Roku Error Code 009: Fixes and Quick Solutions

Error Code 009

Roku has an innovative way of showing errors and problems in the device. If a minor issue like no internet connection, entered password was incorrect, and some WiFi problems, Roku will display an error message with a code. Each error code has its meaning. For instance, Roku Error Code 009 means that the device has no access to an internet connection. Like these, a lot of other error codes may be displayed by the Roku streaming device. This article will discuss the different types of Roku error codes and what does it have to tell us.

Cause of Roku Error Code 009

The leading cause of Roku Error Code 009 is that the Roku device is connected to a Home WiFi but has no internet access. When your router is not always delivering the data, this code will appear on your Roku screen. Most of the error codes will seem like a warning pop-up, like the one shown below.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

To fix the error:

  1. Check your WiFi’s internet connectivity.
  2. Connect any other smart devices like smartphone or Computer to check the internet connection.
  3. If you are not getting the internet, restart your router.

Contact your ISP provider to look into the issue. If the router you are using is an old one, replace it with a new router. When your Roku device gets a constant internet connection, you won’t get the Roku Error Code 009.

Error Codes similar to Roku Error Code 009

Like 009, there are a lot of error codes in the Roku streaming devices. All are related to WiFi and internet connectivity.

Error CodeType of issueCausesFixes
Error Code 003Software ErrorRoku is unable to update the latest softwareMake sure the WiFi connection is stable and try again.
Error Code 012Ethernet related issueEthernet cables and RoutersEnsure that the Ethernet cable is in working condition.
Change the Ethernet cable and try again.
Restart your Router & TV and try again.
Error Code 013Same as 012Ethernet cables and RoutersTry the fixes for 012 issue.
Error Code 014When your Roku fails to connect to the WiFiIncorrect WiFi name and passwordMake sure that you are typing the correct password for the right WiFi network.
Error Code 014.20/ 014.30/ 014.50Strength of the WiFi signalYour router is not providing enough data to your RokuPlace the WiFi router nearer to the Roku device and free from obstacles.
Lower the streaming quality manually.
Error Code 014.40 / 014.41Wrong passwordIncorrect password or usernameCheck that you are using the correct username and password.
Error Code 016Internet connection issuesWhen you try to open a streaming channel without internetConnect your Roku to a WiFi network.
Make sure that the WiFi has an active network connection.
Error Code 017Poor WiFi signalYour Roku is not getting enough data from the WiFiPlace the router nearer to Roku.
Restart your TV and router.
Error Code 018Poor internet bandwidthLow download and upload speedCheck your router’s download and upload speed.
If possible, try to upgrade the plan to higher download speeds


These are what you need to do to eliminate the Roku error code 009 and different error codes. These error codes are mostly related to your WiFi router and internet connectivity. If you have a great router with a constant internet connection, you will never get these error codes. If you are receiving an error code that is not mentioned above, mention that we will give you the solution to that in the comments section.

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