Top 32 Gramhir Alternatives to Analyze and View Instagram Profiles

Top 32 Gramhir Alternatives to Analyze and View Instagram Profiles

Gramhir is a tool for observing and analyzing Instagram accounts. You may view the statistics of your own or another user’s Instagram Gramhir alternatives account using our algorithm. Additionally accessible is the account rating, which displays the popularity of your Instagram account relative to other accounts. You may also browse and keep an eye on the content of other people’s or your own Instagram accounts secretly.

Using free applications like Gramhir, Instagram users can see the average amount of comments they receive on each post, the popularity of their profiles, and the average number of likes on each post. You can see the material on this website without an Instagram account because registration is not required.

How do you define Gramhir?

A service called Gramhir gathers data from publicly accessible Instagram profiles. The free tool is helpful for social media management experts and users looking for alternatives to Gramhir who wish to gauge the performance of their accounts because it gives statistics like average likes per post, average comments per post, and account popularity rate. With Gramhir, you can browse Stories anonymously and compare analytics across several accounts. In this essay, we’ll go over how to get the most out of Instagram as well as how the site works and what information it collects.

Principal Purposes Of Gramhir

Gramhir distinguishes itself from its competitors with its complimentary analysis of Instagram profiles. You can learn a lot about an account’s popularity from the website by looking at things like the average number of likes and comments on each post, the average interval between postings, and the average aspect ratio of photos and videos.

You may also access Instagram material on Gramhir that has been hidden from other users. This feature allows users to read a friend’s profile or watch Stories anonymously even if they don’t have a Facebook Gramhir Alternatives account. You may also keep the images, videos, and stories that have been shown in your stream.

What is the Gramhir private Instagram viewer’s user guide?

You’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about Gramhir, and you can’t wait to check it out. Now let’s show you how it operates. Launch the app, then log in using your Instagram credentials. Once you log in, you will be able to see all of your recent entries. You may modify them here, just like on Instagram.

At the bottom of the screen, a few options will be accessible. The first is “Views,” which shows the number of views that every article has received. By selecting “Rank,” the second option, you may arrange your posts according to popularity—the greater the number, the more popular the post. The third column, “Feed,” shows a list of all the persons who have recently followed or unfollowed you. Last but not least, the upper-left corner of the page displays your name and profile photo. Tap here to view your profile and make changes to your settings.

What are the primary features offered by Gramhir Instagram?

It is now much simpler to access, analyze, and obtain data for Instagram accounts thanks to services like Gramhir. Before we get into the usage guidelines, let’s talk about the benefits that Gramhir Instagram provides:

1. Free of Charge

  • You don’t have to pay anything to use the viewer. Is there anything more amazing than this?
    The whole feature set of the program is free to use.

2. Examine in private

  • This allows you to browse anonymously via other Instagram accounts, including your own. In addition to accounts, you may browse hashtags, stories, followers, locations, and profiles.

3. Fit for mobile and desktop use.

  • Gramhir Viewer may be seen and utilized on a computer or a mobile device. This compatibility has led to a surge in its popularity.

4. Examine Your Account

  • With the help of Gramhir’s unique algorithm, you can view your Instagram account’s statistics and contrast them with those of other accounts.

5. Actual Statistics

  • You may learn five things about a user’s account: average likes per post, account rate, average comments per post, and time between postings. The biggest advantage is that all of these figures are quite precise.

6. Easy to use and quick

  • Furthermore, it delivers information and analysis at a rapid speed. It is quite easy to handle and doesn’t require much complexity.

7. Estimate the number of followers and likes.

  • This allows users to estimate the number of likes, followers, and comments they should anticipate for material that was just uploaded, whether it came from them or not.

How Do I View Someone’s 2023 Private Instagram Account? Proceed to Gramhir

Please take note that is now known as, and it will appear in the top-left corner of their website.

Is There Any Risk Associated With Using Gramhir?

When utilizing this, almost none of these safety concerns arise. To begin with, you do not need to submit your Instagram login details. This demonstrates that there are no chances for identity theft. Second, data scraping may occur if you use Gramhir for any illicit purpose in violation of Instagram’s terms of service.

