Anime Download Websites: 20 Best Websites to Download Anime Movies For Free

anime movie download

Are you seeking for something similar to the official anime download app website, which has a huge selection of good animated films from a variety of genres? Finding a good anime legal sites to download anime site can be difficult, to say the least. Anime is unquestionably one of the most popular forms of audiovisual entertainment in the world. With followers in every corner of the globe, access to them may become limited at some point.

With the emergence of online streaming services and platforms, anime has exploded in popularity. This innovative form of art, animation, storytelling, and music is gaining popularity. But don’t fret; in 2020, there will be thousands of websites offering free download anime hd of your favourite anime movies and videos.

Top 20 Website For Download anime movies

These are the following sites where to download old anime

1. AnimeLand

anime movie download

AnimeLand is a platform where you can watch and download anime for free. Animeland is the place to visit if you want to download anime without being redirected and with a one-click download anime 1080p option. The site’s UI isn’t particularly appealing, but it gets the job done. You can also watch the content, however the video player is inferior to that of other streaming sites.

Despite the lack of multiple quality options, the speed with which you may download the videos makes it an ideal Anime download anime reddit Site. Simply search for your favourite anime, open the link, and the download option will appear above the player.

2. Crunchyroll

anime movie download

Crunchyroll is a major anime website with over 50 million monthly visitors that focuses on east Asian entertainment, notably anime, manga series, music, and television shows.A legal and simple method to watch all of your favourite cartoons online. Naruto, Dragon Ball, Titan, Ace of the Diamond, Bleach, and more popular anime series are available through the site. Although not all of the content is free, you can try out the shows and programmes for free.
The following is a list of Crunchyroll’s English-dubbed anime.

The Content Provider operates on a freemium business model. That is to say, they provide anime for free at a reduced resolution with adverts. Unless you wait a week, you can watch the most recent episodes of ongoing shows for free. The site was created specifically for anime fans to view Japanese content. Although direct downloads are not supported by the site, you can use a variety of third-party software or chrome extensions to download video from Crunchyroll.

3. GoGoAnime

anime movie download

GoGoAnime is a free streaming utopia where you can watch all of your favourite anime movies and TV shows for free. GoGoAnime is the best option if you want a completely free anime streaming service with no restrictions.
You may watch all of the popular animations for free without having to create an account or pay anything.

Simply search for any episode or movie and begin watching it with no restrictions. You may download your favourite anime and watch it offline without worrying about network troubles because the site offers download choices. GoGoAnime is the world’s oldest and most popular anime website.

4. Funimation

The Funimation streaming site features a large library of anime episodes and feature-length films, including many rare titles. Funimation has a selection of handpicked content with dubs and subtitles.
You may watch a lot of shows for free with advertising, but you must pay to the service to watch a few premium shows.

Because Sony owns Funimation, all of the Sony-owned anime will be available on the platform.
D.Gray-Man, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Izetta: The Last Witch, Puzzle and Dragons, and Tales of Zesiria the X are now on the simulcast schedule. A Funimation Premium account grants access to the service’s over 400 TV series and 80 feature-length films. With a 14-day test sample that is easy to cancel, you get all of the popular shows and material. Here is a complete list of English-language shows.

5. Animeout

anime movie download

AnimeOut is a dedicated download-only site where you can search for any anime movie or show and immediately download the content. You will be offered alternatives for different quality resolutions if they are available.
When you click the download link, you’ll be taken to the server’s download page.

You have the option of downloading from a public server or donating to the platform in order to download from a private server. A public server is sufficient. When you click the download link, a new tab will open, which will load the download file and begin the download. Make sure you don’t have any ad-blocking software installed. A simple but effective platform for downloading free anime movies and shows.

6. Hulu

anime movie download

Hulu is a subscription video-on-demand service owned by Walt Disney. It’s one of the anime streaming sites that offers a variety of anime genres in high definition. It boasts a wide selection of anime shows, and its on-demand library of anime TV shows and series is growing every day. Hulu had amassed a remarkable collection of anime titles long before Netflix even considered entering the anime field, and it has continued to grow since then.

7. Anime Lab

anime movie download

Anime Lab, which is presently available in New Zealand and Australia, offers movies and series in a variety of genres for Android, iPhone, and a variety of other devices, including action, adventure, horror, idol, drama, and more.
This anime internet platform is a collection of popular, dubbed anime that allows users to watch thousands of episodes or stream the most recent shows within hours of their broadcast.

8. KissAnime

anime movie download

Thought by many to be the king of free anime, KissAnime features a download option for animes on its site. Unable to download the anime you want? KissAnime allows you to choose what download channel to use. Overall, KissAnime is not only a great place to stream. It’s also perfect when it comes to downloading anime games.

9. AnimeHeaven

Free Anime Online

One of the most often updated anime platforms is AnimeHeaven. You may, however, be bombarded with obnoxious banner advertisements. An ad-blocker should suffice. New anime series and movies are added to AnimeHeaven on a fairly frequent basis. Subs and dubs are provided if they are available for download anime movies.

10. Amazon Video (Amazon Prime Video)

anime movie download

Amazon Prime Video is a video-on-demand service that has a big library of original and popular anime films and episodes. Amazon Prime members have the ability to download material in 4K Ultra video quality. Despite the fact that the site’s animation movie website free has a poor reputation, it includes a good mix of classics, new, hidden gem series, and movies.

