12 Best Artificial Christmas Trees Shops With Decorations 2023

You can’t even tell these trees are Artificial since they are so realistic. Investing in a high-quality Christmas Trees Shops may save you time and money in the future. We tested several artificial Christmas trees for this post, so we know that many of them not only look like the genuine thing. 12 Best Artificial Christmas Trees Shops With Decorations 2023. How to decorate a christmas tree? How to put lights on a christmas tree? How to flock a christmas tree? How to put ribbon on a christmas tree?

However, Artificial trees are available in an extensive range of forms, sizes, and fashions, much like genuine Christmas trees. Therefore, in our experience, choosing the greatest Christmas Trees Shops can truly come down to personal choice. Based on in-depth research and current reviews, we’ve selected our top choices from reliable companies below, but if any of them don’t quite suit your tastes, browse the websites of the manufacturers, and you’re sure to discover the ideal tree.

Artificial Christmas Trees Shops

Our engineers and product analysts examine every kind of holiday décor, including solar Christmas lights, outdoor twinkling lights, and Christmas light projectors. We consider several factors while assessing Christmas Trees Shops, such as durability, safety, and simplicity of construction and disassembly. We attempt a variety of tasks, such as tipping the trees over to assess their stability and checking to see whether they ignite in the flammability laboratory in our lab.

See our evaluations below, and at the bottom of this page, you’ll discover further professional guidance on what to look for in a Christmas Trees Shops. If you want to get a real tree instead of a Christmas Trees Shops one, be sure to read our guide to the best tree stands once you’ve chosen the best Christmas Trees Shops for your family. You can also look for the top Christmas tree delivery services here!

What features to look for in an artificial Christmas tree?

When choosing which artificial tree best suits you, there are many additional factors to take into account in addition to making sure it looks as good as you had hoped.


Trees come in a wide range of sizes, from petite 4.5-foot trees to enormous trees rising beyond 15 feet. Even though you probably want to go large with your tree, you need to be sure that your home will allow you to set it up with adequate clearance. Ideally, there should be a minimum of 6 inches separating your ceiling from the top of the tree, including any tree topper. Remember that bigger trees will generally require more room for storage until the next season, even after they have been dismantled. Make sure you have adequate storage before deciding on a huge tree.


Artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of sizes, from little for places that are limited to full for a traditional tree profile to broad for an even larger profile. Even if your decision is mostly based on liking and available space, be sure the tree’s widest point can fit easily in the location where you intend to put it.

Needle type:

PVC is used by most brands to imitate needles, while metal is used for the trunk and branches. Certain products will contain both polyethylene (PE) and PVC; in general, the more costly, more realistic-looking products have a larger percentage of PE.

Type of tree:

As previously said, artificial Christmas trees have significantly improved in recent years to appear more realistic. Choose a tree that resembles a pine (sparser with thin needles), spruce (sharp points), or fir (dense).

Artificial Christmas trees are compressed for shipment, so it’s critical to fluff up the branches after they’re put together. These days, the majority may be put together by just snapping a few parts together to create an upright tree. To guarantee the tree seems full, fluffing frequently takes the longest.

Pre-lit versus unlit:

Nowadays, a lot of artificial Christmas trees are pre-lit, which makes decorating them simpler. Furthermore, a lot of the more recent Christmas trees may continue to glow even if one of the bulbs fails. Selecting a pre-lit tree has the benefit that you should search for this function. Although there are differences in kind, incandescent bulbs are generally less expensive than their more durable LED equivalents. However, given the recent American prohibition on incandescent light bulbs, some manufacturers may start to phase out the use of these bulbs in favor of LED lights exclusively. Nevertheless, LED lights last longer, and certain types of LED trees can have changeable colors or lighting effects.


To ensure that pre-lit trees have passed safety inspections, look for ones that have completed independent testing from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). You may look for the UL mark on the package or search the UL database.


If you’re going to spend money on a Christmas Trees Shops, you should get one that will last for several holiday seasons. The durability of the tree is examined by a number of industrial standards, such as ASTM F963 (child safety testing) and ASTM B117 (corrosion testing). Check with the manufacturer again to see if your tree has complied with these requirements. After the tree is up, you should make sure it feels stable and won’t topple over easily.


Since an artificial Christmas tree is initially an investment, it’s critical to keep an eye out for bargains, particularly on Black Friday or in the summer. Trees that are larger, fuller, include lights, have a more realistic needle type, and have a higher tip count will probably cost more, but the extra money is well worth it because of their realistic appearance and sturdy design.

