Top 22 Free Funny Face Apps for Android & iOS

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If you’re looking for some interesting funny face apps for android to keep you entertained on your iPhone, consider downloading a crazy faces app. Then take pleasure in making fun of yourself. Furthermore, it allows you to humorously alter your facial expressions. You have complete control over how the face is warped, bloated, and stretched. There is a limitless amount of deformation that you can apply to any image. Furthermore, some of the finest funny face apps for android solutions are capable of dealing with movies as well. Additionally, another option can alter the tone of your voice.

22 Free Funny Face Apps for Android & iOS

These are the following free funny face apps for android

1. Face Changer 2

funny face apps for android

According to Google Play, the funny face apps for android , which is one of the most popular hilarious photo apps on the market, was the number one top trending application of the finest global applications in 2016. As a result, it serves as evidence that this app to make funny faces is a must-have for your smartphone. Take a selfie and start the fun with Face Changer 2 to make it more interesting.

In addition to producing a crazy face, you may exchange faces with your favourite characters or with your pals to make a funny face changing apps . You can finish the project by including a few extra materials and stickers. There are hundreds of different accessories to choose from, such as comical hats, face pieces, crazy spectacles, and many more to personalise your character by using face funny video app . Furthermore, you may add stickers, modify backgrounds, and do whatever else necessary to transform any face funny app download into a humorous one.

2. Camera with a face changer

funny face apps for android

Photographs and videos can both be altered with this amusing face changer app. If you want a humorous application on your phone, this is something you should consider downloading because it has basic and useful functionality.

For example, the funny face changing apps Camera is one of them. When taking a video selfie, you can use this tool to modify the face you are using. In the software, you can choose from a variety of settings and effects, such as:

  • Face Warp – amusing funny face changer online warp effects with your computer.
  • Puppet Face – Make other people’s faces move by moving your mouth.
  • Face Swap is a live swapping of faces between two persons that takes place in real time.
  • Face Blend – A merging of two faces in a single piece of artwork.
  • Make a Chine Face by flipping it upside down.
  • A skeleton face and an animal face are used to create a Face Mask.
  • Accessories for the face such as glasses, caps, moustaches, and so on can be added with stickers.

3. Crazy Helium Laughing Face with Funny Voice

funny face apps for android

This entertaining software is jam-packed with features that will keep you entertained. As a result, you can take advantage of a plethora of live facial filters. Additionally, the insane Helium app allows you to create amusing photographs and films that include sound effects. In addition to Helium’s voice, there will be a robot, a bear, a mouse, a violin, and many other options to choose from. Furthermore, this Funny Face software is capable of much more than simply creating a hilarious photograph. It provides a simple method for making people laugh by showing them funny graphics with sound effects.

4. The Laughing Face Camera

funny face apps for android

This funny face changing apps is a fantastic photo editor for having a good time with. Users can do this action by just clicking on the screen. Furthermore, the funny face app online is quite simple to use. You can either snap a photo or select one from a gallery to upload. After that, select the sticker and filter that you wish to use. Continue by adding additional amusing stickers to make it more engaging. To further enhance your editing experience, try zooming in and out or rotating the picture.

5. Funny Face Changer

Create amusing films and animated gifs for a variety of occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, and other celebrations using this application. After that, they can just make one for fun if they like. Simply switch on the selfie camera on your phone. After that, take a selfie and add your face to it later. That’s all there is to it.

Furthermore, it creates videos by using amusing frames and your own face funny app . You might want to experiment with adding numerous elements to the frame to make it more complete. Similarly, there are collections of hats, hairstyles, glasses, masks, and other accessories. Additionally, you may access a variety of hair collections, as well as hairstyle and haircut apps for both men and women.

6. JokeFaces – Funny Video Maker

The purpose of this software is to make people laugh. This is the application to use if you want to produce something amusing. Making films with this tool is certainly entertaining. You can select a video from a variety of categories that are currently accessible. Replace the faces in the video with the ones you want to see in it. There is a limitless amount of potential to make a large number of videos.

Then you can take a picture of yourself or anything else. After then, Joke Face will transform into hilarious videos that will make you chuckle. Furthermore, there are several fantastic features that you should be aware of before to installing funny face app for android . It has a large number of animation collections and videos. They will be added to the site on a regular basis in future updates. You can immediately share the results on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

7. Funny face effects for Android and iOS devices

Are you prepared to make some amusing faces. It may be used to make fantastic and amusing funny face app for android . There are many other types of impacts, such as being overweight, bald, or unattractive, among others.You adore these amusing faces, app developer. Simply choose a photograph that you find amusing and edit it accordingly. After you’ve applied all of the filters, your photo is ready to be used.

8. Face-changing gimmick

You can also find amusing frames in this section. If you liked the first one, you’ll probably enjoy this one as well.With its live camera editing features, you can quickly and easily make amusing images and funny videos. You can see a humorous version of yourself in seconds after applying funny faces . This is an excellent software for creating amusing faces, photographs, and movies. Simply open your camera, apply filters, and you’re ready to go. Let’s go to work on making some hilarious photos right away.

This application is extremely popular all over the world. A large number of users are actively utilising this software in order to create stunning selfies. It comes with a number of useful features. The software has the ability to change your appearance, including your age, gender, hair colour, and haircuts.

9. Banuba (Android/iOS)

This software includes a superb collection of built-in masks. It is a hilarious app with which to pass the time.
By downloading this amusing software, you will gain access to a large number of performances that cover a wide range of topics. These masks are inspired by animals, movie characters, celebrities, and other popular culture figures. You will fall in love with the visually beautiful covers, which are also really amusing. After applying those masks, you will resemble the animals or movie characters that you are imitating.
The end effect is just stunning.

