Top 5 Best Free Image Resizer Apps You Can Use In 2021

Free Image Resizer Apps

This post explains 5 Best Free Image Resizer Apps You Can Use In 2021. Today’s mobile devices take extremely attractive photos, but all that detail comes at a price — size. Consequently, you need a good image resizer app that will re-size your photos without much effort that too without losing any property.

Top 5 Best Free Image Resizer Apps You Can Use In 2021

In this article, you can know about 5 Best Free Image Resizer Apps here are the details below;

The Problem: Great Pictures Sized Too Large

Let’s face it; our entire worlds are now cataloged digitally due to mobile devices everywhere. That involves a lot of images, and because of the high level of excellence, these images have gotten huge! Most photos taken on a typical phone camera are at least 2000 pixels wide and any clock in much larger.

The difficulty is that many of us post weekly to social media, and these photos are too big to fit the platform’s specifications. Consequently, every photo you take, before uploading it to Facebook, Instagram, or other common media sites, has to be cut down and sized equally.

The Solution: Free Photo Resizer Application

The good message is, there are dozens of photo resizer application out there to make that job fast and simple. Most of them are free but may incorporate some in-app obtaining such as further filters or features to enhance your photo editing capacities. If all you need to use it for is to resize your images for social media, most free contributions will suffice.

Subsequently, you’ll find our top five free image resizer application of 2020:

What Characteristics Make a Good Picture Resizer App?

When deciding what constitutes a good image resizer application, good, we had to look at a few various things. Most image resizers will, of course, enable you to resize your image. Nevertheless, if you know anything about the way picture sizing works, you know that it’s not forever that easy.

Seldom a photo doesn’t fit well into the new accepted size. In that case, you require to crop or choose that size canvas with a portion of your photo. These kinds of things are necessary and shouldn’t be overlooked when picking an picture resizer. Other stories we want to see in a good, free photo resizer are:

  • ● A rotate characteristic.
  • ● Easy-to-use interface.
  • ● Corrections for color, light, and balance.
  • ● Filters for fun to enhance then great photos.
  • ● Blemish correction or retouching for red-eye.
  • ● Special effects.
  • ● Presets for size or combo effects.
  • ● Available on both Apple and Android devices.


Free Image Resizer Apps

One of our favorite choice is an online image resizer, called This particular company has a simple website and procedure to resize images online within no time. One of the amazing features is the capability to export your recently sized image into a different format. couldn’t be convenient to use. You simply paste your pictures into the box on the home page. Then you select in which way to resize your image (width, height or custom). You can choose to rearrange your image for quality assurance and then just choose your new file format (jpg or png). Once you press the save button, your new image is saved to your computer and that is all. 

Sadly, this online service does not have any additional photo editing features to go along with resizing. On the other Hand It’s free, and we prefer it this way.

If you resize your images and photos on regular basis, we would like to suggest you to add the particular Resizing extension to your Google Chrome; it is also mpletely free.

2. Photoshop Express; Photo Editor app

Photoshop Express; Photo Editor app

It is evident that a lot of people use and like this app. Although Adobe is not popular for ease-of-use with their applications, we found this photo editor to be user friendly.

Adobe makes it a snap to instantly resize your images using templates for many famous social media platforms like YouTube, ETSY cover photo, Facebook Cover Photo, Pinterest, and many more. This app also Provides a bunch of custom sizes and device choices for sizing. However, the one disadvantage is you can’t specify your own size in pixels or inches. For us control-freaks this really matters.

 Photoshop Express: Photo Editor is a full-equipped, free photo editor. Not only do they are experts in some great special effects to turn usual photos into masterpieces in seconds, but they also quite impressive with rotation, color and brightness controls, the ability to add text, photo retouching etc.

This is a perfect application but might be more than you require if all you only want to do is resize your photos. however, it is totally free so if you don’t mind preset sizes, this one is the perfect choice.

3. Image Size Photo Resizer app

Image Size Photo Resizer app

This photo resizer app is amazing in so many ways. First, the interface is very freindly to use. You don’t have to think where to go to start editing. One of the most fantastic features is that you can put an exact size in pixels, cm, mm or inches, and your photo is quickly resized.

This one also offer tools like color overlay, filters to improveand enhance your photo, adjustments for color and brightness,blurr, fun effects, and focus, flip, and you would be surprised to learn that you can even draw on your images to achieve more panache.

however, The negative aspect to Image Size is that the free version includes ads and you will be required to watch a 30-second ad before saving your image. on the good side, this app is so good; we think for users it’s worth purchasing the pro version.

4. Instasize Photo Editor App

Instasize Photo Editor App

Used by almost 15000 people, this app is very convenient and friendly to use. On opening it takes you to a white screen with a black plus button. Just tap on the plus button to choose a photo from your device and then start editing. The built-in filters are truly impressive.

We also love their preset crop areas for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It’s a breeze to navigate and adjust settings for exposure, contrast, Lux, light, sharpness, and dozens of other settings. You can further add text (using various fonts) and a colored border.

What we dont like about Instasize is the free version is great for only seven days, and then you need buy the full version to maintain using it. What this application lacks in retouching and results, it proceeds up for in easy resizing for photos to post on social media.

5. ReSIZER – Simple Photo Resizer

ReSIZER - Simple Photo Resizer

If you want the effortless, free image resizer on the market, then this one is for you! The plain interface gives a big plus button on a white screen to begin. Once you choose your image, you have only three choices: rotate, crop, and resize.

That’s it! Using this app is so fast and easy. It makes the job without any fancy add-ons, but it does enable you to receive your resized picture with others.

Other than having very few options to pick from, the only other downsize to Resizer is that it only runs on Apple phones. Sorry, no Android variant is available yet.


Although we reviewed a few solid choices for image resizing, it’s really a matter of individual taste. If you require no-frills and no hassle, Resizer is your tool. If you are on the pc and don’t have access to your images on a mobile game then is definitely the way to go.

Our favorite pick for the mobile device application would have to be Adobe’s Photoshop Express. The organization of features and powerful effects was intoxicating and it’s free to boot!

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