15 Best BI Tools Every Business Needs of 2022

BI Tools

Businesses in today’s world are bombarded with so much data that it’s tough to keep track of what’s vital.To create long-term and profitable decisions you need BI tools , you must convert data into information and use that knowledge as insights to improve performance.With all hands on deck, it may be impossible for a company to deploy extra people to analyse this data.Not to mention that this information could be incorrect. So, what are you going to do? Introducing BI Tools.Business Intelligence Tools or Software will collect and analyse all of your data, so you can rest confident that the knowledge you need to make your plans a success is right there waiting for you.This blog will discuss some of the best Business Intelligence Tools and Software available. Let’s get started!

15 Best BI Tools Every Business Needs of 2022

These are the following Best BI tools :

1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho analytics: Business intelligence tools & Software



Zoho Analytics is an excellent business intelligence solution for creating intelligent dashboards, with over 500 integrations to meet all of your requirements. It’s simple to use, and an AI assistant is available to assist you.
It provides meaningful reports to answer all of your questions. Zoho analytics covers everything from readily displaying data through reports to sharing data in real-time. Not only that, but it also gives smart alerts for all of your data to keep you up to date on updates.

2. Dundas BI

Dundas Bi: Business intelligence tools & Software

Dundas BI is a BI tools application that is browser-based and enterprise-ready. It has the ability to transform all of your data into aesthetically appealing reports and insights. Even on mobile devices, you can simply analyse all of your data and modify the reports. Dundas Bi is an all-in-one integrated platform with open APIs and sophisticated, full-fledged BI capabilities for data analysis.

3.  Tableau

Tableau: Business intelligence tools & Software

If you’ve ever dabbled in the field of business intelligence, you’re definitely familiar with this tool. Tableau is a live analytics platform, not just another reporting tool.Tableau is mobile-friendly, with easy shareability and over 150 built-in data analytics tools.Tableau is an excellent choice for an all-purpose, low-code tool. There is a free trial available.The basic package starts at $70 per month.

4. Clear Analytics

Clear analytics: Business intelligence tools & Software

Clear Analytics is a fantastic business intelligence solution that takes very little training! It gathers all of your data and allows you to drag & drop it into Excel sheets.It quickly identifies faults and provides predictive analysis to optimise the visualisation of the company’s essential data. There is a free trial available. The basic plan begins at $11 per month per user.

5. MicroStrategy

Micro strategy: Business intelligence tools & Software

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence application that allows you to access everything from simple spreadsheet data to corporate analytics in one place.They also provide contextual insights; simply hover your cursor over the data, and the software will recognise it.Because of their intuitive and fast analytics, your queries are simply handled.

6. Google Data Studio

Google data studio: Business intelligence tools & Software

GDS is an excellent business intelligence solution for converting complex data into simple, customisable reports.
You may set up regular email updates and check your reports whenever you wish.Google Data Studio is an excellent BI tool that simply interacts with your Google infrastructure. The cost is completely free.

7. Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft: Business intelligence tools & Software

Jaspersoft allows its users to perform interactive data analysis on all of their data.This sophisticated corporate information solution interacts effortlessly with mobile devices.Its intelligent features aid your decision-making processes by providing important performance indicators and trouble indications.It is accessible as a SaaS platform, on-premise platform, and cloud platform.

8. IBM Cognos

IBM cognos: Business intelligence tools & Software


Need a business intelligence solution that examines your data from a variety of angles and provides a comparison of current data trends? Well, IBM Cognos has you covered! IBM Cognos offers cloud support as well as complete control over your data, whether it is offline or online. It also works well on mobile devices.This is an excellent business intelligence tool that will provide you with all of the information you require to achieve greater results.

9. Yellowfin BI

Yellofin bi: Business intelligence tools & Software

This business intelligence solution includes the ideal combination of product dashboards, signals, tales, data discovery, and data preparation. Not to mention that it’s also available as a mobile app. You may use Yellowfin BI to combine all of your data with a message via videos or graphics, paving the way for stunning data reports.It has also established the correct mix between usability and the oversight required by businesses.

10. SAP

Sap business intelligence: Business intelligence tools & Software

SAP provides the most effective company information management solutions.They assist you in staying ahead of industry trends and changes using predictive analytics. SAP allows you to generate beautiful data visualisations that can be integrated into any system.It employs a modular design for ease of setup and supports both on-premise and cloud deployment.

11. Board

Board: Business intelligence tools & Software

Board is a business intelligence, corporate performance management, and business analytics solution all in one.
This is a decision-making platform that gives you complete control over business planning and execution.Board will assist you in achieving your objectives and transforming your firm.It also has data visualisation, drill-down, and drill-through capabilities.

12. Power BI

Microsoft power bi: Business intelligence tools & Software

Unlike its competitors, this software behemoth has a business intelligence product, Power BI, that is both web-based and downloaded.This platform is made up of three parts: a dataset that collects all data, a dashboard that represents visual data analytics, and a report that includes several pages of visualisation in the form of charts, reports, and graphs. Reports are generated in only a few minutes! They guarantee to provide clarity when you need it the most, and we believe your company deserves it!

13. Sisense

Sisense: Business intelligence tools & Software

Sisense is another another very efficient business intelligence solution that claims to be able to help firms go from “data to dashboard in under 90 minutes.” Key Performance Indicators, Profitability Analysis, Strategic Planning, and other elements are also important.Sisense is compatible with both on-premise and cloud systems.

14. Oracle BI

Oracle Bi: Business intelligence tools & Software

Oracle BI is a business intelligence application that provides reporting, ad hoc query analysis, and a variety of other features.Predictive and statistical inquiries can be easily answered by decision-makers. End users can access content in a variety of ways through their collaborative workspace.It is the ideal BI solution for combining all forms of data, both local and corporate.There is a free trial available. Standard plans begin at $150 per month.

15. Pentaho

Pentaho: Business intelligence tools & Software



Last but not least, there is Pentaho.Pentaho helps businesses to access, find, and combine various types of data to make better decisions.This business intelligence solution works with the cloud and offers predictive data analytics.
Overall, this is an excellent tool for making more data-driven decisions and turning difficult data into insights. The cost is unknown.For pricing information, please contact the vendor.


The stream of data that surrounds us cannot be stopped; it will only rise, and you must stay up.That being stated, there isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t be using business intelligence solutions right now.We’ve barely scratched the surface of business intelligence tools, but we’ve made sure to list the best, most agile technologies on the market right now.They will make chores more manageable, effective, and greatly boost performance. It is now up to you to pick which one is ideal for your company!

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