The Full Step-by-Step Instructions for Logging into

Gramhir is a great, easy-to-use Instagram analysis tool. Detailed instruction on how to utilize it correctly is supplied.

Step 1: Come with me to the Gramhir. In step two, type the username to locate the desired profile.

Step 2: Once located, proceed to the profile.

Step 3: The top of the page will display the statistics.

Step 4: To save the newly added photos and videos to the stream, select the Download option. To view the stories, you need to click the blue arrow. You’re done!

What time is best to share an Instagram story?

Your planned articles, together with any links or captions you’ve included, will be copied to your phone when it’s time to post.

To schedule Instagram Stories, just select the time and date using the drop-down menu that appears next to the “Save Story” button. When it’s time to post, get a notification on your phone!

30+ Gramhir Alternatives for 2023

I’m going to walk you through 40 of the best alternatives to Gramhir that you can use to explore posts and reels, watch Instagram stories, download tales, and enlarge profile images. Now let’s start the celebration.

#1. Inflact

Ingramer screenshot

Unlike other comparable services like Gramhir, Inflact is a free app for viewing Instagram Stories, downloading photos from Instagram, and seeing Instagram posts. To view all of the Highlights and Stories that are currently posted on any public Instagram account without leaving a Gramhir Alternative, just enter the profile name into the search bar.

#2. SmiHub

Kicksta logo

SmiHub is an Instagram watcher and analyst. Customers may go through your company’s or another brand’s Instagram data thanks to its algorithm, Gramhir Alternatives. You may also privately explore and track Instagram postings on websites similar to Gramhir without logging in.

#3. StoriesDown

Instagram viewing service StoriesDown

With the help of the free web application StoriesDown, you can enter any Instagram username to get information about recent posts from that account as well as related websites like Gramhir’s current Stories. Like other Instagram viewer apps, this one is limited to using publicly accessible Instagram accounts. If a profile is set to Bigsta private, you won’t be able to access any information about posts or articles.


Users may store and browse public Instagram stories photos with Instastory, an anonymous story viewer for Instagram. You may see Instagram stories, live streaming videos, IGTV videos, and complete Instagram Gramhir profiles by using our Gramhir substitutes Instagram Tool.

#5. Fullinsta.

fullinsta Instagram viewer

Another fantastic way to view any Instagram profile, video, or image is with Fullinsta. photo. With Fullinsta, you may use the platform to browse Instagram similarly to Gramhir, allowing you to explore and enjoy a significant amount of the network. Using the Instagram Imginn alternative API, this web-based Instagram profile viewer presents users’ and viewers’ chosen content.

#6. Gramho

Instagram viewer

Gramhor is both a watcher and an analyst on Instagram. You may view the statistics of your own or another user’s Instagram Gramhir Alternatives account thanks to their methods. One may view the account rate, which shows how well-liked an Instagram account is on websites like Gramhir. Information about well-known Instagram accounts appears instantly when you visit Gramhir’s website.

#7. InstaXYZ 

InstaXYZ homepage

A fast, secure, and user-friendly free Instagram viewer is called InstaXYZ. It lets you look through all Instagram accounts, hashtags, media, comments, and analytics, among other things Gramhir Alternatives. Upon initially accessing the website, a roster of well-known Instagram users and categories will appear. This reduces the time you have to spend selecting which account to keep an eye on or evaluate.

#8. Pixwox

Pixwox Alternatives

Downloading and viewing Instagram posts, stories, and posts as you choose is made easy using Pixwox. In addition to Instagram viewers looking at Bigsta net, Pixwox lets you save or watch your chosen username from Gramhir Alternatives in your manner.

#9. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch has long been the recommended mobile tracking app. It used to only function with a small number of social networking applications that were comparable to Gramhir, but it has since evolved greatly. The most recent version lets you keep an eye on people’s Instagram pages, including their conversations.

#10. izoomYou

If you’re looking for a tool to help you increase the number of photos on your Instagram profile, you’ve come to the correct spot. You make it easy to explore and enlarge the Instagram profiles of Gramhir Alternatives users. That is the primary feature of the app, however, it isn’t fully functional yet for anonymous Instagram viewing.

