15 Best Google Sites Examples for Best Ideas & Inspiration in 2022

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When looking at website builders, Google Sites isn’t exactly a term you’d hear very often.  There’s a solid explanation for it as well—it’s not really a builder, to begin with.  Despite this, there is still a demand for Google Sites instances.  With the help of tools like Google Sites, anybody with little to no experience in web design or coding can develop a completely functioning and aesthetically beautiful website. Well, it’s only because Google Sites really allows you to build something that looks something like a website. But if you’re looking for a builder that will let you make a fully responsive and attractive site instead of something that looks like a website, you should check out Squarespace, Zyro, and Wix, which are the top competitors.

We’ll examine some of these sites’ more well-known instances today. In addition, we’ll briefly discuss Google Sites and who this “website builder” will work best for.  I’ll also briefly discuss some of the superior options, i.e., real website builders, that you may use to make some stunning and useful websites.

15 Best Google Sites Examples for Best Ideas & Inspiration in 2022

As was mentioned in the article’s introduction, before we look at several Google Sites examples, we need to make one clear distinction: Google Sites isn’t a real website builder. You won’t be able to make a normal, fully-functional platform with this tool. Instead, you should use it as a draught or for a personal project, no matter if the examples are for newer or older Google Sites. But now that it has been stated and is out of the way, let’s speak about the actual Google Sites instances.

1# Filip Rzepka (filiprzepka.com)


Filip Rzepkas

One of the best Google Sites instances of what you can do with the tool if you put your mind to it, is filiprzepka.com. Even if the website has a few awkward spots, overall it comes across as being quite professional.

2# Jivrus



Another website that was effectively created utilizing the Google Sites tool is Jivrus.  At the top, it has a scrollable image-based layout, and as you scroll down, it is divided into many sections.  Even if some of the artwork is a little antiquated, the overall impression is still that it was built by a high-end builder.

3# Avox Architects

Avox Architects

Avox Architects is a website whose design makes use of macro photography. Even though it may look old-fashioned to some, it’s one of the best Google Sites examples because it makes it easy to understand the site in a short amount of time.

4# hotelflanders.com


As the name probably suggests, hotelflanders.com is a hotel website.  The website is actually quite well-made!  This specific website may give you a pretty decent notion of the possibilities of GS and how far you can push the platform in question when it comes to the top Google Sites.

5# Google Drawings

Google Drawings

Google Drawings serve as a visual example of what GS is capable of. It’s a website that looks like a portfolio and has materials, information about how the artist works, and pictures to go with it.

6# Leo Kee Chye (leokeechye.com)

Leo Kee Chye

Leokeechye.com is one of the best examples of a Google Site and shows some of the most common ways to use Google Sites in your work. Despite the website’s absurdly basic look, it does a good job of capturing the more typical GS usage. However, the site would look much better if it were created with a typical website builder that provides slick-looking layouts, more functionality, and even more.  Look at Squarespace if you’re looking for layouts with a nice appearance.

7# BestRobot (bestrobot.us)


Bestrobot.us is not, by any means, the most aesthetically pleasing GS platform.  It’s not even one of the fresh examples of Google Sites!  Despite this, the website has a respectable style and the presentation is understandable and straightforward.

8# PVFT (pvft.org)


Putnam Valley Federation of Teachers, or PVFT, is one of the Google Sites that is used for business. The website is used by an “inner circle” of people to work on their own, group-related issues rather than trying to sell some things or promote a service.

9# PCS (electricpcs.com)

PCS (electricpcs.com)

Regarding presenting information to website visitors, PCS needs to be cited as one of the Google Sites examples. The website’s aesthetic appeal is  It is dubious but makes sense, especially when you consider the typical constraints of GS. Speaking of limits, none will exist if you use a reputable website builder.

10# Favio Ciabattoni (flaviociabattoni.com)

Favio Ciabattoni

The website of Mr. Flavio is unquestionably among the top Google Sites examples available.  The website comes close to looking like it was created by a professional website builder, and although being quite basic, it accomplishes the goal for which it was designed.

11# FlippingRetail (flippingretail.com)


One of the finest Google sites in terms of simplicity and visual design belongs to FlippingRetail.  This is particularly apparent when you first visit the website because the upper portion of the homepage appears really professional as if it were constructed by a real function Object() [native code]!

12# Xu Chu’s Group (xchu.rocks)

Xu Chu’s Group

Xchu.rocks is without a doubt the best Google Sites example out there when it comes to quality.  The website is useful, well-organized, and enjoyable to go through.  You can definitely use it as a source of inspiration for your own website!

13# jC (choij.com)

jC (choij.com)

Choij.com is one of the best Google Sites examples to look at if you’re curious about how a personal portfolio-style website made using GS will appear. It is clean, free of germs, doesn’t have anything extra, and looks nice as well. This website is straightforward and simple to use; however, it doesn’t appear as cutting-edge as websites made by top website builders.  You should check out Squarespace and Zyro if you’re looking for layouts that look good; they both have a lot to offer.

14# PreeshNetwork (preesh.us)

14. PreeshNetwork (preesh.us)

The design of the website, preesh.us, is really uncomplicated and clear.  It’s interesting how many of the links are found at the bottom of the page, close to the footer.  Preesh doesn’t strive to produce any eye-catching designs or moving pictures; instead, he makes use of Google Sites’ simplicity.

15# Huegel Elementary School PTO (huegelpto.com)

Huegel Elementary School PTO

website for a school, huegelpto.com.  Like most of the other Google Sites examples on our list, this one has a very simple design and is easy to use.

Final Words

There are many alternatives to Google Site that you may take into consideration if you’re wanting to create a website, and we’ve covered some of the greatest ones in this post. The best Google Sites substitute for you, however, ultimately depends on your budget, your demands, specifically, your level of technical expertise, and the resources you need for your website. Having said that, we advise using Wix since it’s simple to use, offers both a free plan and reasonably priced premium plans, and provides a tonne of customizable templates that you can use to realize your website’s vision.

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