12 Best Artificial Christmas Trees Shops With Decorations 2023

1. Best Choice Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Pine Christmas Tree

  1. $110 at Amazon
  2. Eight distinct light patterns
  3. It takes time to comb through branches.

These aren’t your grandfather’s antique lightbulbs! Eight distinct light sequences will astonish the children, thanks to a four-color, LED-equipped Christmas Trees Shops. One Amazon customer remarked, “This is a beautiful tree and definitely high-tech.”

We like being able to program different light sequences to create the ideal joyful atmosphere for every occasion, whether it be energetic or tranquil. With only two components to snap together, the setup is simple, but it may take some practice to acquire the perfect fluffing of the branches.

2. Best Choice Products Premium Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

  1. $50 at Amazon
  2. $60 at Home Depot
  3. Less than $100
  4. more than 6,000 five-star Amazon reviews
  5. Plump, fluffy limbs
  6. Less robust than better-quality trees

This low-cost item is a good pick if your budget is less than $100. It’s one of the best-selling artificial Christmas trees on Amazon, with hundreds of five-star ratings. It stands a robust six feet tall and has an abundance of fluffy, full needles.

Our specialists appreciate its classic Douglas fir-inspired branches, which are ready for your favorite decorations to be added. One Amazon customer said, “Once you get the branches spread out, it’s full and looks great.” Undoubtedly, this tree is among the greatest you can get with your money! Another person commented, “The tree is lovely, full, and wonderfully formed.

We also appreciate that it comes in white or green and that you can have the pre-lit version for a little more money. Just be aware that it might not be as reliable as other high-end (read: more expensive) devices.

3. Balsam Hill 7.5′ Vermont White Spruce

  1. $1,099 at Balsam Hill
  2. a large range of choices for lighting and heights
  3. Simple to construct and dismantle
  4. Complete, realistic-appearing boughs
  5. Pricier

The Vermont White Spruce, which fared the best in our testing, is also the most well-liked product from Balsam Hill because of its appealing, realistic design and classic, full profile, which comes in a variety of heights from 4.5 feet to 11 feet. You have the choice of buying your tree unlit or with a range of UL-certified lighting alternatives, such as LED lights that twinkle and let you switch between festive hues and light displays.

Alec Scherma, GH Institute Test Engineer, reports that assembling this tree was rather easy: just snap the pieces together, put it into an outlet, and use the foot pedal or remote that comes with it to switch on the lights. He adds that in our most recent testing phase, this tree seemed far fuller than other models. No lights need to be taken out for disassembly; just separate the tree parts and store them until the following year. If you enjoy decorating your house for the holidays, Balsam Hill also offers a large selection of excellent wreaths and garlands that go well with their artificial trees.

4. Balsam Hill 7.5′ Classic Blue Spruce

  1. $499 at Amazon
  2. Easy to put together and take apart
  3. includes a storage bag and gloves as extras.
  4. The prelit version is more expensive.

We suggest this traditional blue spruce if you’re searching for a Balsam Hill tree that’s a little less expensive. It should come as no surprise that this Christmas Trees Shopsperformed exceptionally well in our lab assessments, given its lovely blue-green color and delicate yet robust needles.

It received high marks for use and comes with some great extras, including gloves for fluffing without scratches, a storage bag, and replacement bulbs (if you get the prelit version). Similar to other Balsam Hill artificial Christmas trees, you may select from an array of lighting settings that allow you to quickly switch the tree on or off with a simple foot pedal tap. Because of the light connector included in the tree’s trunk, Scherma remarks, “The lights are amazing and automatically connect.”

5. Balsam Hill BH Balsam Fir

  1. $999 at Amazon
  2. accessible in an extensive range of styles.
  3. Superior needles and branches
  4. Easy to put together and take apart
  5. Pricier

This realistic artificial Christmas tree from the BH Balsam Fir collection is sure to wow, as it is patterned after balsam firs found in Maine.

With semi-flat needles that mimic the color and feel of genuine branches, this tree has a traditional full form that appeals to customers. The brand’s exclusive “True Needle” technology, which combines PVC and polyethylene (PE) to create incredibly realistic foliage that mimics actual evergreen branches, accounts for a substantial portion of the price, despite the tree being more expensive than other Christmas Trees Shops.