#11. InstaStories

You may browse and read Instagram posts from the people you want to view anonymously with InstaStories. Simply enter the necessary username in the search area and click the search icon to get results for comparable sites like Gramhir while using our anonymous Instagram browser. All you have to do is put the required username into the search bar.

#12. Instalkr

This software gives you anonymous access to the stories of individuals of your choosing when it comes to viewing or downloading tales. Nothing can be downloaded to replace Gramhir, but you can browse anything without drawing attention to yourself as someone who has been observing others. Its primary function is to make it simple to locate your stalker and see who has seen your Instagram story viewer profiles.

#13. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is the app to downloads users’ images, videos, and stories from Instagram. Downloading Gramhir Alternatives Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations is amazingly easy and cost-free using 4K Stogram. This service, Instagram Profile Viewer, allows you to download your preferred material from different Instagram profiles with ease.

#14. StoriesIG

StoriesIG is an amazing tool if you want to view tales, follow people’s status updates, and download them without having to do any work at all. With the use of this software, Gramhir Alternatives may read all of the stories from Private Instagram story viewers on their Instagram account (only public) in private and download them for free.

#15. FastSave

Customers from all around the world may browse and download videos and photos from the Instagram users they want to download for free with FastSave. Finding someone’s Instagram ID is easy with the help of Fastsave – Repost photo Gramhiralternatives videos. You may watch movies and photos offline straight away on Instagram Stories by downloading them using this app.

#16. Storiesgrams

Another great program that makes it incredibly easy and private to browse and download anything from Instagram. IGTV, posts, reels, tales, and other content can easily be seen and downloaded with Storiesgrams, an amazing Gramhir Alternatives program, without revealing your identity. It features a lovely download button that says “View Instagram stories anonymously.”

#17. Instore

Saving tales from the people you want to is easy. With the help of Instore, you may easily download images and videos from Instagram public accounts. With our Instagram downloader, you may use your chosen profiles to save an endless amount of articles, photos, and videos without paying anything. The Instore app offers a feature that lets you create hashtags and descriptions just by uploading your photos, in addition to downloading stories or movies.

#18. Instasaved

You may easily download your preferred Instagram content using Instasaved, a well-known Instagram downloader offered by Gramhir Alternatives. You may download people’s stories in real-time in addition to saving images, dos, albums, and IGTV. No login or other personal information is needed.

#19. HBO NOW

Amazon Prime

One well-liked online and active platform where you can watch a wide range of TV series, films, and documentaries is HBO NOW. It is among the most widely used Hollywood film applications, offering constant access to full-length films. HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies allows you to view every episode of HBO’s popular programs, such as Game of Thrones, The Deuce, and more, as well as blockbuster debuts.

#20. ShowBox

Amazon Prime

For Android devices, ShowBox is a free online movie and TV streaming app. It is purported to be the only Android app that gives users free access to HD movie viewing. It has one of the biggest selections of dramas and films, divided into a variety of categories such as recently released, upcoming, most watched, top of the list, and many more.

#21. JustWatch

Amazon Prime

For everyone who appreciates viewing movies and other types of entertainment, JustWatch is an extremely engaging and well-designed site. JustWatch is the greatest option for you if you’re looking for an internet platform where you can stream an infinite number of movies, TV series, and channels.

#22. Flipps

Amazon Prime

Flipps is an excellent platform for watching movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, news, and much more. It is created by Flipps Media Inc. and is accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones. With over 100 stations, it offers countless hours of entertainment beyond the typical TV schedule.

#23. ePix

Amazon Prime

Fans of movies and television shows will find a variety of exciting options at ePix, an internet-based on-demand video service provider. The app offers a great selection of theatrically released movies and TV shows so you can spend quality time with loved ones. Among other things, it has documentaries, music, and original comedic flicks.

#24. allows you to track and examine Instagram profiles. With the aid of our technologies, you can look at the data of any account—including your own—on Instagram that is comparable to Gramhir. You can also see your account rate, which shows how well-liked your Instagram account is for Gramhir substitutes.

