20 Best Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response Services


The practise of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks is known as cyber security. It is also referred to as information technology security or electronic data security. The term is used in a variety of contexts, ranging from business to mobile computing, and can be classified into a few general categories.Cybersecurity is the practise of defending a computer network against intruders, whether they are targeted attackers or opportunistic malware.

Cybersecurity is concerned with keeping software and devices safe from threats. A compromised application may allow access to the data it is supposed to protect. Security starts in the design stage, long before a programme or device is deployed. Information security safeguards the integrity and privacy of data while it is in storage and transit. The processes and decisions for handling and protecting data assets are included in operational security.
This includes the permissions that users have when connecting to a network as well as the procedures that govern how and where data can be stored or shared.

End-user education addresses the most unpredictable factor in cyber security: people. By failing to follow good security practises, anyone can introduce a virus into an otherwise secure system. Teaching users to delete suspicious email attachments, not to plug in unidentified USB drives, and a variety of other important lessons is critical for any organization’s security.

The magnitude of the cyber threat

The global cyber threat is evolving at a rapid pace, with an increasing number of data breaches occurring each year.
According to a RiskBased Security report, data breaches exposed a startling 7.9 billion records in the first nine months of 2019. This figure is more than double (112% higher) than the number of records exposed during the same time period in 2018. Medical services, retailers, and government entities were the most vulnerable, with malicious criminals responsible for the majority of incidents. Some of these industries are more appealing to cybercriminals because they collect financial and medical data, but all businesses that use networks are vulnerable to customer data theft, corporate espionage, and customer attacks. The International Data Corporation predicts that global spending on cyber-security solutions will reach a massive $133.7 billion by 2022, as the scale of the cyber threat continues to grow.
Governments around the world have issued guidance to help organisations implement effective cyber-security practises in response to the rising cyber threat. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States has developed a cyber-security framework. The framework recommends continuous, real-time monitoring of all electronic resources to combat the spread of malicious code and aid in early detection.

The importance of system monitoring is echoed in the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre’s “10 steps to cyber security.” In Australia, The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) publishes guidance on how organisations can combat the most recent cyber-security threats on a regular basis. Watch this video about cyber security and the various types of cyber threats and attacks:

Cyber threat classifications

Cyber-security counters three types of threats:

1. Cybercrime refers to individuals or groups who target systems for financial gain or to cause disruption.

2. Politically motivated information gathering is frequently used in cyber-attacks.

3. Cyberterrorism aims to disrupt electronic systems in order to cause panic or fear.

20 best cybersecurity managed detection and response services

1) An intruder


Intruder is a cyber security firm that assists businesses in reducing their attack surface through continuous vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. The powerful scanner in Intruder is designed to quickly identify high-impact flaws, changes in the attack surface, and rapidly scan the infrastructure for emerging threats. Intruder’s high-quality reports are ideal for passing on to prospective customers or meeting security regulations like ISO 27001 and SOC 2. For 30 days, you can try Intruder’s vulnerability scanner for free.

Link : https://www.intruder.io

2) Cipher CIS

Cipher CIS is a cybersecurity firm that offers comprehensive, white-glove services to protect businesses from attackers. This cyber security service provider company provides a one-of-a-kind combination of deep cyber expertise and knowledge of physical and IoT security. With a global presence in 25 countries, they provide dependable security to businesses and homes using cutting-edge solutions.

Link: https://cipher.com/

3) Vipre

Vipre is a cybersecurity solutions provider that provides unrivalled defence against aggressive online threats.
This online security firm also offers security awareness training.

4) Symantec Enterprise

Symantec is a cybersecurity company that assists you in protecting data from organisations, governments, and individuals, regardless of where it resides.This Internet security service provider provides endpoint, cloud, and infrastructure protection against complex and dangerous attacks.

5) Check Point Software Technologies Ltd


Check Point Software Technologies offers world-class cybersecurity solutions for malware, ransomware, and other system attacks. This website provides solutions for cloud, network, and mobile device security to government and corporate enterprises. It also provides multi-level security architecture and solutions for all business types.