11. ChauThanh


ChauThanh is a Polish website, I’m sure you’ve never heard of it. However, it’s good enough to be included in this list of free anime websites. On their server, the site hosts over 4000 anime series, and I’m confident you’ll never grow bored of viewing them. You can join their community and debate everything about anime, from new releases to characters, by signing up for free on their website. ChauThanh, like the previous option on our list, has a chat box on their platform, which is a terrific way to engage with other users. They feature numerous sections such as ongoing anime, latest anime, drama, hot download, and so on, which makes it easier for people to navigate.

On their server, the site has an anime series database as well as a drama database, which you may download.
If you’re a member, you may also make a request for your favourite anime series.

12. Anime Cruzers

Anime Cruzers

Anime Cruzers is the latest addition to the list of anime download sites. This is an amazing and relatively clean platform for both watching and downloading anime. Aside from anime, the site also has a large manga library.You do not need to register, and requesting your favourite episodes on this site is straightforward even if you are not a member. They also adhere to an uploading timetable that is specified on the website’s home page.

However, if you want to watch anime or download it, the site will transfer you to an other server where you can do so. However, you will need an ID and password to download, which are only available on the website and change every week. You may count on Anime Cruzers to download anime series in both subtitled and dubbed versions.

13. Anime Season

Anime Cruzers

If you want to download anime episodes, there is no better place to go than Anime Season. This site is well-known for having a variety of anime shows season by season on their platform, making it much easier to download all of the episodes. All of the series are sorted into many categories, such as the most recent series, the highest rated series, random anime, and anime genres.

Anime Season works in a similar way to the other anime download sites, allowing you to watch as well as download your favourite anime episodes. Their listing is well-done, with the episode number and series to which they belong prominently displayed.Our is why many anime fans prefer to view and download anime from this site rather than others. The UI is straightforward, however there are advertisements sprinkled throughout. The good news is that all of the episodes are available in HD.

14. Zoro Anime Streaming

anime movie download

A website that allows you to view anime movies and TV shows online for free without having to register or download anything. If downloading anime movies or TV shows is your major concern, proceed to the next step.
If you enjoy watching movies online, you will enjoy this. In fact, its database contains a large number of films and television series.

It also includes a top-level list of the most popular and currently airing anime, which you may explore with a single click. It also has a search bar and a variety of filters to help you locate anime movies and TV shows that match your interests.

 15. Anime Freak

anime movie download

Anime Freak Anime Freak Anime download anime movies Freak Anime Freak Anime Freak Anime Freak Anime Freak Anime. Because of its ad-filled nature, AnimeFreak isn’t normally on anyone’s radar for anime downloads.Its material, on the other hand, is quite good, and it offers a few exclusive anime for download. The website is also mobile-friendly, which is great news for those who use their phones a lot.

16. Nyaa.Si

anime movie download

When it comes to torrents that allow you to download anime, Nyaa.Si is at the top of the stack. It offers a simple design and a big library of anime, comics, music, games, and movies to choose from. Make sure to double-check your downloads because practically all of its anime downloads are in Japanese. Check the torrent tags to see if the anime has been translated and dubbed. HorribleSubs.Info is the place to go if you’re craving anime. makes another appearance in our top 10 anime torrents of the year list today. Here, good online design goes hand in hand with a well-stocked anime library. They introduced genre filters to make finding anime more convenient. These downloads are also available at download anime moviesin a variety of video quality options. Users with poorer internet connections can still download anime because of this.

17. Limetorrents

anime movie download

LimeTorrent isn’t just for anime fans.It has the entire globe under its isn’t just an anime download site; it’s one of the most active torrent sites on the internet. Users visit to the website to watch movies, download software, and watch TV dramas. The user interface is straightforward and well-designed, and the search function is straightforward. Anime, music, games, and books from The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay, which is arguably the largest torrent index on the internet today, also has a large library of content.The Pirate Bay is a treat to browse, featuring games, books, movies, and other media in addition to anime. You can’t go wrong with The Pirate Bay because it has no adverts and a clean, basic layout.

18. Project Shana

anime movie download

Shana Project is your one-stop shop for anime torrents. You’ve found the proper site if you’re seeking for a torrent index dedicated entirely to manga and anime. Shana Project is your one-stop shop for all things anime and manga.
The site offers an easy-to-use search bar. The most recent and popular downloads are displayed on the site’s top page.You now know where to get the best anime downloads! For safe and secure streaming, make sure you use legitimate providers. We can also assist you if you need to download films without software or a guide on how to download movies.

19. Animefrenzy

anime movie download

Animefrenzy is one of the anime websites that allows you to stream anime on your phone. This website also offers users numerous categories such as Anime, Cartoons, and Movies, allowing them to easily search and view the most recent anime from a list of clips available on the internet.

20. Chia-anime

anime movie download

Chia anime website, which is available and utilised all around the world, offers over 1000 anime for online streaming in excellent quality in a variety of genres, including adventure, comedy, magic, space, and more. Users can enjoy and watch the most recent and most popular movies, as well as download anime movies  series, without any hassle


If none of these anime download sites are working for you for whatever reason, you may always look through anime torrent sites. It is completely free to download from such sites, but you will need to use a VPN service to protect your identity.

Apart from that, I would advise you to employ a downloading service in the form of a browser plugin. These services make it easier for users to download the download anime movies they want. In reality, they automatically download the files for you, saving you the trouble of clicking on bogus links.

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