Fire Staff Code: How to Get And Upgrade Fire Staff Code?

Fire Staff Code, How Can I Obtain and Use Fire Staff? Are you an avid player of online games, or are you among those who have just recently developed a curiosity for playing games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Zombies? If this is the case, you should be aware that fire staff on Origins are some of the most important elemental staff. To optimize these potent instruments, you ought to become proficient in their upgrades. Therefore, in this section, we will discuss all the details of how to construct a fire staff, the code required to upgrade it, and how to operate it. If you can figure out a basic puzzle and gather zombie souls in two bizarre locations, you can play the game like a pro and have more fun. Don’t spend any more time, and let’s get started with some more fun.

Which code applies to fire staff? What is the code for the fire staff

Let me first provide some background information about the Fire Staff and, for those who are unfamiliar, what the Fire Staff code entails before discussing how to obtain it. One of the most used staves in Origins is the Fire Staff, which you can constantly upgrade and utilize as a weapon of mass destruction. Therefore, if you want to become the zombie-slaying sorcerer you have always dreamed of being, you should locate the Fire Staff code. We are here to assist you in this process by providing the part locations, upgrade instructions, and other details you require.

How is the fire staff obtained and used?

Play the game and try to earn points to unlock the first level when you can utilize the fire staff. Three components are required: a phonograph, a black disc, and a color disc. I’ll list the parts so you can locate each one.

Disc Red:

Finding the red disc, which is usually created by the church, should be your first task. Most likely, you can locate it on the seat upstairs in the church, behind the tank (move it if needed), or on a box behind the church next to Generator 6.

Additionally, take into account the following three Red Part locations:

come from defeating the Panzer boss, who appears after round 7.
Turning on generator 6 (behind the church) yields rewards. The soul box is the source of it.
explode after setting the aircraft on fire. After clearing the church way, look up in the sky near the excavation site for the blazing plane that normally forms.

Disc Dark:

There are three places where you can find the black disk, which opens the lowest level of the excavation site when combined with the gramophone:

On a box (Generator 2 side) at the bottom of the path heading up to the excavation site
At the opposite end of the excavation site, close to the church door, on a box


In a wheelbarrow next to the PaP Gramophone on top of the excavation site:

The last location is Gramophone, which is always found one floor below the floor inside the center excavation site.

With everything at your disposal, it’s time to understand the last stage and how to use it, so:

Step from the spawn to the Speed Cola side.
Proceed immediately to the left into the tunnel, set the gramophone on the bottom table, and watch for the red doorway to appear.
Proceed to the insane location, take the crystal from the red base, and then rebuild the red portal to exit it.
Ultimately, make your way back to the main excavation site, descend to the lower level, and construct the fire station in front of the statue.

How to upgrade fire staff code ? Upgrade Codes for Fire Staff

To upgrade the Fire Staff code, you must solve a number of problems. There’s a minigame first, where you have to destroy thirty zombies. Second, determine the right amount by utilizing icons and flames. But first, I’d like to go over a list of all the numbers and their meanings with you so you can use the illuminated symbols to figure out which torches need to be ignited with the Fire Staff.

  1. Three: two horizontal circles, the second open and the first filled in with color.
  2. Four: a pair of colorful horizontal circles.
  3. Five: A single circle that is colored in, followed by two vertical circles.
  4. Six: two vertical circles, two colored in, one open, and then two more vertical circles.
  5. Seven: a single circle, two vertical circles, and one circle, all colored in.
  6. Eight: Two vertical circles, each colored in, are followed by two more.
  7. Nine: Three horizontal circles, two of which are open and the first colored in.
  8. Ten: three horizontal circles with an open middle and the first and last colored in.
  9. Eleven: A pair of circles, one horizontal and the other vertical. The second horizontal circle is opened once the first horizontal circle and the two vertical circles have been painted.

How can firefighters be upgraded?

The incredible section on updating the Fire Staff steps has finally arrived. It is broken down into the following four sections:

Fire cauldrons should be filled.

Go through the red door to the insane area first. Then, stand on the metal grates beside the cauldrons, just in front of the fire door exit. At this point, you should kill roughly 20 to 30 zombies. Pay special attention to the puffs of smoke that erupt. When each pot has a brilliant flame, the level is complete.

Addressing Puzzles:

As I mentioned previously, the second phase is to solve riddles. So, you can refer to the preceding paragraph as guidance. Keep in mind that the first number should always be either 5 or 11. The final number should always be 4.

Once you have solved the puzzle upstairs, you can proceed downstairs to locate the tank and use the fire staff to accurately blast the torches on the wall.

Orient the Rings:

Step 3: Reach the bottom of the excavation site and look for the four mechanical rings floating there. Each ring has four colored gems on its side. Once all four red stones are aligned, shoot the floating red ball that appears at the bottom of the rings. To align all four red gems, rotate each ring using the four keys that are also placed at the bottom of the excavation site. Each pull of a switch rotates a specific ring.

Fill the fire staff with souls by charging it:

Finding a good weapon is the last step; try to locate a PaP’d version that has a shield to protect your back, Speed Cola, and Jug. After that, use the red portal to return to Crazy Place. Set the staff down on the red pedestal and dispatch 20–30 zombies nearby to charge it. When Samantha states, “Elemental fire is yours; finish what you started,” the task is considered completed.


The fire staff code, the fire staff upgrade, and how to perform it were covered in the text above. When you use Sekhmet’s Vigor and the left D-pad button, you can swiftly restore fallen allies from a distance, earning you the moniker Blood of Kagotsuchi. If you enjoy playing games like Call of Duty and Dead Zombies, you can read it carefully, use the advice, and create a fun game. Please share your experience or knowledge regarding how to obtain and upgrade the Staff of Ice, Staff of Wind, and Staff of Lightning in the comments section if you used the aforementioned guides.

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