10. Face Lab (Android/iOS)

Additionally, by modifying your age, this software creates a humorous picture for you. It gives you an idea of how your physical look would change over the next few years. In addition, that software allows you to see a glimpse of your youth. The scanner in the app is very precise in determining your current age. It then displays images from your future or past based on this information. The funny face app for android ‘s artificial intelligence (AI) is quite good.

11. Video of a Face Changer

If you need to create a funny face video, you can do so with the aid of this software. It is free to download and use.
By combining the various filters available in this programme, you may create some rather amusing videos.
You can see all of the amusing filters provided in this app by taking a selfie with your phone’s camera.

12. Cute and Amusing Face Effects

This programme is especially excellent for the amusing face effects that it provides. Faces can be made to appear overweight, bald, ugly, and many other things with the use of this application.From there, you can have a good time taking humorous pictures of your buddies. With your fingers, you may twist, move, stretch, and distort your photographs with this application. And if you need to share images on social media, you can do it immediately from this page.

13. Photo Warp

This app is also the greatest app for hilarious face apps, according to our research. In the Google Play Store, this app has received more than 50 million downloads, and its file size is 15 MB. Create insanely funny photographs and GIFs of yourself with this software, or make fun of your pals with this amazing photo editor app that is completely free.
After you’ve taken a photo of yourself using this app, you can modify it. You can acquire a variety of entertaining characteristics such as a face, interesting effects, warp faces, distort legs, and extend limbs, among others.

14. Face Changer 2

The original version of this programme is described in greater detail in the previous post. This is the most recent version of the programme, and it has all of your favourite characters from the previous version. Make morphing heads, add facial pieces, weird hats, goofy spectacles, and hundreds of other accessories, stickers, and backdrops to make your creations even more unique. If you want to add a sticker to your selfie, you can choose from more than 600 stickers available in this application. This software is also pretty popular, so you should consider downloading it as well.

15. Editor for the Selfie Camera

Do you enjoy taking selfies? If you answered yes, you will have access to many more fantastic features in this app in addition to selfies. You will find Live Beauty Camera Effects and Photo Filters in this app, which will assist you in making your selfie look absolutely stunning.

Simply capture the best selfies possible and experiment with fantastic cosmetic tools, amusing picture stickers, photo filters, and live selfie camera effects to modify your selfie photos after they are taken. You have provided all of the elements that can help you take the perfect selfie in this app.

16.  A Laughing Face

This is yet another excellent software for creating ridiculous and amusing facial effects. This application has also received more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. Furthermore, the size of this application is 5 MB. What you have there is quite lite. There are numerous amusing facial effects, as well as the ability to transform faces to appear overweight, bald, or ugly, among other things. You may use this programme to make any photo in your gallery humorous by selecting it from your collection.So go ahead and download these amusing facial apps.

17.  Witty photo editor

In addition, this is one of the top funny face apps for Android. It’s a light-heated photo editing application. You can download as many stickers as you like from the internet at any time using this software. You may also use your images to create a wallpaper for your computer. You may also use the software to generate animated films from your photographs if you so desire. You may share your animated GIF with your friends on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

18. Face Live Camera

funny face apps for android

This software is yet another one of the greatest funny face camera apps for Android devices to check out. The Face Live Camera app presents you with the most amusing camera filters available. You can capture your selfie with face stickers of dogs, cats, and other animals, and if you want to make your shot more attractive, you can apply beauty filters to enhance the appearance of your photo. Filming your videos with amusing filters is also an option.

19. Camera with an unattractive design

Ugly camera is another simple and straightforward user interface tool that allows you to make funny expressions directly within the app. If you’ve ever wanted to laugh at yourself because you’re embarrassed by your appearance, this app is the greatest option for you. You may quickly generate a variety of effects, like warped faces, extended faces, broad faces, and thin faces, among others. And the best part about the programme is that we can easily create our own faces without having to go through any complicated steps. All it take

20. Make Me Bald Is What I Want

What if you woke up with no hair on your head? Have you ever thought about it? Moreover, if you’re curious about how you’ll appear, read on. Then this programme will be able to make this happen in real time for you.
With this software, you can take a photo of yourself and then use your finger as a razor to shave yourself entirely bald. As a result, you will have a bald face that is recently updated. This software will undoubtedly make you laugh until your stomach hurts. To make the photo even more amusing, you can also add a comical moustache and other effects to enhance the humour. And, once the photographs have been edited, they may be quickly shared via email or on social media sites.

21. Face Changer Editor for Android

funny face apps for android

Photo with a different expression Another opportunity to have a good laugh with your family and friends is provided by the face changer editor. With this programme, you can easily edit the area of your image that you want to change by selecting it and placing the stickers where you want them. There are a variety of stickers available, including a cap, a beard, earrings, spectacles, a hairband, horror, lips, masks, a tattoo, a nose, and many others.

In addition, you will receive 300+ stickers, as well as the ability to resize, crop, rotate, and use other editing tools to make your photo stand out.When you’re through editing, you can quickly and conveniently share the picture with your friends and family.

22. Face Warp Apk For Android Free Download

Funny face App for android

Is it your goal to have your face edited in such a way that it is unrecognisable to others? Then this is the greatest alternative for you because it meets all of your requirements in a single location. Simply click on your picture to add effects such as making it bigger, smaller, alien look, and many other options using this application. To make it even more distinctive, you can also enlarge the pupils of the eyes, the nostrils, the ears, and the mouth. Furthermore, you may conduct a face warp while you are speaking and recording a video at the same time. So go ahead and download the app and have a good time with your buddies.

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