This model surprised us as well; it was easy to assemble and fluff, and it performed exceptionally well in lab testing. Thanks to an “Easy Plug” system that makes lighting the tree simple and quick—all you have to do is put one plug into the wall socket to light up the entire tree—light connections are integrated into the trunk.

We particularly appreciate that the majority of models can be turned on and off using a straightforward foot pedal or remote control (depending on the type of lighting selected). The tree is offered in a variety of heights and lighting configurations on the Balsam Hill website, so there is a choice for every taste.

6. National Tree Company Carolina Pine Tree

  1. $303 at Amazon
  2. $370 at Home Depot
  3. $446 at Wayfair
  4. superior building
  5. Easy to put together and take apart
  6. Even if one goes out, the remaining lights will continue to glow.
  7. It takes time to comb through every branch.

Think about this option from National Tree Company if you want a Christmas tree that appears to have come right out of the mountains. Complete with pre-strung clear, white lights and flocked pinecones, you may leave the tree unadorned for a minimalist, rustic look or add more ornaments and decorations to make it truly spectacular.

Our testing has shown that National Tree Company trees function effectively because of their excellent structure and design. While setting up, it did take some time to fluff out all the limbs, but once the tree was in place, it appeared to be the genuine thing. Overall, we thought that the lights were appropriately stretched out and that the construction was simple.

We also like that the lights will continue to light up even in the event of one bulb going out. Please be aware that this tree is only 7.5 feet tall, so before you buy it, make sure your ceiling is high enough to support it.

7. National Tree Company Kingswood Fir Artificial Slim Christmas Tree

  1. $88 at Amazon
  2. $99 at Home Depot
  3. $174 at JCPenney
  4. Perfect for cramped areas
  5. whole branches
  6. Having to spend a lot of effort fluffing branches

With its sleek and slim design, this artificial fir tree is perfect for smaller spaces. The 7.5-foot tree’s base measures just 30 inches in diameter, so it’s a great footprint for an apartment or small space, and even though it’s narrow, its lush branches ensure that you won’t be missing that wow factor.

“We searched for the ideal Christmas Trees Shops for our flat for three years. It’s also available as a white Christmas tree for those who prefer; according to Scherma, this tree performed well in lab tests, though it does arrive extremely compressed, so you’ll have to spend a good chunk of time fluffing it up to look just right. ” It fits our space perfectly, and we are very pleased with the fullness of the branches,” one Amazon reviewer said.

8. The Twillery Co. Jack Artificial Fir Christmas Tree

  1. $130 at Wayfair
  2. Genuine appearance
  3. Useful both indoors and outdoors
  4. It takes time for branches to fluff.

Because of its realistic appearance and richness, reviewers claim that this is one of the most beautiful Christmas Trees Shops they have ever seen. Even if a few people complained that it took some time to fluff the branches completely, the pricing was impossible to beat, and the build quality was evident. “This tree is so beautiful! It takes a little while to fluff, but it is so worth it in the end,” said someone, perfectly summarizing the situation.

Additionally, the company notes that the tree may be used both indoors and outdoors in covered areas, such as porches. You can choose to decorate the tree or leave it unlit and invite your loved ones to join you in hanging ornaments and Christmas lights for a festive pastime.

9. Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

  1. $100 at Amazon
  2. Easy to put together and take apart
  3. large range of possible heights
  4. rich, dense branches
  5. Flocking during setup is untidy.

This Christmas Trees Shops is perfect for you if you’re dreaming of a snowy Christmas. Choose the height that works best for your room from a range of sizes, including 4.5 to 9 feet. With many branches and a high tip count, it has a rich, full form. We particularly like that the pre-strung warm white lights give this tree a festive and sophisticated appearance once it is assembled. The bad news is that when we put this white Christmas tree together in our lab, flocking ended up everywhere. Having said that, our testers assembled it rather easily.

10. Best Choice Products Premium Spruce Artificial Holiday Christmas Tree

  1. $70 at Amazon
  2. $92 at Home Depot
  3. Superb value
  4. Easy to put together and take apart
  5. Requires fluffing

Many people have a custom of decorating their Christmas tree, and with this unlit spruce tree, you can do it yourself by hanging up the garland and decorative lights or bulbs, just like you would with an actual tree.

It’s a great value, and its sturdy construction should last several holiday seasons. Online reviews praise this classic-looking faux tree for how beautiful and natural it looks once set up—possibly because each branch has plenty of tips for a realistic appearance. This tree was relatively easy to assemble in our evaluations, earning high scores for ease of use. You simply attach the base to the largest tree section and then stack the remaining sections before fluffing—Scherma notes that you do have to fluff it to make it look good, but it’s easy to build.

