CartoonCrazy Alternatives – Top Sites Like 20 Online Anime Alternatives

cartooncrazy alternatives

Because of televisions, everyone used to adore cartoons as a kid.Even as adults, we see ourselves as characters in the cartoon movies and series we like watching.CartoonCrazy was a Kodi add-on that allowed parents to watch cartoons and TV programming with their children.It’s no longer there.We miss those simpler times now that everything is digitised.This post is designed to get you thrilled because we’ll show you the greatest CartoonCrazy alternatives so you may remain in contact with your favourite cartoon characters at all times.

Animes have a sweet spot in our hearts and are the perfect method to break up a game for people of all ages.
It allows you to watch cartoons, movies, and a large assortment of them online for free.Cartoon Crazy gives you access to a variety of entertainment options, allowing you to select your favourite cartoon from anywhere in the globe at any time.Cartoon Crazy features a very straightforward and user-friendly layout that anyone can pick up fast.You may use the Cartoon Crazy search box to find the cartoon that you enjoy most.We shall discuss CartoonCrazy alternatives in this post.

CartoonCrazy Alternatives – Top Sites Like 20 Online Anime Alternatives

These are the following CartoonCrazy Alternatives :

1. AnimeShow

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

One of the greatest CartoonCrazy alternatives is AnimeShow.This website is quite popular among anime fans who have been watching Japanese anime for a long time.This streaming portal has a wide variety of anime to choose from, including comedy, action, horror, adventure, drama, fantasy, echo, school, shoujo, mechanical, romance, space slice of life, vampire, mystery, and more.

2. WatchCartoonOnline

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

For sites like CartoonCrazy, Watch Cartoon Online is a popular pick.Anime and cartoon aficionados are the primary users of this website.You may pick from a broad variety of anime TV series, movies, and other cartoon shows if you go to this website.WatchCartoonOnline, on the other hand, is a paid website that many people use to watch cartoons on the internet.Overall, it’s a simple anime and cartoon streaming site.

3. Masterani

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

It is exclusively for anime fans who are truly dedicated.Only English-dubbed anime programmes are available on the site.They are available for free viewing.Because there are so many different anime shows to pick from, you won’t grow weary of watching the same ones over and over again.Masterani, like the other cartoon websites, has high-quality cartoons.

4. KissCartoon

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

KissCartoons is a popular online cartoon viewing site.This is the website for you if you want to watch cartoons in a style that is unique to you.To view the cartoons on this website, you do not need to register.You will, however, receive information about forthcoming anime seasons, teasers for your favourite series, and more if you do so.You will receive all of this and more if you do so.

5. AnimeFreak

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

AnimeFreak is a virtual paradise for anime fans.It’s also a viable alternative to cartoon sites like CartoonCrazy.
There are an endless amount of anime shows on Anime Freak.Rainbow, Naruto, Goblin Silver, Haikyuu, and more animes are included in this compilation.This collection also includes a large number of additional animes.

6. OtakuStream

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

OtakuStream is the place to go if you’re searching for a cartoon channel that you can view right now without having to download.This website makes finding your favourite cartoons simple.Users of this anime website can request to see any anime programme or season.You may also leave a remark on the videos you watch.

7. KimCartoon

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

KimCartoon is one of the most popular cartoon websites these days since its online cartoon streaming service works flawlessly.There are numerous positive aspects to this website, such as the fact that it has cartoons from a variety of series, including supernatural, action, adventure, war, and many more.Furthermore, this service is unique in that you do not have to pay to download your favourite cartoons.Aside from that, you might request a certain cartoon episode that is not already available on our website.

8. GoGoAnime

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

The GoGoAnime website may be used by many people who have been viewing Japanese anime for a long time.
Similarly, it’s a suitable substitute for sites like CartoonCrazy.Well, This website is incredibly easy to use, and it’s free to use.You may view as many videos as you like without being interrupted by advertisements.

9. AnimeToon

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

The third CartoonCrazy option on the list is AnimeToon.The website is easy to navigate.It also offers a user-friendly layout, making it simple to access.It is one of the greatest sites like CartoonCrazy on the list since it has a greater selection of animated movies and dubbed cartoon series.You may find anime shows in a variety of genres, including humour, action, adventure, and many others.Anime-Planet is the greatest anime site out there when it comes to flawless internet streaming.Because this website is dedicated to anime, you will find a wide variety of shows.
As a result, this is an anime-related website.This website makes it simple to locate anime episodes to watch.
Open the website, then go to the search box and enter in the name of the anime programme you want to watch.

10. Anime-Planet

Another famous anime streaming service where you can watch anime without needing to register.You may watch anime there without needing to pay anything.There are several groups on the site, including the most popular, the most recent, the most recent additions, and many others.KissAnime is the greatest since you may request anime that isn’t already available on the site.

12. ToonJet

It’s also one of the most popular CartoonCrazy-like websites on the internet.Toon Jet is the place to go if you’re seeking for a nice spot to locate classic cartoon collections online.You may currently watch vintage cartoons for free online.Furthermore, some of the most popular cartoon series, such as Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes, as well as Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop, are available right here.

13. Nick Toons

On Nick Toons, you may watch a variety of free cartoons, like Jimmy, SpongeBob Shoes, Avatar, and many others.
The site is available to everyone, and there are no issues when clients utilise the programmes.This site is one of the greatest locations to watch free cartoons online.People from all around the world come to this site to view animations.

14. Disney Junior

Disney Junior is the greatest free anime streaming service available.The layout of the website is straightforward and easy to use, and there isn’t much to look at.You may also watch Disney cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and other characters on the internet.If you want to watch some classic anime with your youngster, Disney Junior is the ideal place to go.


We’ve compiled a list of the top CartoonCrazy alternatives because many of the alternatives don’t function.
These are the top cartoon-watching websites, such as CartoonCrazy.So go ahead and watch your favourite animated shows online.

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