Link: https://www.checkpoint.com/

6) Cisco


Cisco offers IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions. They offer Internet security services to businesses of all sizes. The company’s primary focus is on securing your digital assets and safeguarding your critical data.

Link: https://www.checkpoint.com/

7) Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a computer security service provider that uses analytics to automate routine tasks to keep hackers out.Palo Alto also provides Cortex, the company’s one-of-a-kind AI-powered continuous security platform.

Link: https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/

8) McAfee

McAfee also provides cybersecurity for devices and the cloud. They provide cybersecurity solutions for both consumers and businesses. McAfee is one of the best network security providers, providing security protection across multiple industries.

Link :https://www.intruder.io

9) IBM

IBM is a cyber security service provider that provides computer hardware, software and middleware, hosting, and even consulting.This computer security service provider firm provides cybersecurity solutions to the federal government of the United States.

Link: https://www.ibm.com/industries/federal/cyber-security

10) Microsoft


Microsoft also provides Intelligent security solutions and cloud security benefits. Their cybersecurity services assist you in protecting yourself from spyware, viruses, and other malicious software.Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and services, devices and products, and internal corporate resources are all examples of cybersecurity services. Aids in the detection of threats and the recovery from incidents.

Link : https://www.microsoft.com

11) Amazon


Amazon is a company that specialises in e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. This computer security service provider also provides data centre cloud security and network architecture.

Link: https://aws.amazon.com/security/

12) CyberArk Software


CyberArk Software provides software to assist you in removing cyber threats.This network security service provider provides tools such as Password vault and Identity Manager to help you protect your information assets, infrastructure, and applications.

Link: https://www.cyberark.com/

13) FireEye


FireEye is a cybersecurity company that provides a variety of security technologies. It offers cybersecurity services such as Enterprise Security, Managed Defense, and Threat Intelligence. It also provides security assessments, enhancement, and transformation services. FireEye assists you in establishing an ecosystem of innovative cybersecurity solutions.

Link: https://www.fireeye.com/

14) Imperva

Imperva secures your data and apps on-premises or in the cloud. It also assists you in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating current and future threats. This cybersecurity service provider protects over three million databases and prevents thousands of app attacks per second.

Link: https://www.imperva.com/

15) Proofpoint


Proofpoint offers cybersecurity solutions to the federal government in the finance and healthcare industries.
They offer a variety of cloud-based security solutions to protect against a variety of threats, including those delivered via email, social media, and mobile apps.

Link: https://www.proofpoint.com/us

16) Fortinet


Fortinet provides cyber security solutions such as firewalls, antivirus, intrusion prevention systems, and endpoint security. This network security service provider firm provides effective cybersecurity and compliance solutions to safeguard people across all channels, including email, the web, the cloud, and social media.

Link: https://www.fortinet.com/

17) KnowBe4

KnowBe4 is a cybersecurity platform that provides phishing and ransomware simulation training.
This network security service provider provides tests and tools to assist you in locating weak passwords, domain doppelgangers, and mail server security.

Link: https://www.knowbe4.com/

18) CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity service provider with offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. This cyber security service provider company provides superior security, performance, and value. This allows you to eliminate on-premises infrastructure while also consolidating End-points agents to improve simplicity.

Link: https://www.crowdstrike.com/

19) Sophos

Sophos is a global leader in information technology security and data protection. They provide complete protection for organisations and assist you in maintaining control by defending against known and unknown malware, spam, data leakage, and providing comprehensive network access control.

Link : https://www.intruder.io

20) Sugarshot Visit Sophos


SugarShot is a Los Angeles-based information technology firm. The company primarily offers information technology managed services, specifically security disaster recovery and network segments. Security auditing, network security, dark web scanning and development, security reporting, and remote and on-site support are all available.

Link: https://www.sugarshot.io/

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