#25. Confidential Instagram

The easiest method is available for creating public Instagram profiles. We’re ready to wager that the most popular platform is Instagram for Anonymous users. The gadget was created with the sole intention of breaking into Instagram accounts to read the personal stories of Gramhir’s rivals. A text box asking for your username appears right away.

#26. FUNimation


We at FUNimation Entertainment work hard to you the best anime for your enjoyment. We may be familiar to you from television programs like Afro Samurai, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Dragon Ball Z. What drives us to act in certain ways? we are fans of it and we love it.

#27. DesiRulez

DesiRulez is a free web application that allows you to see full-length movies, share and download videos, listen to music, watch famous TV shows, and talk about all the sites that are related to Gramhir things Desi. With over 45 languages supported, it is among the best and most popular smartphone applications in Asia.

#28. Glassagram


Glassagram offers its Gramhir Alternatives customers better online spyware. The program is made for an anonymous Instagram shop viewer, enabling users to see into any account with similarity to sites like Gramhir.


Check out to download Instagram stories of the users you wish. You may become a professional stalker with it and not leave any evidence behind. You may easily see and download stories from almost any public account on Instagram, and you can also just naturally appreciate stuff.

#30. Story Saver for Instagram

This is a lesser-known, although no less useful, tool for downloading Instagram stories and videos. You may download preferred Instagram stories to your phones by only pressing a button. Without revealing your identity, it lets you save stories from open Instagram accounts straight to your phones.

#31. Popcornflix

CouchTuner Alternatives

The website Popcornflix is a cross-platform streaming client that is far more sophisticated than the great majority of other CouchTuner substitutes. Yes, it is accessible as an iOS and Android app as well as an online application. This means that no matter where you are, you can watch your favorite movies and TV series on your computer or mobile device. offers genre-based categories for its titles. When it comes to viewing movies, just select your favorite genre and go through all of the titles that fit into that classification.

#32. Qoob Stories

Instagram Qoob Stories

Almost any kind of download may be used by Qoob to construct and generate a post. There are also a ton of images, stories, and videos on Qoob. Qoob may be used with private or public accounts.


In conclusion, Gramhir’s book Unlocking Instagram Insights proves to be a useful resource for anybody using Instagram or working in social media management who wants a thorough understanding of account performance. Gramhir has become a go-to resource for people wishing to better understand and manage their Instagram presence since it offers data on likes, comments, and an account’s popularity rate. The program offers an extra degree of privacy and convenience with its easy-to-use interface and option to view Instagram Stories anonymously. Furthermore, Gramhir’s lack of registration requirements guarantees accessibility for individuals who wish to investigate Instagram statistics without requiring extra accounts.

Gramhir is an alternative that gives users the freedom to decide on their Instagram strategy with knowledge in this digital age when social media presence is vital. Gramhir offers a wealth of data and opportunities for anybody interested in Instagram statistics, be they a content producer, social media manager, or just a curious bystander.


1. What does Gramhir have to give, and what is it?

Gramhir is an instrument intended for Instagram account observation and analysis. In addition to seeing Instagram profiles’ content anonymously, users may check statistics and account ratings. Insights on account performance, such as average likes and comments per post, are provided by the tool.

2. Is it possible to evaluate any Instagram account with Gramhir?

Yes, Gramhir’s technology enables users to examine both their own and other users’ Instagram profiles. It has features like account ratings, which show how popular one account is in comparison to others.

3. Does using Gramhir necessitate registering?

No, you may use Gramhir without registering. Without requiring an Instagram account or further registration, users may visit the website and examine Instagram account data.

4. What types of data does Gramhir gather?

Gramhir collects information from Instagram accounts that are open to the public. The tool offers data like the average number of likes and comments on posts, as well as an account popularity rate. It ensures a hassle-free experience by not requiring users to register.

5. Is it possible to read Instagram Stories privately using Gramhir?

Yes, you may view Instagram Stories anonymously using Gramhir. Instagram users can monitor account material without disclosing who they are.

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