Similar comments were made about the setup and appearance on Amazon, with one user stating, “This tree is simple to take down and store away.” It’s as simple as fluff and hanging. It looks exactly the same as it did the day I put it up.

11. National Tree Company Dunhill Fir Tree

  1. $2,579 at Amazon
  2. $7,632 at Macy’s
  3. Over 7,700 suggestions for a realistic appearance
  4. Simple assembly
  5. broad, robust foundation
  6. It takes a while to comb through all the branches.

Nothing says “It’s Christmas!” like a massive tree in the middle of your living room! This artificial tree is 12 feet tall and has an 80-inch base that fits everyone around it, along with all of their presents! Although it is pricey, it has more than 7,770 tips that give it a full, realistic appearance.

Online reviews, however, said that this tree was very full and simple to assemble, regardless of the size you choose (you can go as small as 4.5 feet, too). Yes, you will need to spend some time fluffing and spreading out all the branches, but once it’s up, it will look amazing. One reviewer wrote, “This photo does not do it justice. It’s just beautiful. I can’t wait to start decorating it.”

12. Puleo International Pre-Lit Potted Flocked Arctic Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

  1. $85 at Amazon
  2. $109 at Home Depot
  3. Chic Birch Foundation
  4. Pre-lit and swarming
  5. won’t occupy a big area

In your dining room, porch, or workplace, you might want to put up a little Christmas Trees Shops. We suggest this tiny fir tree, flocked to evoke the feeling of a real winter wonderland. It has a rustic potted base that is 24″ in width and comes in heights of 4.5 or 6 feet. During our lab testing, we found it to be quite straightforward to install, and we liked how its small size and distinctive design made it stand out from other Christmas trees.

The tree is the ideal size for individuals who don’t have huge rooms but want something that sticks out. It is pre-lit and emits a fairly pleasant glow due to the transparent lights. “The flocking goes over the lights, which is unique and blends in well,”

13. Puleo International Pre-Lit Pencil Fraser Fir Pencil Tree

  1. $151 at Amazon
  2. $167 at Home Depot
  3. Easy to put together and take apart
  4. A few reviews mention that the stand is shaky.

In the artificial Christmas tree market, another well-known brand is Puleo, which has been in business since 1954. If you’re searching for a little Christmas tree, we like this one because of its thick yet slim shape. It comes in a range of heights from 4.5 to 9 feet and is tiny, suitable for confined areas like an apartment, foyer, or smaller room.

One of our engineers assembled it in less than five minutes during our lab assessment, demonstrating how simple it is to construct. You’ll be able to deck the tree with gifts in no time at all because the stand is already connected (though some online reviews claim it might wobble). The branches melted but did not catch fire when they were placed near an open flame during safety testing.

How Artificial Christmas Trees Shops are tested

For more than fifteen years, the engineers at the have tested Christmas trees. We initially built up Christmas trees in our lab to test how simple it is to construct and shape them before determining whether artificial trees are worthy of a place in your house. We record how long it takes to assemble and how simple it is to pull the tree out of the box, unfold it, and fluff its limbs.

Artificial Christmas trees are judged on their aesthetics, especially how realistic they appear once they are assembled. Next, we test the tree’s flame retardancy in our flammability chamber and conduct in-lab stability checks, such as tip-over tests, to see how much force would be needed to topple an artificial tree. This allows us to confirm the tree’s durability and safety. We also take into account any ASTM International conformity testing for properties like tension and corrosion resistance.

Our specialists additionally confirm that pre-lit trees have UL certification for safety. Next, we evaluate how simple it is to light the tree and how uniformly the lights are placed. When we’re done, we rate how simple it is to take apart and store the tree, noting which ones are smaller.

Which is better, real trees or Christmas Trees Shops?

In the end, a Christmas Trees Shops can really save you some money, particularly considering how much more genuine Christmas trees are becoming these days. Over time, you may reuse certain Christmas trees, making their initial cost more cost-effective, even though they may initially cost more than real ones.

Christmas Trees Shops with built-in lights may also make your life a little bit simpler if you’re not a fan of putting lights on your tree every year and want to avoid doing all the tree decorating yourself. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about cleaning up annoying needles that might hurt your pet or watering your Christmas tree on a regular basis.

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