that decrease the longer your Farmers insurance policy is in force, and discounts if you’ve gone a specific amount of time without filing a claim. Guaranteed Replacement Cost is a feature of the Premier insurance, the highest tier, however it comes with restrictions.

12. StateFarm

home insurance

More than 19,000 local exclusive agents work for State Farm, a well regarded and financially stable insurer with operations across the United States. In our 2022 Bankrate Awards, it tied with USAA for first place among all home insurance providers. If you like to handle your insurance requirements locally and personally, State Farm’s agency footprint may appeal to you given that it is larger than that of other house insurance providers.

13. NJM

Home Insurance

Regional property and casualty insurer New Jersey Manufacturers, or NJM, may be among the top providers of house insurance for homeowners seeking a variety of cost-saving options. The firm offers several discounts, including savings for installing storm shutters, a home alarm system, or a backup generator, and its rates are far lower than the national average (in some states). However, bear in mind that your savings may vary depending on the particular generator, alarm system, or storm shutters you choose.

14. Safeco

Home insurance

Normal wear and tear is not covered by house insurance, but Safeco, in collaboration with American Home Shield, provides homeowners with the extra benefit of a home warranty that can assist with a variety of unexpected costs. Safeco, a Liberty Mutual firm, offers a variety of house insurance endorsements that consumers may choose from to customize their coverage to suit their individual requirements. These include endorsements for identity theft protection, service line coverage, and equipment breakdown coverage. Even better, you may complete your coverage with a house warranty, which could assist in covering losses such as normal degradation that are normally not covered by regular property insurance.

15. Auto-Owners

home insurance

Due to its excellent rates, low complaint rate, and option for guaranteed replacement cost coverage, Auto-Owners Insurance may be a wise decision. Banned breed listings or a dog’s restricted liability coverage will probably put off dog enthusiasts.

16. Country Financial

Country Financial

Very few complaints have been filed against Country

Financial, a sign of superior customer support. But those rates were among the most costly of the house insurance providers we looked at, so they might not be enough to make up for them.

17. Travelers

home insurance

Among the businesses we looked at, Travelers’ home insurance costs were the highest. Even while coverage options like extended replacement cost are useful, you could be better off shopping around for a lesser price.

18. Zurich

Home Insurance

The largest insurer in Switzerland is Zurich Insurance Group Ltd., which has its headquarters there. The firm was placed 94th in Interbrand’s top 100 brands in 2011, and according to Forbes’ Global 2000s list, it will be the 112th largest public corporation in the world as of 2021.

19. AIG

Home Insurance

Through our General Insurance and Life & Retirement business groups, AIG offers a variety of property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement solutions, and other financial services to help its clients in both their personal and professional lives.

20. The Hartford

Home Insurance

We have given individuals and organizations the help and security they require to achieve their own aspirations, grasp opportunities, and triumph over unforeseen hurdles. In our opinion, supporting human accomplishment is at the core of everything we do, with the goal of fostering community resilience, enabling customer success on both a personal and professional level, and fostering an environment where workers can flourish.
The Hartford is a pioneer in mutual funds, group benefits, and property and casualty insurance. We take great pride in being globally acknowledged for our superior customer service, sustainable business methods, and reliability.

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